Current problem reports

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Mon Oct 8 04:06:15 PDT 2007

Current FreeBSD problem reports
The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users. These represent problem reports covering all versions including experimental development code and obsolete releases. 
Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on
     a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which
     is awaiting completion.

s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.
Critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a kern/39043              [smbfs] Corrupted files on a FAT32 partition
f bin/48341               [sysinstall] sysinstall deletes mbr although it should
f kern/68757   kan        rapid file creation on snapshotted filesystems panics 
o kern/70096   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] full msdos file system causes corrup
o kern/73313   simokawa   [firewire] Maxtor Onetouch drivers hang or corrupt dat
o alpha/75317  alpha      [busdma] [patch] ATA DMA broken on PCalpha
s threa/76690  threads    fork hang in child for -lc_r
o usb/84750    usb        [hang] 6-BETA2 reboot/shutdown with root_fs on externa
a kern/89202   i386       [ufs] [panic] Kernel crash when accessing filesystem w
o usb/91629    usb        usbd_abort_pipe() may result in infinite loop
o kern/99588              [ufs] UFS2 filesystems hang when doing "fsck -B" or "d
f kern/103137             [rp] Rocketport driver is broken in 6.x
o kern/104133             [ext2fs] EXT2FS module corrupts EXT2/3 filesystems
o kern/111220  pf         [pf] repeatable hangs while manipulating pf tables
o amd64/112222 amd64      [libc] 32-bit libc incorrectly converts some FP number
o ports/112818 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade -a fails with database error
o ports/113241 shaun      lang/expect hangs after upgrade from tcl-8.4.14_4,1 to
o kern/115360  net        [ipv6] IPv6 address and if_bridge don't play well toge
o kern/115678             All tcp/udp packet have wrong checksums on -current
a ports/116732 glewis     java/diablo-jre15 crashes on 7.0-CURRENT
o bin/116998   mux        csup: csup core dumps with SMP
o kern/117010  emulation  [linuxolator] linux_getdents() get something like buff

22 problems total.

Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a bin/3170                vi freaks and dump core if user doesn't exist
a bin/6536                pppd doesn't restore drainwait for tty
f bin/8865     dwmalone   syslogd hangs with serial console
s conf/13775              multi-user boot may hang in NIS environment
f ports/14048  des        [patch] emulators/doscmd -r doesn't work
s bin/14946               rmt - remote magtape protocol
o bin/16948               [sysinstall] sysinstall/disklabel: bad partition table
s conf/17540              [nfs] NIS host lookups cause NFS mounts to wedge at bo
o kern/18874              [2TB] 32bit NFS servers export wrong negative values t
s bin/19405    markm      telnetd sends DO AUTHENTICATION even if authentication
s bin/19773    markm      [PATCH] telnet infinite loop depending on how fds are 
o gnu/19882    obrien     ld does not detect all undefined symbols!
o kern/20016   threads    pthreads: Cannot set scheduling timer/Cannot set virtu
o bin/20172               byacc 1.9 fails to generate $default transitions for n
o bin/20282               [sysinstall] sysinstall does not recover some /etc fil
s bin/20521               /etc/rmt several problems
o bin/20633               fdisk doesn't handle LBA correctly
o kern/20804              deadlocking when using vnode disk file and quotas
o bin/20912    marcel     gdb does not recognise old executables.
o kern/20958   mdodd      [ep] ep0 lockup with ifconfig showing OACTIVE
o bin/21089               vi silently corrupt open file on SIGINT when entering 
o kern/21461   imp        ISA PnP resource allocator problem
o kern/21463   emulation  [linux] Linux compatability mode should not allow setu
a kern/21808   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] msdosfs incorrectly handles vnode lo
s kern/21998   net        [socket] [patch] ident only for outgoing connections
o bin/22291               [nfs] getcwd() fails on recently-modified NFS-mounted 
s kern/22417   gibbs      [adw] [patch] advansys wide scsi driver does not suppo
s i386/22944   tegge      [vm] [patch] isa_dmainit fails on machines with 512MB 
o bin/23098               [sysinstall] [patch] if installing on a serial console
o kern/24074   mdodd      Properties of token-ring protocol must be separated fr
o bin/24271               [patch] dumpon(8) should check its argument more
o bin/24461               Being able to increase the YP timeout without rebuildi
s threa/24472  threads    libc_r does not honor SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO socket o
o kern/24629   harti      ng_socket failes to declare connected data sockets as 
s threa/24632  threads    libc_r delicate deviation from libc in handling SIGCHL
o bin/25542    standards  /bin/sh: null char in quoted string
o kern/25886              [libc] cgetset(3) doesn't get cleared when switching d
o kern/25950   obrien     [asr] Bad drives on asr look zero-length and panic on 
p kern/25986   andre      Socket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
a kern/26142              [nfs] Unlink fails on NFS mounted filesystem
a gnu/26362               "cvs server" doesn't honour the global --allow-root
f kern/26486   remko      [libc] [patch] setnetgrent hangs when netgroup contain
o bin/26897               [sysinstall] 4.3R sysinstall fails to create swap part
o kern/27474              Interactive use of user PPP and ipfilter can be insecu
o docs/27605   doc        [patch] Cross-document references (<olink>)
a conf/27896              Error in /etc/exports invalidates entire line, not jus
f bin/28223    remko      su doesn't look at login.conf all the time
f bin/28424    remko      mtree fails to report directory hierarchy mismatch
o bin/28798               mail(1) with a pager (more) requires fg/Ctrl-Z/fg to r
s kern/28840   gibbs      [cam] Possible interrupt masking trouble in sys/cam/ca
f kern/29170   remko      ARP request fails after "bad gateway value" in if_ethe
o bin/29253               natd forgets about udp connections
o bin/29375               [sysinstall] disk editor gets confused by slices that 
o kern/29421              Update a file with mmap will cause mtime/ctime changin
o bin/29725    dwmalone   [picobsd] [patch] fixed segmentation fault in simple_h
o bin/29808               ypserv dumps core in yp_find_db
o bin/29903               ypbind loses connection to NIS master and never recove
o kern/30160              [panic] kernel panic when flash disk is removed and th
s i386/30206   mdodd      [boot] PS/2 server 85 can't boot kern.flp
o conf/30399              [] [patch] Have Fortran use the CPUTYPE vari
s kern/30630   fenner     [if_mib] Failure to check for existence of interface i
o bin/30837               [sysinstall] sysinstall doesn't set the schg flag on t
o kern/30971   peter      [nfs] NFS client modification time resolution is not h
o kern/31102              [lge] lge + Pentium III data transmission problem
s bin/31304               [patch] fix crunchgen to work with more contrib-kind o
o bin/31363               [sysinstall] "partition editor" silently corrects part
o conf/31631              "MAC address" can't be acquired properly.
o kern/31940              [nge] nge(4) gigabit adapter link reset and slow trans
o kern/32098              [libc] semctl() does not propagate permissions
s bin/32295    threads    pthread dont dequeue signals
o kern/32353              if kern.maxproc > 512  sybase ASE 11.9.2(linux binary)
o bin/32374               vi -r doesn't work, file contained unexpected binary d
o bin/32619    des        libfetch does not use RFC 1738's definiton of ftp: URL
o ports/32668  sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade: NFS directory removal problems
o bin/32686    wosch      locate(1) dumps a core file with broken database
a i386/33089   murray     GENERIC bloat causes 'make world' to break (overfull f
o kern/33138              [isa] [patch] pnp problem in 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
o bin/33370               [sysinstall] post-configuration issue
o kern/33464              soft update inconsistencies after system crash
o gnu/34128               sdiff "e" doesn't work with some editors
o bin/34270               man -k could be used to execute any command.
o kern/34470   bde        Modem gets sio1  interrupt-level buffer overflows'
s threa/34536  threads    accept() blocks other threads
o bin/34811               sh: "jobs" is not pipeable
o kern/34842   ceri       [nis] [patch] VmWare port + NIS causes "broadcast stor
o bin/35214    obrien     dump program hangs while exiting
o kern/35396              poll(2) doesn't set POLLERR for failed connect(2) atte
o kern/35399              poll(2) botches revents on dropped socket connections
o kern/35429              select(2)/poll(2)/kevent(2) can't/don't notice lost co
o kern/35442              [sis] [patch] Problem transmitting runts in if_sis dri
o kern/35506   jon        [libc] innetgr() doesn't match wildcard fields in NIS-
o kern/35669              [nfs] NFSROOT breaks without a gateway
s docs/35678   doc        docproj Makefiles for web are broken for paths with sp
o kern/35703              /proc/curproc/file returns unknown
o gnu/35878               /usr/bin/strip resets ABI type to FreeBSD
o bin/35925               [sysinstall] fixit floppy cannot be mounted on USB dri
a bin/35985               [sysinstall] swap double mount
a bin/36110               dmesg output corrupt if /dev/console is busy
o kern/36415              [bktr] [patch] driver incorrectly handles the setting 
o kern/36504              [kernel] [patch] crash/panic vm_object_allocate under 
o bin/36508               [sysinstall] installation floppy bug (4.5)
o kern/36517              [sis] sis driver can't map ports/memory for NetGear FA
o kern/36566              [smbfs] System reboot with dead smb mount and umount
o kern/36784              Can't fcntl(fd, F_SETFL, ...) on a pseudo-tty
o bin/36867               [patch] games/fortune: add FORTUNE_PATH env var, so po
o bin/36911               [sysinstall] installation floppies miss autoload file 
o gnu/36926               send-pr destroys PR if emacs interrupt character is us
o kern/37326              [bktr] smbus/bktr crash when omitting "device iicsmb"
o kern/37436              [hang] accept dead loop when out of file descriptors
s kern/37441   davidxu    [isa] [patch] ISA PNP parse problem
o i386/37523   davidxu    [i386] [patch] lock for bios16 call and vm86call
o kern/37589   imp        Kernel panics upon resume from zzz on my IBM ThinkPad 
o bin/37710               [sysinstall] LAN interface in wrong state after attemp
o kern/38518              [boot] combination of pr-27087 and pr-36911 (2) make 4
s kern/38527              /dev/random does not obey O_NONBLOCK flag
o kern/38549   threads    the procces compiled whith pthread stopped in pthread_
a kern/38554   net        changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to work
o bin/38609               [sysinstall] sysinstall should know the size of the va
o kern/38632   imp        Loss of connection with wi cards
o kern/38872              [nfs] nfs code ignores possibility of MGET(M_WAIT) fai
o kern/38983              Kernel fails to access disk
f kern/39233   gnn        [ipsec]: NonConforming IPsec implementation from FreeB
o kern/39252              [syscons] [patch] syscons doesn't support 8-bit contro
o kern/39329              [mount] '..' at mountpoint is subject to the permissio
o kern/39331   dwmalone   namei cache unreliable for __getcwd()
o kern/39388   scsi       ncr/sym drivers fail with 53c810 and more than 256MB m
o bin/39849               /sbin/restore fails to overwrite files with schg flag 
s threa/39922  threads    [threads] [patch] Threaded applications executed with 
o kern/39928   imp        [wi] wi0 timeouts and hangs the system while sending d
s kern/39937   net        ipstealth issue
o kern/40206              Can not assign alias to any POINTOPOINT interface
o bin/40215               [nis] NIS host search not terminate
o bin/40260               [sysinstall] hang when detecting devices (No CD/DVD de
o bin/40278               mktime returns -1 for certain dates/timezones when it 
o bin/40282               /bin/kill has bad error checking for command line para
o bin/40471    des        chpass(1) -a option broken in CURRENT
o kern/40787              kernel panic if PCMCIA CD-drive with mounted medium is
o kern/40895   scsi       wierd kernel / device driver bug
o kern/41216              [nfs] Get "NFS append race" error
o conf/41242              periodic scripts make unwarranted assumptions about PA
o bin/41297    mp         {t,}csh backquote/braces expansion bug
o kern/41402              [panic] kernel panics in pmap_insert_entry
o bin/41410    stefanf    /bin/sh bug on expanding $? in here-documents
o kern/41632   luigi      bridging when one interface has no carrier
o conf/41777              /etc/periodic/daily/100.clean-disks removes lisp.core
o docs/41824   murray     [patch] LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o bin/41850               [sysinstall] sysinstall fails to create root filesyste
o bin/42004    mpp        quota and rpc.statd are still IPv4 only, and not INET 
o kern/42089   phk        ntp_gettime returns time in wrong scale
o bin/42093               ypbind hangs on NIC with the lowest scopeid
o misc/42115   luigi      [picobsd] [patch] fix build script for 4.6-STABLE
s kern/42216   rwatson    [fxp] simultaneous multiple server network failure
o bin/42407               ppp(8) IPV6CP fails
o kern/42578              [puc] [panic] using PCI serial cards (puc) in SMP mach
o kern/42621   imp        Dell Inspiron 5000e hangs when using Orinoco or Cisco 
o bin/42658    markm      recompile /usr/src/libexec/telnetd and log NULL ip in 
o gnu/42726    cvsadm     cvs -R pserver & val-tags: story continues
o kern/42801              [hang] FreeBSD freezes when opening cuaa0 with a motor
o kern/42983   imp        wi0 sporadically freezes the system for 1-2 seconds
o bin/43337    des        fetch: -s fails if -4 or possibly other options given;
a i386/43366   cy         Cannot format media in USB floppy devices
o kern/43491              microuptime () went backwards
o bin/43501               getpwnam, getpwuid fail when linking against Berkley D
o kern/43576   imp        Problem with wi driver and Lucent Orinoco Silver wirel
o bin/43592               mktime rejects dates at the start of daylight savings 
a kern/43605   luigi      enabling polling in the kernel causes page fault/crash
o kern/43625   imp        [wi] wi(4) driver hangs after long data transfers
o java/43924   glewis     writing from JAVA to a pipe sometimes hangs
o kern/43954              [nfs] nfs-blocked process can't return or be interrupt
a kern/44030              VNode/Swap troubles
o kern/44150              Diskless kernel may crash, depends on the root fs name
o kern/44202              [rp] [patch] -stable rp driver does not work with mult
s bin/44518    yar        ftpd does not show OPIE OTP challenge
o docs/44519   obrien     ftpd.conf(5) contains references to ftpd(8) when it is
o gnu/44564    peter      [PATCH] Aborted cvs session causes an endless loop in 
o kern/44578              [nis] getnetgrent fails to read NIS netgroup map
o bin/44808               [PATCH] opiepasswd makes bad seed for existing user
o gnu/45168               Buffer overflow in /usr/bin/dialog
o bin/45272               dump/restore problem
o docs/45303   remko      Bug in PDF DocBook rendering
o kern/45373   mckusick   softupdate / fs damaged after loss of power / CG 8: Ba
o i386/45525   imp        Dell Inspiron 7000 does not recognize PC-CARDs after r
o bin/45529               hexdump core-dumps with certain args [PATCH]
o kern/45558   trhodes    [msdosfs] mdconfig and msdosfs make fs writes hang
s kern/45568   gibbs      [ahc] ahc(A19160) pci parity error
o i386/45773              [bge] Softboot causes autoconf failure on Broadcom 570
o bin/45990    dwmalone   top dumps core if specific errors in password file
o bin/45995    markm      Telnet fails to properly handle SIGPIPE on its termina
o kern/46017              [smbfs] smb mounts break /etc/periodic/weekly/310.loca
o kern/46036              inaccurate timeouts in select(),nanosleep() + fix
o usb/46176    usb        [panic] umass causes kernel panic if device removed be
o kern/46239   standards  posix semaphore implementation errors
o bin/46352               Open file descriptors and signal handling in the child
o i386/46371   usb        USB controller cannot be initialized on IBM Netfinity 
a kern/46647   silby      Failure to initialize MII on 3Com NIC results in panic
o bin/46670               [sysinstall] 5.0-RC2 install leaves CD drawer locked.
o bin/46676    ru         [PATCH] restricts domain of tags commands
o kern/46694   imp        Getting DUP packets when in Promiscous mode on wi0
o bin/46866               NIS-based getpwent() falsely returns NULL
o kern/47286              device probing not verbose when using boot -v
o bin/47384               [sysinstall] sysinstall ignores intended destination d
o kern/47628   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] msdosfs file corruption fix
o kern/47647              [crash] init died with signal 6 [4.7]
s kern/47813              [gre] pseudo-device gre(4) doesn't appear to work with
o kern/47951              [hang] rtld in will livelock in some circumstanc
o kern/48062   mckusick   mount -o snapshot doesn't work on +100GB disks
o bin/48183    marcel     [patch] gdb on a corefile from a threaded process can'
s kern/48279              [bktr] Brooktre878 may cause freeze
o conf/48325              /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid doesn't work with
o kern/48393   mckusick   [ufs] ufs2 snapshot code bugs
o kern/48425              Tape drive EOT handling problems in 4.7
o misc/48461   murray     $EDITOR on the fixit CD is wrong.
o bin/48730    sos        burncd does not handle signals and causes damage
o kern/48741   darrenr    ipnat corrupts packets on gre interface with <rdr> rul
o kern/48758              [modules] kldunload if_{nic} can cause kernel panic
s threa/48856  threads    Setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN still leaves zombies under 
o kern/48996              [rl] [panic] Fatal trap 12 with incoming traffic from 
o kern/49040              problem mounting root; ffs_mountroot can't find rootvp
s threa/49087  threads    Signals lost in programs linked with libc_r
o kern/50574   mbr        [dc] dc driver incorrectly detects ADMtek chip model
s kern/50827              [kernel] [patch] new feature: add sane record locking
p conf/51085   ache       [locale] FreeBSD is missing ja_JP.eucJP locale.
o www/51135    www        Problems with the mailing-lists search interface
o bin/51171               /bin/sh has only 32-bit arithmetics that is not enough
o kern/51274   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 create dynamic rules with parent 
f kern/51341   remko      [ipfw] [patch] ipfw rule 'deny icmp from any to any ic
o kern/51583              [nullfs] [patch] allow to work with devices and socket
o bin/51628               [nis] ypmatch doesn't match keys in legacy NIS servers
o kern/51685              [hang] Unbounded inode allocation causes kernel to loc
o bin/51827               getaddrinfo() is broken with numeric service
o kern/51982   remko      [sio] sio1: interrupt-level buffer overflows
o bin/52343               NIS login problem on the server
o kern/52445              [mfs] panic when mounting floppy on MFS filesystem
o kern/52638   scsi       [panic] SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster than 
o bin/52743               /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup instability issues
o kern/52818              vm_fault() calls vput() on shared-locked vnode
o kern/52936              [nfs] Huge writes to nfs exported FAT filesystems caus
o kern/52943              [hang] reproducable system stuck just brefore multiuse
o kern/53137              [panic] background fscking causing ffs_valloc panic.
o kern/53447   alfred     [kernel] poll(2) semantics differ from susV3/POSIX
o bin/53606    roberto    ntpdate seems to hang system
o bin/53839               [sysinstall] disklabel editor fails on post-install co
o kern/53940   imp        Some WiFi devices cannot connect to hostap access poin
o bin/54097               Non-local yppasswd -d broken in 5.1-CURRENT
o kern/54309   silby      TCP Packet of 64K-1 crashes FreeBSD4.8
o bin/54401               [patch] pppstats prints 0 for absolute values in range
o stand/54410  standards  one-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no extended REs)
o bin/54446               pkg_delete doesn't honour symlinks, portupgrades leads
o java/54463   glewis     Apparent bug in jdk13
o i386/54756   acpi       ACPI suspend/resume problem on CF-W2 laptop
p kern/55018   andre      [digi] [patch] Digiboard PC/Xem fails to initialize wh
o kern/55175   alfred     LOR in select and poll
o bin/55346               /bin/sh eats memory and CPU infinitely
o bin/55349    mbr        amd(8) mixes up symlinks in its virtual filesystem.
o bin/55448               dbm_nextkey() misbehaves after dbm_store() in dbm(3)
o bin/55457    marcel     GDB gets confused debugging libc_r threaded processes.
a kern/55542   andre      [de] [patch] discard oversize frame (ether type 800 fl
o i386/55603   remko      [mly] unable to reboot when system runs from Mylex A35
o kern/55617              [smbfs] Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb expo
o i386/55661   acpi       ACPI suspend/resume problem on ARMADA M700
f kern/55822   linimon    No ACPI power off with SMP kernel
o bin/55829               __stderrp not defined in (compat for FreeBSD
s bin/55965               sshd: problems with HostBasedAuthentication and NSS co
o kern/56024   acpi       ACPI suspend drains battery while in S3
o kern/56031   luigi      [ipfw] ipfw hangs on every invocation
f kern/56233   gnn        IPsec tunnel (ESP) over IPv6: MTU computation is wrong
o kern/56339              select() call (poll() too) hangs, yet call works perfe
s kern/56461              [rpc] FreeBSD client rpc.lockd incompatible with Linux
o kern/57206              [panic] softdep_lock locks against itself, causing ker
o bin/57255    usb        usbd and multi-function devices
o kern/57350              [panic] using old monocrome printer port (IO_LPT3 / 0x
s kern/57398   scsi       [mly] Current fails to install on mly(4) based RAID di
o kern/57453              [kue] [patch] if_kue hangs boot after warm boot if fir
o bin/57466               dialog(1) does not read stdin, breaks subversion port
a kern/57479   bms        FreeBSD Not in compliance with RFC 1122, Cannot have m
o bin/57554               sh(1) incorrect handling of quoted parameter expansion
o kern/57603              [bktr] bktr driver: freeze on SMP machine
o kern/57631   jhb        [agp] [patch] boot failing for ALi chipsets
o bin/57673               Odd/dangerous disklabel(8) behaviour on 5.0 and 5.1-CU
o kern/57722              [kernel] [patch] uidinfo list corruption
o kern/57832   scottl     [ips] softdep_deallocate_dependencies: dangling deps
o kern/58154   mckusick   Snapshots prevent disk sync on shutdown
o kern/58169              panic: vnode_pager_getpages: unexpected missing page: 
o kern/58687   deischen   [libc] [patch] gethostbyname(3) leaks kqueue file desc
o kern/58787              [panic] pmap_enter: attemped pmap_enter on 4MB page
o kern/58831              panic: vinvalbuf: flush failed
o kern/58941   rwatson    acl under ufs2 doesn't handle disk corruption, page fa
o bin/58951               [sysinstall] some problems with 4.9-RELEASE installati
f alpha/59116  alpha      [ntfs] mount_ntfs of a Windows 2000-formatted fs cause
o kern/59183   imp        [wi] wi problems with wi_cmd
o kern/59185              [panic] 4.9-RELEASE kernel panic (page fault) in ffs_s
o kern/59203   imp        [newcard] Panic with wi and newcard
f kern/59594              [hang] I/O operations freeze system when perform file 
s bin/59638    des        passwd(1) does not use PAM to change the password
o bin/59777               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: potential username enumeration vuln
o kern/59912              mremap() implementation lacking
o kern/59945              [nullfs] [patch] nullfs bug: reboot after panic: null_
o gnu/59971    peter      assertion "strncmp (repository, current_parsed_root->d
s ports/60083  java       java/jdk14 - Unsafe use of getaddrinfo in jvm 1.4.2-p5
f i386/60226   remko      [ichsmb] [patch] ichsmb driver doesn't detects SMB bus
o kern/60235   phk        some /dev-entries missing for newly auto-added disks
o bin/60349    scottl     [sysinstall] 5.2-RC1 cannot do NFS installation
o kern/60598   scsi       wire down of scsi devices conflicts with config
o kern/60641   scsi       [sym] Sporadic SCSI bus resets with 53C810 under load
p docs/60679   trhodes    [patch] pthread(3): pthreads documentation does not de
o bin/61152               [sysinstall] installer refuses to mount USB-floppy or 
s kern/61165   scsi       [panic] kernel page fault after calling cam_send_ccb
o bin/61355               login(1) does not restore terminal ownership on exit
o kern/61404   andre      RFC1323 timestamps with HZ > 1000
o kern/61544              ip6fw breakage on (at least) sparc64
p bin/61587    delphij    [sysinstall] [patch] installation problem, disklabel c
o docs/61605   doc        [feature request] Improve documentation for i386 disk 
o bin/61658               [sysinstall] 5.2R error "Add of package qt-3.2.1 abort
o kern/61686              FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE crashes when ACPI is disabled
o bin/61716    mckusick   newfs: code and manpage are out of sync
o kern/61733   imp        panic: resource_list_release: resource entry is not bu
o kern/61746              [boot] system locks up on boot if both apic option and
p i386/61852   alc        i386 pmap SMP race condition can cause lost page modif
o bin/61890               [sysinstall] fdisk(8) uses incorrect calculations for 
o bin/61937               [sysinstall] cannot install 5.2-REL via serial console
o alpha/61940  alpha      [sysinstall] Can't disklabel new disk from FreeBSD/alp
o kern/61960   sos        [ata] [patch] BigDrive support for PC-98 architecture 
o alpha/61973  alpha      Machine Check on boot-up of AlphaServer 2100A RM
o kern/62091              [hang] Random Lockups on Boot (Timecounter?) [SMP, 5.2
a kern/62278              [nfs] [patch] NFS server may not set eof flag when rea
o amd64/62295  obrien     ipsec failure on 5.2.1-RC amd64
o bin/62367               [sysinstall] 5.2.1-RC installation problems
o kern/62374   darrenr    panic: free: multiple frees
o bin/62375               [sysinstall] sysinstall core dump
o conf/62417   luigi      diskless op script failed
o kern/62468              panic: system crashes when serial getty enabled and se
o amd64/62753  obrien     [txp] [panic] txp(4) panics on amd4
o kern/62762   trhodes    [msdosfs] Fsync for msdos fs does not sync entries
o kern/62824              [panic] softdep_setup_inomapdep: found inode [5.2-CURR
o bin/62833               [sysinstall] can't install: integer divide fault
o kern/62864   cognet     Machine not reboot.
s kern/62906              [agp] [patch] AGP misconfigures i845G chipset, causing
o kern/63040              panic: kernel panic (sf_buff_alloc)
o kern/63204   multimedia [sound] /dev/mixer broken with ESS Maestro-2E (still o
o kern/63343              [boot] manual root filesystem specification failed wit
o bin/63391               Burncd DAO fails on some CD recorders
o kern/63431              [rtc] motherboard going to suspend mode stops system c
o bin/63489               top, finger segfault when using NIS groups to restrict
o usb/63621    usb        [usb] USB MemoryStick Reader stalls/crashes system
o kern/63629   thomas     [atapicam] mounting atapicam volume through cd0c cause
o kern/64196              [kernel] [patch] remove the arbitrary MAXSHELLCMDLEN
s kern/64313   threads    FreeBSD (OpenBSD) pthread implicit set/unset O_NONBLOC
o kern/64406              panic: ffs_clusteralloc: map mismatch
a kern/64816              [nfs] [patch] mmap and/or ftruncate does not work corr
o kern/64903              [modules] panic: multiple kldload of a module compiled
o bin/64990    stefanf    [patch] /bin/sh unable to change directory but current
o java/65054   glewis     Diablo 1.3.1 JVM runs out of file descriptors at 1021
o bin/65546               [sysinstall] 4.10-BETA fails to install from NFS
o kern/65616   gnn        IPSEC can't detunnel GRE packets after real ESP encryp
o gnu/65641               Use of llabs() in C++ fails as ambiguous
o i386/65648   imp        cardbus("TI1131") won't work on Dell Latitude CP 233XT
o bin/65774               [sysinstall] cannot run repair disk when booted from U
s kern/65817              [sk] [panic] kernel panic with GENERIC 5.2.1 and SysKo
o gnu/65869               cvs generates invalid cvs command lines
o kern/65901              [smbfs] [patch] smbfs fails fsx write/truncate-down/tr
o kern/65920              [nwfs] Mounted Netware filesystem behaves strange
o kern/66029              [crypto] [patch] MD5 alignment problem on a TriMedia p
o bin/66036               restore crashes (reproducable, core file and backtrace
o bin/66103               macro HISADDR is not sticky in filters
o kern/66162   phk        [gbde] gbde destroy error
o kern/66270   mckusick   [hang] dump causes machine freeze
o kern/66290   imp        pccard initialization fails with "bad Vcc request"
o kern/66348   rik        [cx] FR mode of cx (Cronyx Sigma) does not work for 4.
