bug report: 7.0 Release, USB mouse

Rex Buddenberg budden at nps.navy.mil
Mon Aug 18 18:59:24 UTC 2008

USB mouse fails to work.  

USB keyboard functions fine.  Hardware: Dell Optiplex 6x270.  Graphics:
NVidia NV34, 1600x1200 LCD display.

OS: vanilla FreeBSD 7.0 release, installed from CD.  Installed all the
Gnome section from Distributions.  

Symptoms.  Finally remembered to go into /etc/rc.conf and enter
gnome_enable="YES".  Also stripped out some cruft (multiple entries from
the sysinstall mouse config).  The sysinstall mouse config routine works
(I get rodent motion).  And now GNOME screen all comes up correctly.
But cursor is planted squarely in middle of screen and refuses to move.

(I have installation in a laptop with built in mouse finger-pad; it
works normally).

Rex Buddenberg
Naval Postgraduate School
Code IS/Bu
Monterey, Ca 93943
(o) 831/656-3576

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