twa driver needs updating

ECEG / Daniel Duerr dd at
Fri Oct 19 10:25:14 PDT 2007


Pardon me if I seem ignorant here but I am new to the list and  
procedures of Freebsd...

I've recently purchased a bunch of new supermicro servers with 3ware  
9650 SATA RAID controllers in them.  The freebsd 6.2 install is  
painstaking because the driver source in Freebsd is not current with  
the latest twa driver source from 3Ware.  As a result, I have had to  
build custom install CD's with the driver on them so that I can  
manually load them in the boot loader.  It's a pain.  I don't know if  
the same issue exists in Freebsd 7 but some of us are not going to  
want to move our production environments to Freebsd 7 for a while...

What is the procedure for getting the latest twa source patched into  
the Freebsd 6.2 source tree?  It's freely available from 3Ware here  
and takes all of 45 seconds to patch in:


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