o bin/66350               [sysinstall] sysinstall creates a partition of subtype
o kern/66611              [nfs] Crashing NFS servers (with workaround)
o bin/66830               chsh/ypchsh do not change user information over NIS
o kern/66848   imp        cardbus power support breaks cardbus support on HP Omn
o kern/66960              [fdc] [patch] filesystems not unmounted during reboot 
o bin/66984               [2TB] [patch] teach sysinstall about larger disks
o i386/67050   imp        CardBus (PCI ?) resource allocation problem (still on 
o kern/67301              panic: uftdi, RTS and system panic
o kern/67326   remko      [msdosfs] crash after attempt to mount write protected
o conf/67328              Usermode PPP hangs on boot when NIS configured
s alpha/67626  alpha      X crashes an alpha machine, resulting reboot
o kern/67794              panic: ffs panic during high filesystem activity
o kern/67919              imagemagicks convert image to movie conversion kills 5
o kern/68076              [modules] Page fault when the sequence "kldunload ucom
o kern/68324              panic: Duplicate free of item 0xc3121908 from zone 0xc
o kern/68325              panic: _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursive mute
o kern/68442              [panic] acquiring duplicate lock of same type: "sleepq
o kern/68576   rwatson    UFS2 snapshot files can be mounted read-write and writ
o bin/68727    marcel     gdb coredumps after recent CURRENT upgrade
o kern/68889   rwatson    [panic] m_copym, length > size of mbuf chain
o kern/68978              [firewire] firewire crashes with failing hard disk, lo
o kern/68987              panic: kmem_malloc(163840): kmem_map too small
o usb/69006    usb        [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB ports
o kern/69066              panic: nmdm page fault when slattach on a null modem d
o kern/69092              [rl] kernel: rl0: watchdog timeout
o kern/69100              [nwfs] panic: 5.2.1p9 kernel panics when mounting nwfs
o kern/69141              panic: softdep_lock [5.2.1-RELEASE, SMP]
f i386/69218   simokawa   [boot] failure: 4.10-BETA and later do not boot on Asu
o kern/69612              [panic] 4.10-STABLE crashes everyday: page not present
o kern/69629              [panic] Assertion td->td_turnstile
o bin/69723               [sysinstall] allow to continue from package install fa
o bin/69942               [sysinstall] sysinstall changes /etc/rc.conf after ins
o i386/70330   marcel     Re-Open 33262? - gdb does not handle pending signals p
o i386/70525   i386       [boot] boot0cfg: -o packet not effective
o i386/70531   i386       [boot0] [patch] boot0 hides Lilo in extended slice
o kern/70587              [vm] [patch] NULL pointer dereference in vm_pageout_sc
o bin/70600               fsck(8) throws files away when it can't grow lost+foun
o kern/70649              [rtc] system clock slows down when heavily loaded
o kern/70753              [boot] Device for firewire hard disk not created in ti
o threa/70975  threads    unexpected and unreliable behaviour when using SYSV se
o i386/71000   i386       [boot] BTX halted when booting from CD on a machine wi
o usb/71155    usb        [usb] misbehaving usb-printer hangs processes, causes 
o gnu/71160    marcel     gdb gets confused about active frame
o kern/71198              Lack of PUC device in GENERIC kernel causes interupt l
o bin/71290               [PATCH] passwd cannot change passwords other than NIS/
o bin/71323               [sysinstall] FTP download from floppy boot crashes wit
f kern/71388   rwatson    [panic] due mac_policy_list_conditional_busy called be
o kern/71391              [nfs] [panic] md via NFS file + mount -t ntfs: panic: 
s kern/71421   jeff       [sched_ule] [hang] filesystem operations lockups
o bin/71602               [PATCH] uninitialized "len" used instead of "slen" wit
o sparc/71729  sparc64    printf in kernel thread causes panic on SPARC
o kern/71771              [amr] Hang during heavy load with amr raid controller 
a bin/71786               [patch] adduser breaks if /sbin/nologin is included in
f kern/71791              [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o kern/71792              [vm] [patch] Wrong/missing 'goto' target label in cont
s kern/72041              [cam] [hang] Deadlock when disk is destroyed while use
f java/72151   java       JVM crash on 5.2.1-R
o kern/72208              panic: bio_completed can't be greater than bio_length 
o kern/72210   andre      ipnat problem  with IP Fastforward enabled
o kern/72424              panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block in ffs/ffs_allo
o threa/72429  threads    threads blocked in stdio (fgets, etc) are not cancella
o kern/72490              Panic mounting cdrom with RWCombo <SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM
o kern/72504              [nfs] nfsd result mbufs-overruns
o bin/72508               ftp(1): Anyone can change root on anonymous ftp
o i386/72566   acpi       ACPI, FreeBSD disables fan on Compaq Armada 1750
o conf/72592              [nis] NIS Domain Master fails as client of itself
o kern/72660              machine locks up shortly after abnornal shutdown & sub
o kern/72838              system freezes when trying to umount my digital camera
o kern/72850              apm suspend handling partial broken with 5.3-STABLE
o bin/72895               [sysinstall] Sysinstall generates invalid partition ta
o kern/72906              [twe] twe0 idefinite wait buffer
o kern/72924              [wi] 4.10 wi driver timeout problem with Global Sun Te
o threa/72953  threads    fork() unblocks blocked signals w/o PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYST
o i386/72960   i386       BTX halted with Promise Tx2000 Raid
o sparc/72962  sparc64    [sysinstall] Sysinstall panics on sparc64 if /dev/cd0 
o kern/72966   obrien     [pcn] [patch] AMD PCnet/PCI Fast Ethernet driver broke
o kern/73004              [loader] [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multiple PX
o bin/73019               [ufs] fsck_ufs: cannot alloc 607016868 bytes for inoin
o kern/73171   imp        fwohci driver stating cardbus firewire card has incorr
o kern/73177   geom       kldload geom_* causes panic due to memory exhaustion
o kern/73224              [ndis] [patch] Lock order reversal in ntoskrnl_timerca
o kern/73245              'swap-in' causes several second hesitation on mouse an
o bin/73261               Suspending su sometimes hangs
f i386/73265   i386       FreeBSD kernel crashes when booting on ECS 741GX-M Mai
o kern/73289              [sym] Interrupt storm on sym0
o usb/73307    usb        [panic] Kernel panics on USB disconnect
o amd64/73322  amd64      [msdosfs] [hang] unarchiving /etc to msdosfs locks up 
o bin/73410               [sysinstall] Sysinstall could not allocate disklabel
o sparc/73413  trhodes    [libkse] [patch] pthread (libkse) library is broken on
o bin/73422               portmap forks ad infinitum when the NIS domain name is
o kern/73484              [ntfs] Kernel panic when doing `ls` from the client si
o bin/73511               [sysinstall] SCSI drive install failure - RC2
o gnu/73512    marcel     gdb -> Abort trap (core dumped)
o kern/73538              [bge] problem with the Broadcom BCM5788 Gigabit Ethern
o bin/73559    sos        burncd(8) failure closing/fixating DVD-+R/CD-R/CD-RW N
o bin/73617               [sysinstall] fdisk editor unmarks active partition
o kern/73740              [nfs] [panic] 5-3-R#3 panic when accessing nfs exporte
o kern/73744              printing via cups causes "Interrupt storm" warning, th
o kern/73871              [wi] Intersil Prism wireless wi0 locks up, "busy bit w
o kern/73910   ipfw       [ipfw] serious bug on forwarding of packets after NAT
o i386/74008   i386       IBM eServer x225 cannot boot any v5.x - endless dump s
o kern/74012              FreeBSD 4.10 stops responding while playing a URL
o i386/74044   i386       [smb] ServerWorks OSB4 SMBus interface does not detect
o kern/74104   ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw2/1 conflict not detected or reported, manp
p kern/74105   rwatson    [ipx] IPX protocol support doesn't work
o bin/74127               [patch] patch(1) may misapply hunks with too little co
o kern/74238   firewire   [firewire] fw_rcv: unknown response; firewire ad-hoc w
s kern/74242   rwatson    Write to fifo with no reader fails in 6.0 current
o kern/74309              xterm -C and rxvt -C do not grab /dev/console
o kern/74319              [smp] system reboots after few hours (5.3)
o gnu/74531               gcc doesn't link correctly if -pg specified
o conf/74610              Hostname resolution failure causes firewall rules to s
o kern/74627   scsi       [ahc] [hang] Adaptec 2940U2W Can't boot 5.3
s kern/74708              [umapfs] [panic] UMAPFS kernel panic
o amd64/74747  amd64      System panic on shutdown when process will not die
o usb/74771    usb        [umass] mounting write-protected umass device as read/
o kern/74778              ipsec passthrough / nat-t crash freebsd firewall
o bin/74779               Background-fsck checks one filesystem twice and omits 
o bin/74801               cpio -p --sparse creates truncated files
o kern/74809              [modules] [panic] smbfs panic if multiply mounted
o kern/74877              Panic after halting the system - vrele: negative ref c
o kern/74976              [vfs] [panic] 5.3-STABLE: vn_finished_write triggered 
o kern/75099              OpenOffice makes the system freeze
o kern/75122   andre      [netinet] [patch] Incorrect inflight bandwidth calcula
o kern/75157              Cannot print to /dev/lpt0 with HP Laserjet 1005 : Devi
s kern/75233              [fdc] breaking fdformat /dev/fd0 resets device permiss
o kern/75249              [boot] 5.x install CD hangs on VirtualPC Version 7 (Ma
o bin/75258               [patch] dd(1) has not async signal safe interrupt hand
o threa/75273  threads    FBSD 5.3  libpthread (KSE) bug
o kern/75368              [panic] initiate_write_inodeblock_ufs2() panic
o threa/75374  threads    pthread_kill() ignores SA_SIGINFO flag
o kern/75407              [an] an(4): no carrier after short time
o kern/75510              panic: kmem_malloc(4096): kmem_map too small
p kern/75542   rwatson    Inconsistent naming of a tunable and weird code in sys
o usb/75705    usb        [panic] da0 attach / Optio S4 (with backtrace)
o docs/75711   keramida   [PATCH] opendir(3) missing ERRORS section
o kern/75733   harti      ATM driver problem.
o kern/75755              kmem_malloc(45056): kmem_map too small: 335540224 tota
o kern/75780              [panic] panic: vm_page_free: freeing wired page (with 
o usb/75797    usb        5.3-STABLE(2005 1/4) detect USB headset, But can not f
o kern/75875   remko      [burncd]: acd0: FAILURE - READ_BIG ILLEGAL REQUEST asc
o i386/75887   i386       [pcvt] with vt0.disabled=0 and PCVT in kernel video/ke
o kern/76126              [nfs] [patch] 4.11 client will send a NFS request to r
o bin/76134               fetch(1) doesn't like 401 errors with -A
o amd64/76136  amd64      system halts before reboot
o usb/76395    usb        USB printer does not work, usbdevs says "addr 0 should
o kern/76398              [libc] stdio can lose data in the presence of signals
o kern/76504   silby      Keep-alives doesn't work on half-closed sockets.
o kern/76525              [fifo] select() hangs on EOF from named pipe (FIFO)
o kern/76538   geom       [gbde] nfs-write on gbde partition stalls and continue
o bin/76578               [patch] uniq(1) truncates long lines to LINE_MAX
o bin/76588               OpenSSL fails on loading keyfiles from BIO resources
o kern/76663              panic with FAST_IPSEC and IPv6
o kern/76672              Problem with cardbus and vlans
s threa/76694  threads    fork cause hang in dup()/close() function in child (-l
o kern/76848              [amr] amr hangs
o kern/76893              [cam] [patch] Fatal divide in booting processes with B
o i386/76944   i386       [busdma] [patch] i386 bus_dmamap_create() bug
o kern/77026              umount-ing non-existent device panics system
o kern/77181              [newfs] [patch] newfs -g largevalue, mkdir, panic
o usb/77184    usb        [panic] kernel panic on USB device disconnect
s kern/77195   darrenr    [ipfilter] [patch] ipfilter ioctl SIOCGNATL does not m
o usb/77294    usb        [ulpcom] [panic] ucom + ulpcom panic
o kern/77337              Samba3+FAT32->Reboot
o kern/77432              [nfs] [patch] It is not possible to load nfs4client.ko
o bin/77455               natd(8): fatal trap 19 in natd
o kern/77493              [pipe] freebsd 5.3 + bash process substitution fails d
o kern/77537              [smp] [hang] Conditional breakpoints hang on SMP machi
o bin/77651               init can loose shutdown related signals
p usb/77940    imp        [quirk] [patch] insertion of usb keyboard panics syste
o kern/77982              [lnc] [patch] lnc0 can NOT be detected in vmware 4.5.2
o bin/78087               groups program inconsistency
o gnu/78161               [patch] gzexe(1): typo in gzexe
o kern/78179              [vm] [patch] bus_dmamem_alloc() with BUS_DMA_NOWAIT ca
o i386/78339   i386       BTX loader crashes on boot on HP Proliant DL140
p docs/78357   remko      [patch] getaddrinfo(3)'s AI_ADDRCONFIG not documented
f kern/78382   linimon    [ndis] dhclient on ndis0 causes kernel panic
o kern/78384              [panic] Reproducible panic with port iplog and -curren
o amd64/78406  amd64      [panic]AMD64 w/ SCSI: issue 'rm -r /usr/ports' and sys
o bin/78570               wicontrol(8): "wicontrol -i wi0 -C" outputs garbage
o kern/78801   mux        ping: sendto: No buffer space available
o kern/78868   gibbs      [scsi] Adaptec 29160 fails with IBM LTO-2 drive if dis
a kern/78929              [atapicam] atapicam prevents boot, system hangs
o kern/78946              [vm] vm_pageout_flush: partially invalid page
o bin/78964               [sysinstall] can not write labels to hdd on installati
o kern/78968   gnn        FreeBSD freezes on mbufs exhaustion (network interface
o kern/78987   scottl     [udf] [patch] udf fs: readdir returns error when it sh
s i386/79080   acpi       acpi thermal changes freezes HP nx6110
o i386/79081   acpi       ACPI suspend/resume not working on HP nx6110
p usb/79140    imp        [patch] WD Firewire/USB Combo hangs under load on USB 
s i386/79169   i386       freeze with striped USB Drives under high load
o kern/79208              [nfs] Deadlock or starvation doing heavy NFS writes wi
o kern/79214              [nfs] iozone hurts tcp-based NFS
o kern/79262              [dc] Adaptec ANA-6922 not fully supported
o usb/79269    usb        USB ohci da0 plug/unplug causes crashes and lockups.
o usb/79287    usb        [uhci] UHCI hang after interrupt transfer
o kern/79295              umount oddity with NFS (fwe) over VIA Fire II card
s kern/79323              [wi] authmod setup with ifconfig on dlink wlan card fa
o kern/79324              [bge] Broadcom bge chip initialization failure
o kern/79336              [nfs] NFS client doesn't detect file updates on Novell
s kern/79339              [kernel] [patch] Kernel time code sync with improvemen
o bin/79376               moused causes random mouse events with a PS/2 mouse on
o i386/79409   i386       Coming back from idles make the server reboot
o usb/79524    usb        printing to Minolta PagePro 1[23]xxW via USB fails wit
o bin/79621               sysinstall(8) does not create a device when using a di
o usb/79622    imp        USB devices can be freed twice
a usb/79656    usb        [usb] RHSC interrupts lost
o threa/79683  threads    svctcp_create() fails if multiple threads call at the 
o kern/79700              [nfs] suspending nfs file access hangs other access to
o usb/79722    usb        [usb] wrong alignments in ehci.h
o i386/79729   i386       umass, da0 not detected by devfs for
o kern/79783   sos        [ata] hw.ata.atapi_dma=1 reduces HDD writing transfer 
o i386/79784   i386       [bfe] Broadcom  BCM4401 : no carrier
a kern/79833              [sata] BTX crashes on boot when using Promise TX2Plus 
o kern/79895   darrenr    [ipfilter] 5.4-RC2 breaks ipfilter NAT when using netg
o kern/79905   multimedia [sound] sis7018 sound module problem
o bin/79910               [sysinstall] Cannot escape from failed port/package in
o kern/79912   multimedia [sound] sound broken for 2 VIA chipsets: interrupt sto
o kern/79940              [panic] 5.3 with kernel debug causes panic when large 
o kern/79988   darrenr    [trap] page faults while in kernel mode
o kern/80005              [re] re(4) network interface _very_ unpredictable work
o usb/80040    usb        [hang] Use of sound mixer causes system freeze with ua
o bin/80074               [patch] openssl(1): Bug in OpenSSL's sk_insert() cause
o kern/80088              [smbfs] Incorrect file time setting on NTFS mounted vi
o kern/80136              [md] [crash] mdconfig can reboot the system
o kern/80166   ups        [panic] Debugger SMP race panic
o kern/80266   rwatson    [ipx] [patch] IPX routing doesn't work
o i386/80268   i386       [crash] System with Transmeta Efficeon cpu crashes whi
o kern/80321   ups        [kgdb] serial db problems
o kern/80322              TCP socket support broken on a busy port
o usb/80361    usb        [patch] mounting of usb-stick fails
o misc/80371              cannot install 5.4-RC3 from DOS partition
o kern/80381              5.4 RC3 can't allocate ps/2 irq, no psm, no mouse.  Sa
o sparc/80410  sparc64    [netgraph] netgraph is causing crash with mpd on sparc
o threa/80435  threads    panic on high loads
o kern/80469              [smbfs] mount_smbfs causes freebsd to reboot
o kern/80572              [bridge] bridge/ipfw works intermittantly.
o amd64/80691  amd64      amd64 kernel hangs on load
o kern/80694              [kbd] [patch] atkbd looped on Acer TravelMate 2701LC
o kern/80714              [atapicam] drop/boot to single user hangs on 5.4-RELEA
o kern/80739              Strange panic (keyboard related?) on 5.4 when dropping
o kern/80742   wkoszek    [pecoff] [patch] Local DoS in sys/compat/pecoff (+ oth
o kern/80784   mux        [fxp] fxp gives device timeouts
o bin/80798               mount_portal pipe leaves file descriptors open for chi
o usb/80829    usb        possible panic when loading USB-modules
o docs/80843   doc        [patch] psm(4): Suggested fix for psm0 / handle driver
o kern/80853              [ed] [patch] add support for Compex RL2000/ISA in PnP 
o usb/80862    usb        [patch] USB locking issues: missing some Giant calls
o sparc/80890  sparc64    [panic] kmem_malloc(73728): kmem_map too small running
s kern/80932              [em] [patch] Degraded performance of em driver
o kern/80980              [i386] [patch] problem in "sys/i386/include/bus.h" cau
o i386/80989   i386       [install] Cannot install 5.4-RELEASE both in my system
o kern/81000              [apic] Via 8235 sound card worked great with FreeBSD 5
o kern/81019              [re] re(4) RealTek 8169S32 behaves erratically
o kern/81095   gnn        IPsec connection stops working if associated network i
p i386/81111   i386       /boot/loader causes reboot due to CFLAGS+= -msse3
o kern/81146   multimedia [sound] Sound isn't working AT ALL for Sis7012 onboard
s kern/81147   net        [net] [patch] em0 reinitialization while adding aliase
o kern/81180              [bktr] bktr(4) driver cannot capture both audio and vi
o kern/81207              [if_ndis] NDIS wrapper doesn't probe builtin nForce MC
o kern/81232              [panic] vrele: negative ref
f i386/81235   gavin      /sys/i386/conf/GENERIC needs "options ASR_COMPAT" to p
o usb/81308    imp        [ugen] [patch] [2] polling a ugen(4) control endpoint 
o kern/81322              [lnc] [hang] lnc driver causes lockups
o kern/81324   darrenr    [panic] "Duplicate free of item %p from zone %p(%s)\n"
o bin/81389    brian      ( usermode ppp ) LCP Negotiation Never Finishes, one o
o kern/81539              The fxtv program freezes systems
o kern/81606   darrenr    ipnat fails to start after upgrade to RELENG_5_4
o kern/81644              [vge] vge(4) does not work properly when loaded as a K
o kern/81770              [nfs] Always "NFS append race" at every NFS mount with
o conf/81882              [patch] missing terminal definition for wy120 in termc
o kern/81887   scsi       [aac] Adaptec SCSI 2130S aac0: GetDeviceProbeInfo comm
o kern/82043   multimedia [sound] snd_emu10k1 - mixer does not work.
o kern/82064   anholt     [drm] DRM not working with SMP
o kern/82219              [panic] in dumping if watchdog enabled.
o kern/82227              [digi] Xem: chained concentrators not recognised
a bin/82263               compat 4x broken after last update
o kern/82271   pf         [pf] cbq scheduler cause bad latency
a kern/82285              [race] proc cred race: kernel panic during reboot
o usb/82350    usb        [usb] null pointer dereference in USB stack
f amd64/82425  gavin      [fxp] fxp0: device timeout, fxp interface dies on 5.4/
o kern/82442              [panic] Fatal trap 12 in em driver on 4.11-RC2 contain
o kern/82464              [pccard] Sony Ericsson GC75 GPRS MODEM not recognized
o kern/82468              Using 64MB tcp send/recv buffers, trafficflow stops, i
o kern/82491              [bootp] [patch] bootpd shouldn't ignore requests
o kern/82497              [vge] vge(4) on AMD64 only works when loaded late, not
o usb/82520    usb        Reboot when USL101 connected
s usb/82569    usb        [usb] USB mass storage plug/unplug causes system panic
o kern/82649              [panic] some request to DVDROM causes kernel panic
o stand/82654  standards  C99 long double math functions are missing
o usb/82660    usb        [umass] [panic] EHCI: I/O stuck in state 'physrd'/pani
o bin/82667               burncd doesn't abort on error conditions
o bin/82720               [patch] Incorrect help output from growfs.c and mkfs.c
o kern/82755              [panic] during periodic script at command tar 
o kern/82805              [nfs] [panic] sched_switch ched_4bsd.c:865 / nfs_inact
s kern/82806   darrenr    ipnat doesn't handle out of order fragments.
o kern/82846   phk        Kernel crash in 5.4 with SMP,PAE
o kern/82881              [netgraph] [panic] ng_fec(4) causes kernel panic after
o kern/82919              [bridge] [patch] Bridge configuration update will cras
o bin/82975               route change does not parse classfull network as given
o kern/83098              'vrele: negative ref cnt' in shutdown with root and uf
o ports/83183  olgeni     sysutils/webmin - perl coredumps
o bin/83195               nvi loses edited file on network disconnection
o kern/83254              [digi] driver can't init Digiboard PC/4e
o bin/83336               [patch] libc's parse_ncp() don't check malloc/realloc 
o bin/83338               [patch] libc's getent() don't check for malloc failure
o bin/83340               [patch] setnetgrent() and supporting functions don't c
p bin/83344    matteo     [patch] Improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83347               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83348               [patch] Improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83349               [patch] improper handling o malloc's failures within l
o bin/83359               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83364               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures, bad prin
o kern/83368              [ipx] [patch] incorrect handling of malloc failures wi
o bin/83369    matteo     [patch] incorrect handling of malloc failures within l
o kern/83375   mbr        Fatal trap 12 cloning a pty
o kern/83384              failure of non-essential IDE partitions can panic the 
o bin/83426               [libvgl] [patch] improper handling of malloc failures 
o kern/83464   geom       [geom] [patch] Unhandled malloc failures within libgeo
o kern/83499              fragmented packets does not pass through a pipe
o kern/83504              [kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent
o bin/83558               kernbb(8): usr.sbin/kernbb doesn't compile, and is dis
o usb/83563    usb        [panic] Page Fault while detaching Mpman Usb device
o kern/83586              [if_ndis] [panic] ndis panic with Intel Pro 2100 wirel
f kern/83671              Can't get comconsole to work properly on Supermicro X5
o usb/83677    usb        [usb] usb controller often not detected (Sun W2100z)
f i386/83735   gavin      [re] network card (realtek 8139) and sound card (CMI87
o usb/83756    usb        [ums] [patch] Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A doe
o kern/83761              [panic] vm-related panic: blst_radix_free: freeing fre
o threa/83914  threads    [libc] popen() doesn't work in static threaded program
o kern/83930   sam        crypto_q_mtx recursion when unloading hifn.ko.
o usb/83977    usb        [ucom] [panic] ucom1: open bulk out error (addr 2): IN
o amd64/84027  obrien     [nve] if_nve gets stuck
o kern/84202              [ed] [patch] Holtek HT80232 PCI NIC recognition on Fre
o bin/84217    brian      "enable proxy" is ignored in ppp.conf
p conf/84221              Wrong permissions on /etc/opiekeys
o usb/84326    usb        [umass] Panic trying to connect SCSI tape drive via US
o usb/84336    usb        [usb] [reboot] instant system reboot when unmounting a
f i386/84397   gavin      [if_ndis] if_ndis + wmp54g = fatal trap 12 error
o kern/84411   philip     [psm] [patch] psm drivers adds bad buttons for Synapti
s threa/84483  threads    problems with devel/nspr and -lc_r on 4.x
o kern/84500              [nfs] [panic] nfsv4 memory allocation panic
o kern/84556   geom       [geom] GBDE-encrypted swap causes panic at shutdown
o kern/84584              [re] re(4) spends too much time in interrupt handler (
o kern/84589              [2TB] 5.4-STABLE unresponsive during background fsck 2
o kern/84656              [panic] when kern.maxdsiz is => hw.physmem
o bin/84668               [sysinstall] ssh and sysinstall problem
o kern/84673              [nfs] NFS client problem "Stale NFS file handle"
p kern/84740   tjr        [libc] regcomp("\254") fails
o kern/84799              [fdc] [patch] can't read beyond track 0 on fdc (IBM th
a bin/84816               patch(1) inserts a line in the wrong place
o kern/84861   sam        [ipw] [patch] still can't get working ipw(4) with adho
o docs/84932   doc        new document: printing with an Epson ALC-3000N on Free
o kern/84953   kuriyama   [nfs] NFS locking issue in RELENG_6/i386/SMP
o kern/84954   imp        [CARDBUS] cbb alloc res fail (with hw.cardbus.debug=1 
o kern/84964              [nfs] nfs4 mount doesn't handle NFS4ERR_GRACE
o kern/84965              [nfs] nfs4 mount generates NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID
o kern/84968              [nfs] programs on nfs4 mounts won't execute
o kern/85005              Network interrupt after shutdown method has been calle
o kern/85042              [smbfs] mount_smbfs: can't get handle to requester (no
o i386/85072   i386       [psm] ps/2 Mouse detection failure on compaq chipset
p i386/85101   das        [libm] nearbyint always returns nan
o bin/85115               byacc generates uncompileable file
o kern/85123              [iir] Improper serialization in iir_ioctl() allows iir
o kern/85137              [pseudofs] [patch] panic due to sleep with held mutex
f ports/85155  cy         security/tripwire clobbers config files on install
o threa/85160  threads    [libthr] [patch] libobjc + libpthread/libthr crash pro
o kern/85258   mux        [fxp] changing promisc mode on nic can lead to kernel 
o kern/85266              [xe] [patch] xe(4) driver does not recognise Xircom XE
o kern/85320              [gre] [patch] possible depletion of kernel stack in ip
o kern/85326              [smbfs] [panic] saving a file via samba to an overquot
o alpha/85346  alpha      PREEMPTION causes unstability in Alpha4000 SMP kernel
o kern/85434   firewire   [fwip] fwip (IP over firewire) doesn't work with polli
o kern/85444              IPv6 crash, possibly related to destroying spf interfa
o kern/85450              [sata] panic: subdisk6 detached (appears to be a sata 
o amd64/85451  amd64      [hang] 6.0-BETA3 lockups on AMD64 (PREEMPTION only)
o kern/85464              Cannot unmount file-backed disk imported from NFS or S
o kern/85493   imp        [ed] [patch] OLDCARD can't probe ed driver
o kern/85728              [trap] Crashes on 6.0 when copying data between filesy
o kern/85751              [devfs] [panic] panic in devfs_setattr() when running 
o kern/85768   gibbs      [ahd] aic79xx driver timeouts with U160 target (free l
o ia64/85772   ia64       [gpt] gpt (geom_) needs to adopt g_ctl
s ports/85779  edwin      emulators/fmsx 3.0  is unstable (reboting, freezing)
o bin/85796    des        pam doesn't work correctly after Upgrade RELENG_4-2005
o kern/85809              panic: mutex "ipf state entry" already initialized
o bin/85810               nslookup/dig Hang and processes cannot be killed
o kern/85813              timeout waiting for read DRQTrying to mount root from 
o kern/85816              maxproc=1 in login.conf causes kernel panic when loggi
o i386/85866   i386       [hang] bootloader freezes on Pentium2/3
o kern/85894              [nfs] [panic] nfs_timer / nfs_socket.c:1146 panic
o kern/85931              panic: "vm_fault: fault on nofault entry" when using m
o i386/85938   i386       Install fails, unable to write partitions
o i386/85944   i386       FreeBSD restarts after showing "Welcome to FreeBSD" sc
s kern/85975              [cam] devfs does not create entries when removable med
o kern/85993              [panic] emulators/kqemu panics 6.0-BETA4
o bin/86012               kpasswd(1) fails if one of the KDC are unreachable.
o kern/86055              FreeBSD 6.0 beta4 install panic:bio already on queue
o amd64/86080  amd64      [radeon] [hang] radeon DRI causes system hang on amd64
o kern/86103   darrenr    [ipfilter] Illegal NAT Traversal in IPFilter
o kern/86107              [procfs] [panic] unrhdr has N allocations, NULL derefe
o kern/86261   brian      'out of buffer space' after many PPPoE re-dial attempt
o kern/86330              [ipsec] [panic] panic in ESP code
o kern/86411   scottl     [amr] Very low performance of amr(4) under FreeBSD-6.0
o ports/86421  clement    www/Apache20 2.0.54_4 PHP popen hangs
o kern/86427   gnn        LOR / Deadlock with FASTIPSEC and nat
o kern/86550   csjp       [panic] kernel (w/ UFS_EXTATTR* and UFS_ACL) paniced b
o i386/86612   i386       SCSI DAT Drive Issue
o kern/86619              [linux] linux emulator interacts oddly with cp
o i386/86667   i386       GNOME Battery Applet causing keyboard to lag/drop char
o ports/86687  tobez      lang/Perl5.8 ithreads coredump
o kern/86763              [ucom] kernel: ucom0: ucomwritecb: IOERROR
o usb/86767    usb        [usb] [patch] bogus "slice starts beyond end of the di
o kern/86775              system reboot without syncing
o i386/86806   i386       Couldn't alloc kernel virtual memory
o i386/86880   i386       [hang] 6.0 hangs or reboots whilst 5.4 is stable (ASUS
o i386/86920   i386       [ndis] ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument (regress
o kern/86944              [nfs] [patch] When I use FreeBSD with NFS client, clos
o kern/87010   pjd        Reading kernel memory & pagefault under non-root
o i386/87085   i386       [install] Will not install on Microtel system
s kern/87094              5.4 system with SMP and IPFW crashes under load (mbuf 
o i386/87122   i386       [install] Installer of 6.0-BETA5 can't find HDD partit
o i386/87155   i386       [boot] [panic] Can't Alloc Virtual Memory in FreeBSD 6
o kern/87194              [fxp] fxp(4) promiscuous mode seems to corrupt hw-csum
o kern/87248              [iwi] Data-corruption while using WEP on if_iwi
o kern/87255              [md] [panic] large malloc-backed mfs crashes the syste
o amd64/87258  amd64      [smp] [boot] cannot boot with SMP and Areca ARC-1160 r
o amd64/87305  amd64      [smp] Dual Opteron / FreeBSD 5 & 6 / powerd results in
o amd64/87316  amd64      [vge] "vge0 attach returned 6" on FreeBSD 6.0-RC1 amd6
o i386/87364   scottl     [aac] aac controller stopped working between BETA5 and
o kern/87368   trhodes    [msdosfs] fat32 is very slow
o ports/87397  edwin      incorrect use of PAPERSIZE make variable in some ports
o ports/87404  nork       Adobe Reader no longer works with www/linuxpluginwrapp
o kern/87413              [iwi] 6.0-RC1: "ifconfig iwi0 mode 11g up" freezes sys
o kern/87421              [netgraph] [panic]: ng_ether + ng_eiface + if_bridge
o kern/87506              [vr] [patch] Fix alias support on vr interfaces
o kern/87521   darrenr    [ipfilter] [panic] using ipfilter "auth" keyword leads
o kern/87544   geom       [gbde] mmaping large files on a gbde filesystem deadlo
o i386/87576   i386       [install] no installation on Acer aspire 1304xc laptop
o kern/87586              [diskless] [vm] [panic] Unable to use networked swap i
o i386/87630   i386       [ndis] No match for NdisIMGetCurrentPacketStack
a kern/87658              IO::AIO test suite loops infinitely on 5.4-RELEASE-p5
o amd64/87689  amd64      [powerd] [hang] powerd hangs SMP Opteron 244 5-STABLE
o bin/87729    phk        most calls to malloc(3) generate warnings in valgrind
o kern/87758              [ath] [hang] Reboot problem with atheros wireless card
o bin/87792               [patch] very bad performance of cp(1) via NFS, possibl
o kern/87859              [smbfs] System reboot while umount smbfs.
