kern/120733: missing after upgrading to 6.3-RELEASE

Matthew mpope at
Thu Aug 14 07:06:28 UTC 2008

Thanks for your quick response.   I did read the Handbook, and googled 
carefully before I used to migrate from 6.1 to 6.3.  
(Relevant documentation suggested only minor to minor revision migration 
was supported, except 6.3 to 7.0 would work.)

So I migrated to 6.3 intending to then migrate to 7.0, but I experienced 
this bug where a critical shared object is missing, leaving the 6.3 
installation in a crippled state.

I did email the person responsible, and got no response all though its 
only been 24 hours, and it is vacation season.

Are you (or is anyone) aware of any way to escape this quicksand by 
upgrading to 7.0 from the 6.3-RELEASE installation in this crippled 
state, i.e. without having to do a fresh 7.0 install and a manual port 
all my application configurations?  (Given what happened when I followed 
the best documentation around, I'm reluctant to experiment.)

Please elaborate on the several other (or any) methods that exist.

Thank you,
> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> Matthew wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Given this bug has not changed status since Februrary, can anyone 
>>> suggest a workaround?
>>> My server is now partly disabled after upgrading to 6.3-RELEASE 
>>> (sshd won't run, etc).
1) Is there anyway to use to jump ahead to 7.0 while 
6.3 is in this broken state?
>>> 2) Is a fresh install of 7.0, with a manual port of all state from 
>>> the existing server (bind, httpd, asterisk, etc) the only way to 
>>> escape this bug?
>> Use one of the several other methods for installing/updating FreeBSD?
>> Kris
> Also consider sending a followup enquiry to the PR.
> Kris

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