bin/95979: burncd(8) fails to fixate CDs

Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at
Wed Dec 24 04:07:22 PST 2008

Jaakko Heinonen wrote:

>I doubt that the time which fixation should take is standardized. A
>quick look at wodim (cdrecord fork) and growisofs source suggests that
>they behave like this:

wodim is an unmaintained version of cdrecord based on a 4 year old code
version and with many additional bugs introduced by Debian. Debian violates
the livense and the Copyright law with distributing it. It is not worth
talking about it....

Garrett Cooper wrote:

>    Well, it does seem like we should do this then, but ultimately the
>best way to solve this issue may be to combine efforts into a
>BSD-library compatible disc burning library to leverage experiences
>from all groups and to avoid code duplication.
>    Just a thought... 

There was a common code set for all platforms (including FreeBSD) in 
summer 1997 aleady......

10 years ago, FreeBSD switched to CAM drivers and I developped 
the needed code together with the related FreeBSD developers
Michael Smith and Kenneth D. Merry

A year later ATAPI drives become popular and I told the FreeBSD people that
we need a ATAPI/CAM integration.

The ATAPI Code was written by a person that I believe is called Sorensen.
He did tell all people that writing an ATAPI/CAM integration is bad and wrote
burncd (which only supports a small subset of what cdrecord does). At the
same time, he did sell an ATAPI/CAM integration together with cdrecord for 
ATAPI drives to his customers.

I believe that FreeBSD has a self made problem with code that was introduced by 
someone who is not honest to his users.

Cdrecord is still available and is constantly enhanced for better compatibility 
with broken drives and to introduce new features. Just use cdrecord ;-)


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