o i386/87876   i386       Installation Problems for i368 Compaq R3000
o amd64/87977  amd64      [busdma] [panic] amd64 busdma dflt_lock called (by ata
o ports/87996  nork       www/linuxpluginwrapper: Flash 7 kills epiphany browser
o kern/88045   jhb        [nve] [patch] 6.0rc1: nve0: device timeout (51)
o kern/88047              [asr] [panic] 6.0-RC1 reboots with SMP and asr
o kern/88082              [ath] [panic] cts protection for ath0 causes panic
o gnu/88087               c++filt(1) dumps core on a trivial string "STYLEPROP_"
o i386/88124   i386       [hang] X -configure freezes 6.0rc1
o i386/88139   i386       [i386] feature request: 53C875 Chipset HP 5064-6016 do
o kern/88213              [panic] Hang followed by Panic on 6.0-RC1 when install
o bin/88215               [patch] syslogd(8) does not pass cleanly parameters to
o kern/88266              [smbfs] smbfs does not implement UIO_NOCOPY and sendfi
o kern/88268              [bpf] yet another null pointer in bpf code
o i386/88315   i386       [sym] [hang] Symbios/LSI-HBA (SYM83C895) hangs
o i386/88459   i386       [panic] Fatal trap 19 (process: idle: cpu0) on HP prol
o kern/88472              [panic] panic/reboot in 5.4-STABLE
o kern/88487              [panic] softdep_setup_inomapdep: found inode
o kern/88496              [iwi] iwi0: fatal error - have to reboot
o kern/88518   rodrigc    cannot mount root rw at boot
o bin/88524               openssl can not work with
o kern/88555              [panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag on AMD 64
o amd64/88568  amd64      [panic] 6.0-RELEASE install cd does not boot with usb 
o i386/88610   i386       FreeBSD 6.0 bootonly crashes during boot after sis0, d
o bin/88655               /bin/tcsh ls-F : Floating exception (core dumped)
o kern/88657              [smbfs] windows client hang when browsing a samba shar
o kern/88659   ipfw       [modules] ipfw and ip6fw do not work properly as modul
o i386/88717   i386       freebsd 5.4 boots from lsi 53c1030 only in safe mode
o kern/88718              [aac] [timeout] unable to install on RAID 5 and FreeBS
o usb/88743    usb        [hang] USB makes kernel hang at boot (regression in 6.
o i386/88755   i386       [install] FreeBSD R6.0 on ThinkPad R40 installation re
o amd64/88790  amd64      kernel panic on first boot (after the FreeBSD installa
a kern/88823              [modules] [atapicam] atapicam - kernel trap 12 on load
o i386/88853   i386       [hang] SMP system FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE crashed while tra
o bin/88873               [2TB] gpt create fails "bogus map" "unknown error: 0"
o kern/88914              [hang] system freeze during file transfer
o i386/88929   i386       [install] FreeBSD 6.0 install CD fails to find disks o
o usb/88966    usb        [modules] kldunload ucom.ko returns "Device busy" erro
o usb/89003    usb        LaCie Firewire drive not properly supported under 6.0
o kern/89070              [panic] NULL m passed to m_copym() in ip_fragment()
o kern/89102   geom       [geom_vfs] [panic] panic when forced unmount FS from u
o kern/89179              Random reboots on Dell PowerEdge 6300
o i386/89249   i386       HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 (HPT372N) can't write on har
o kern/89258              [mouse] synaptic touchpad support "worse" with hw.psm.
s kern/89271              [radeon][agp][hang] hangs when heavily using Rad
o i386/89288   i386       [acpi] DMA error while booting with acpi enable
f ports/89308  apache     [patch] www/mod_accounting crash on request_timeout
o i386/89340   i386       [panic] 6.0-STABLE (2005-11-07) panic when mostly idle
o kern/89353              [ata] invalid disk controller recognition of intel ICH
o i386/89383   i386       [sio] [panic] page fault
o kern/89396              [reboot] remounting cdrom causes reboot
o bin/89410               [PATCH] sh(1) missing \u interpolation and bug/fix in 
o kern/89447              Serial console speed not working properly (regression)
o amd64/89501  amd64      System crashes on install using ftp on local subnet
o amd64/89503  amd64      Cant Boot Installation Disk
s kern/89528              [jail] [patch] impossible to kill a jail
o kern/89538              [tty] [panic] triggered by "sysctl -a"
o amd64/89546  amd64      [geom] GEOM error
a conf/89589   secteam    virecover follows hardlinks, possibly exposing sensiti
o kern/89633              [sis] [panic] if_sis panic under extended load in 6.0-
o kern/89660   le         [patch] [panic] due to g_malloc returning null in gv_d
o kern/89688              [wi] wi0 cbb remove bug: Danger Will Robinson
o kern/89752              [bpf] [patch] bpf_validate() needs to do more checks
o kern/89775              [kevent] [hang] kevent hangs on second wait for /dev/d
o kern/89784   phk        [devfs] [patch] 6.0-RELEASE panics when applying `type
o kern/89864              [vr] [panic] if_vr panic under FreeBSD 6
o kern/89876              [txp] [patch] txp driver doesn't work with latest firm
o kern/89878              [pccard] [patch] pccard.c:pccard_safe_quote() unsafe
f kern/89880   linimon    [ndis] ndis interface stops rx/tx while large text tra
o kern/89918              [iwi] [panic] Kernel panic with if_iwi Intel 2200bg
o usb/89954    usb        [usb] USB Disk driver race condition?
o kern/89966   rodrigc    [ntfs] [panic] mounting ntfs causes kernel panic in so
o i386/90059   i386       panic in 2 mins after power on PC
o i386/90065   i386       [wi] System hangs if wireless card wasn't disabled bef
o kern/90086              [hang] 5.4p8 on supermicro P8SCT hangs during boot if 
o ports/90088  clement    Buildconflict with apr-svn, libtool and apache22
o bin/90093    geom       fdisk(8) incapable of altering in-core geometry
p usb/90162    imp        [usb] [patch] Add support for the MS Wireless USB Mous
o kern/90206              [ata] [crash] Server reboot after "FAILURE - out of me
o kern/90237   anholt     [panic] panic in sis DRM
o kern/90279              [nge] Appletalk and 0x090007 OUI enet frames can't pas
o kern/90282   scsi       [sym] SCSI bus resets cause loss of ch device
o kern/90330              [linux] linux_compat /dev system freeze problem
o kern/90442              [panic] kmem_alloc fails kmem_map: too small, on a RAI
o i386/90519   i386       Resume after suspend results in g_vfs_done() errors an
o kern/90582   geom       [geom_mirror] [panic] Restore cause panic string (ffs_
o bin/90656               [sysinstall] 6.0-RELEASE (i386) cannot be installed vi
o usb/90700    usb        [umass] [panic] Kernel panic on connect/mount/use umas
o bin/90736               [libc] dlfunc can not be defined in libc
o kern/90815              [smbfs] [patch] SMBFS with character conversions somet
o kern/90837              [pcm] PCM - ICH6 - device is busy, but old process doe
f conf/90863   dougb      [patch] 6.0 boot: name resolution broken for daemon st
o kern/90890              [vr] Problems with network: vr0: tx shutdown timeout
o bin/90903               [powerd] cpufreq inconsistency / powerd broken
o kern/90973   thompsa    [net] [patch] if_bridge does not handle arp for own ad
o kern/91023              [sysctl] cpufreq/p4tcc: sysctl: dev.cpu.0.freq: Device
o i386/91038   i386       [panic] 6.0-RELEASE on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v2040
o ports/91067  obrien     editors/vim - PATCH to conditionally enable multibyte 
o kern/91229              [feature request] PAN (piconet) Bluetooth profile is n
o usb/91238    usb        [umass] USB tape unit fails to write a second tape fil
o kern/91242   trhodes    [msdosfs] panic: rofs mod when remounting disk
o kern/91266   threads    [threads] Trying sleep, but thread marked as sleeping 
o i386/91282   i386       [install] 6.0R install CD crashes on Promise PDC20267 
o usb/91283    usb        booting very slow with usb devices connection (regress
s kern/91290   sos        [ata] ata(4) error on 7.0-CURRENT-20051229-SNAP-PC98
o kern/91311              [aue] aue interface hanging
o kern/91339              [psm] mousedriver do not recognize aditional buttons o
o kern/91364              [wep] WF-511 RT2500 Card PCI and WEP
o amd64/91405  amd64      [asr] [panic] Kernel panic caused by asr on 6.0-amd64 
o kern/91407              [crypto] [panic] Kernel panic when heavily loading cry
o amd64/91492  amd64      BTX halted
o bin/91536    sos        burncd(8): burncd -t feature strangeness
o usb/91538    usb        [ulpt] [patch] Unable to print to EPSON CX3500
o www/91539    www        FreeBSD web site renders very badly
o kern/91568              [ufs] [panic] writing to UFS/softupdates DVD media in 
o kern/91572              [atapicam] [panic] writing to UFS/softupdates DVD medi
o kern/91580              fstat(2) not working properly in 6.0?
o bin/91622    dds        cp(1) does not update atime of the source file
o conf/91732              [patch] 800.loginfail: fix log message grep expression
o i386/91745   i386       Second processor not detected on Proliant ML530 G2 wit
s i386/91748   acpi       acpi problem on Acer TravelMare 4652LMi (nvidia panic,
o bin/91762               vipw(8): it is possible to add a user named ".."
o kern/91859              [if_ndis] if_ndis does not work with Asus WL-138
o sparc/91882  sparc64    [mouse] Ultra 10 mouse/keyboard
o usb/91906    usb        [hang] FreeBSD hangs while booting with USB legacy sup
o kern/91910   scottl     [aac] aac driver hangs on Dell PE800 with CERC SATA co
o kern/91919              [pccbb] pccbb does not supply appropriate voltage
o kern/91942              [re] [panic] ifconfig causes panic on re(4)
o bin/91954               [libpam] [patch] Proposed enhancement for pam_krb5: "o
o conf/91959              incorrect cross-install ?(/usr/src/etc/Makefile)
o usb/92052    usb        [unlpt] usbd causes defunct process with busy file-han
o bin/92058               ssh(1): FreeBSD 6 release Xeon SCSI ssh does not work
o kern/92070   imp        [pccard] wi0: No irq?! with LG 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI
o bin/92074               top(1) aborts in redzone
o usb/92083    usb        [ural] [panic] panic using WPA on ural NIC in 6.0-RELE
o kern/92090              [bge] bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
o kern/92092              [iicbus] [patch] Panic if device with iicbus child is 
o kern/92104              [panic] kernel panic near readlink syscall
o usb/92142    usb        SET_ADDR_FAILED and SHORT_XFER errors from usb drivers
o kern/92164   scottl     [ips] SCSI target mode LOR
o usb/92171    usb        [panic] panic unplugging Vodafone Mobile Connect (UMTS
o i386/92193   i386       Can't boot from 6.0 Installation CD: BTX halted (Gigab
o kern/92272              [ffs] [hang] Filling a filesystem while creating a sna
o kern/92279              [dc] Core faults everytime I reboot, possible NIC issu
o kern/92292              [md] [hang] Heavy IO on a md-backed filesystem on a sn
o amd64/92337  amd64      [em] FreeBSD 6.0 Release Intel Pro 1000 MT em1 no buff
o kern/92351              [iwi] page fault in iwi after ACPI resume
o kern/92440   mbr        Kernel fault in knote when getty opens a serial port
o ports/92478  nork       net/DarwinStreamingServer admin does not work
o kern/92518              [hptmv] Intense disk activity (large FS newfs and/or m
o kern/92552   net        A serious bug in most network drivers from 5.X to 6.X 
o kern/92599              BUG: IEEE 802.3 compliance of autonegotiation process
o kern/92675              [fxp] [patch] fxp(4) unable to recover from occasional
o kern/92690   andre      [net] slowstart_flightsize ignored in 6-STABLE
o kern/92716              [hifn] [hang] hifn driver hangs after a short while wh
o kern/92750              [nwfs] Files in mounted Netware filesystem drop in and
o kern/92751              [cam] [reboot] 5.4 crashes after camcontrol devlist
p kern/92776   glebius    [carp] kernel-crash using carp
o kern/92786   sos        [ata] [patch] ATA fixes, write support for LSI v3 RAID
o kern/92795              [panic] lockmgr panic during sys_exit file cleanup
o kern/92798   scsi       [ahc] SCSI problem with timeouts
o bin/92839    roberto    [ntp] [patch] contrib/ntp PARSE buffer overrun
o amd64/92889  amd64      [libc] xdr double buffer overflow
o kern/92949   pf         [pf] PF + ALTQ problems with latency
o kern/92966   imp        [cardbus] cardbus.ko loading failed
o kern/93019              [ppp] ppp and tunX problems: no traffic after restarti
f ports/93071  x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: Resume fails on system with X
f kern/93083              [firewire] Detach of Firewire Harddisk not recognied p
o bin/93085               support for ACLs (and extattr) missing in dump(8) and 
o kern/93128   scsi       [sym] FreeBSD 6.1 BETA 1 has problems with Symbios/LSI
o usb/93155    usb        [ulpt] /dev/ulpt0: device busy, USB printer does not w
o kern/93170              Changing system date causes panic in nd6_timer
o power/93203  ppc        FreeBSD PPC Can't Write to Partitions.
o ports/93299  sobomax    misc/zaptel: unload of zaptel kernel modules causes a 
o kern/93300   ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw pipe lost packets
o kern/93305              Machine freezes solid running dhcpclient after suspend
o bin/93317      doesn't translate unresolved weak symbol int
o kern/93380              almost all not polling NICs are doing device timeout a
f kern/93394   linimon    [twa] boot loader hangs in boot-menu on second 8 on 3w
o kern/93396              dlopen crash with locked page
o usb/93408    usb        [mouse] hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest=C3 on AMD Turion causes 
o kern/93461              [smp] Intel 440LX SMP freeze (regression vs. 4.X)
o i386/93524   i386       Automatic reboot
o gnu/93566               [patch] sort(1): numeric sort is broken on multi-byte 
o kern/93567              [vr] Via Rhine : Asymetric Bandwith
o bin/93603               [patch] restore(8) fails if /tmp fills
o i386/93615   i386       [install] Operating system wont install.  Problem with
o gnu/93629               GNU sort(1) tool dumps core within non-regular locale 
o usb/93640    usb        [irq] device ehci causes interrupt storm on this MSI a
o kern/93685              [pipe] select on pipe write fails from '0' end
o kern/93750              [ips] Boot hangs on ips0: resetting adapter, this may 
o i386/93752   i386       Cannot activate the serial ports on boot probe. BIOS o
o i386/93762   i386       Machine lockup at boot loader countdown on SuperMicro 
o kern/93771   sos        [ar] [panic] atacontrol status ar1 causes panic
o bin/93776               [crypto] [patch] SHA256_Update / SHA512_Update fail to
o i386/93787   i386       freebsd 6.0 hangs on atkbd0 on Proliant 1850r server a
o i386/93809   i386       panic: could not copy LDT on RELENG_5_3 through RELENG
o usb/93828    usb        [panic] ohci causes panic on boot (HP Pavillion d4100e
o kern/93885   sos        [ata] ata(4) failure: SETFEATURES SET TRANSFER MODE se
o kern/93886              [ath] Atheros/D-Link DWL-G650 long delay to associate 
o kern/93893              [re] Boot panic from Netgear GA311
o conf/93899              mount_smbfs can't load during boot up
o i386/93923   i386       [ata] FreeBSD Install, Sil3112: Cannot dump. No dump d
o kern/93942              [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o amd64/93961  amd64      [busdma] Problem in bounce buffer handling in sys/amd6
o i386/93989   i386       [install] Can't install FreeBSD from IEEE1394 DVD-RW o
o kern/93998              [libstand] [patch] panic in libstand when closing raw 
o kern/94139   scottl     [amr] [regression] amr broken with LSILogic MegaRAID S
o i386/94141   i386       [iwi] iwi doesn't work on Acer Laptop
o kern/94155              [ata] 6.1 CF reader problem: "ad1: FAILURE - SETFEATUR
o kern/94162              [bge] 6.x kenel stale with bge(4)
o usb/94166    usb        btx halted with a flashcard plugged
o bin/94252               [rpc] rpc.lockd cannot cancel lock requests
o kern/94256              [nfs] nfs locking/rpc.lockd doesn't understand file de
o bin/94258               [rpc] O_NONBLOCK may block with rpc.lockd
o kern/94279   multimedia [snd_neomagic] snd_neomagic crashes on FreeBSD 5.4 and
o i386/94364   i386       [kbd] Unable to boot on NX9110 laptop
o usb/94384    usb        [panic] kernel panic with usb2 hardware
o kern/94393              PseudoRAID loses track of the master disk
o i386/94420   i386       FreeBSD does NOT support the pcChips M925 motherboard.
s threa/94467  threads    send(), sendto() and sendmsg() are not correct in libc
o bin/94635    marks      snapinfo/libufs only works for disk-backed filesystems
o kern/94669   pjd        [vfs] [patch] Panic from Failed Removable Media Mount
o amd64/94677  amd64      panic in amd64 install at non-root user creation
o usb/94717    usb        [ulpt] Reading from /dev/ulpt can break work of a UHCI
o stand/94729  standards  [libc] fcntl() throws undocumented ENOTTY
p usb/94742    imp        [umass] [patch] umass driver does not recognise YANO e
o bin/94750               watch(1) utility faults when tty disconnects
o kern/94769              [ufs] Multiple file deletions on multi-snapshotted fil
o kern/94772              [fifo] [patch] FIFOs (named pipes) + select() == broke
o usb/94813    usb        [umass] mounting write-protected umass device freezes 
o bin/94815               [patch] [sysinstall] Upping the network interface befo
a kern/94827              [libc] mmap with given (void *addr) may lock memory-ma
o kern/94838   scsi       Kernel panic while mounting SD card with lock switch o
s kern/94863              [bge] [patch] hack to get bge(4) working on IBM e326m
o kern/94890              [panic] Fatal trap 18: integer divide fault while in k
s bin/94892               [rpc] rpc.lockd does not interoperate with Solaris 10 
o usb/94897    usb        [panic] Kernel Panic when cleanly unmounting USB disk
o kern/94898              [pcmcia] GPRS PCMCIA card cause interrupt storm and co
o i386/94911   i386       [ata] ata regression with DOM-IDE
o kern/94977              Kernel panic during normal server operations
o amd64/94989  amd64      BTX Halts on Sun Fire X2100 w/6.1-BETA4 (amd64) and 5.
o kern/95002              [libc] hash db source code has a bug which prevents us
o kern/95084   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/via any" (IPFW
o i386/95087   i386       System freeze irrespective of load on Promise FastTrak
o usb/95131    usb        [install] Boot/setup process does not accept key strok
o kern/95247              [rpc] NFS file locking problem, rpc.lockd seems to be 
o kern/95288              [tty] [panic] panic in sys/kern/tty_subr.c putc()
o sparc/95297  sparc64    vt100 term does not work in install
o kern/95307   gnn        [netipsec] Panic (race condition?) in ipsec_process_do
o bin/95339               [libexec] [patch] rtld is thread-unsafe. fixes for dlo
f kern/95344   remko      [ata] [burncd] [patch]: burncd(8) failed to fixate cd 
o usb/95348    usb        [kbd] USB keyboard unplug causes noise on screen
o i386/95365   i386       stability problems: interface not reachable on 6.1-PRE
o kern/95368              [kernel] [patch] Test for race between callout_drain()
o kern/95392              [ndis] Kernel panic loading ndisgen-created device dri
o kern/95405              [libkvm] libkvm does not support /dev/fwmem0.0 in Free
o docs/95408   remko      install over serial console does not work as documente
f amd64/95414  amd64      kernel crashes during install
o kern/95459              Rebooting the system while rebuilding RAID (Intel Matr
o kern/95512              [uplcom] uplcom(4) causes system hangups
o kern/95519              [ral] ral0 could not map mbuf
o ports/95541  roam       net/djbdns WITH_IPV6 queries
o usb/95562    usb        [umass] Write Stress in USB Mass drive causes "vinvalb
f ports/95584  perky      [patch] A port's "USE_ZOPE=yes" overrid
o usb/95636    usb        [boot] 5 minute delay at boot when using VT6205 based 
o kern/95661              [pci] [patch] pci_pci still not correct for initializi
s kern/95665   net        [if_tun] "ping: sendto: No buffer space available" wit
o gnu/95691               GDB segfaults on my programme in both FreeBSD 6 and 5
o bin/95692               GDB in base of both FreeBSD 6 and 5 is ancient
o kern/95710              [iwi] iwi wont roam
o amd64/95888  amd64      kernel: ad2: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying on HP DL140G
p kern/95891   rwatson    [coda] [panic] [patch] kernel panic when coda6_client
o i386/96014   i386       [install] HP Pavilion zv5000(Intel) reboot installatio
o kern/96030              [bfe] [patch] Install hangs with Broadcomm 440x NIC in
o kern/96042              Kernel panics with sbdrop
o i386/96049   i386       Generic SMP Kernel Panic in 6.1-RC1 during mount root 
o usb/96120    usb        [mouse] USB mouse not always detected
o kern/96157              Subtle incompatability of FreeBSD and LITE-ON SOHW-167
o usb/96224    usb        [usb] mount_msdosfs cause page fault in syncer process
o i386/96225   i386       Toshiba M70-CL3 Hangs Up During Booting
o conf/96247   matteo     [patch] 550.ipfwlimit reports logs even if log size is
o kern/96268              [socket] TCP socket performance drops by 3000% if pack
o kern/96286              [cbb] [panic] TI1131 PCI CardBus Bridge: driver cbb le
o i386/96302   i386       [ata] nVidia nForce CK804 SATA300 controller not recog
o i386/96357   i386       FreeBSD cannot recognize all the logical partitions
o i386/96382   i386       [bge] In 6.1-RC1 the bge driver does not reliably work
o bin/96393               [libz] [patch] assembler implementations for libz on i
o bin/96412               [rpc] 2 rpc.lockds launched at boot ? blocking problem
o usb/96457    usb        [panic] fatback on umass = reboot
p gnu/96481    thomas     [patch] native ld(1) does not look for shared libs in 
o kern/96538   multimedia [sound] emu10k1-driver inverts channels
o kern/96840              [libc] [patch] getgrent() does not return large groups
o kern/96927              [loader] Loader(8) cause kernel death on "boot -a" (re
o conf/97014              gifconfig_gif? in rc.conf does not recognize IPv6 addr
o i386/97025   i386       fbsd (2 cd) dont install in vmware 5.5.0 - reboot.
o amd64/97075  amd64      Panic, Trap 12
o ports/97090  perky      Apache 2.0.55 with www/mod_python3 die only on SIGKILL
o bin/97108               [sysinstall] write failure on transfer (wrote -1 bytes
o kern/97208              [firewire] System hangs / locks up when a firewire dis
o ports/97254  sergei     ports-mgmt/porttools - wrong prefix
o i386/97263   i386       [ata] FreeBSD only detects first drive on PDC20378 378
o usb/97286    usb        [mouse] MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 doesn't 
o i386/97287   i386       Screen Corruption In FreeBSD 6.X When Apps Started In 
f kern/97306              [netgraph] NG_L2TP locks after connection with failed 
o kern/97326   emulation  [linux] file descriptor leakage in linux emulation
o amd64/97337  amd64      [dri] xorg reboots system if dri module is enabled
o bin/97392               ppp(8) hangs instead terminating
o bin/97499               one of sshd_config(5) options does not work
o kern/97504   ipfw       [ipfw] IPFW Rules bug
o kern/97517              [fdc] Floppy device lost permissions when active flopp
o i386/97525   i386       System freezes when cable modem connected on USB
o kern/97535   multimedia [snd_mss] doesn't work in 6.0-RELEASE and above for Cr
o kern/97665              [sio] hang in sio driver
o kern/97921   rwatson    [socket] close() socket deadlocks blocked threads
o kern/97951   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not tie interface details to 
o kern/97996              [ata] DMA is broken for VIA 82C596B UDMA66controller
o kern/98034   geom       [geom] dereference of NULL pointer in acd_geom_detach 
o bin/98082               burncd(8) fails on 6.1-Release
o kern/98091   scottl     [mfi] [patch] Makefile style of mfi kernel module brok
o docs/98115   doc        Missing parts after rendering handbook to RTF format
o i386/98154   i386       6-STABLE crashes when being online via modem (Fujitsu 
o kern/98167   multimedia [sound] [es137x] [patch] ES1370 mixer volumes incorrec
o i386/98215   i386       [geode] regression: FreeBSD can no longer boot Geode G
o bin/98218               [wpa] wpa_supplicant blacklist not working
o bin/98468               newsyslog(8): Value over 99 in newsyslog.conf count fi
o bin/98502    sos        [acd] iostat(8) does not report statistics for atapi c
o bin/98542               [pppd] pppd(8) daemon unexpectently died , Exit 1
o kern/98694   remko      alternate system clock dies
o kern/98743              [ata] ATA panic and or timeout on IBM/Lenovo S50 with 
o kern/98752   multimedia [sound] Intel ich6 82801 FB - on Packard Bell A8810 la
o conf/98758   rc         [jail] [patch] Templatize 'jail_fstab' in /etc/rc.d/ja
o i386/98765   i386       [sata] timeouts on sata drive (Asus a7n8x-e)
o kern/98831   ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw has UDP hickups
o conf/98846   rc         [jail] [patch] Templatize 'jail_rootdir' in /etc/rc.d/
f kern/98869   remko      [ata] [dvdr+tools]: can't burn with Lite-ON SOHW-832S 
f kern/98962   remko      [ata] [burncd]: [patch] writing >1 session on ATAPI CD
o i386/98964   i386       [iwi] iwi totally freezes system
a gnu/98975    rafan      ncurses: tgetent leaks nearly 10 KB of memory every ti
o kern/98978   darrenr    [ipfilter] ipfilter drops OOW packets under 6.1-Releas
o kern/99036   sam        [ath] Long association time for 11b access points with
o kern/99088              [sata] Critical Problems with VIA 8251 SATA2/RAID Cont
o kern/99094              panic: sleeping thread (Sleeping thread ... owns a non
o kern/99188   andre      [tcp] [patch] FIN in same packet as duplicate ACK is l
o www/99305    bugmeister send-pr.html is frustrating/broken
o kern/99408              [ppp] problems with ppp and arp
o conf/99418   remko      [umass] [patch] Western Digital external disk support
a kern/99421              Option Globetrotter Fusion card not recognized
o usb/99431    usb        [kbd] FreeBSD on MSI 6566E (Intel 845E motherboards) d
o kern/99529              [amr] DELL PowerEdge 2600 with streamer PowerVault 100
o kern/99567              [ata] Powerup of sleeping IDE drives causes system reb
o kern/99607              [pppd] pppd hangs kernel due to interrupt flood from s
o i386/99608   i386       [atapicam] ATAPI or CAM crash on FreeBSD 6.1-stable wi
o kern/99652              [ata] nVidia nForce MCP51 controller hangs w/ 2 drives
o kern/99664              mountd and/or nfsd have to sometimes have to be restar
s bin/99693               [patch] add magic(5)/file(1) support for FreeBSD 6.1 d
o kern/99825              Repeated crashes after a few days of uptime
o kern/99850              [ar] ataraid hangs in g_waitidle when attaching to nVi
o kern/99954   scsi       [ahc] reading from DVD failes on 6.x (regression)
o kern/99974              panic: mutex Giant not owned at /usr/src/sys/net/bpf.c
o kern/99979              [patch] Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++
o kern/99989              panic when detaching disks
o ports/100024 koitsu     Port mail/drac coredumps on runtime if compiled for ex
o bin/100089              ftp(1): default ftp application of FreeBSD gives segme
o kern/100098  darrenr    [ipfilter] [patch] ipfilter kernel memory leakage
o misc/100133             [boot] keyhit function in boot2.c that falls into an i
o kern/100155  imp        [pccbb] Incorrect enumeration in  pccbb_pci.c: cbb_pci
o i386/100194  i386       On Intel D945GTPLKR delay at start FreeBSD kernel
o kern/100219             [ipv6] IPV6_PKTOPTIONS and possible mbuf exhaustion.
o kern/100279             ggatec write panic
o kern/100290  remko      [rl] rl0: watchdog timeout (regression)
f ports/100358 openoffice editors/ 2.0 Requires 
o i386/100420  i386       boot1/boot2 lba error
o kern/100425             [sbni] [patch] sbni drivers does not work under 5.x
o ports/100431 dougb      port print/hpijs default config interferes with print/
o bin/100442   obrien     ftpd(8): lukemftpd core dumps on anonymous login
o kern/100499  remko      [vr] vr interface stops transmitting
o kern/100516             [atapicam] atapicam with ITE IT8212F crashes the syste
o kern/100687             [psm] psm problem (?):  touchpad hangs, then move supe
o ports/100787 nork       databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sqlplus: relocati
o kern/100802             [ddb] [patch] panic in ddb mode if sending signal '0'
o docs/100803  jhb        [patch] the man page about ithread is expired.
o i386/100831  i386       [sio] sio ignores BIOS information about serial ports 
o kern/100839             [txp] txp driver inconsistently stops working when the
o kern/100858  davidch    [bce] Broadcom bce driver and SMP hangup
o bin/100914   edwin      [tftpd] [patch] libexec/tftpd: write access control
o kern/100974             panic: sorele. FreeBSD 6.1 RELEASE i386
o kern/101061             [fpa] fea/fpa (DEC FDDI NIC) driver causes kernel pani
o usb/101096   usb        [if_ural] [panic] USB WLAN occasionally causes kernel-
o i386/101135  i386       [iwi] iwi goes up and down
f kern/101274  yongari    [sk] [patch] SysKonnect Yukon initialization bug on K8
o ports/101301 olgeni     archivers/star: star 1.4.3 is BUGGY - replace it with 
o threa/101323 threads    fork(2) in threaded programs broken.
o kern/101324             [smbfs] smbfs sometimes not case sensitive when it's s
o usb/101448   usb        [ohci] FBSD 6.1-STABLE/AMD64 crashes under heavy USB/O
o kern/101453  des        [linux] [patch] linprocfs disallows non-zero file offs
a ports/101566 clement    All .svn subdirectories in $(htdocsdir) get deleted wh
o i386/101616  i386       FreeBSD freeze on bootup, Compaq Proliant (legacy) ser
o kern/101618             kernel panic on multiple Dell PE2850s
o i386/101667  i386       [ata] ATA problems when power management is on
o kern/101734             [sata] -CURRENT cannot see SATA drive on ASUS A8N-SLI 
o usb/101752   usb        [umass] [panic] 6.1-RELEASE kernel panic on usb device
a bin/101762              [sysinstall] Sysinstall does not obey /usr/ports symli
o i386/101857  i386       Mouse not moving after switching with StarView SV411 K
o kern/101926             [ar] 6.1-STABLE crashes under heavy disk I/O and acces
o kern/101948             Kernel Panic Trap No 12 Page Fault - caused by IpFilte
o kern/101980  remko      [ata] [smb] [patch] Intel 631xESB ata and ichsmb suppo
o usb/102066   usb        [ukbd] usb keyboard and multimedia keys don't work
o usb/102096   usb        [patch] /usr/sbin/usbd does not handle multiple device
o amd64/102122 amd64      6.1-RELEASE amd64 Install Media panics on boot.
