kern/126709: Regession of SATA/PATA support with 6.3 and 7.0 (x86/amd64) -- Nvidia nForce4 chipset

Jason Chambers jchambers at
Thu Aug 21 11:23:29 UTC 2008

Garrett Cooper wrote:
> It appears the snapshots haven't been generated yet for x86/x64. You
> can use the 200807 CURRENT snapshot, as long as you don't need to
> install packages in the system. It's busted on that cdset if you
> download the due to an incompatibility issue with the new BSD cpio and
> cpio files.
I looked at using a 200807 snapshot but the last modified date on
i386/amd64 is at least a week before the date of the commit Andrey
referenced.  (Assuming that's the commit that fixed this issue.)

Once the 200808 snapshots are generated I'll try both i386 and amd64 and
report the results.



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