s ports/102179 shaun      ipsec-tools won't compile on RELENG_6
o kern/102210             [ar] reboot system makes rebuilding array ready (ICH7)
o kern/102211  sos        [ar] [patch] detach raid member and reboot will cause 
o kern/102250  trhodes    [msdosfs] panic upon forced umount of removed medium
o kern/102252  acpi       acpi thermal does not work on Abit AW8D (intel 975)
o kern/102344             [ipfilter] Some packets do not pass through network in
o kern/102363             "Resource temporarily unavailable" message from dvd+rw
o kern/102390             [pppd] [patch] kernel pppd don't using pam
o i386/102410  i386       [install] FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE installation boot freeze
o kern/102424             [libc] printf(3) prints ill result.
o ports/102427 perky      Apache 2.0.59 with www/mod_python3 core dumped
o ports/102428 obrien     editors/vim: gvim crashes on "Save As..." dialog
o kern/102471  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add tos and dscp support
o bin/102498              [sysinstall] Cursor doesn't track sysinstall hilight
o bin/102510              [patch] diff(1) should not follow symlink in recursive
o bin/102515              fsck_ufs crashes if no console at all (in libc)
o i386/102562  i386       [em] no traffic pass through a em card after approx. a
o kern/102612             [asr] da0 not detected when sharing bus with ch0 devic
o bin/102638              [sysinstall] [patch] sysinstall - custom dist set alwa
f ports/102644 aaron      devel/p5-Decision-ACL: fix wrong decision when using z
p kern/102653  andre      [tcp] TCP stack sends infinite retries for connection 
o ports/102710 remko      new entry for libTIFF; updates for linux_base-suse por
o kern/102741  andre      Multiple outbound connect() calls produce 'Network is 
p bin/102745   rodrigc    "mount -o snapshot" removes any existing "-o" option f
o kern/102760             [iwi] iwi firmware load fails after significant uptime
o kern/102784             [kbd] system crashes when using hardware function keys
o bin/102834              [patch] mail(1) hangs on the sigsuspend system call in
o kern/102956  emulation  [linux] [patch] Add partial support for SO_PEERCRED in
o usb/103025   usb        [usb] wrong detection of USB device for FreeBSD 6.1 an
f kern/103059             [bce] [patch] "Error mapping mbuf into TX chain!" (ten
o i386/103063  i386       [install] Can not install on Dell XPS 700
o kern/103075             [sata] SATA disk attach/unplug from a MV88SX5041 freez
f ports/103084 shaun      security/ipsec-tools does not compile
o kern/103135             [ipsec] ipsec with ipfw divert (not NAT) encodes a pac
o kern/103191             Unpredictable reboot
o kern/103198             panic: Duplicate free of item 0xc4d1e800 from zone 0xc
o kern/103245             mount -o rw, umount may panic system
o kern/103256  jfv        [em] em0: watchdog timeout -- resetting (6.1-STABLE)
o kern/103281             pfsync reports bulk update failures
o kern/103283             pfsync fails to sucessfully transfer some sessions
o kern/103307             lock order reversal
o kern/103432             panic: nfssvc_nfsd(): debug.mpsafenet=1 && Giant
o kern/103454  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add a facility to modify DF bit of the 
o kern/103464             [dns] [jail] jail networking failures to onl
o kern/103495             [vr] if_vr locks after carrier event
o kern/103498             [kbd] momentary system "pauses" when switching VTYs (r
o kern/103532             [irq] Interrupt storm in 6.2-PRERELEASE (regression)
o kern/103578             [ums] ums does not recognize mouse buttons
o kern/103603             6.1 install-boot from floppies fails
o kern/103619             Kernel panic (page fault) during normal operation
s i386/103624  i386       [ata] [install] Problem installing on Dell Powervault 
o ports/103669 ale        mysql-server rc script  can not use mysql_flags variab
o ports/103683 clsung     multimedia/dvdrip: Problems with lack of threading lib
o bin/103712              amd(8): Automounter is apparently not passing flags to
o ports/103751 nork       databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sqlplus: ldconfig
o kern/103770             Group limitation
o ports/103844 obrien     vim7 doesn't play well with TCL8.4
o kern/103883             [ata] DMA is not defaulted on WDMA device (SIS integra
o threa/103975 threads    Implicit loading/unloading of may crash 
o kern/104089             Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode. curren
o ports/104282 clement - strange apache20 vs apache22 issue
o usb/104292   usb        [hang] system lockup on forced umount of usb-storage d
s amd64/104311 amd64      ports/wine should be installable on amd64
o i386/104349  i386       [bfe] Panic while uploading data via bfe network inter
o kern/104389  geom       [geom] [patch] sys/geom/geom_dump.c doesn't encode XML
o kern/104406             [ufs] Processes get stuck in "ufs" state under persist
o sparc/104428 sparc64    [nullfs] nullfs panics on E4500 (but not E420)
o bin/104456              sh(1): /bin/sh unable to enter deep directories
o bin/104458   yar        [libc] fts(3) can't handle very deep trees
o i386/104473  i386       boot loader reboots before loading kernel on Albatron 
o kern/104485             [bge] Broadcom BCM5704C: Intermittent on newer chip ve
o kern/104486             TI1131 Cardbus Bridge cannot detect card insertion on 
o kern/104569  glebius    panic w/zebra
o i386/104572  i386       [ata] issues with detecting HDD on Intel Q965 Express 
o bin/104573              [patch] quota(1) fails to seperate columns when using 
f bin/104623   mtm        "rc.d/ppp restart" stops all instances of ppp
o kern/104624             Sound, mouse and keyboard badly interrupted while I/O 
o kern/104625  acpi       ACPI on ASUS A8N-32 SLI/ASUS P4P800 does not show ther
o kern/104626  multimedia [sound] FreeBSD 6.2 does not support SoundBlaster Audi
o kern/104675             [bktr] METEORSINPUT seemingly not setting input
o i386/104711  i386       [pcvt] with vt0.disabled=0 and PCVT in kernel - video/
o i386/104719  i386       Seagate ST3802110A errors/delays when using PIO4 or UD
o kern/104737             panic:lockmgr: locking against myself
f java/104744  glewis     java/berkeley-db installation error
o kern/104751             [netgraph] kernel panic, when getting info about my tr
o kern/104755             Making ISO image with k3b hangs 6.2-PRERELEASE
p kern/104818  sos        [sata] Missing driver Silicon Image SiI 3132 SATA II P
o kern/104822             RELENG_6 hangs with VIA VT8237A chipset (regression)
o usb/104830   usb        [umass] system crashes when copying data to umass devi
o kern/104844             [panic] 6.2-PRERELEASE kernel panic in ifconfig while 
o bin/104850              [ppp] ppp problem on TCP link
o i386/104867  i386       Clock running at 2x speed of wall clock
o kern/104874  multimedia [snd_emu10k1] kldload snd_emu10k1 hangs system
f ports/104885 x11        Hangs when logging out of X11 terminals
o kern/104978  jfv        [em] jumbo frames has been broken in RELENG_6 by last 
o sparc/105048 sparc64    [trm] trm(4) panics on sparc64
o kern/105067             K8D Master-F and other 8111/8131 boards will not run S
o alpha/105134 alpha      'panic: lockmgr: thread ... not exclusive lock owner' 
o kern/105169             [panic] cp hangs on copy to a compact flash card
o usb/105186   usb        USB 2.0/ehci on FreeBSD 6.2-PRE/AMD64 crashes box
o gnu/105221              grep(1): `grep -w -F ""` issue
o kern/105241             [nfs] problem with Linux NFS server up/down combined w
o bin/105334              Error in output of tcpdump(1)
o kern/105348             [ath] ath device stopps TX
o kern/105463             [panic] "softdep_setup_inomapdep: found inode" on 3war
o java/105482  java       diablo-jdk1.5.0/jdk-1.5.0 java.nio.Selector bug
f amd64/105514 amd64      FreeBSD/amd64 - Fails to boot on HP Pavilion dv8000 La
o amd64/105531 amd64      [sata] gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G / nVidia nForce 430 - doe
o kern/105533             [ahd] adaptec 29320 causes panic with over 4GB
o kern/105539             newly added disk devices don't have slice-devices crea
a ports/105589 gnome      www/firefox: Firefox 2.0 segfaults when saving more th
o sparc/105607 sparc64    [modules] modules on sparc64 don't work with >= 4GB
o amd64/105629 amd64      [re] TrendNet TEG-BUSR 10/100/1000 disables itself on 
o conf/105689  rc         syslogd starts too late at boot
o i386/105708  i386       [em] em driver failed to initialize on thinkpad X60
o kern/105925             Regression in ifconfig(8) + vlan(4)
s kern/105943  net        Network stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
o kern/105945             Address can disappear from network interface
o kern/106030             panic in ufs from geom when a dead disk is invalidated
o docs/106135  doc        articles/vinum needs to be updated
o i386/106233  i386       [bce] System halts on Dell 2950 (possibly due to locki
o kern/106243             [nve] double fault panic in if_nve.c on high loads
o sparc/106251 sparc64    [libmalloc] malloc fails > for large allocations
o kern/106316  net        [dummynet] dummynet with multipass ipfw drops packets 
o kern/106317             [hang] deadlock in "zoneli" state
o ports/106369            vpnd caused kernel panic with ppp mode
f ports/106370 x11        Screen corruption when using Direct Rendering on a PCI
o ports/106372            vpnd can't run with slip mode
o kern/106413             [ata] problems with ATA on Intel Desktop Board DG965RY
o bin/106431   sos        [patch] atacontrol(8): Inform user of ata RAID5 acting
o kern/106432             Record of disks (DVD-R) through the k3b program leads 
o kern/106438             [ipfilter] keep state does not seem to allow replies i
o ports/106445 clement    mod_proxy_ajp very slow on FreeBSD 6.2-RC1 amd64
o kern/106490             [atapicam] atapicam fails with ATAPI-CD/DVD drives att
o kern/106496             [softupdates] Can't remount filesystem as read only af
o kern/106534  ipfw       [ipfw] [panic] ipfw + dummynet
o bin/106545              [patch] update euro currency in units(1)
p usb/106565   imp        [ums] [patch] ums(4) does not work if the mouse defaul
o amd64/106604 amd64      saslauthd crashes with signal 6 on FreeBSD  6.2-PREREL
o ports/106608 tobez      Perl 5.8 port does not respect environment variables (
o usb/106615   usb        [uftdi] uftdi module does not automatically load with 
o kern/106632  trhodes    [msdosfs] gimp destroys files on fat32 upon opening
o bin/106636   rink       mountd(8) doesn't honor existing filesystem flags
o usb/106648   usb        [hang] USB Floppy on D1950 10 min Hang on Insert w/o F
o bin/106674   sos        atacontrol(8): "atacontrol attach" doesn't work with S
o kern/106722  glebius    [net] [patch] ifconfig may not connect an interface to
o kern/106726             [ntp] ntp functions return wrong values
o kern/106783             [fd] umount of a floppy disk results in a reboot
o kern/106786             No reboot with FreeBSD and Mylex Acceleraid 352
o usb/106832   usb        USB HP printer is not detected by kernel when ACPI ena
o bin/106858              Extracted mime part of spam email makes file(1) dump c
o amd64/106918 amd64      [re] Asus P5B with internal RealTek PCIe Ethernet gets
o kern/106924  acpi       [acpi] ACPI resume returns g_vfs_done() errors and ker
o kern/106974             [bge] packet loose and linkup problem
o kern/107051  multimedia [sound] only 2 channels output works for the ALC850 (o
s sparc/107087 sparc64    system is hinged during boot from CD
p usb/107101   imp        [umass] [patch] Quirk for Denver MP3 player
o kern/107109             [nfs] Netbeans/Eclipse/Java provoke deadlocks when use
o conf/107155  rc         [ppp] /etc/rc.d/ppp-user does not bring up pppoe at bo
o ports/107167 openoffice [editors/] OpenOffice-2.1 Base crashes
o kern/107206             [arcmsr] Background fsck causes kernel panic with arcm
o bin/107213              6.1-release restore(8) can't read some 6-stable dumps 
f ports/107229 openoffice sysutils/coreutils: gcp fails to set default ACL which
o usb/107248   usb        [umass] [patch] scsi_da.c quirk for Cowon iAUDIO X5 MP
o kern/107287             [sata] page fault during install on Intel SATA on Inte
s kern/107292             [ata] cannot install - Unable to find device /dev/ad0s
a ports/107304 andreas    print/apsfilter does not print PDF to raw PostScript p
o kern/107315             [gmirror] Loading gmirror causes 'Fatal double trap'
o kern/107325  jhb        [panic] 6-STABLE panic, possibly UNIX domain sockets r
o kern/107342             [dri] Radeon dri breaks system
o conf/107364  rc         pf fails to start on bootup after system update from F
o i386/107382  i386       [install] "Fatal trap 12" when installing FreeBSD 6.1 
o bin/107392   gnn        [patch] setkey(8) does not recognize esp as protocol n
o kern/107431             [ipv6] Regular kernel panics related to ipv6 interface
o usb/107446   usb        [umass] umass problems (usb and fw disks)
p usb/107495   imp        [cam] [patch] Fix long wait before WD My Book 250GB (U
o bin/107516   multimedia [snd_emu10k1] - skips, clicks and lag after a day of h
o kern/107522             [panic] at booting from installation media on Intel De
o kern/107555             [rpc] 30 second delay in NFS lock of file after waitin
o i386/107564  i386       [install] fatal trap 19 during installation on a Dell 
o kern/107608             Raid Problem beim Zugriff auf Raid
o kern/107622             [sata] can't boot on HP Pavilion dv6000 / problem with
f amd64/107639 sos        [ata] Kernel Panic/Crash on dd if=/dev/ad4 of=/dev/ad6
o bin/107692              newfs(8): newfs -O 1 doesn't create consistent filesys
s kern/107759             Unable to load a kernel after clean install
o usb/107827   usb        [panic] ohci_add_done addr not found
o bin/107829              [2TB] fdisk(8): invalid boundary checking in fdisk / w
o bin/107830              fdisk(8): Change Units (Z) in fdisk doesn't work when 
o usb/107848   usb        [umass] cannot access Samsung flash disk
o kern/107850             [bce] bce driver link negotiation is faulty
o kern/107864             [panic] kernel panic in 6.2-RC2 on heavy network load
o kern/107905             [panic] Kernel panic during normal operation (page fau
o usb/107924   usb        [patch] usbd(8) does not call detach
o sparc/107947 sparc64    [libthr] mysqld periodically core dumps (signal 4) wit
f ports/108077            www/linux-flashplugin9 crashes linux-firefox
o kern/108092             [panic] PPPoE server machine kernel panic (maybe netgr
p usb/108097   imp        [usbgen] [patch] ADMtek 851X USB-to-LAN adapter
o kern/108100             [ktrace] sysctl debug.ktr.alq_enable=1 results in rebo
o kern/108118             [libc] files should not cache their EOF status
o i386/108139  i386       [patch] System hangs after /sbin/shutdown
p kern/108151  tegge      [ufs] panic: relpbuf with vp
s amd64/108172 linimon    [ata] installation fails on new Intel 965 motherboards
o i386/108185  i386       [panic] freebsd 6.2 fatal kernel trap
f kern/108197  jinmei     [ipv6] IPv6-related crash if if_delmulti
o kern/108201  jmg        [kqueue] MOKB testcase for kqueue can cause kernel pan
o kern/108202             [atapicam] atapicam error after upgrade to 6.2 (regres
o misc/108215             [boot] [patch] bug in fsread in sys/boot/common/ufsrea
o ports/108313 openoffice editors/ port build fails
o kern/108361             [lpt] lpt0: device busy with HP 710c parallel printer
p bin/108368   pav        [patch] tip(1) coredumped when 'du' capability is used
o kern/108379             [sata] Secondary sata drive not detected by FreeBSD 6.
o kern/108390             [libc] [patch] wait4() erroneously waits for all child
f ports/108413            net/vnc does not works.
a ports/108414 itetcu     net/tighvnc does not work on amd64 (except vncviewer)
o kern/108418             [panic] Kernel panic after killing kdm.
f ports/108459 tobez      lang/perl5.8 internal malloc (usemymalloc=y) is broken
o kern/108485             [re] stress2-udp with realtek 8169S gigabit interface 
o usb/108513   usb        [umass] Creative MuVo TX FM fails in 6.2-RELEASE (regr
f ports/108537 tmclaugh   print/hplip: Build failure
o kern/108542  net        [bce]: Huge network latencies with 6.2-RELEASE / STABL
a ports/108576 python     databases/postgresql-plpython make fails on 6.2 / amd6
o kern/108651             [hang] option PREEMPTION causes machine hangs on TYAN 
o bin/108656              Segfault of sshd(8) for unknown user when privilege se
o kern/108659             [psm] Mouse (Synaptics touchpad) cursor freezes for so
o kern/108670  andre      [tcp] TCP connection ETIMEDOUT
f ports/108696 nox        [qemu] udp protocol does not function in user mode (sl
o bin/108743              who(1): IPv6 addresses truncated to maximum IPv4 addre
o kern/108829             [radeon] radeon module fails with thinkpad T43
o amd64/108861 amd64      [nve] nve(4) driver on FreeBSD 6.2 AMD64 does not work
o bin/108895              pppd(8): PPPoE dead connections on 6.2
o ports/108921 hrs        portupgrade -R gaim-devel-2.0.0.b6_2 fails with error:
o kern/108924             [ar] Panics when Intel MatrixRAID RAID1 is degraded
o kern/108954             'sleep(1)' sleeps >1 seconds when speedstep (Cx) is in
o kern/108963             [ipfilter] panic in nat with ftp_proxy
o kern/108968             [panic] Double mount then umount and ls resuits in pan
o docs/109008  csjp       [patch] add summary of kern/48198 to jexec(8)
o kern/109024             [msdosfs] mount_msdosfs: msdosfs_iconv: Operation not 
o kern/109044             [ata] Bizarre problem with Pioneer 111D on i965 board
o ports/109073 cokane     net-mgmt/kismet GPSMAP option broken on !32-bit platfo
f ports/109160 timur      net/samba3 crashes freebsd when accessing a share resi
s i386/109200  i386       [ata] READ_UDMA UDMA ICRC error cause not detecting ca
o kern/109227             [ral] ral(4) driver doesn't handle correctly RT2561C P
o kern/109232  imp        [sio][patch] ibufsize calculation wrong causing data l
o i386/109250  i386       floppies on 6.2-Release are 6.2-Beta2
o kern/109251             [re] [patch] if_re cardbus card won't attach
o ports/109260 sergei     sysutils/installwatch Bus Error
o kern/109270  sos        [ata] [patch] for burncd(8) blank & fixate
o ports/109271 shaun      [patch] net-im/ejabberd doesn't work with LDAP authent
o conf/109272             request: increase default rc shutdown timeout
o usb/109274   usb        [usb] MCP55 USB Controller fails to attach in AMD64 Cu
o kern/109277             [pppd] [patch] : kernel ppp(4) botches clist reservati
o kern/109308             [pppd] [panic] Multiple panics kernel ppp suspected (r
o conf/109354             /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps does not limit its 
o kern/109377  daichi     [unionfs]unionfs crashes if underlying file system for
o usb/109397   usb        [panic] on boot from USB flash
o kern/109406  net        [ndis] Broadcom WLAN driver doesn't work wi
o ports/109436 obrien     net/rdesktop segmentation fault
o bin/109521              [patch] 'chio return' breaks on non-voltag changers
o bin/109567   delphij    gzip(1) does not detect my packed file
o i386/109568  i386       [panic] Reboot server with "Fatal trap 12"
o bin/109569              mail(1) command not parsing sendmail parameters
f amd64/109584 amd64      zdump doesn't work
o i386/109610  i386       [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
p docs/109664  remko      [patch] axe(4) man page needs to be updated
o kern/109696             [gif] 6.2-STABLE panic page fault when deleting IPv6 g
f kern/109724  anholt     [agp] X11 fonts corrupt when loading i915 at boot time
o kern/109733             [bge] bge link state issues (regression)
o kern/109736             [sata] FreeBSD sysinstall from CD can't find & mount N
o kern/109743             [sio] The sio(4) driver appears to be getting the seri
o kern/109762             [hang] deadlock in g_down -> ahd_action -> contigmallo
o kern/109809             Cpu hits 100% when issuing the halt command (in a VM a
o bin/109827              mount_smbfs(8) didn't handle password authentication c
o kern/109889             [panic] 6-STABLE panic kern_timeout.c
o sparc/109908 sparc64    apache22 mod_perl issue on sparc64
o kern/109936             [smp] SMP kernel performance problem on FSC TX600
o kern/109946             [kernel] [patch] Compatibility: FreeBSD has been missi
o kern/109968             [panic] Panic while booting with PCscsi II AM53C974AKC
o kern/110065             [wi]: wi device cannot attach to D-Link DWL-520 rev. E
o kern/110110             [hang] sysctl causing a lockup
o i386/110111  i386       [install] install hangs after APIC inspection, Xeon on
p usb/110122   imp        [ugen] [patch] usb_interrupt_read does not respect tim
o kern/110140             [ipw] ipw fails under load
o bin/110151              sysinstall(8) don't respects install root while partit
o ports/110173 acm        net/twinkle 1.0 pthread error
o i386/110214  i386       [hang] FreeBSD 6.2 freezes on SSH activitiy caused by 
o i386/110218  i386       kmem_malloc(4096): kmem_map too small: 335544320 total
o kern/110249             [kernel] [patch] setsockopt() error regression in Free
o docs/110253  doc        [patch] rtprio(1): remove processing starvation commen
o kern/110267             [panic] vm_thread_new: kstack allocation failed
o kern/110392  scottl     [hptmv] [patch] hptmv very old and missing important f
a ports/110630 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade deletes package on build failur
o threa/110636 threads    gdb(1): using gdb with multi thread application with l
o amd64/110655 amd64      [threads] 32 bit threaded applications crash on amd64 
a kern/110662  sam        [safe] safenet driver causes kernel panic
o kern/110698  pf         [pf] nat rule of pf without "on" clause causes invalid
f ports/110721 x11        system hang at start of dual head xorg configuration
o kern/110847  scsi       [ahd] Tyan U320 onboard problem with more than 3 disks
o usb/110856   usb        [ugen] [patch] interrupt in msgs are truncated when bu
o kern/110892             [panic] Fatal trap 12, at use qemu
o java/110912  java       Java krb5 client leaks UDP connections
o kern/110915  rwatson    ACL's don't work with SUIDDIR
f ports/110943 tmclaugh   start-dccifd  chowns /var/run to user dcc
o kern/110959  net        [ipsec] Filtering incoming packets with enc0 does not 
o ports/110965 sergei     sysutils/cfengine fails to build when db3 is also inst
o usb/110988   usb        [umass] [patch] Handling of quirk IGNORE_RESIDUE is um
o bin/111077              date(1): /bin/date -j -f "%b %Y" "Feb 2007" +%m return
o ports/111080 openoffice build failure (multiple "file not fou
o kern/111097             [hang] 7.0 Current unexpectedly hangs
o bin/111122   cperciva   Possible bug with portsnap(8) / grep
s bin/111146              fsck fails on 6T filesystem
o kern/111162             [nfs] nfs_getpages does not restart interrupted system
o kern/111185             console color depth set to 0 at boot causes flat scree
o kern/111196             [sata] SATA drives cause errors and cause system to ha
o kern/111260             [hang] FreeBSD kernel dead lock and a solution
o kern/111262  daichi     [unionfs] unionfs fills up the underlaying layer (df)
o bin/111354   matteo     mountd(8) replies using wrong source address
o kern/111415             [bce] [patch] Serious bug in bce (and bfe?) ethernet d
o ports/111430 foxfair    [ PATCH ] security/isakmpd with OpenSSL 0.9.8b and new
o kern/111457             [ral] ral(4) freeze
o ports/111491 kuriyama   net-snmp's bulkwalk perl call is broken
o kern/111537             [netinet6] [patch] ip6_input() treats mbuf cluster wro
o conf/111557             [gre] link1 flag doesn't work as intended when specifi
o kern/111699             [sata] SATA drives on an Asus A8V-MX are no longer det
o kern/111743             [ath] if_ath occasionally hangs system with certain br
o usb/111753   usb        [uhid] [panic] Replicable system panic involving UHID 
o kern/111766             [panic] "panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block" durin
o kern/111782             [ufs] /sbin/dump fails horribly for large filesystems
o kern/111804             [bge] FreeBSD 6.X not transmitting outbound network tr
o ports/111832 jkoshy     ports/lang/drscheme doesn't compile: foreign.c
o bin/111835              fstat(1) fails to report certain files
o amd64/111955 amd64      [install] Install CD boot panic due to missing BIOS sm
o kern/111967             [geli] glabel - label is seemingly not written to disk
o ports/111977 sem        restoring package fails with portupgrade.
o amd64/111992 amd64      BTX failed - HP Laptop dv2315nr
o i386/112036  i386       [ata] TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying, TIMEOUT - READ_DMA
o kern/112053             [hang] deadlock with almost full filesystem and rtorre
o ports/112084 gnome      sysutils/hal 0.5.8-xxxxxx endlessly resets scsi bus on
o kern/112181             [panic] Kernel Panic on HP DL320-G5 Running 6.2-STABLE
s gnu/112215   amd64      [patch] gcc(1): "gcc -m32" attempts to link against 64
o kern/112254  des        [ichwd] [patch] ICH8 support for ichwd driver and some
o kern/112256             [hang] SC_PIXEL_MODE hangs system
o ports/112283 openoffice editors/openoffice-2 fails to build with "pyconfig.h: 
o bin/112336              [patch] install(8): install -S (safe copy) with -C or 
f ports/112385            sysutils/lookupd on Kernel 64
o kern/112455             [panic] Kernel panics with sbdrop (2)
o i386/112487  i386       [sio] kernel panic on swi0:sio
o kern/112490             [route] [patch] Problem in "rt_check" routine.
o kern/112528  net        [nfs] NFS over TCP under load hangs with "impossible p
o bin/112552              binary upgrade from CD stomps /etc/named/named.conf
o conf/112558             [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/200.backup-passwd poor han
o usb/112568   usb        USB mode may wrong when mounting Playstation Pro
o kern/112570             [bge] packet loss with bge driver on BCM5704 chipset
o i386/112580  i386       BTX Halted on HP DV6255 Notebook
o java/112595  java       Java appletviewer frequently hangs (kse_release loop)
o i386/112596  i386       [aac] aac driver causes kernel panic - page fault on 2
o usb/112631   usb        [panic] Problem with SONY DSC-S80 camera
o i386/112635  i386       [hang] Hang during boot installation
o kern/112637  andre      RFC1323: Network stalled
o usb/112640   usb        [usb] [hang] Kernel freezes when writing a file to an 
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
o amd64/112677 amd64      [aac] Adaptec 4805SAS causes 6.2 (AMD64) to panic (amd
o kern/112686  net        [patm] patm driver freezes System (FreeBSD 6.2-p4) i38
o i386/112700  i386       SMP Kernel with FreeBSD 6.2 release on compaq dl360 g1
p kern/112706  marcel     unresovled symbols when loading uart.ko module
o kern/112707             [panic] 6.2-STABLE panic: spoiling cp->ace = 3
o kern/112708  ipfw       ipfw is seems to be broken to limit number of connecti
o kern/112722  net        IP v4 udp fragmented packet reject
o i386/112774  remko      [re] [patch] change required in if_re.c to support new
o ports/112791 sumikawa   hash_algorithm sha384 crashs security/racoon2
f amd64/112828 amd64      Complete data loss after upgrade 6.1 -> 6.2 (Amd64)
f ports/112868 tmclaugh   [maintainer update] science/afni
f ports/112921            x11-wm/Beryl not loading focus and keybinding settings
o docs/112935  doc        [patch] newfs_msdos(8): document 4.3g limit on files w
o kern/112984             [drm] [patch] Xorg 7.2 locks up with AIGLX enabled on 
o conf/112985             [patch] rc start-up scripts broken after X11R6 symlink
o amd64/113021 amd64      [re] ASUS M2A-VM onboard NIC does not work
o kern/113053  andre      syncache broken in latest FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT
o kern/113098             [amr] Cannot read from amrd while under heavy load
o conf/113117             [iwi] if_iwi isn't present in today's CURRENT/AMD64
o amd64/113130            [sata] no sata drive found (regression)
o kern/113138             [irq] interrupt storm on 6.x kernels on an MS-1029 (AM
f ports/113144            print/ghostscript-gnu dumps core with several output d
f kern/113204  simokawa   dcons module doesn't compile if "MODULES_WITH_WORLD=tr
f ports/113220 x11        x11/Xorg 7.2 Fatal server error
o bin/113239              [patch] atrun(8) loses jobs due to race condition
f ports/113292 x11        xorg-7.2:  dga(1) kills xorg-server
o bin/113345   mux        csup(1) broken: Updater failed: Bad diff from server
o kern/113398             [libc] initgroups fails rather than truncates if numbe
o kern/113406             [xl] Page fault in XL0 device driver (regression)
o kern/113419  geom       [geom] geom fox multipathing not failing back
o kern/113427             [fxp] fxp0: device timeout when writing to USB and pla
f ports/113430 nox        Kernel Panic with emulators/qemu on AMD64 SMP
o kern/113439             [panic] 6.2 Kernel Panic
o bin/113456              [feature request] gpt(8) does not allow changing parti
o kern/113457  net        [ipv6] deadlock occurs if a tunnel goes down while the
o ports/113467 java       Multiple "missing return value" errors building JDK on
o usb/113478   usb        [boot] FreeBSD could not start on Core2Duo notebook fr
o i386/113540  rink       [i386] [patch] decrease i8254 calibration precision to
o misc/113543  geom       [geom] [patch] geom(8) utilities don't work inside the
f kern/113548  oleg       [dummynet] [patch] system hangs with dummynet queues
o sparc/113556 sparc64    panic: trap: memory address not aligned; Rebooting...
f kern/113596             [panic] Kernel panic with hald
o ports/113599 anholt     graphics/dri: fix build on alpha
f ports/113601 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: fix build on alpha
o usb/113629   usb        [ukbd] Dropped USB keyboard events on Dell Latitude D6
o threa/113666 threads    misc/shared-mime-info doesn't install, can't find thre
o kern/113668             [libc] scandir(3) uses st_size of directory in unsuppo
o usb/113672   usb        [ehci] [panic] Kernel panic with AEWIN CB6971
o ports/113683 olgeni     lang/erlang fails to build on CURRENT
o ports/113692 stas       x11/e17-module-language doesn't use XKBrules.h
f www/113740   remko      Want to add Commercial Vendors
o ports/113756 olgeni     x11-fonts/urwfonts: port references /usr/X11R6
f kern/113766  yongari    [re] bad ip checksum when using re driver
o kern/113825             [patch] [libc] [ggated] Fix -STABLE build with -fno-st
o kern/113842  net        [ipv6] PF_INET6 proto domain state can't be cleared wi
f ports/113847 rodrigc    devel/apr's buildconf is not able to find the python
o usb/113851   usb        [boot] Unable to boot install cd from USB-CDROM
o i386/113853             FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE Crashes and Reboots on i386
o kern/113856             [plip] PLIP (parallel port IP) dead on 6.2, dead since
o kern/113895             [xl] xl0 fails on 6.2-RELEASE but worked fine on 5.5-R
o kern/113939             [named-pipes] Linux (e.g.) ls hangs on named pipes in 
o kern/113957  geom       [gmirror] gmirror is intermittently reporting a degrad
p usb/113964   imp        [ucom] [patch] kernel panic when dropping a connection
o usb/113977   usb        [feature request] Need a way to set mode of USB disk's
o ports/114050 openoffice editors/ - OpenOffice 2.2.1/MOZ: dmake
o bin/114082              [make.conf] default CFLAGS have a blank at the end
o kern/114086  yongari    [nfe] nfe can not transmit on nForce 680i board
o amd64/114111 amd64      [nfs] System crashes while writing on NFS-mounted shar
o kern/114113  acpi       [patch] ACPI kernel panic during S3 suspend / resume
o kern/114133             [aac] Kernel panic: locking problems between aac drive
o kern/114155             [ptrace] sigsuspend gets interrupted by ptrace
o ports/114167 portmgr    [PATCH] - ignoring major numbers in LIB_DE
o i386/114192  i386       Fail to boot with "error issuing ATA_IDENTIFY command"
s ports/114199 kde        x11/kdebase3 - Patch to make konqueror's mediamanager 
o i386/114208  i386       Problem booting the FreeBSD CD ISO image
o kern/114237             kernel lock
o usb/114310   usb        [panic] USB hub attachment panics kernel during libusb
o kern/114331             [crypto] [patch] VIA padlock freesession bug
a bin/114341   csjp       lockf(1) utility is severely broken
o kern/114370             6.2 kernel with SMP options hangs when dumping core on
f ports/114385 x11        x11: x11/xorg hangs on logout when libGL was used
o ports/114387 mi         graphics/ImageMagick cannot compile with ghostscript-g
o kern/114451             [nfs] [patch] prevent NFS server possible crash
o kern/114459             [aic] [panic] FreeBSD-CURRENT crash during boot with A
o kern/114489  scottl     [aic] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: in aic7xxx_osm.h (with 
o kern/114506             [nfs] nfs_readdirrpc doesn't use copyout to write out 
o ports/114533 roberto    devel/mercurial port's hgmerge is broken
p bin/114534   rwatson    [patch] auditreduce(1): OpenBSM auditreduce fail with 
o i386/114535  i386       Toshiba Satellite 105A: "no driver attached" for vario
o bin/114548              Possibly security risk in pkg_add(1) -- doesn't add pa
o kern/114550             [cbb] Cardbus WiFi card activation problem
o i386/114562  acpi       [acpi] cardbus is dead after s3 on Thinkpad T43 with a
o ports/114591 girgen     databases/postgresql82-server refuse to build on -curr
o bin/114617   delphij    less(1) SEGV
f kern/114631  yongari    [msk] "Tx descriptor error" with Marvell Yukon
o java/114644  java       tomcat goes out of PermSpace, jvm crashes
o kern/114646             [firewire] [patch] firewire0: device physically ejecte
o kern/114672  rwatson    [codafs] Kernel hangs when Coda file system is mounted
o kern/114676  fs         [ufs] snapshot creation panics: snapacct_ufs2: bad blo
o usb/114682   usb        USB media-card reader unusable
o kern/114688             [drm] RADEON/AIGLX/DRM Problem
o kern/114714  net        [gre][patch] gre(4) is not MPSAFE and does not support
s ports/114725 portmgr - No dependencies in the package if there 
o docs/114731  doc        [patch] no mention of PORT_DBDIR in ports(7)
o kern/114760  multimedia [snd_cmi] snd_cmi driver causing sporadic system hangs
o kern/114766             [quotas] Disk quota does not work as expected
o kern/114780  usb        [uplcom] [panic] Panics while stress testing the uplco
o kern/114802  remko      [agp] [patch] sys/pci/agp_i810.c misses i845G chipset
o kern/114808             [panic] Kernel panic when use USB SpeedTouch ADSL mode
o kern/114816             [sata] SiS 180 SATA support still not functional on la
f ports/114818 x11        xorg fails to build on nvidia machine
f ports/114832 x11        portupgrade -f x11-servers/xorg-server fails
o kern/114839  net        [fxp] fxp looses ability to speak with traffic
o kern/114856  fs         [ntfs] [patch] Bug in NTFS allows bogus file modes.
o ports/114871 gnome      security/nss: doen't compile on amd64
o kern/114899             [bge] bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
o ports/114945 clement    [request] Protect mail/ssmtp configuration files
o ports/114948 lev        devel/subversion fails make package
o ports/114986 gnome      when LC_CTYPE is set to zh_CN.UTF-8, many gnome apps w
o kern/114995             [drm] acpi_video prevents savage drm from loading succ
o kern/115002             [wi] if_wi timeout. failed allocation (busy bit). ifco
o amd64/115011 acpi       ACPI problem ,reboot system down.
o bin/115054              NTP errors out on startup but restart of NTP fixes pro
o amd64/115126 yongari    [nfe] nfe0: watchdog timeout (missed Tx interrupts) --
o kern/115152             [ata] Sil 3512 SATA controller panics on 6.2
o ports/115153 sergei     ports/sysutils/cfengine patch for bdb <= 4.3
o ports/115169 sobomax    net/asterisk missing dependence
o bin/115174              growfs(8) needs zero-writing for safe filesystem expan
o amd64/115194 amd64      LCD screen remains blank after Dell XPS M1210 lid is c
o kern/115239  net        [ipnat] panic with 'kmem_map too small' using ipnat
o kern/115261  dwmalone   [ipfw]: incorrect 'ipfw: pullup failed' with IPv6 no-n
o i386/115285  i386       [panic] fatal trap 1 on freebsd 6.2 install boot up on
o usb/115298   usb        Turning off USB printer panics kernel
f ports/115314 gerald     emulators/wine regression wrt. eve-online
o www/115321   remko      FreeBSD/amd64 Project -- motherboards - Supermicro X6Q
o kern/115337             [ata] Promise SATA300 TX4 breaks with zfs in 7.0-curre
o kern/115371  imp        [patch] Device removal leaves resource database such t
p bin/115372   maxim      [ipfw] [patch] "ipfw show" prints ill result.
f kern/115374             [panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: e120d0
o bin/115406              gpt(8) [patch] GPT MBR hangs award BIOS on boot
o ports/115437 nobutaka   multimedia/libxine: does not compile with certain env 
o kern/115448             [panic] Kernel Panic
s ports/115461 clement    [patch] - Create packages for apache mod
o kern/115479             [pata] ASUS P5K SE need more support
o www/115481   remko      ASUS P5K SE motherboard status for amd64
o kern/115485             [pata] ASUS P5K SE motherboard driver
o ports/115518 openoffice editors/ Draw crashes trying to print 
o kern/115524             [rpc][patch] Lockd fails to set RPC authentication for
o kern/115526  piso       [libalias] libalias doesn't free memory
o kern/115572  geom       [gbde] gbde partitions fail at 28bit/48bit LBA address
f kern/115586  bz         options IPSEC disables TSO
o kern/115606             [mpt] [panic] Panic while using mpt controller
o kern/115614  thomas     [ata] Recent ATA driver changes have broken cdrecord (
o kern/115619             [sysvshm] Unfinished (uncompliant?) support for POSIX 
o bin/115631              [libc] [patch] make dlclose(3) atexit-aware (patch)
o kern/115645             lockmgr: thread 0xc4c00d80, not exclusive lock holder 
o kern/115651             Racoon(ipsec-tools) enters sbwait state or 100% CPU ut
o kern/115666  multimedia Microphon does not work
o kern/115679             kernel: Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o ports/115709 sergei     [PATCH] mail/archivemail: [Fix problems with python 2.
o amd64/115784 amd64      Compiling with -m32 breaks on FreeBSD/amd64
o kern/115801  sos        [ata] [patch] Writing of crash dumps is unreliable
s amd64/115815 amd64      [sata] [request] Gigabyte GA-M61P-S3 Motherboard unsup
f ports/115818            Executable clash between databases/grass and ruby gems
o i386/115854  i386       Install FreeBSD with USB CDROM causes panic in BTX loa
o kern/115856  pjd        ZFS thought it was degraded when it should have been f
f kern/115882  yongari    [msk] msk driver always fails under moderate network l
o kern/115930  jfv        [em]: Dell nic enumeration problem
f ports/115934 thierry    cannot make textproc/aspell
o bin/115946   des        [libpam] [patch] not thread-safe
o i386/115947  i386       Dell poweredge 860 hangs when stressed and ACPI is ena
o bin/115951              pppoed(8): tun not closed after client abruptally disc
o ports/115957 itetcu     Questionable ownership and security on dspam port
o bin/115960   des        sshd's X11 forwarding broken on IPv6 only machine [pat
f ports/115967            enable chrooted net/isc-dhcp3-server on the FreeBSD 7.
o docs/115984  doc        [patch] Remove obsolete mount_ man pages from Japanese
o kern/115997             [ciss] [panic] [patch?] kernel panics on heavy disk I/
f ports/116030 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade - pkgdb is terribly slow when m
o kern/116034             Giant not owned at /usr/src/sys/netinet/tcp_sack.c:271
o ports/116044 perky      www/mod_python3 installation problem
o bin/116074              [libc] fnmatch() does not handle FNM_PERIOD correctly
o kern/116077  net        6.2-STABLE panic during use of multi-cast networking c
o docs/116080  doc        PREFIX is documented, but not the more important LOCAL
o ports/116127 itetcu     New port: ports-mgmt/lskobs - List supported knobs and
o ports/116131 perky      www/mod_python3 3.3.1 tarball unavailable to port
o ports/116132 python     lang/Python25 - Python 2.4 -> 2.5 upgrade leaves meta-
o kern/116133             Recursive lock panic when w_mtx falls into DELAY
o bin/116150   des        PAM module seems to block account-checks f
o amd64/116159 amd64      Panic while debugging on CURRENT
o kern/116169  acpi       [PATCH] acpi_ibm => psm0 not found problem
o kern/116170  fs         Kernel panic when mounting /tmp
o kern/116172  net        Network / ipv6 recursive mutex panic
o kern/116185  net        if_iwi driver leads system to reboot
o kern/116186  net        can not set wi channel on current
f ports/116222 keramida   editors/emacs: files installed with wrong owner
o kern/116270             READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error
f ports/116281 koitsu     [Update] www/suphp to 0.6.2
o ports/116296 demon      net/yaz: net/pecl-yaz: Update port: net/yaz, net/pecl-
o i386/116297  i386       system hangs during installation
o kern/116308             kernel crash on 6.2-stable - mutex problem?
o sparc/116315 sparc64    /sbin permission
o amd64/116322 amd64      At start fsck on current, the system panics
o ports/116324 beech      graphics/k3d from ports install cblas library that con
f kern/116325  linimon    [twe] twed the controller with DEVICE_POLLING, is not 
o kern/116328  net        [bge]: Solid hang with bge interface
f kern/116330  yongari    [nfe]: network problems under -current, nfe(4) and jum
o kern/116335  andre      Excessive TCP window updates
o ports/116336 kuriyama   mail/p5-Mail-Tools :: Update to 1.77 (1.74 no longer a
o ports/116359 x11        x11/xorg - screen blinks with PCI-E nvidia card and ve
o kern/116360             Potential double-free on error when copying IPv6 outpu
f ports/116378            xorg 7.3 on -stable breaks math/scilab
o ports/116383 mnag       sqlite3 (from databases/sqlite3) segfault
f ports/116385            net/vnc using crashes Xorg 7.3 when remote comp
o kern/116415             6.2-STABLE does now work on Gigabyte GA-P35-S3 (Intel 
o ports/116421 x11        x11/xdm config file path incorrect (xorg 7.3)
o java/116430  java       JDK does not respect DNS caching parameters on timeout
f ports/116431 nox        emulators/qemu halts and doesn't die with kqemu loaded
o kern/116444             Atheros 5005G (AR5212) miniPCI: unable to attach devic
f ports/116445 mich       x11/aterm broken after xorg 7.3 upgrade
o conf/116464             [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/named restart sometimes fails
o ports/116476 x11        x11/xdm doesn't sets enviroment variables from login.c
o bin/116477              rm behaves unexpectedly when using -r and relative pat
o ports/116488 multimedia compile error in multimedia/transcode
a ports/116508 clement    www/apache22: apache-2.2.6_1 build breaks for mod_auth
o ports/116513 barner     devel/valgrind fails to compile on 7.0-CURRENT i386
o kern/116515  remko      [ntfs] NTFS mount does not check that user has permiss
o kern/116536             [fdc] [patch] fdc(4) does not respect hint.fd.0.flags 
o kern/116538             [fdc] [patch] reintroduce FD_NO_CHLINE flag for fdc(4)
a bin/116543   csjp       lockf(1) is broken
o ports/116551 x11        x11/xorg - Various applications crash the xserver on r
o usb/116561   usb        RELENG_6 umodem panic "trying to sleep while sleeping 
o kern/116583             System freezes for short time when using mmap on full 
f ports/116586            net/isc-dhcp3-server does not work when compiled with 
o docs/116588  doc        No IPFW tables or dummynet in Handbook
o kern/116600  delphij    tmpfs panic: mtx_lock() of spin mutex (null) @ /usr/sr
o kern/116608             [panic] [patch] [msdosfs] msdosfs fails to check mount
o bin/116610   pf         [patch] teach tcpdump(1) to cope with the new-style pf
o ports/116611 edwin      devel/p5-gearmand - rename to devel/p5-Gearman-Server
f kern/116613             FreeBSD reboots occasionally when trying to access fil
o amd64/116620 amd64      Ifconfig spins when creating carp(4) device on amd64/S
o ports/116626 stas       linking problem devel/mips-rtems-gcc
o www/116660   www returns bad chunked encoding
o ports/116664 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse - Mouse gets "stuck" in s
o kern/116669             Parallel port printing crashes CURRENT
o kern/116679             lockd replies with DENIED for blocking lock if held by
f misc/116680             Documentation mistake: CXD1947 _not_ supported, see fw
o ports/116681 skv        Installing port for databases/p5-DBD-mysql50 4.005 com
o ports/116685 skv        databases/p5-DBI-Class: Class::DBI-inserting multiple 
o bin/116688              cpio with -c option does not work.
o kern/116699             USB HID devices does not initialized at system boot
o kern/116701             atapicam hangs initializing SATA DVDRs on sil3112a
o kern/116719             kill all watch causes page fault on kernel server goes
o bin/116722              ntpd core dumps if hostnames are not specifed with "-4
o ports/116728 shaun      news/inn - ckpasswd (contained INN) crashed
o kern/116745             iscsi_initiator.ko is missing the dependency to CAM.
o kern/116747  net        [ndis] FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT crash with Dell TrueMobile 
o kern/116748             [nfs] NFS over UDP with kern.ipc.nmbclusters=0 does no
f ports/116753            multimedia/MPlayer crashes after playing *.flv on 7.0-
f ports/116777            The math/scilab port fails in demos->signal->bode.
f ports/116778            security/nmap ping-scan misses some hosts
o bin/116782              geli not updated on migrate from 6.1 to 6.2 release or
o bin/116784              mount_msdosfs -L ru_RU.KOI8-R -W koi2dos error: requir
o sparc/116794 alc        7.0-current Sparc64 crash during creation of large fil
o ports/116830 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade - "portsclean -L" threatens to 
o kern/116837  net        ifconfig tunX destroy: panic
o i386/116844  i386       cannot boot from cd when using Dell Vostro 200 Desktop
o bin/116849              dump(8) fails to dump UFS filesystems when nullfs file
o kern/116853  yongari    msk watchdog timeout
o ports/116854 kuriyama   [update] mail/p5-Mail-Tools broken distfile, patch for
o ports/116864 shaun      security/heimdal fails to build WITH_CRACKLIB
f ports/116874 mi         Build of graphics/ImageMagick hangs while testing Perl
o ports/116878 x11        [PATCH] x11-fonts/xfs: update to 1.0.5 (security fix)
o ports/116882 secteam    [patch] security/vuxml add entry for ImageMagick < 6.3
o ports/116885 az         Fix mail/svnmailer with python25+
o bin/116908              pkg_create -b makes invalid packages for bsdpan-*
o kern/116913             panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free block
o kern/116932             System locking up while carrying out remote ssh sessio
o kern/116935             Intermittent error with Promise PDC40718
o kern/116939             PCI-to-PCI misconfigured for bus three and can not see
o gnu/116943   rafan      /usr/include/objc missing objc-decls.h
o usb/116947   usb        [patch] enable boot protocol on the USB keyboards
f ports/116949            security/vpnc: Some Cisco Concentrators refuse Connect
o ports/116972 mich       audio/Amarok broken due to newer version of mpeg4ip-li
o amd64/116977 amd64      FreeBSD/amd64 - Fails to boot on HP Pavilion dv9030ea
o kern/117005             Accidental unplugging of a USB disk results in crash

1868 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a bin/1375                [patch] Extraneous warning from mv(1)
s kern/1791    tegge      syslimits.h does not allow overriding default value of
s bin/2090                clients may bind to FreeBSD ypserv refusing to serve t
s bin/2137     tegge      vm statistics are bad
s kern/2298               [sio] [patch] support for DSR/DCD swapping on serial p
a bin/2641     jhb        login_access.c doesn't work with NIS by default
o bin/4116                Kerberized login as <user>.root fails to become root
s bin/4172     des        suggest reconnection option added to fetch
s kern/4184               [netatalk] [patch] minor nits in sys/netatalk
o bin/4419                man can display the same man page twice
o bin/4420     imp        find -exedir doesn't chdir for first entry
o bin/4629     edwin      calendar doesn't print all dates sometimes
o bin/5031     gad        lpr does not remove original file if -s is used
s bin/5173                [PATCH] restore ought to deal with root setable file f
s bin/5296                slattach fails creating pidfile with ioctl(TIOCSCTTY):
o kern/5577    bde        Unnecessary disk I/O and noatime ffs fixes
o kern/5587    des        session id gets dropped
o bin/5609     gad        lpd cannot send long files to HP's JetDirect interface
f bin/5712                /bin/chio code cleaup and option added
o bin/5745     nik        [PATCH] Add /usr/local/share/mk to default make(1) sea
s kern/5877               sb_cc counts control data as well as data data
s kern/6668    babkin     [patch] new driver: Virtual Ethernet driver
s bin/6785                place for all the default dump flags
s bin/7232                [sysinstall] suggestion for FreeBSD installation dialo
s kern/7264    gibbs      [scsi] Buslogic BT 950 scsi card not detected
o bin/7265                [patch] A warning flag is added to ln(1).
o bin/7287                Incorrect domain name for MAP_UPDATE in multidomain NI
a bin/7324     mtm        Suggestions for minor modifications to adduser
s kern/7556               sl_compress_init() will fail if called anything else t
o bin/7868                [patch] morse(6): Morse Code Fixups
o bin/7973     gad        lpd: Bad control file owner in case of remote printing
o kern/8498    silby      Race condition between unp_gc() and accept().
o bin/8867                [sysinstall] [patch] /stand/sysinstall core dumps (sig
a bin/9123                pax can't read tar archives that contain files > 4GB
s bin/9233                gmp's mpq_add and mpq_sub are buggy
o kern/9570    dfr        [ed] [patch] ed(4) irq config enhancement
o kern/9619    rodrigc    Restarting mountd kills existing mounts
o kern/9679               [portalfs] [patch] fix for uninterruptible open in por
s bin/9770     jmallett   [patch] An openpty(3) auxiliary program
o bin/9868                Patch to add "date -a"
s kern/9927    gibbs      [ahc] the ahc driver doesn't correctly grok switched S
o bin/10030    markm      Kerberized telnet fails to encrypt when a hostname ali
o bin/10358    yar        ftp(1) has problems with long pathnames
o bin/10611               timed enhancement
o gnu/10670    peter      cvs doesn't allow digits in local keywords
a kern/11024   mtm        getpwnam(3) uses incorrect #define to limit username l
o bin/11085               Per-host configuration for syslog.conf
s bin/11114    harti      make(1) does not work as documented with .POSIX: targe
o kern/11165   emulation  [ibcs2] IBCS2 doesn't work correctly with PID_MAX 9999
o bin/11294               direct logging to other hosts (no local syslogd)
o kern/12014   alfred     [sysvipc] [patch] Fix SysV Semaphore handling
s kern/12071   fanf       [net] [patch] new function: large scale IP aliasing
o i386/12088   imp        [ed] [patch] ed(4) has minor problem with memory alloc
o kern/12543              [fxp] [patch] cumulative error counters for fxp(4)
o bin/12545    peter      kldload(8) should be more sensitive to errors in *_mod
o bin/12801               nvi infinite recursion with options "leftright" and "c
o bin/13042               make(1) doesn't handle wildcards in subdirectory paths
o bin/13108               authunix_create_default includes egid twice
a bin/13128    krion      pkg_delete doesn't handle absolute pathnames correctly
o kern/13141   se         [scsi] Multiple LUN support in NCR driver is broken.
s bin/13309               [patch] Fixes to nos-tun(8)
o kern/13326              [headers] [patch] additional timeval interfaces for <s
o bin/13397               nvi mishandles tags files under certain conditions.
s bin/13869               man program saves multiple cached copies of the same f
o bin/13882               mount -p is missing the quota options
o bin/13936               [sysinstall] no clear indication of how much space to 
s kern/13997   rwatson    [jail] [patch] RLIMIT_NPROC works unadequately for jai
o kern/14166              [bktr] [patch] AVER TVPhone
o bin/14318               [sysinstall] sysinstall upon install has some counter-
s kern/14562              ioctl() codes should be provided for ejecting all remo
o kern/14646              kern.boottime affected by APM suspend/resume
a bin/14682    gad        lprm(1) unaware of lp(1) Environment Variables (LPDEST
o bin/14925               getsubopt isn't poisonous enough
f conf/15010              rc.firewall: "client" firewall configuration kills inc
o bin/15038               [sysinstall] easy to not notice that selection lists m
a kern/15095   andre      TCP's advertised window is not scaled immediately upon
o bin/15168               [patch] Adding tracklist support to fdformat(1)
o bin/15205               [patch] Addition to random(6)
s kern/15436              [syscons] syscons extension: "propellers"
s kern/15478              incorrect utmp/wtmp records update upon connection bei
o bin/15480               [patch] make cdcontrol(1) easier to use
f kern/15542              [de] de(4) suddenly stops working
o bin/15619    peter      [patch] standard pppd doesn't authenticate users with 
o kern/15838   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Conversion tables in msdosfs_conv.c 
o misc/15876   embedded   [picobsd] PicoBSD message of the day problems
o kern/16021              [i386] [patch] To support SMP on NEC PC98, call mp_pro
o conf/16076   markm      [PATCH] pam_ssh examples for /etc/pam.conf
o kern/16195   rwatson    16-bit uid/gid struct in sys/ipc.h
o kern/16339   alc        vm/vm_page.h PQ_L2_SIZE options too limited
o conf/16584              [sysinstall] Hostname field too small during install (
o kern/16644              [bpf] [patch] Bad comparison expression in bpf_filter.
o kern/16765   bde        Add support for mark/space parity
s kern/17108              [nfs] SecureRPC not supported in mount_nfs command
s kern/17109   darrenr    fastroute crashes for lo0 udp
o bin/17289    gad        [PATCH] wrong permissions on /var/run/printer
o bin/17363               crontab(1) leaves files in /var/cron/tabs when interru
o kern/17425              [ppbus] [patch] fix two small printing errors in ppbus
o kern/17504              [cam] [patch] Another Micropolis Synchronize Cache Pro
o bin/17546               [sysinstall] sysinstall does not let you configure NIS
o bin/17623               date(1) -v doesn't handle time changes (DST) correctly
s i386/17662   gibbs      [cam] cam_xpt.c incorrectly disables tagged queuing fo
o conf/17993   obrien     improving on the default /etc/
o bin/18100               update to src/usr.bin/from/from.c for multiple mboxes
s bin/18114               iostat(8): msps from iostat is wrong
o kern/18200   mdodd      3com 3c509b recognized twice during boot
o kern/18271              [patch] simplelock: klds not portable across UP and SM
o kern/18293              [psm] [patch] lack of versapad mouse wheel emulation
o bin/18319               "dump" fails with "cannot reopen disk: interrupted sys
o bin/18326    dwmalone   no /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lc.ln
o bin/18498    jhb        allowing ELF_VERBOSE in /etc/make.conf
s kern/18558   silby      [xl] 3COM 905B realy realy slow when using multiple ad
s kern/18704              GLOB_ERR not handled correctly by glob()
s bin/18773    matusita   Merge ports/japanese/less to src/contrib/less
o gnu/18857    peter      Enable GSSAPI in CVS if available
o kern/18909   dwmalone   select(2) timeout limited to 100000000 seconds
s kern/19247   threads    uthread_sigaction.c does not do anything wrt SA_NOCLDW
s kern/19363              [kernel] [patch] allow processes know about their file
s kern/19402              Signals 127 and 128 cannot be detected in wait4() inte
f kern/19406   scf        [libc] setenv(3) allocates memory which is not freed b
s kern/19535              [procfs] [patch] procfs_rlimit tidyup
s conf/19573   des        Dot Files for Optional Shells
o bin/19683               mount displays incorrect mount point on failed mount
o kern/19756              Inability to use linux extended partition (type 0x85)
o bin/19772               df output wrong for union-mounts
a kern/19782              mkisofs 1.12.1 (i386-unknown-freebsd4.0) doesn't prese
o bin/19837    ambrisko   [sysinstall] [patch] run Fix It floppy from serial por
o kern/19909              [nfs] Problem with NFS client in 4.0-STABLE
o kern/19913   des        add SYN+FIN counter
s docs/20028   doc        ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags in the sourc
o bin/20054    yar        ftpd: rotating _PATH_FTPDSTATFILE losts xferlog
s kern/20333   des        [libpam] ftp login fails on unix password when s/key a
o bin/20391    jhb        [sysinstall] sysinstall should check debug.boothowto s
o kern/20410              [sio] sio support for high speed NS16550A, ST16650A an
o bin/20501               [patch] extra flag to dump to offline autoloaders at E
o kern/20529              [ti] gigabit cards fail to link
o bin/20881               There's no reason not to build DNSsec-DSA
o bin/20889    dwmalone   syslogd.c still uses depreciated domain AF_UNIX
o bin/20908               [sysinstall] /stand/sysinstall too limited in selectio
o bin/20944               natd enhancements, default config file and manpage add
o bin/21008    gad        Fix for lpr's handling of lots of jobs in a queue
o kern/21222              [nfs] wrong behavior of concurrent mmap()s on NFS file
o bin/21312               more incorrectly redraws screen on xterm resize
o bin/21315               Shells often behave oddly when executing shell scripts
o bin/21519    standards  sys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
s bin/21659               Berkeley db library is statically compiled into libc, 
o i386/21672   obrien     [i386] AMD Duron Rev. A0 reports incorrect L2 cache si
o conf/21675              Better and more disktab entries for MO drives
o kern/21751              [libcam] [patch] libcam's cam_real_open_device() may l
o kern/21768   rwatson    shouldn't trailing '/' on regular file symlink return 
a kern/21807   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Make System attribute correspond to 
s bin/22034               nfsstat(1) lacks useful features found in Solaris7
o bin/22182               vi options noprint/print/octal broken
s kern/22190   threads    A threaded read(2) from a socketpair(2) fd can sometim
o conf/22308              [nfs] mounting NFS during boot blocks if host map come
s bin/22442               [PATCH] Increase speed of split(1)
o misc/22914              [bootinst] bootinst messages are not updated
o conf/23063   net        [PATCH] for static ARP tables in
f bin/23180    gavin      Certain KOI8 characters are treated as "word breakers"
a bin/23254    fenner     yacc accepts bad grammer
o kern/23314   scsi       [aic] aic driver fails to detect Adaptec 1520B unless 
a bin/23402               [sysinstall] upgrade ought to check partition sizes
o kern/23546   multimedia [snd_csa] [patch] csa DMA-interrupt problem
o bin/23562    markm      [patch] telnetd doesn't show message in file specified
o conf/23822              mtree entries for German X11 man pages
a bin/23912               underflow of cnt in vs_paint() by O_NUMBER_LENGTH when
o bin/24066    marcel     gdb can't detach from programs linked with libc_r
o bin/24390    standards  Replacing old dir-symlinks when using /bin/ln
o bin/24435               [libdisk] changing slice type causes Auto-partition to
o bin/24485               [PATCH] to make cron(8) handle clock jumps
o bin/24513    peter      new options for pppd
o kern/24528              Bad tracking of Modem status
s stand/24590  standards  timezone function not compatible witn Single Unix Spec
o bin/24757    yar        ftpd not RFC compliant
o docs/24786   doc        missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
o kern/24882              ktrace not syncing .out file before panic
o kern/24959   andre      proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
o bin/25013               mv(1) cannot move unresolvable symlinks across devices
o bin/25015               cp: options -i and -f do not work as documented
o kern/25018              [libc] lstat(2) returns bogus permissions on symlinks
o bin/25218               mailwrapper(1) invokes sendmail when resources are tig
f bin/25278               [patch] bs accepts -s -c but not -sc
o alpha/25284  alpha      PC164 won't reboot with graphics console
o kern/25445              kernel statistics are displayed in wrong types and wra
s bin/25477               [pam] [patch] pam_radius fix to allow null passwords f
s bin/25598    yar        patch to let ftpd output message when changing directo
o kern/25733              [intpm] mismatch between error reporting in smbus fram
o bin/25736               ac -d option probrem with overdays logon
f kern/25777              [kernel] [patch] atime not updated on exec
o kern/25866              [patch] more than 256 ptys, up to 1302 ptys.
f docs/26003   rwatson    getgroups(2) lists NGROUPS_MAX but not syslimits.h
o bin/26005               MIME quoted-printable encoding added to vis/unvis + bu
o kern/26261              [sio] silo overflow problem in sio driver
o docs/26286   doc        *printf(3) etc should gain format string warnings
o kern/26323              [ufs] [patch] Quota system creates zero-length files
a kern/26348              [pcvt] scon -s, page fault in HP mode
a kern/26534   ipfw       [ipfw] Add an option to ipfw to log gid/uid of who cau
o kern/26562              [lpt] [patch] /dev/lpt0 returns EBUSY when attempting 
o kern/26584              kernel boot messages aren't logged correctly on remote
o kern/26618              unmount(2) can't unmount a filesystem whose device has
p kern/26646   ache       srand() provides only 8-bit table
o bin/26695               change request: kill(1)/killall(1) -l output
o kern/26787              [patch] sysctl change request
s bin/26803    des        Fix fetch to allow FTP puts in '-o' & allow '@' sign i
o i386/26812   peter      old bootstrap /sys/i386/boot/... still in -STABLE bran
o bin/26919               [sysinstall] fdisk should ONLY set one bootable flag
o kern/27008              kernel function sysbeep(xxx, 0) does produce sound
f bin/27188    jon        fix of rsh non-interactive mode behaviour
o bin/27216               [sysinstall] can not get to shell prompt from serial c
o kern/27232              [nfs] On NFSv3 mounted filesystems, stat returns st_bl
o bin/27258               getty didn't check if if= isn't empty
o bin/27281               vidcontrol(1) does not have error codes
o bin/27306    marcel     [patch] hw watchpoints work unreliable under gdb(1)
o bin/27319    obrien     df displays amd pid processes
o kern/27403              [lpt] lpt driver doesn't handle flags anymore
o kern/27660              Kernel does not return error if adding duplicate addre
o bin/27687               fsck wrapper is not properly passing options to fsck_<
o bin/27829               pax's uid/gid cache is read-only
o kern/27835              [libc] execve() doesn't conform to execve(2) spec in s
o bin/27972               losing information with talk
a bin/28081               [sysinstall] /stand/sysinstall errs out if /cdrom/ alr
a gnu/28189               [PATCH] fix for detecting empty CVS commit log message
o conf/28236              [PATCH] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't contain some u
o misc/28255   embedded   [picobsd] picobsd documentation still references old .
s kern/28260   standards  UIO_MAXIOV needs to be made public
o bin/28364               lex(1) generated files fail to compile cleanly with -W
o bin/28620    ru         xinstall has no way to pass options to strip
o bin/28789               /usr/bin/last does not filter for uucp connects
o bin/28972    dwmalone   gamma returns same result as lgamma
s i386/28975              [rp] RocketPort problems
o bin/29062    markm      krb4 and krb5 multiply defined version symbol
o bin/29119               menu of fdisk editor in 4.3R does not list 'W'rite
s bin/29292    sos        The functional addtion to burncd(8)
o kern/29355   mux        [kernel] [patch] add lchflags support
o bin/29363    gad        [PATCH] newsyslog can support time as extension
s kern/29423              [patch] new feature: kernel security hooks implementat
o bin/29516    markm      telnet from an non FreeBSD host still uses /etc/ttys f
o bin/29581               proposed gethostbyXXXX_r() implementation
o kern/29698   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux ipcs doesn'work
o bin/29893               [sysinstall] suggestions for 4.4 sysinstall
o bin/29897    des        pam_unix patch, which uses loginclass passwd_prompt
a docs/30008   doc        [patch] French softupdates document should be translat
o kern/30052   mbr        [dc] [patch] dc driver queues outgoing pkts indefinite
o kern/30186              [libc] getaddrinfo(3) does not handle incorrect servna
o bin/30321               strftime(3) '%s' format does not work properly
f ports/30331  portmgr    [patch] Conflict between MAKEFILE variable
o bin/30360               vmstat returns impossible data
s kern/30422              [patch] new function: add WDT hardware watchdog driver
o bin/30424               Generalization of vipw to lock pwdb while being edited
s threa/30464  threads    pthread mutex attributes -- pshared
o bin/30517               [sysinstall] using sysinstall with install.cfg has no 
o bin/30542               [PATCH] add -q option to shut up killall
o conf/30590              /etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts interaction violates PO
o bin/30654    gad        Added ability for newsyslog to archive logs
f bin/30661    alfred     [rpc] [patch] FreeBSD-current fails to do partial NFS 
a bin/30737               sysinstall leaks file descriptors on restart
o conf/30812              [patch] giant termcap database update
o bin/30854               bootpd/bootpgw change - skip ARP modifications by opti
o bin/30863               bootpd/dovend.c Win95 compatibility improvement and ty
o conf/30929   usb        [usb] [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL modem
o conf/30938              Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tm
o bin/31034    dwmalone   regularly add original address logging for tcpwrappers
o kern/31048   des        linprocfs:/proc/meminfo cannot handle multiple swap sp
o bin/31199               tunefs error is incorrect when enabling softupdates
o kern/31201              [libdisk] [patch] add free_space(chunk) to libdisk
o kern/31380              [nfs] NFS rootfs mount failure message too cryptic
o bin/31387               When getuid()=0, mailwrapper should drop priviledges
f kern/31490              [sysctl] [patch] Panic in sysctl_sysctl_next_ls on emp
o bin/31588               change request to allow mount(1) to set the MNT_IGNORE
o kern/31624              [libc] writev(2) may return undocumented ECONNRESET
o kern/31647              [libc] socket calls can return undocumented EINVAL
s kern/31686   andre      Problem with the timestamp option when flag equals zer
o kern/31708              VM system / fsync / flushing delayed indefinitely?
o gnu/31772               New option in dialog(1)
o kern/31890              [syscons] [patch] new syscons font
o bin/31906               No method available to unwind atexit(3) stack without 
o bin/31933               pw can interpret numeric name as userid during userdel
o kern/31981              [libc] [patch] (mis)feature in getnetent parsing -- co
o bin/31985               New /etc/remote flag for tip to append LF to CR
o bin/31987               patch to allow dump(1) to notify operators by mail(1)
s conf/32108              Proposed Firewall (IPv4) configuration script
a bin/32375               [sysinstall] sysinstall doesn't respect User generated
a bin/32411               shutdown's absolute-time handling could be more useful
o bin/32501    maxim      quot(8) is stupid regarding the filesystem option
o kern/32659              [vm] [patch] vm and vnode leak with vm.swap_idle_enabl
o bin/32667               systat waste too much time reading input
o bin/32680               [jail] [patch] Allows users to start jail(1) by hostna
o bin/32808    dwmalone   [PATCH] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_ctl
o kern/32812              [bktr] bktr driver missing tuner for eeprom detection.
o bin/32828               [jail] w(1) incorrectly handles stale utmp slots with 
o bin/33066    rwatson    sysinstall does not write to new disks as expected
s bin/33133               keyinit outputs wrong next login password
o bin/33182    marcel     gdb seg faults when given handle SIGALRM nopass for th
o kern/33203              [nfs] "got bad cookie" errors on NFS client
s docs/33589   doc        [patch] to to post process .tex files.
a bin/33661               PAP AuthAck/AuthNak parsing problem in pppd
o bin/33774               Patch for killall(1)
o bin/33809    mux        [patch] mount_nfs(8) has trouble with embedded ':' in 
o bin/33834               strptime(3) is misleading
p docs/33852   keramida   split(1) man page implies that input file is removed.
a kern/33963   bde        Messages at the serial IO port device probe are mislea
o kern/33965              [kbd] [patch] programmable keys of the keyboard (Olida
a bin/34010               [patch] keyinit takes passwords less than 10 chars, bu
o bin/34146               newfs defaults and vfs.usermount=1 tug at one another
s bin/34171    yar        ftpd indiscrete about unprivileged user accounts
o docs/34239   trhodes    tunefs(8) man page doesn't describe arguments.
o bin/34309    gad        lpd does not garantie that controlfiles begin with "cf
o bin/34412    edwin      [patch] tftp(1) will still try and receive traffic eve
o bin/34497    edwin      calendar(1) does not understand calendars
o bin/34519               pkg_check(8) does not return exit code >0 if verifing 
o bin/34628    portmgr    [pkg_install] [patch] pkg-routines ignore the recorded
o kern/34665   darrenr    [ipfilter] ipfilter rcmd proxy "hangs".
o gnu/34709    marcel     [patch] Inaccurate GDB documentation
o bin/34728               DHCP hostname set as Hexadecimal string
o bin/34759               Phantasia does not accept [enter] key
o bin/34788    dwmalone   dmesg(1) issues with console output
o bin/34832               /usr/share/man/cat3/setkey.3.gz linked to crypt.3.gz, 
o kern/34880   luigi      Impossibility of grouping IP into a pipe for traffic s
f bin/35018    brian      [patch] enhancing daily/460.status-mail-rejects
o bin/35109               [PATCH] games/morse: add ability to decode morse code
o bin/35113               [patch] grdc enhancement: countdown timer mode
o kern/35234   scsi       World access to /dev/pass? (for scanner) requires acce
o kern/35262              [boot2] [patch] generation of boot block for headless 
o kern/35289              [bktr] [patch] Brooktree device doesnt properly signal
o kern/35324              Plug and Play probe fails to configure Digicom Modem B
o kern/35377              process gets unkillable (-9) in "ttywai" state
o bin/35400               [sysinstall] sysinstall could improve manipulation of 
o bin/35451               PATCH: pkg_add -r able to save local copy to PKG_SAVED
o misc/35542   bde        [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o conf/35545              [patch] enhanced periodic scripts: 100.clean-disks, 10
o bin/35568               make declares target out of date, but $? is empty
o docs/35608   doc        mt(1) page uses "setmark" without explanation.
o docs/35609   doc        mt(1) page needs explanation of "long erase".
o docs/35652   trhodes    bsd.README seriously obsolete
o bin/35717               which(1)  returns wrong exit status for multiple argum
o bin/35769               w does not correctly interpret X sessions
o kern/35774              [libutil] logwtmp: Suboptimal auditing possibilities f
o kern/35846   imp        timeout in wi_cmd 11, machine hangs for a second
o bin/35886               [patch] pax(1) enhancement: custom time format for lis
o docs/35953   doc        hosts.equiv(5) manual is confusing or wrong about host
s stand/36076  standards  Implementation of POSIX fuser command
o bin/36118               [sysinstall] 4.5 Upgrade says it won't touch /usr/src,
o bin/36143               [patch] Dynamic (non linear) mouse acceleration added 
o kern/36170              [an] [patch] an(4) does an_init() even if interface is
o bin/36262               [patch] Fixed rusers(1) idle-time reporting to use min
o bin/36374               Patch (against core dumps) and improvemets for apmd(8)
o bin/36385    luigi      crunchgen does not handle Makefiles with includes prop
o docs/36432   doc        Proposal for doc/share/mk: make folded books using psu
o docs/36449   doc        symlink(7) manual doesn't mention trailing slash, etc.
a kern/36451              [bktr] [patch] Japan IF frequency is incorrect
s gnu/36460               cu(1) program does not work very well.
o bin/36501    edwin      /usr/bin/calendar can't handle recurring items in the 
o bin/36553    gad        Two new features in newsyslog(8)
o bin/36556               [patch] regular expressions for tcpwrappers
o bin/36626               login_cap(3) incorrectly claims that all resources fre
o docs/36724   darrenr    ipnat(5) manpage grammar is incomplete and inconsisten
o bin/36740               make ps obey locale (particularly for times)
o bin/36757               which(1) ought to append @ if result is symlink
o bin/36786               make ps use 24-hour time by default
s ports/36901  glewis     WITHOUT_X11 Knob for port java/jdk13
o kern/36902              [libc] [patch] proposed new format code %N for strftim
o kern/36916              [libdisk] [patch] DOS active partition flag lost in li
o kern/36952              ldd comand of linux does not work
o bin/36960    edwin      calendar doesn't effect -t option.
o bin/37013               ls directory name output trailing slash duplcation - P
o bin/37083               small improvement to talk(1): add clocks
o bin/37160               [sysinstall] coredumps when trying to load package dat
o kern/37380   jhb        [boot0] [patch] boot0 partition list is outdated
f conf/37387   edwin      bsdmainutils/calendar Hungarian addon file
o bin/37437               Add HTTP-style support to {vis,unvis}(1).
o bin/37442               [PATCH] sleep(1) to support time multipliers
o kern/37554   jmg        [vm] [patch] make ELF shared libraries immutable once 
o kern/37555              [kernel] [patch] vnode flags appear to be changed in n
o conf/37569   matteo     [PATCH] Extend fstab(5) format to allow for spaces in 
o kern/37600   multimedia [sound] [partial patch] t4dwave drive doesn't record.
o bin/37672               pw(8) prints warnings after successful NIS map updates
s threa/37676  threads    libc_r: msgsnd(), msgrcv(), pread(), pwrite() need wra
o docs/37719   kensmith   [request] Detail VOP_ naming in a relevant man-page
o bin/37733               su(1) does not behave the way it is described in man
o bin/37844               [PATCH] make knob to not install progs with suid/sgid 
o gnu/37910               PATCH: make send-pr(1) respect &'s in /etc/{master.}pa
o alpha/38031  alpha      osf1.ko not loaded during boot-time of linux-emu enabl
o bin/38055               [sysinstall] Groups (creation) item should be before U
o bin/38056               [sysinstall] User (creation)'s "Member groups" item sh
o bin/38057               [sysinstall] "install" document doesn't display correc
o docs/38061   ume        [patch] typos in man pages for faith(4) & faithd(8)
o bin/38168               [patch] feature request: installing curses-based versi
o bin/38256               linking pax to pax_{cpio|tar}
s kern/38347              [libutil] [patch] [feature request] new library functi
o kern/38445              [feature request] centralize ptrace() permission check
o bin/38478               [sysinstall] In Choose Distributions screen, it's diff
o bin/38480               [sysinstall] sysinstall should prompt for normal users
o docs/38540   blackend   [patch] make application name capitalization consisten
o docs/38556   remko      EPS file of beastie, as addition to existing examples
s ports/38593  portmgr    Third level ports
o bin/38610               [sysinstall] should be able to mount ISO images on DOS
o kern/38626   luigi      dummynet/traffic shaper: RED: max_th and min_th are li
o bin/38727               [patch] mptable(1) should complain about garbage argum
f kern/38730   philip     Memorex scrollpro mouse is not fully functional
o kern/38749   kientzle   Diskless booting fails with some DHCP servers (no root
o kern/38826              [bootmgr] RFE: BootMgr should provide more identifying
o kern/38828   scsi       [feature request] DPT PM2012B/90 doesn't work
o bin/38854               [sysinstall] resetting during setup causes the target 
o misc/38937              delay between tracks in digital audio dumps from CD wi
o bin/38940               [feature request] an option to *stat to allow supressi
o docs/38982   doc        [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o stand/39256  standards  snprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for strings
o docs/39348   doc        diskless(8): note that kenv fetch of hostname requires
o bin/39360               [sysinstall] if linux emu is added as a dependency (an
o bin/39439               tcopy(1) will not duplicate tapes with block size larg
o bin/39463    mtm        [PATCH] Add several options to fingerd
f conf/39505              automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
o kern/39527   dwmalone   getcwd() and unreadable parent directory
o docs/39530   doc        access(2) man page has unnecessarily broad warning
s conf/39580              insecure default settings
o ports/39660  portmgr    [patch] add ${PKGNAMEPREFIX} to (DOCS|EXAMPLES)DIR
o kern/39681              [sysctl] [patch] add hidden kernel boot tunables to sy
o bin/39905               [patch] cleaning sbin/restore code from warnings
o conf/39976              vi recovery halting boot process
o kern/40017              [patch] allows config(8) to specify config metadata di
s kern/40021              [kernel build] [patch] use ld(1) to build kernel with 
p gnu/40057    bugmeister send-pr -a flag does not work with -f
o kern/40369              [kernel] [patch] rman_reserve_resource - when "count >
o docs/40423   doc        Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to GETFKEY/SETF
o kern/40516              [ti] [patch] ti driver has no baudrate set
f bin/40538    dougb      mergemaster fixes and enhancements
p conf/40548              list of /etc/defaults/make.conf undocummented variable
o bin/40572               vipw prints silly message if $EDITOR fails
o bin/40597               [patch] add fdisk(8) ability of showing extended parti
s threa/40671  threads    pthread_cancel doesn't remove thread from condition qu
o conf/40777              disktab does not support 2.88MB floppies
o kern/40926              [boot] After Upgrading or Clean Installing 4.6, reboot
o usb/40948    usb        [usb] USB HP CDW8200 does not work
o docs/41089   doc        pax(1) -B option does not mention interaction with -z 
o bin/41159               new sed -c option to allow ; as a separator for b, t a
s misc/41179              feature request: LD_LIBRARY_PATH security checks
o bin/41190               in sed, report the { linenum instead of EOF linenum on
o bin/41213               top(1) blocks if NIS-related entries in passwd(5) are 
o kern/41215              [kbd] console revert back to kbd0 (AT) after KVM switc
o bin/41238               [sysinstall] problems with FreeBSD installation on a d
f docs/41270   remko      [patch] handbook: confusing directions for kernelconfi
o bin/41271               [patch] non-suid-crontab(8)
o bin/41307               [libalias] [patch] logging of links lifecycle (add/del
o i386/41364   imp        [pccard] NewMedia "Bus Toaster" SCSI card w/ Advansys 
o bin/41526               symlinked mount points get mounted more than once w/ m
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] feature request: easier wine/w23 support
f bin/41556    obrien     [PATCH] wtmp patch for lukemftpd
p stand/41576  standards  POSIX compliance of ln(1)
a bin/41583               [patch] assorted mtree bugs
s bin/41647    net        ifconfig(8) doesn't accept lladdr along with inet addr
o bin/41674               [patch] iostat(8) column formatting overlaps
o docs/41807   doc        [patch] natd(8): document natd -punch_fw "bug"
o bin/41817               [patch] pw(8): pw groupshow doesn't include the login 
o docs/41879   hrs        [patch] cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o docs/41919   blackend   MINI kernel for bootfloppy (Handbook p.342) contains e
o kern/41930              declaration clash for ffs() and ${CXX}
o bin/41947               [patch] hexdump(1) unprintable ASCII enhancement
o bin/41949               [sysinstall] sysinstall sorts /etc/rc.conf during netb
o bin/42018    krion      pkg_info with PKG_PATH searches through tarred pkgs
o bin/42022               [sysinstall] non-interactive mode prompts when only a 
o bin/42084    luigi      [picobsd] PicoBSD's 'netstat -i' reports negative Ipkt
o bin/42162               [sysinstall] installation crashes, md0c filled up.
o kern/42217              [libdisk] libdisk segfaults with 1024 bytes/sector dis
o kern/42274              [kernel] [patch] Convert defined variable into tuneabl
o bin/42336               [PATCH] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/tcp_wrappers:
o bin/42386               [libkvm] [patch] cleaning code from warnings in libkvm
o bin/42387               [librpcsvc] [patch] cleaning code of librpcsvc from wa
o kern/42422              [libc] [patch] dbm_delete returns -1 instead of 1 when
o kern/42429              [libc] [patch] hash_action called with HASH_DELETE doe
o kern/42442              problem in idlequeue/debugging mode ?
o kern/42461   mdodd      if_wi_pci.c,if_wi_pccard.c lack device_resume/device_s
f bin/42469               After mounting by mount_smbfs directories with russian
f bin/42663               pw(1): pw useradd assigns unique UID's to multiple use
o kern/42728   embedded   [picobsd] many problems in src/usr.sbin/ppp/*  after c
o bin/42803               tconv, tic, captoinfo binaries missing from distributi
o bin/42934               [sysinstall] installation procedure on install floppie
o kern/42956              [libc] dlclose gives "invalid shared object handle" wh
o bin/42974               [patch] syslogd(8): add ISO 8601 date format option
o kern/43355              idad driver will work if logical drives dont start at 
o bin/43367               incorrect report from who(1) after 'shutdown now' from
o bin/43368    krion      pkg_create fails if target directory does not exist
o bin/43434               [patch] new option to dmesg(8) which allows to display
o docs/43470   blackend   solid-state article out of date (x109).
o kern/43474              [nfs] [patch] dhcp.* values not set in kenv by bootp c
s bin/43497               mount(8): mount -t nfs -> crunchgen incompatible
o conf/43500              [patch] rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
o kern/43577              [kernel] [patch] feature request: new kernel option SH
o bin/43582               [patch] passwd(1) fails on nonexistent users
o kern/43611              [crypto] [patch] static-ize some symbols in sys/crypto
o kern/43616              [zlib] [patch] static-ize some functions in sys/net/zl
o kern/43716              [puc] [patch] puc driver does not recognize Lava Dual-
o bin/43819               [patch] changed truss(1) output for utrace calls
o docs/43823   doc        [PATCH] update to environ(7) manpage
o kern/43905   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueues: EV_SET(kevp++, ...) is non-i
o docs/43941   doc        document the Rationale for Upgrade Sequence (e.g. why 
o docs/44034   trhodes    Multiple sysctl variables are not documented
o docs/44074   doc        [patch] ln(1) manual clarifications
s bin/44122               tun0 gets a second ip adress after a disconnect
o conf/44170              [patch] Add ability to run multiple pppoed(8) on start
o www/44181    www        www "Release Information" organization
o bin/44212               [feature request] Unify 'recursive' options -r and -R
o kern/44267              [sio] [patch] One more modem PNP id for /usr/src/sys/i
o conf/44286   roberto    /etc/defaults/rc.conf uses the obsolete ntpdate
o kern/44365              [headers] [patch] introduce ulong and unchar types
o kern/44372   roberto    some kernel options prevent NTP clock synchronization
o stand/44425  standards  getcwd() succeeds even if current dir has perm 000.
o kern/44580              [nfs] NFS updates file access time when file is modifi
o kern/44587   scsi       dev/dpt/dpt.h is missing defines required for DPT_HAND
o conf/44717              [patch] update login.conf and unify login capabilities
o bin/44894    markm      telnet(1): as a local non-root user and remote it's po
o bin/44915               [sysinstall] 'choose installation media' choose CD-ROM
o gnu/44984               Send-pr can use environmental variable $FROM or $PRFRO
o docs/45011   trhodes    [patch] style(9): '->' and '.' don't require spaces
o bin/45193               [PATCH] truss can't truss itself
o conf/45222              [patch] daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o conf/45226   rc         [patch] Fix for, ppp-user annoyance
o bin/45254               [sysinstall] [patch] sysinstall installs things it sho
o kern/45293              [libc] kevent denies to observe /dev/tty
o bin/45333               [PATCH] New option -r for chown and chgrp
s bin/45547    sos        a patch to make burncd handle .wav files.
o bin/45608               [sysinstall] install should config all ether devices, 
o bin/45701    markm      spelling error in rogue
o conf/45704              [PATCH] request to change cp866b font to cp866
o bin/45729               [libexec] [patch] make rbootd transfer the default fil
o kern/45793              [headers] [patch] invalid media subtype aliases in if_
o bin/45830               [kerberos] KDC has problems when listening to IPv6 and
o bin/45896    dwmalone   setnetgrent() should return error code
o conf/46062   remko      Remove skel from BSD.root.dist.
f i386/46113   remko      [bus] [patch] busspace bugs in parameter checking
o stand/46119  standards  Priority problems for SCHED_OTHER using pthreads
o kern/46159   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw dynamic rules lifetime feature
o bin/46163    gad        lpc problem.  Only root can modify despite man page in
o bin/46235    rwatson    [sysinstall] NTP servers for Finland require updating
o bin/46328    gad        [patch] patch for lpd
o kern/46368              [isa] [patch] MAXDEP in isa/pnpparse.c is too small
s bin/46382               ps(1) could use a "repeat" mode
o conf/46409              Certain periodic scripts check broken NFS mounts.
o stand/46441  stefanf    /bin/sh does not do parameter expansion in PS1, PS2, P
o conf/46453              [INTERNATIONALIZATION] cons25l2, ISO8859-2 and console
s conf/46746              No way to set link addresses through rc.conf
o bin/46758               [patch] moused(8) enhancements
o bin/46888    gad        [patch] Add script run hook to newsyslog(8)
o bin/46905               [sysinstall] FreeBSD 5.x cannot be installed from mult
s conf/46913   darrenr    ipf denied packets of security run output contains non
o kern/46973              [syscons] [patch] syscons virtual terminals switching 
o bin/47235               top(1) reports inaccurate cpu usage
o bin/47350               [patch] supports only one ppp profile
o bin/47387               [PATCH] gprof -K still requires "a.out" arg / override
o bin/47540               [patch] Make natd(8) configurable in running state wit
o conf/47566   le         [vinum] [patch] add vinum status verification to perio
o bin/47576               [PATCH] factor(6)ing of negative numbers
o docs/47594   doc        [PATCH] passwd(5) incorrectly states allowed username 
o bin/47596               daily security run complains if timezone changes
o bin/47815               [patch] stty -all should work.
o docs/47818   doc        [patch] ln(1) manpage is confusing
o docs/48101   doc        [patch] add documentation on the fixit disk to the FAQ
o conf/48133              /etc/rc: improved vi recovery notification
o kern/48172   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and flags
o conf/48195              /var/db/mounttab error on diskless boot
o bin/48309               pppoe connections fail to establish if throughput disa
f bin/48318    mtm        Segmentation fault in sh with attached script
o usb/48342    usb        [PATCH] usbd dynamic device list.
o bin/48443    mtm        [patch] /usr/sbin/periodic executes too many files
o conf/48444              [patch] security.functions: count connection attempts 
o kern/48471   pjd        [jail] [patch] new feature: private IPC for every jail
o kern/48599              [syscons] [patch] syscons cut-n-paste logic is broken
o bin/48603               [patch] getopt(1) is broken
o gnu/48638               [libdialog] [patch] some bug fixes in libdialog
o alpha/48676  alpha      Changing the baud rate of serial consoles for Alpha sy
o conf/48870   rc         [PATCH] allow to cancel interface status d
o kern/48894              [nfs] Suggested improvements to the NFS read-ahead heu
s bin/48962    des        [PATCH] modify /usr/bin/fetch to allow bandwidth limit
o kern/48976              [modules] nwfs.ko oddity
o bin/48989               [sysinstall] Sysinstall's  partition editor gets confu
a bin/49023    gad        [patch] to lpd(8) (printjob.c) to pass source filename
o kern/49039              [sio] [patch] add support for RS485 hardware where dir
o misc/50106              [patch] make 'make release' more flexible behind FWs a
o bin/50118    edwin      calendar(1) dumps core if there is ./calendar/
o docs/50211   doc        [PATCH] fix textfile creation
p docs/50248   ceri       [patch] New FreeBSD books
o bin/50300               Make the loader's use of terminal-control sequences op
o kern/50310              [libalias] [patch] natd / libalias fix to allow dcc re
o kern/50526              [kernel] [patch] update to #! line termination
o bin/50569               /bin/sh doesn't handles ${HOME}/.profile correctly
o bin/50656    trhodes    /bin/cp - wrong error on copying of multiple files
o kern/50687              ioctl(.., CDIOCCAPABILITY, ...) always reports "Inappr
p docs/50735   brueffer   [patch] small diff to the developers handbook & outdat
o bin/50749    ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 incorrectly parses ports and port
o docs/50773   jmg        [patch] NFS problems by jumbo frames to mention in bge
o alpha/50868  alpha      fd0 floppy device is not mapped into /dev (XP1000) Fre
o bin/50949               BUG: mtree doesn't honor the -P when checking/changing
p conf/50956   matteo     daily_status_disks_df_flags in /etc/defaults/periodic.
o kern/51009              [aue] [patch] buggy aue driver fixed.
o bin/51070               [patch] add -p option to pom(6)
o kern/51120              MSGBUF_SIZE doesn't work in makefiles
a docs/51133   murray     RSH environmental variable not described in rcmd(3)
s bin/51137               [patch] config(8) should check if a scheduler is selec
o bin/51148               Control the cache size for pwd_mkdb to speedup vipw
o ports/51152  portmgr    [patch] generic SHEBANG_FILES
o bin/51205    dwmalone   openssl in base system is not compiled thread safe
o bin/51296    edwin      calendar wrong for dates based on day+-num
o docs/51480   dds        Multiple undefined references in the FreeBSD manual pa
o docs/51891   doc        DIAGNOSTICS in ed(4) driver manpage don't match realit
o conf/51920              Collation for no_NO.ISO8859-1
f usb/51958    usb        [urio] [patch] update for urio driver
o usb/52026    usb        [usb] feature request: umass driver support for InSyst
s docs/52071   delphij    [PATCH] Add more information about soft updates into a
f misc/52255   embedded   [picobsd] picobsd build script fails under FreeBSD 5.0
o misc/52256   embedded   [picobsd] picobsd build script does not read in user/s
o bin/52271               [sysinstall] sysinstall panics in machine with no hard
o bin/52469               ppp: Multiple devices using UDP don't work.
o bin/52517    murray     New functionality for /usr/bin/Mail
o kern/52623              [ex] [patch] IRQ error in driver for the Intel EtherEx
f ports/52706  portmgr    [patch] issues warning if a site is explic
o kern/52725              [PATCH] installincludes for kmods
f bin/52746               tcsh fails to handle large arguements
s ports/52765  portmgr    [PATCH] Uncompressing manual pages may fail due too "a
o bin/52782               user ppp dumps core when doing pppctl "show ipcp" afte
s bin/52826    krion      Feature Request: Adding Timestamps to pkg info upon pk
s ports/52917  portmgr    [PATCH] update default value of CONFIGURE
o kern/52971              bad macro LIST_HEAD in /usr/include/sys/queue.h
o kern/52980   mbr        [dc] [patch] dc driver fails to init Intel 21143 Cardb
o bin/53131               [sysinstall] "ALL" could not turn check BOXes ON at pa
o kern/53265   imp        [pccard] [patch] Make Sierra A555 work in FreeBSD
o docs/53271   doc        bus_dma(9) fails to document alignment restrictions
o bin/53288               tail will sometimes display more lines than it is told
o bin/53341               [sysinstall] [patch] dump frequency in sysinstall is a
o bin/53475               cp(1) copies files in reverse order to destination
o kern/53506              [partial patch] support gzipped modules
o bin/53520               su to another user does not update utmp
o bin/53560               logging domain names in wtmp is retarded
o docs/53596   doc        Updates to mt(1) manual page
o stand/53682  le         [PATCH] add fuser(1) utility
o docs/53751   doc        bus_dma(9) incorrectly documents BUS_DMA_ALLOCNOW
o bin/53899               mktime gives wrong result in Central timezone
o bin/54141               wrong behavour of cu(1)
o conf/54170              error from weekly periodic script 330.catman
s bin/54185    rwatson    UFS2 filesystem ACL flag not enforced
o kern/54220              [PATCH] /usr/src/Makefile has wrong instructions for u
o bin/54274    piso       udp-proxy support is not implemented in libalias
o bin/54365               [PATCH] add -u option to install(1) for SysV compatibi
o kern/54383   net        [nfs] [patch] NFS root configurations without dynamic 
o kern/54439              [sysctl] [patch] Protecting sysctls variables by given
o docs/54461   kensmith   [patch] Possible additions to Handbook (Basics and Use
o bin/54594               Apply regexps to the entire variable -- a new variable
o kern/54604   pjd        [kernel] [patch] make 'ps -e' procfs-independent
o bin/54683               sh, redundant history
s docs/54752   doc        bus_dma explained in ISA section in Handbook: should b
o bin/54784               find -ls wastes space
o stand/54833  standards  [pcvt] more pcvt deficits
o stand/54839  standards  [pcvt] pcvt deficits
o kern/54884   mckusick   FreeBSD -stable and -current free space handling for U
o bin/54891               libalias/natd and exporting connection-info for identd
o conf/55015              [patch] 700.kernelmsg: Security check output enhacemen
p stand/55112  standards  glob.h, glob_t's gl_pathc should be "size_t", not "int
o misc/55387              [patch] users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere with mail 
o gnu/55394    marcel     GDB on FreeBSD 4.8: Deprecated bfd_read.
o conf/55470              [pccard] [patch] new pccard.conf entry (I-O DATA WN-B1
o bin/55539               [patch] Parse fstab(5) with spaces in path names
o bin/55546               cdcontrol(1) play tr m:s.f interface is partially brok
o kern/55793              [dc] Flaky behavior of if_dc when initializing a LNE10
o kern/55802              [feature request] Make kernel.GENERIC suitable for dis
o kern/55835   emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux IPC emulation missing SETALL sys
s ports/55841  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ add routines to use ${PORTSDIR
o docs/55883   kensmith   [patch] handbook advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
o gnu/55936               send-pr does not set mail envelope from
o kern/55984   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling support for ipfw
o usb/56095    usb        [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Apacer Pen Drive fails to work
o kern/56245              [bktr] Distorted and choppy video with bktr-driver on 
o bin/56249    obrien     lukemftpd has two bugs (motd, munged utmp)
o kern/56250              [ums] [patch] ums(4) doesn't work with MCT based PS/2 
o bin/56447               Extend mt command for AIT-2 tape drives
o kern/56451              /compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo gives wrong CPU model
o stand/56476  standards  cd9660 unicode support simple hack
o kern/56632              MTIO incorrect mt_fileno status after MTEOD
o bin/56648    le         [PATCH] enable rcorder(8) to use a directory for locat
o kern/56664              bad file# in MTIO status buffer after MTEOD until MTRE
o kern/56720              [libc] feature request: UNICODE support in Resolver
f ports/56928  java       jce-aba port should install to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext
o conf/56934              rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface, but it
o conf/56940              pccard.conf entry for PCET10-CL causes syntax errors i
o ports/56980  portmgr    unprivileged user, extracting of tarballs and pre-inst
o bin/57018    le         [PATCH] convert growfs to use libufs(3)
o bin/57045               trpt(8) option -t was disabled on -current
o bin/57054               let test(1) compare the mtime of a file to a string
s bin/57088               [cam] [patch] for a possible fd leak in libcam.c
o bin/57089               "w" does not honor the -n option
o kern/57230              [psm] [patch] psm(4) incorrectly identifies an Intelli
o amd64/57250  obrien     Broken PTRACE_GETFPREGS and PTRACE_SETFPREGS
o stand/57295  harti      make's handling of MAKEFLAGS is not POSIX conform
o docs/57298   blackend   [patch] add using compact flash cards info to handbook
o docs/57388   doc        [patch] INSTALL.TXT enhancement: mention ok prompt
s bin/57407               [patch] Better NTP support for dhclient(8) and friends
o misc/57464              [boot] loader(8) seems to confuse files [4.7]
s ports/57498  portmgr    HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil
o ports/57502  tmclaugh   ports that define USE_* too late
o conf/57517              add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210.backup-alias
o kern/57522              [PATCH] New PID allocater algorithm from NetBSD
p bin/57630               lptcontrol gives "device busy" if device turned off
a kern/57696              [nfs] NFS client readdir terminates prematurely if ren
o bin/57715               [patch] tcopy(1) enhancement
a stand/57911             fnmatch ("[[:alpha:]]","x", FNM_PATHNAME) returns FNM_
o docs/57926   doc        [patch] amd.conf(5) poorly format as it has both man(7
o kern/57976              [feature request] simple kernel DDB enhancement
o bin/58012    edwin      Multihomed tftpd enhancement
o bin/58293               vi replace with CR (ASCII 13) doesn't work
o kern/58373   mckusick   [ufs] ufs inconsistency between 4.9-RC and 5.1
o bin/58390               bsdlabel fails to display an error message if the labe
o bin/58483               [patch] mount(8): allow type special or node relative 
f kern/58529   dwmalone   [libpcap] [patch] RDWR bpf in pcap.
o conf/58557              Summer/Winter-time change causes daily cron to be run 
o conf/58595              Default NTP configuration
o gnu/58656    marcel     gdb not ready for prime time
o stand/58676  standards  grantpt(3) alters storage used by ptsname(3)
o bin/58696               /sbin/natd feature request & possible patch
o kern/58803              [kernel] [patch] kern.argmax isn't changeable even at 
o conf/58939   rc         [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o kern/58967              Kernel kills processes in spite of cputime parameter i
o bin/58970               truss coredumps for the no significant reason
o docs/59044   doc        [patch] does not properly handle a sour
o bin/59220    obrien     systat(1) device select (:only) broken
o docs/59240   blackend   [patch] handbook update: linux MATLAB
s ports/59254  linimon    ports that write something after
o kern/59289              [bktr] [patch] ioctl METEORGBRIG in bktr_core.c forget
o www/59307    remko      [patch] xml/xsl'ify & update publications page
o kern/59456              fdescfs stat / compress creates only empty files
o docs/59477   doc        Outdated Info Documents at
o bin/59530               strange bug in /bin/sh
o bin/59551    marcel     Problem with GDB on latest -CURRENT
o bin/59564               Added an option (-S) to from command to also display s
o conf/59600              [PATCH] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o usb/59698    usb        [kbd] [patch] Rework of ukbd HID to AT code translatio
o bin/59708               [sysinstall] [patch] add sSMTP support for Mail select
o docs/59735   kensmith   [patch] Adding a reference to Icelandic Rsync to mirro
s kern/59739              [libc] rmdir(2) and mkdir(2) both return EISDIR for ar
o bin/59772               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: support for tcp_wrappers in daemon 
o bin/59774               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: syslog facility may be changed by P
o bin/59775               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: incorrect reply for "unimplemented"
o docs/59835   doc        ipfw(8) man page does not warn about accepted but mean
o kern/59903              [pci] [patch] "pci_find_device" returns [only/at] the 
o kern/60089   scottl     [udf] UDF filesystem appends garbage to files
o kern/60174   marcel     debugging a kernel module in load/attach routines
o kern/60183   sobomax    [gre] [patch] No WCCPv2 support in gre
s kern/60293   net        FreeBSD arp poison patch
o kern/60307              [pccard] [patch] wrong product id in pccarddevs for Sp
o bin/60350               [sysinstall] in Choose Distributions screen, "All" doe
o misc/60352              [patch] buildworld fails in sysinstall if terminfo dat
o kern/60448              PF_KEY protocol does not have a corresponding AF_KEY a
o misc/60503              [modules] small error in modules installation
o docs/60529   ume        resolver(5) man page is badly out of date
o kern/60550   silby      [kernel] [patch] hitting process limits produces sub-o
s ports/60558  portmgr    [PATCH] automatically verify GnuPG signat
f kern/60599   multimedia [bktr] [partial patch] No sound for ATI TV Wonder (ste
o bin/60632               UI bug in partition label screen in sysinstall
o bin/60636               Enhancement to adduser script.
o kern/60677   multimedia [sound] [patch] No reaction of volume controy key on I
o kern/60697              [pty] [patch] pseudo-tty hack versus telnet race cause
f kern/60699              [atapicam] DVD Multidrive udma mode autosensed wrong
o kern/60719   ipfw       [ipfw] Headerless fragments generate cryptic error mes
o bin/60834               [patch] ftpd(8) send_data()+oldway: anonymous transfer
o kern/60874              [feature request] auto-assign devfs ruleset numbers
o bin/60892               [patch] added -p option to kldxref(8) to allow creatio
o kern/60963              [pecoff] [patch] Win32 Applications abort on PECOFF
f i386/61005   remko      [boot] The Boot Manager in FreeBSD 5.2RC can't boot Fr
p usb/61234    imp        [usb] [patch] usbhidaction(1) doesn't support using an
o bin/61239               [patch] bootp enhancement, places the dhcp tags into t
o bin/61264               [sysinstall] unable To Use VT100 Terminal Emulator (Te
o conf/61289              /etc/pccard_ether: please use ifn value on pccard scri
o kern/61300              [aue] [patch] Enabling HomePNA PHY on aue(4) for HomeP
o docs/61301   doc        [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enable HomePNA fun
f misc/61322              [patch] disallows shell generated flags in 
o bin/61405    cperciva   A faster ffs(3)
o kern/61438              [sysinstall] 5.2 nfs tasks running by default after sy
f i386/61481   remko      [patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to userla
o kern/61497   ups        [kernel] [patch] __elfN(map_insert) bug
o bin/61502    dwmalone   Incorrect ip6fw output when adding rules
o kern/61503              [smbfs] mount_smbfs does not work as non-root
f i386/61603   remko      [sysinstall] wrong geometry guessed
s kern/61622              Intel Pro/100 Intelligent Server Adapter unsupported N
o bin/61666    peter      [patch] mount_nfs(8) parsing bug, segmentation fault
f kern/61677              Unable to open CDROM tray if boot_cdrom is in loader.c
a kern/61744   andre      [netinet] [patch] TCP hangs onto mbufs with no tcp dat
s kern/61810              mounts done within a chroot show up wrong and can't be
o kern/61909              5.2-Current fails to notice change of CD in drive
o bin/61971               k5init --renewable fails
o bin/61975    ume        [PATCH] sync src/usr.sbin/traceroute6.c with KAME
o bin/61978               [PATCH] sync src/usr.sbin/setkey/token.l with KAME
o i386/62003   remko      [loader] [patch] make /boot/loader "reboot" code same 
o kern/62042   luigi      [ipfw] ipfw can't no more reject icmp (icmptypes 8)
o bin/62077               [patch] Make it possible to abbreviate mixer device na
o kern/62098              [pccard] [patch] Bad CISTPL_VERS_1 and clash on notebo
o kern/62102   alc        obreak update
o bin/62207               ppp crashes with option 'nat punch_fw' when nat'ed hos
o usb/62257    usb        [umass] card reader UCR-61S2B is only half-supported
o kern/62323              [kbd] Logitech Cordless MX Duo Keyboard/Mouse combinat
o kern/62333              [dc] syslog: kernel: dc0: discard oversize frame (ethe
o docs/62412   doc        one of the diskless boot methods described in the Hand
o bin/62513               Errant /usr/bin/krb5-config on 4-STABLE
o bin/62702               [sysinstall] backup of /etc and /root during sysinstal
o bin/62711               [sysinstall] installation: "Insert Next CD" Prompt is 
o bin/62766               ``systat -vm'' does not work on diskless machines
f java/62837   java       linux-sun-jdk14 executables hang with COMPAT_LINUX in 
s stand/62858  standards  malloc(0) not C99 compliant
o bin/62885    des        pam_radius doesn't maintain multiple state fields
o kern/62890   ups        proc pointer set by fork1 can be stale in fork,rfork,v
f bin/62965    krion      pkg_add -r fails if fetching multiple packages at a ti
o bin/63064               strptime fails on %z
o docs/63084   des        Several Man-pages reference non-existant pam.conf(5) a
o kern/63096   rwatson    [mac] [patch] MAC entry point for route manipulation
a bin/63197               tftp Bus error, core dumped
o docs/63215   doc        Wrong prototypes in mi_switch(9) (ref docs/24311)
o bin/63319               burncd fixate error
o conf/63527              AM/PM date format should be localized.
o www/63552    gabor      Validation errors due to CAPs in attribute values
o docs/63570   ceri       [patch] Language cleanup for the Handbook's DNS sectio
o bin/63608               Add a -c option to time(1) to display csh output
f i386/63628              [loader] [patch] i386 master boot record to allow boot
o usb/63837    usb        [uhid] [patch] USB: hid_is_collection() only looks for
o kern/63863   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] feature request: implement NGM_ELEC
o bin/64036               Linux application Sophos Mailmonitor not opening TCP p
o kern/64114              [vga] [patch] bad vertical refresh for console using R
o kern/64178   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue does not work with bpf when us
o bin/64327               [patch] make(1): document surprising behaviour of assi
o conf/64381              lo0 not up and no IPs assigned after install
o kern/64556              [sis] if_sis short cable fix problems with NetGear FA3
o kern/64588              [joy] [patch] Extend joystick driver architecture to s
o kern/64788              nsswitch with ldap and starting ppp on boot gives erro
o bin/64811               systat can't display big numbers in some fields
s kern/64875   standards  [libc] [patch] [feature request] add a system call: fd
o bin/64921               vmstat -i is not reporting IRQ usage on a shared IRQ
o bin/65045               ftp doesn't remember binary mode if setting at command
f i386/65124   remko      [bootloader] Unable to disable TERM_EMU cleanly
o bin/65228               [Patch] Allow rup(1) to parse hostnames from a defined
o bin/65258               save /etc/rc.firewall from changing for standard firew
o kern/65278   ups        [sio] [patch] kgdb debugger port initialization destro
o bin/65299               vi temp path contains double /
o bin/65306    obrien     [patch] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build utils, par
o kern/65355              [pci] [patch] TC1000 serial ports need enabling
o kern/65448   jhb        _mtx_unlock_sleep() race condition if ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES
o bin/65483               vi -r crashes
o kern/65627              [i386] [patch] store P3 serial number in sysctl
o bin/65649    gad        Add `-u name' option to env(1)
o bin/65707               scp does not deal with local file copies with spaces
o usb/65769    usb        [usb] Call to tcflush(x, TCIFLUSH) stops input on usb-
o bin/65803    gad        bin/ps enhancements (posix syntax, and more)
s ports/65804  portmgr    [PATCH] is gratuitously slow
o bin/65973               Problem logging in to the NIS slave and NIS Client
o kern/66095              [pam] template_user is broken in pam_radius
o kern/66185              [twe] twe driver generates gratuitous warning on shutd
o kern/66225              [netgraph] [patch] extend ng_eiface(4) control message
o kern/66268   glebius    [socket] [patch] Socket buffer resource limit (RLIMIT_
o gnu/66279               less(1) -- add support for stty(1) erase2/VERASE2 cont
p docs/66289   brueffer   [patch] lib/libc/gen/ualarm.3 refers to non-existent a
f ports/66342  portmgr    [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java ports
p docs/66343   imp        [patch] unlisted supported card on man page for wi(4)
o stand/66357  standards  make POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' & '+' command-
o bin/66445               [patch] Add options to last(1) to ignore ftp logins (u
o alpha/66478  alpha      unexpected machine check: panic for 4.9, 4.10, 5.2 or 
f ports/66480  openoffice editors/ port uses root's $HOME for 
p bin/66492               cpio -o -Hustar creates broken timestamps
o docs/66505   trhodes    escaping '~' and '$' characters in login.conf setenv o
o stand/66531  standards  _gettemp uses a far smaller set of filenames than docu
o usb/66547    usb        [usb] Palm Tungsten T USB does not initialize correctl
f kern/66564              [xl] [patch] 3c920-MV00 PHY detection problem
s ports/66566  portmgr    [PATCH] fix build when /usr/obj/usr/ports
o kern/66589              [quotas] [jail] processes get stuck in "inode" state w
o bin/66594    marcel     gdb dumps core
o bin/66677               mv incorrectly copies somedir/.. to ./.. when it cross
o bin/66893               [patch] rpc.yppasswdd(8): Linux NIS clients connecting
o bin/66988               [Patch] apm.c check validation of the returned values
o bin/67041               "fortune -m" peeks in "fortune" file only
o bin/67142               rpc.yppasswdd incorrectly throws errors about invalid 
o bin/67172               w,finger display the remote host incorrectly
o bin/67231               [patch] pam_krb5 doesn't honor default flags from /etc
o bin/67307               ready to import bootstrap_cmds/decomment from Darwin
o bin/67308               ready to import bootstrap_cmds/relpath from Darwin
o kern/67309   acpi       zzz reboot computer (ACPI S3)
f i386/67383   remko      [i386] [patch] do a better job disassembling code in 1
f ports/67436  portmgr    [patch] GNU_CONFIGURE_PREFIX_SUBDIR
f ports/67437  portmgr    [patch] NO_BUILD and PKGNAMESUFFIX do not
o misc/67502   cvsadm     cvs-all commit message did not include all files touch
o kern/67545              [nfs] NFS Diskless Mount Option Suggestion
o bin/67550    edwin      Add BLK_SIZE option to tftpd server
o gnu/67565               SIGPIPE processing in cvs 1.11.5 may lead to SIGSEGV i
o kern/67580              [feature request] add hints for boot failures
o bin/67723               FreeBSD 5.x restore cannot handle other platforms/Linu
o kern/67763              [pccard] [patch] PCMCIA: MELCO manufacturer code shoul
s ports/67815  shaun      graphics/ImageMagick no longer recognizes FlashPix
o kern/67830              [smp] [patch] CPU affinity problem with forked child p
o alpha/67903  alpha      hw.chipset.memory: 1099511627776 - thats way to much :
o bin/67943               find(1) fails when current directory is not readable b
o bin/68014               stty -pendin does not turn off pendin mode
o bin/68062               standalone repeat(1) command
o kern/68081              [headers] [patch] sys/time.h (lint fix)
o conf/68108              [patch] Adding mac-address /conf selector to diskless 
a kern/68189   luigi      [arp] [jail] [patch] arp -a discloses non-jail interfa
o kern/68192              [quotas] [jail] Cannot use quotas on jailed systems
o usb/68232    usb        [ugen] [patch] ugen(4) isochronous handling correction
o kern/68311              [patch] it is impossible to override defaults with ker
o bin/68312               be able to create fdisk partions using similar syntax 
o kern/68317              [kernel] [patch] on soft (clean) reboots clean dmesg o
o bin/68328               enable configuration of extra listen sockets in syslog
p usb/68412    imp        [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Philips KEY013 USB MP3 player
o bin/68437               conscontrol DEVDIR -> _PATH_DEV fix and more
o kern/68458              Burning DVD causes lots of FAILURE - READ_SUBCHANNEL I
o kern/68459              [vfs] [patch] Patches to mknod(2) behave more like Lin
o kern/68514              [re] Realtek driver halts on oversized frames
f i386/68518   remko      [agp] [hang] hangs while loading 82443BX agp during bo
p conf/68525   matteo     Loader's verbose boot mode has rc.d/localdaemon not na
o bin/68527               Resizing 'top' running in a terminal to one column wid
o bin/68586    dwmalone   [patch] allow syslogd to forward to non-default ports 
o kern/68623              [sf] [patch] sf(4) (Adaptec StarFire) multiple problem
o kern/68690              [libc] write(2) returns wrong value when EFAULT
s kern/68692   andre      [net] [patch] Move ARP out of routing table
f kern/68719   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] poor performance with msdosfs and US
o kern/68765              [mmap] a little data can be stored beyond EOF.
o bin/68797               [patch] cut(1): fflush after each write if an option i
a bin/68904    krion      pkg_install fixes (_PATH_*, sprintf -> snprintf, strcp
o kern/68905              core dumps are assigned wrong ownership
o bin/69010               [patch] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build utils, par
s threa/69020  threads    pthreads library leaks _gc_mutex
o bin/69083               [patch] basic modelines for contrib/nvi
o bin/69164    marcel     GDB/amd64: coredump while debugging a core file.
f i386/69257   remko      [i386] [patch] in_cksum_hdr is non-functional without 
o bin/69268               [patch] Fix ndiscvt(8) to warn you if it's going to ge
o ports/69309  ale        mysql database backup script for periodic/daily
o bin/69362    mbr        amd(8) does not properly detect the local network sett
o bin/69398               [patch] cleartext display of password in login.c
o kern/69502              [modules] kldload will load modules that are in the st
o kern/69650              [patch] make getserv* functions work with nsdispatch
o kern/69730              [puc] [patch] puc driver doesn't support PC-Com 8-port
o i386/69750   acpi       Boot without ACPI failed on ASUS L5
o kern/69825              [libc] 1st group supplied to setgroups() does not take
o kern/69826              [libc] 16th group has no effect when accesing file on 
o docs/69861   doc        [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not document POSI
o bin/69875               [patch] mlxcontrol(8): `mlxcontrol status <drivename>'
o kern/69963   ipfw       [ipfw] install_state warning about already existing en
o bin/69986               [sysinstall] [patch] no job control in fixit shell on 
o kern/69989              killing process that uses snp + unloading module + lis
o bin/70002               [sysinstall] fails to locate FTP dirs if the OS has pa
o conf/70048              magic(5) file has a typo at second test for type GLF &
o bin/70182               [patch] fortune -e implementation bug
o docs/70217   doc        [patch] Suggested rewrite of docproj/sgml.sgml for cla
o bin/70245    ru         [patch] Change to src/release/Makefile to aid document
o bin/70297               request to make amd timeouts per-mount local
o bin/70335               inconsistent syslog behavior when max children configu
o bin/70336               telnetd always exits with value 1
o kern/70401   darrenr    [modules] Could not load ipl.ko when no INET6 in the k
o bin/70476               sbin/reboot change, -p behavior default for halt
o bin/70511               When fread()ing with buffering turned off, many syscal
o usb/70523    usb        [usb] [patch] umct sending/receiving wrong characters
o bin/70528               No libffi on amd64, either with native compiler or fro
o bin/70536               reboot -dp tries to dump when powering off
o docs/70583   ceri       [patch] Update freebsd-glossary
o docs/70652   doc        [patch] New man page: portindex(5)
o kern/70708              [nfs] gcore/procfs not finding /proc/pid/file on repea
o conf/70715              Lack of year in dates in auth.log can cause confusing 
o bin/70756               [PATCH] indent(1) mishandles code that is protected fo
o kern/70798              Compatibility: Sun/Solaris has an fcntl() F_DUP2FD. Fr
o kern/70810              [pci] [patch] Enable SMBus device on Asus P4B series m
o stand/70813  standards  [PATCH] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o ports/70831  tobez      make perl5.8 port SU_CMD aware
o i386/70832   yongari    [re] re0: watchdog timeout on Evo N1015v
o kern/70904   darrenr    [ipfilter] ipfilter ipnat problem with h323 proxy supp
o kern/71045              [dhcp] DHCP-Request is sets other device's ip to null,
o bin/71098    cvsadm     [cvsadm] [patch] CVS keywords are not expanded with CV
o kern/71184   andre      tcp-sessions hangs on FIN_WAIT_2 state
o gnu/71210               Update to GNU sdiff: add user-preference for merge key
o kern/71219              /proc/*/map dont tell file offset
o conf/71254              ncurses: xterm vs. cons* termtypes or sc(4)
o kern/71258              [vm] [patch] anonymous mmappings not always page align
o usb/71280    usb        [aue] aue0 device (linksys usb100tx) doesn't work in 1
o kern/71334              [mem] [patch] mem_range_attr_{set|get} are no longer k
o kern/71366   ipfw       [ipfw] "ipfw fwd" sometimes rewrites destination mac a
o conf/71386              loader.conf: hint.apic.0.disabled="YES" doesn't work.
o usb/71416    usb        [ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) detach is n
o usb/71417    usb        [ugen] Cryptoflex e-gate USB token (ugen0) communicati
a kern/71422   csjp       LOR in sys/net/bpf
o kern/71450              [de] de(4): MAC address change on 21040 "Tulip" Ethern
o usb/71455    usb        [usb] Slow USB umass performance of 5.3
o kern/71469              default route to internet magically disappears with mu
a kern/71474   bms        route lookup does not skip interfaces marked down
o kern/71532              Multiple SCSI-Busses are seen differently by BIOS, loa
p ports/71544  arved      devel/tvision might need these extra patches
o conf/71549              /etc/termcap missing passthrough printing entries for 
o bin/71613               [PATCH] traceroute(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/tracero
o bin/71616               [PATCH] yp_mkdb(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/yp_mkdb co
o bin/71617               [PATCH] ypserv(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/ypserv code
o bin/71618               [PATCH] timed(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/timed code
o bin/71621               [PATCH] sliplogin(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sliplogi
o bin/71622               [PATCH] sicontrol(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sicontro
o bin/71623               [pcvt] [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pcvt code
o bin/71624               [PATCH] rtadvd(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/rtadvd code
o bin/71625               [rpc] [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpc.ypupdated co
o bin/71628               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpcbind code
o bin/71629               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppstats code
o bin/71630               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppd code
o bin/71631               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppctl code
o bin/71632               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/ndp code
p bin/71659               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/mount_portalfs code
o bin/71660               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/kgmon code
o bin/71661               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/keyserv code
o bin/71664               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/fwcontrol code
o bin/71665               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/dconschat code
o bin/71667               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/bootparamd code
o bin/71669               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/atm code
o bin/71671               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/apmd code
o bin/71749               [PATCH] truss -f causes circular wait when traced proc
o conf/71767              [patch] French translations for keyboards keymaps desc
s bin/71773    des        [patch] -c misses some comments
o kern/71774              [ntfs] NTFS cannot "see" files on a WinXP filesystem
o kern/71833              multiple process disc access / injustice
s bin/71855               [patch] making kdump WARNS=6 clean
o bin/71928               Disk quota doesn't work with numeric login
o conf/71952              missing past participles in /usr/share/dict/words
s kern/71965   andre      TCP MSS issue in combination with ipfw fwd
o conf/71994              [patch] dot.login: login shell may unnecessarily print
o stand/72006  standards  floating point formating in non-C locales
f ports/72067  obrien     [PATCH] editors/vim: i18n and extra support
o conf/72076              [locale] [patch] German locales use old %d.%m.%y date 
o bin/72173               csplit(1) ver 1.9 wrong behaviour with negative offset
o i386/72179   acpi       [acpi] [patch] Inconsistent apm(8) output regarding th
o kern/72194              stack backtrace after wakeup from sleeping state
s ports/72202  simon      portaudit warns about the CVS server vulnerability whi
o kern/72217              [netinet6] [patch] Bug in calculation of the parameter
o conf/72219              Sysinstall doesn't enable 3rd party MTA in rc.conf
a kern/72224   anholt     [agp] umass devices broken by DRM (AGP issue?)
o conf/72277              [patch] update for /usr/share/skel
o kern/72293   jhb        [de] de(4) NIC performance degradation with debug.mpsa
o kern/72296              [bfe] bfe0: discard oversize frame (ether type 5e0 fla
o kern/72352              [puc] [patch] Support for VScom PCI-100L is missing fr
o bin/72355               Can't run "strings" on a (disk) device, even if you wa
o usb/72380    usb        [usb] USB does not work [dual Celeron Abit]
o bin/72398               emulators/mtools man pages are too funky for getNAME(1
o kern/72433              [amr] [patch] AMR raid, amrreg.h struct amr_enquery3 a
o conf/72465              [patch] United States International keyboard layout fo
o kern/72498              [libc] [jail] timestamp code on jailed SMP machine gen
o bin/72501    cperciva   script(1) loops after EOF is read
o bin/72517               Minor Bug in /etc/login.access
o kern/72585              [syscons] [patch] iso05-8x16.fnt lacks letter q
o bin/72588               [patch] iostat(8) tty stats field concatenation
a kern/72639              5.3-BETA7 kernel config option ALT_BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER d
o kern/72659   jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] little bug in sched_ule interactiv
o bin/72674               [patch] make /usr/bin/whois use SK-NIC's whois server 
p usb/72732    imp        [patch] Kyocera 7135 quirk.
o usb/72733    usb        Kyocera 7135 Palm OS connection problem.
o bin/72787               gtar in base system doesn't seem to honor --one-file-s
o bin/72793               [patch] wicontrol(8) prints out non-printable chars in
o bin/72875    des        Some utilities used in debugging do not function prope
o conf/72901              [patch]: dot.profile: prevent printing when doing an s
a kern/72920   emulation  [linux]: path "prefixing" is not done on unix domain s
p kern/72933   yar        [netgraph] [patch] promisc mode on vlan interface does
a conf/72978              [patch] add danish syscons keymap with accents
o kern/72987   ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw/dummynet pipe/queue 'queue [BYTES]KBytes (
o kern/72995   multimedia [sound] Intel ICH2 (82801BA) - sound nearly inaudible
o kern/72997              [sk] Network performance down [6-CURRENT]
o sparc/72998  sparc64    [kernel] [patch] set_mcontext() change syscalls parame
o kern/73034              [libalias] libalias does not handle lowercase port/epr
o usb/73056    usb        [usb] Sun Microsystems Type 6 USB mouse not working in
p bin/73110    rwatson    [patch] ffsinfo conversion from atol() to strtol()
p bin/73112    rwatson    [patch] change atol() to strtol() in badsect
o kern/73195              bad PATH, missing HOME and TERM env var on single boot
o kern/73276   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 vulnerability (parser error)
o kern/73294              [hang] hangs in default mode when AccelePort DIGI XR P
o kern/73328              [patch] top shows NICE as -111 on processes started by
o bin/73337               nsswitch: potential invalid free
o bin/73411               [patch] FTPD could set attributes to 0600 while upload
o kern/73492              [feature request] Reliable Temporary Files
o kern/73496              [feature request] A more flexible version of mkstemp()
o kern/73517              [pfil] pfil_hooks (ipfw,pf etc) and ipsec processing o
o www/73549    brd        Mail list archive navigation difficulty
s www/73551    www        List archive 'quoted-printable' corruption.
o kern/73646              [ahd] I/O performance: with/without MEMIO option
o conf/73677   rc         [patch] add support for powernow states to power_profi
o docs/73679   doc        FreeBSD 5.3 Release notes mention new natd(8) function
s ports/73743  x11        XOrg/XFree xauth add/startx problem
o kern/73777   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux emulation: root dir special hand
o conf/73786              added WARNING in spanish to stable-supfile
o kern/73823   acpi       [feature request] acpi / power-on by timer support
o bin/73884               Add NetBSD's rawrite32 to install tools
o i386/73921   i386       [sysctl] [patch] sysctlbyname for machdep.tsc_freq doe
o conf/73929   dougb      [patch] /etc/rc.d/named will not work with ports-named
f kern/73961              [fdc] floppy disk drive performance problem [new in 5.
o conf/74004              [PATCH] add fam support to inetd.conf
o conf/74006   dougb      [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/named minor fixes
o kern/74037              [ppc] ppc(4) cannot find parallel port on Toshiba M30 
o bin/74140               ntpdate(8): ntpdate does not try all IPs for a host
o i386/74153   i386       [pst] FreeBSD 5.3 cannot boot ftom pst
o kern/74159              [headers] [patch] fix warnings concerned with header f
o bin/74178               [patch] grdc(6) - scrolling does not work and "AM"/"PM
o usb/74211    usb        [umass] USB flash drive causes CAM status 0x4 on 4.10R
o conf/74213   darrenr    [PATCH] Connect src/etc/periodic/security/610.ipf6deni
o kern/74281              [digi] digi(4): Digiboard PCI Xem (64-ports) detection
o kern/74314              [resolver] [jail] DNS resolver broken under certain ja
o i386/74327   i386       [pmap] [patch] mlock() causes physical memory leakage
s kern/74352              NFSCLIENT and booting to an mfsroot via TFTP are mutua
o bin/74360               [patch] ndiscvt(8) generates a driver which doesn't ma
a bin/74387               linprocfs can be mounted on top of itself many times
o bin/74404               sh(1) does not handle signals to subshells properly an
o bin/74450               [libalias] [patch] enable libalias/natd to create skip
f usb/74453    usb        [patch] Q-lity CD-RW USB ECW-043 (ScanLogic SL11R chip
o i386/74454   i386       [] [patch] Adding VIA Eden family
o kern/74498              [pccard] [patch] new CIS id for Intersil WiFi, pccard 
o bin/74506               [patch] bad top command display
o usb/74557    usb        imation 500mb usb key can only be written halfway on f
o amd64/74608  amd64      [mpt] [hang] mpt hangs 5 minutes when booting
p usb/74609    imp        [umodem] [patch] allowing cdma modems to work at full 
o i386/74650   i386       System Reboot with umount command
o gnu/74654               libsupc++.a lacks necessary functions
o bin/74743               [patch] wctype.c declares static array on stack
o ports/74752  simon      make takes a little while before anything visible happ
o kern/74777              [request] Bootup "beep" in 5.3 should be disabled by d
o kern/74786              [irq] [patch] Smartlink Modem causes interrupt storm o
f amd64/74811  linimon    [nfs] df, nfs mount, negative Avail -> 32/64-bit confu
o conf/74817   rc         [patch] network.subr: fixed automatic configuration of
o kern/74827              [fdc] Problem writing data to floppies
p usb/74849    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Samsung SPH-i500 does not attach pro
p usb/74880    imp        [ucom] [patch] Samsung N400 cellphone/acm fails to ata
o ports/74907  apache     [PATCH] www/mod_perl: cleanups
s kern/74986   jfv        [patch] sysctlize a parameter of if_em's interrupt mod
o kern/75121              Wrong behaviour of IFF_LINK2 bit in 6in6 gifs?
o kern/75132   jhb        [puc] [patch] add support for the Davicom 56PDV PCI Mo
o conf/75137   jhb        add snd_* modules support to /etc/rc.d/mixer
o bin/75177    philip     Bug selecting psm operation level in moused
o kern/75254              [wi] [patch] PRISM3-based adapter ZCOM XI330 doesn't w
o kern/75298              [pccard] [patch] add missing device id for pccard brid
o bin/75362               contrib/smbfs mount_smbfs No buffer space available
o bin/75378               login(1): login/wtmp/utmp not updating properly
o kern/75380              can not open("..") from top-level directory of UFS2 hd
o conf/75502              [patch] [locale] Fix LC_NUMERIC and LC_MONETARY for de
o bin/75570               chflags nosappnd directory doesn't work
o bin/75585    matteo     [unionfs] mount -p on unionfs results in non parsable 
o bin/75632    le         gvinum commands not consistent with vinum doc
o kern/75702   dwmalone   [libc] -O5 flag breaks some compiles in /usr/src/lib/l
o kern/75710              [cue] cue0 device configuration causes kernel panic
o usb/75764    usb        [umass] [patch] "umass0: Phase Error" - no device for 
o bin/75767               WANTED: "fdclose" function in libc
o usb/75800    usb        [ucom] ucom1: init failed STALLED error in time of syn
o bin/75855               getpwent functions on 5.3 with large password file ext
o docs/75865   doc        comments on "backup-basics" in handbook
o kern/75873              Usability problem with non-RFC-compliant IP spoof prot
o ports/75883  demon      mrtg + ucd-snmp give wrong results
o bin/75884               [patch] m4(1): syscmd's output is out of sync with std
p i386/75898   i386       Exception and reboot: Loader and kernel use SSE2 instr
o usb/75928    usb        Cytronix SmartMedia card (SMC) reader has problems whe
o kern/75934              [libcrypt] [patch] missing blowfish functionality in p
o docs/75995   doc        hcreate(3) documentation(?) bug
s ports/76021  sem        portupgrade: package delete can remove necessary files
o gnu/76069               FreeBSD's definition of offsetof isn't good for C++
o kern/76081              [rl] [patch] Add support for CardBUS NIC FNW3603TX
o bin/76089               The "-n" option in /usr/bin/w is broken
o kern/76144              [fifo] poll doesn't set POLLHUP when FIFO is closed
o gnu/76169               [patch] Add PAM support to cvs pserver
o kern/76178   scsi       [ahd] Problem with ahd and large SCSI Raid system
o conf/76226              Default local.9600 gettytab initially uses parity
o conf/76298              fstab doesn't pass mntops properly
o docs/76333   doc        [patch] ferror(3): EOF indicator can be cleared by not
o bin/76362               sys directory link points to wrong location
o usb/76461    usb        [umass] disklabel of umass(4)-CAM(4)-da(4) not used by
o kern/76485              [libc] sched_getparam(2) returns weird priority number
s conf/76491              Addition into /etc/security few new functions
p bin/76497               tcpdump dumps core on ppp ipv6cp packets
p conf/76509              [patch] [locale] New locale uk_UA.CP1251 support
s kern/76520              [libiconv] [patch] Add new kernel-side libiconv conver
o kern/76539              [dummynet] [patch] ipnat + dummynet on output on same 
o bin/76590               adding -mapall in nfs exports requires reboot
o conf/76626              [patch] 460.status-mail-rejects shows destination doma
o usb/76653    usb        [umass] [patch] Problem with Asahi Optical usb device 
o kern/76678   rwatson    [libpam] [patch] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no loc
o bin/76697               newsyslog keeps one more archive files than documented
o kern/76710              [mii] [patch] rgephy does not deal with status properl
o bin/76711               parse error in rm.c:check() while parsing value return
o usb/76732    usb        Mouse problems with USB KVM Switch
o bin/76736    dwmalone   syslogd pipelines losing messages
o bin/76752               /usr/bin/login
o bin/76756    des        function pw_equal in pw_util.c does not test pw_passwd
o kern/76818   rwatson    ACL modifications touch file's mtime
o kern/76857              Samsung mouse misbehaviour
o kern/76950   acpi       ACPI wrongly blacklisted on Micron ClientPro 766Xi sys
o kern/76972              64-bit integer overflow computing user cpu time in cal
o bin/77001               sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers /etc/login.conf.db
o bin/77031               [patch] comm(1) unable to handle lines greater than LI
f bin/77082    krion      src/usr.sbin/pkg_install - Add 3 new macros to clean p
o bin/77089               /sbin/natd: natd ignores -u with passive FTP
o kern/77091              [kbd] Keyboard quits working under X with MAXCONS kern
o kern/77156              FreeBSD does not redirect packets on proper interface.
o bin/77260               df behaviour has changed between 4.x and 5.x
o bin/77261               login doesn't chdir into a group-protected home direct
o kern/77273   darrenr    [ipfilter] ipfilter breaks ipv6 statefull filtering on
o kern/77341              [ipv6] problems with IPV6 impementation
o kern/77355              [i386] [patch] Detect i*86 subarches for uname
o kern/77377              Slow downloading from FreeBSD server with PPPoE-connec
o bin/77445               ntpd(8): too many recvbufs(40) when ntpd started with 
o bin/77554               type mismatch in IPv6 firewall rule parser
o kern/77662              diskless hostname set via DHCP only if ACPI off
o conf/77663   rc         Suggestion: add /etc/rc.d/addnetswap after addcritremo
o kern/77826              [ext2fs] ext2fs usb filesystem will not mount RW
o kern/77841              [libc] [patch] cast away const in getpublickey()
f ports/77876  portmgr    [patch] Ensure uniqueness of (DOCS|EXAMPLES|DATA)DIR
o kern/77902              [nfs] NFS client should use VA_UTIMES_NULL to determin
o kern/77913              [wi] [patch] Add the APDL-325 WLAN pccard to wi(4)
p kern/77958              [smbfs] can't delete read-only files via smbfs
o bin/78021               sem_open(3) doesn't mention fnctl.h include requiremen
o kern/78072              [lge] [patch] Potential memory leak in lge(4)
o kern/78090              [ipf] ipf filtering on bridged packets doesn't work if
o kern/78114   phk        [geom] [patch] Solaris/x86 label structures for GEOM (
o bin/78131    geom       gbde "destroy" not working.
o docs/78138   doc        [patch] Error in pre-installation section of installat
o bin/78170               [patch] Fix signal handler in bootpd
o docs/78240   doc        [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with <quote> aroun
o bin/78304               Signal handler abuse in comsat(8)
o kern/78388              [vr] vr network drivers cause watchdog timeout
o conf/78419              /etc/termcap is a symbolic link
o bin/78424               Internal IPs on router, natd/libalias break PMTUD
a docs/78440   trhodes    POSIX semaphores don't work by default in 5.3-STABLE
o kern/78444   jeff       [sched_ule] doesn't keep track of the sleep time of a 
p kern/78464   ambrisko   [linprocfs] Implement /proc/mounts
o docs/78480   doc        Networked printer setup unnecessarily complex in handb
o bin/78529               'df' shows wrong info about hard drive after carrying 
o stand/78537  phk        times(2) not functioning per the Posix spec
o bin/78562               Add numerical sorting option to join(1)
o kern/78646              [libmap] [patch] libmap should canonicalize pathnames 
o kern/78673              [nfs] [patch] nfs client open resets attrstamp ever if
o ports/78712  perky      [Update Ports] Rename ja-pycodec to ja-py??-pycodec
o bin/78728               [patch] ntpd -- noisy when IPv4 or IPv6 interfaces are
o kern/78756              [libc] [patch] src/lib/libc/nls/fr_FR.ISO8859-1.msg fo
o kern/78758   sos        [ata] [patch] Add support for re-sizing ATA disks
o bin/78763    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to ps(1)
o bin/78768    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to top(1)
o bin/78785    ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw verbosity locks machine if /etc/rc
o kern/78787              sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) may return incorrect value
o kern/78812              [workaround] logitech cordless mouse with ps/2 adapter
o kern/78849   phk        Problems with GBDE encrypted partitions
o kern/78884              [nfs] [patch] nfs client cache negative lookups
o kern/78957              time counter per process stops (syscall: getrusage)
f usb/78984    usb        [patch] Creative MUVO umass failure
o bin/79008               add option for pom(6) to specify EPOCH
o kern/79035   le         [vinum] gvinum unable to create a striped set of mirro
s kern/79048              [libc] realloc() copies data even when the size of all
o stand/79055  stefanf    Add an IFS regression test for shells
o stand/79056  standards  regex(3) regression tests
o kern/79058              [panic] floppy umount crash on accidental remove/reins
o kern/79066              [bktr] bktr(4) eating about 10% CPU load once it was u
o stand/79067  stefanf    /bin/sh should be more intelligent about IFS
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s
o ports/79093  mi         net/rdist6 ignore ssh transport
s kern/79117   isdn       [iavc] iavc(4) for AVM B1 PCI does not attach
o kern/79138   rwatson    close while sending on connected UNIX-domain socket ca
p kern/79139   rodrigc    [pci] [patch] Support for more PCIe chipsets
o kern/79143              [ipmi] Broadcom NIC driver do not work for IPMI
o conf/79196   rc         [PATCH] configurable dummynet loading  from /etc/
o bin/79228               [patch] extend /sbin/arp to be able to create blackhol
o bin/79232               WARNS6 clean libexec/comsat
o kern/79251   geom       [2TB] newfs fails on 2.6TB gbde device
s i386/79274              Autoconfigure fails for O2Micro OZ6812/6872 PCI-CardBu
a ports/79351  lofi       Character passing error in security/pinentry-qt
o kern/79352              [feature request] double tagged q-in-q nested vlan sup
o ports/79382  ume        package information for cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd bad
o kern/79416   darrenr    ipf in 4.11 breaks POLA
o kern/79441   trhodes    [msdosfs] problem writing on mounted msdos-fs at /mnt 
o bin/79607    obrien     grok and default to bzip2-compressed manual pages [pat
f kern/79635   gavin      [em] 82545GM reports the EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid
o ports/79651  clement    [patch] mail/ssmtp: add per-user smtp authentication c
o kern/79678   multimedia [sound] sound works except recording from any source
o bin/79714    marcel     kgdb user I/O nits
o usb/79723    usb        [usb] prepare for high speed isochronous transfers
p usb/79725    imp        [usb] [patch] USB device speed is not double-checked
o i386/79840   i386       [sysinstall] Partitioning and formating a new disk fai
o threa/79887  threads    [patch] freopen() isn't thread-safe
p usb/79893    imp        [umass] [patch] new usbdevs/umass quirks derived from 
o kern/79944              [fdc] virtual floppy controller of Virtual PC does not
o bin/79965               top(1) messes up narrow terminals while displaying the
p usb/80010    imp        [aue] [patch] add support for the AEI USB to LAN adapt
o kern/80031   rwatson    [coda] [patch] Remove insque/remque from kernel land
p bin/80058               adduser -f exits silently if file has empty line or li
o i386/80095   i386 crashes with executables produced by tinyc
o ports/80111  ume        patch to make WITH_KERBEROS4 working for security/cyru
o bin/80117               [sysinstall] [patch] smbfs install option for sysinsta
o conf/80158              request configuration option for specifing the GBDE pa
o bin/80176    des        fetch does not always work with https with a proxy.
o bin/80256    yar        /rescue/vi doesn't work without terminal database in /
o bin/80258               [PATCH] Comment why some Binaries are statically linke
o kern/80265              D-Link NIC with VIA Rhine  II has no carrier signal on
o kern/80269              [libtacplus] [patch] libtacplus tac_get_av_value will 
a stand/80293  standards  sysconf() does not support well-defined unistd values
p bin/80348               rs(1) handles command line arguments improperly (SIGSE
o bin/80411               [patch] df(1): bin/df/df.c sign errors in calls to get
o kern/80465   multimedia [sound] pcm0:record:0: record interrupt timeout (Acer 
o conf/80504              [patch] de_DE.ISO8859-1 libc message catalog
o bin/80530               man(1) should become Unicode aware
o bin/80620    des        [patch] fetch -U does not work
o kern/80632   multimedia [pcm] pcm driver missing support for CMI8738 auxillary
o kern/80642   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw small patch - new RULE OPTION
o bin/80687               [patch] Missing NULL termination after strncpy() in lo
o bin/80732               [PATCH]: getty(8) and telnetd(8) ignore the 'if' optio
p usb/80773    imp        "usbd_get_string()" could have taken a length paramete
o usb/80774    usb        [patch] have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the other "
o kern/80775              sysctl_handle_string should have a timeout
o usb/80776    usb        [udav] UDAV device driver shouldn't use usb_add_task
o usb/80777    usb        usb_rem_task() should wait for callback to complete?
o bin/80812               [ new util ] request to add new util: getcap(1) (from 
o kern/80844              [psm] [patch] Increase compatibility of psm driver wit
o usb/80854    usb        suggestion for new iface-no-probe mechanism
o bin/80868               /bin/sh gives wrong line number of unterminated quoted
o bin/80924               fsck should show CTIME.
o usb/80935    usb        [uvisor] [patch] uvisor.c is not work with CLIE TH55.
o threa/80992  threads    abort() sometimes not caught by gdb depending on threa
o kern/80999              [hang] artswrapper freezes system with <CMedia CMI8738
o kern/81006   rc         ipnat not working with tunnel interfaces on startup
o kern/81015              [workaround] System locks up during PCI devices initia
o bin/81035               [patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o ports/81070  ale        [PATCH] www/php-screw: randomize CRYPTKEY
f i386/81082   gavin      [ata] [acd] Failure to detect Pioneer CD drive on Inte
o ports/81093  ale        lang/php4 - Slow serialize on FreeBSD
o kern/81161              [md] Images mounted through mdconfig on a read-only fs
s kern/81273              [request] remove dependency of tool 'netstat' on 'devi
o stand/81287  standards  [PATCH]: fingerd(8) might send a line not ending in CR
o bin/81300               [PATCH] add option to sockstat(1) to always separate
o bin/81364               rexecd(8) mangles the username
o bin/81465               /bin/host: resolver is not working properly when INET6
o bin/81495               [patch] ]hexdump(1) format option does not allow liter
o kern/81497              ad and da do not set interface type in devstat entry
o kern/81568              ext2fs partitions in fstab automatically mounted at bo
o kern/81588   phk        [kernel] [patch] Devices with SI_CHEAPCLONE flag don't
o bin/81611    matteo     natd runs with -same_ports by default
s ports/81613  portmgr    make package-recursive for port www/jakarta-tomcat5 fa
f usb/81621    usb        external hd hangs under load on ehci
o bin/81692    sos        [patch] atacontrol(8) support for disk APM and acousti
o bin/81709               [patch] lam accepts -P but not -p
o bin/81757    gad        realtime processes are not marked with '<' in ps(1) ou
o bin/81759    phk        'gbde attach' does not notify user about failures.
o bin/81775               pppd(8) and tcpdump(8) no longer accept 'outbound' key
o bin/81779    pjd        misleading error messages in geom(8) utilities.
o kern/81780   rwatson    hard disk i/o error during reading in an acl is ignore
o kern/81803              [ichsmb] [patch] Unsupported ICH6 SMBus controller on 
o bin/81837               [patch] Sort by directories first option for ls(1)
o ports/81915  ale not ssh-friendly
p kern/81987   matteo     [libc] [patch] memory leaks in libc/rpc
o kern/82036              loading green_saver makes screen go blank immediately.
o bin/82037               mount(8)/unmount(8)/fsck(8) mount point specification 
o bin/82058    scf        [PATCH] Ability for pw groupmod to delete members
o kern/82070              [dc] Not all dc(4) devices can be used: MII without an
o bin/82161               [patch] m4's eval does not handle INT_MIN correctly
o bin/82170               [patch] m4's eval does not work as documented
o bin/82185               [patch] ndp(8) command bug
o conf/82228   roberto    [patch] order parsed ntpdate_hosts in /etc/rc.d/ntpdat
p bin/82287    trhodes    [patch] routed(8): Fix varargs usage, remove non-exist
o docs/82290   doc        [patch] update to handbook firewall PF section
s ports/82337  anholt     games/enigma doesn't build because lang/lua4 conflicts
o gnu/82353    ru         SGR disabled in share/tmac/troffrc -- deprecated?
p usb/82436    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] USL101 Host-to-Host bridge support o
o kern/82456              [ral] WITNESS warning/backtrace in if_ral
o kern/82470   silby      FreeBSD advertises wrong window scale in some situatio
o docs/82481   danger     tar(1)/gtar(1) man page mod request
o gnu/82484               [patch] for misleading man cvs
o docs/82595   doc        25.5.3 Configuring a bridge section of the handbook ne
o ports/82634  shaun      heimdal port conflict with base heimdal
s ports/82661  portmgr    [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_S
o kern/82724   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Add setnexthop and defaultroute feature
p docs/82779   bde        [patch] Kill entry for ddb manpage
o conf/82823              [patch] little addon for /etc/periodic/400.passwdless
o kern/82901              [puc] ECP mode fails on NetMos ppc card - "PWord not s
a kern/82926   sam        [ipw] ipw(4) doesn't seem to do WPA, also leaves entri
o kern/82978              [orm] [hang] FreeBSD hangs loading orm(4) only after r
o kern/82980              [libc] realpath(3) treats regular files as directories
o i386/83018   gavin      [install] Installer will not boot on Asus P4S8X BIOS 1
o bin/83039               Bug in cdcontrol(1)
o bin/83046               ipfw2 error
o kern/83099   des        [pam] pam_login_access change causes cyrus-sasl-saslau
o kern/83109              syscons does not always display colors correctly
o ports/83130  roam       mail/vpopmail installation problem
o bin/83170               [patch] Allow 'install' to compare files by mtime inst
o bin/83277    des        libfetch includes the leading / in FTP URL paths
o kern/83354              [xl] When two 3c905's are in a Vectra Vl dhcp fails to
o bin/83358               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within re
o bin/83361               [patch] Incorrect malloc failures handling within libd
o bin/83424               [libstand] [patch] improper handling of malloc failure
o bin/83451               [libusbhid] [patch] improper handling of malloc failur
o bin/83619               'diskinfo -t' fails with disks smaller than about 6.3G
o docs/83621   doc        [patch]: Minor omissions in /usr/src/UPDATING
o kern/83622              [net] [patch] add network interfaces labeling support
o ports/83644  clement    add support for ndbm to www/apache20
f kern/83697   multimedia [snd_mss] [patch] support, docs added for full-duplex,
o kern/83702              [ata] ata CDRIOCGETPROGRESS ioctl does not work when b
s kern/83738   jkoshy     [modules] kldload hwpmc.ko fails with 'link_elf: symbo
s kern/83765              [aha] Adaptec 1542-CP requires plug-and-play switch se
o kern/83778              [kame] [patch] JPv6 cannot use Jumbo Frames
o kern/83807              [sis] [patch] if_sis: Wake On Lan support for FreeBSD
o docs/83820   jmallett   getino(3) manpage not installed
o stand/83845  standards  [libm] [patch] add log2() and log2f() support for libm
o usb/83863    usb        [ugen] Communication problem between opensc/openct via
o kern/83941   harti      "/usr/src/share/mk/", line 275: if-less endif
o kern/83995              CFLAGS & COPTFLAGS ambiguous behaviour
o kern/84020              Couldn't load graphical screensaver modules
o bin/84041               [PATCH] fix for wall(1) error message
o docs/84154   doc        Handbook somewhat off in use of /boot/kernel.old
o bin/84162               (t)csh: builtins commands with redirection do not clos
o conf/84172              loader.conf(5) is missing an entry for "dumpdir"
o kern/84199              dlinfo in libexec/elf-rtld/rtld.c does not handle RTLD
o bin/84208               [sysinstall] "Leave the MBR untouched" option not work
o ports/84212  cy         sysutils/screen port can't talk to TTYs
f kern/84215              [jail] [patch] wildcard ip (INADDR_ANY) should not bin
o kern/84225   gnn        losing default route changing netmask on interface
o docs/84265   doc        [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implication of setting 
o docs/84267   doc        [patch] chflags(1) manual doesn't say it's affected by
o docs/84268   doc        chmod(1) manpage's BUGS entry is either wrong or too c
o docs/84271   ceri       [patch] compress(1) doesn't warn about nasty link hand
o bin/84298               [patch] allow mount(8) to recognize relative pathnames
o docs/84317   doc        fdp-primer doesn't show class=USERNAME distinctively
o kern/84386              [ppp] [feature request] PPPoA Authentication built int
o docs/84538   joel       [patch] sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chip too
o ports/84650  ale        customizable pid filename for databases/mysql*-server/
o docs/84670   doc        [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONMENT section wi
o bin/84705               fdisk(8) program warning about sector number is mislea
o ports/84742  java       make ports/java/jdk14 use dynamic Motif librarires
o conf/84752              [patch] 100.clean-disks cleans file systems that don't
o kern/84797              [libutil] [patch] State engine in the libutils propert
o conf/84800   obrien     [patch] setting CPUTYPE=nocona on an Intel system resu
o docs/84806   doc        mdoc(7) manpage has section ordering problems
s ports/84819  stas       [MAINTAINER] math/coq: enable on ia64
s misc/84833   netchild   include make.conf NO_* targets into delete-old and del
o bin/84911               [patch] ndisgen(8) can't cope with .sys-files that beg
o docs/84955   ru         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage should mention missing documen
o docs/84956   doc        [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention API coverage
o kern/84981              [headers] [patch] header protection for <sys/syscall.h
o bin/84992    kan        gcc4.x cleanup of usr.bin/hexdump
o bin/84994    kan        gcc4.x cleanup of usr.bin/wc
f bin/85011    linimon    /sbin/restore on 5.4 will not read Solaris-sparc dumps
o usb/85067    usb        Cannot attach ScanJet 4300C to usb device
o stand/85080  standards  output of long double subnormals (with printf) is wron
o kern/85086   wkoszek    [ef] [patch] Locking fixes for ef(4) (+removes mem. le
p stand/85099  tjr        POSIX violation in split(1)
o docs/85100   joel       NOTES: ICH audio device support statement is ambiguous
o kern/85106   remko      [ichsmb] [patch] The ICH7 smb interface is not recogni
o docs/85118   doc        [PATCH] opiekey(1) references non-existing opiegen(1)
o docs/85128   doc        loader.conf(5) autoboot_delay incompletly described
o docs/85187   doc        [patch] find(1) manpage missing block info for -ls
o usb/85257    usb        [boot] BTX boot loader fails on USB CDROM (HP DL145 Op
s amd64/85273  amd64      FreeBSD (NetBSD or OpenBSD) not install on laptop Comp
o conf/85363   rc         syntax error in /etc/rc.d/devfs
o i386/85417   i386       [i386] [patch] Possible bug in ia32 floating-point exc
o i386/85423   i386       [ex] ex(4) does not correctly recognize NIC in PnP mod
o bin/85445               ifconfig(8): deprecated keyword to ifconfig inoperativ
o bin/85494               fsck_ffs: unchecked use of cg_inosused macro etc.
o ports/85513  netchild   Intel C++ compiler not 100% binary compatible with sys
o kern/85648              [net] [patch] provide more specific default network dr
o kern/85650              [libstand] [patch] modifications to tftp-based PXE boo
o kern/85651              [kernel] [patch] debugging code to show entries in eve
o i386/85652   i386       [loader] [patch] deal with out-of-memory errors during
o i386/85653   i386       [i386] [patch] relieve hangs in tight loops in process
o i386/85654   i386       [i386] [patch] separate max cpu from max apic in i386 
o i386/85655   i386       [i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
o i386/85656   i386       [i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU informati
o kern/85657              [kernel] [patch] capture and expose per-CPU time accou
f kern/85658   jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] add DDB command, show runq, to sch
o ports/85707  nork       port www/linuxpluginwrapper makes mozilla coredump
o bin/85712               uncompress(1) program emits bogus "overwrite?" prompt
o kern/85780              'panic: bogus refcnt 0' in routing/ipv6
o conf/85819   rc         [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsc
o gnu/85824    obrien     gas crashes when assembling this file
o kern/85886              [an] an0: timeouts with Cisco 350 minipci
o gnu/85895               [PATCH] cc -print-search-dirs returns (null)
o kern/85971   jeff       [uma] [patch] minor optimization to uma
o kern/86003              Startup reports "failed to attach P_CNT"
s ports/86106  portmgr    [patch] ${CC} should be added to ${MAKE_ENV} when ${US
o docs/86134   blackend   [patch] fix inconsistency in handbook section 9.4 rega
o bin/86148               [patch] dirname(1) doesn't take multiple arguments as 
p usb/86195    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] allow USB Ethernet Adaptor "ELECOM L
o kern/86207              WINE + Datasize of more than 0x50000000
o ia64/86218   ia64       Mozilla / Firefox: regxpcom or regchrome broken on ia6
o kern/86290   jeff       [kernel] [patch] minor optimizations + cleanup to vrel
o usb/86298    usb        [mouse] Known good USB mouse won't work with correct s
o kern/86319              [nfs] [feature request] support a "noac" NFS mount fla
o kern/86336   rwatson    [kernel] LOR in kern/uipc_usrreq.c and kern/kern_descr
o docs/86342   doc        bikeshed entry of Handbook is wrong
o bin/86388               [patch] periodic(8) daily should backup bsdlabel(8) / 
s ports/86401  stas       new ports multimedia/zapping
o bin/86405               /usr/bin/more segmentation fault
p kern/86437   andre      tcp_input.c and tcp_sack.c refer to obsolete ICPM_BAND
p usb/86438    imp        [patch] Fix for non-working iPod over USB is in NetBSD
o bin/86454               [sysinstall] sysinstall terminates with signal 10 if I
f stand/86484  rwatson    [PATCH] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions
o bin/86485               [PATCH] hexdump -s speedup on /dev
o bin/86587               rm -r /PATH fails with lots of small files
o bin/86600               [sysinstall] Sysinstall boot manager screen is mislead
o ports/86608  ale        lang/php5: Enhancement to allow dynamic open_basedir w
o bin/86635               [patch] pfctl: allow new page character (^L) in pf.con
o bin/86647               natd(8) copy to limited buffer size without checking r
o bin/86665               [sysinstall] sysinstall binary upgrade clobbers named.
a kern/86752   mlaier     pf does not use default timeouts when reloading config
o bin/86765               bsdlabel assing wrong fs type.
o bin/86859               [sysinstall] Installer should ask about Linux earlier
o kern/86871              allocation logic for PCBs in TIME_WAIT state causes pa
o bin/86873               file(1) does not recognize 5.x filesystem dumps
o kern/86957   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
p kern/86965              [ntfs] NTFS driver returns incorrect 'number of links'
o bin/87022               telnet hang in ptcout
o kern/87032   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw ioctl interface implementation
o kern/87074   mlaier     pf does not log dropped packets when max-* stateful tr
s ports/87092  obrien     [UPDATE] editors/vim: notify the user about building k
o www/87119    hrs        [patch] encode copyright and such symbolically
p conf/87196   matteo     human readable disk free in daily output run
o usb/87224    usb        Cannot mount USB Zip750
o bin/87230               [PATCH] -G is ignored when adduser get accounts from f
a ports/87312  obrien     Update misc/figlet to 2.2.2
f ports/87420  portmgr    [patch] implementing WITH_OPENLDAP_VER to
p docs/87445   trhodes    comments for improvement of handbook/kernelconfig-conf
o kern/87515              Splash screen fails to load on boot
o bin/87529               "pw lock", "pw unlock" should support the "-Y" option
s ports/87642  linimon    Contrary to ports(7) there is no target "showconfig-re
o usb/87648    usb        [mouse] Logitech USB-optical mouse problem.
o bin/87651               [patch] fsck(8) (on superblock error) tells wrong man 
s kern/87653   anholt     [drm] ATI Radeon Mobile X600SE not detected by kernel
o bin/87724               cal(1)/ncal(1) not multibyte aware
o bin/87726               gssapi.h is not c++ aware
o kern/87782   multimedia [sound] snd_t4dwave and pcm0:record:0: record interrup
o kern/87836              [devfs] If using ATAPICAM with cd(dvd)rw without media
o bin/87841    des        fetch should have options to set http "if-modified-sin
o docs/87857   doc        ifconfig(8) wireless options order matters
o conf/87925              [patch] feature request: modify output of 405.status_a
o docs/87936   doc        Handbook chapter on NIS/YP lacks good information on a
o bin/87966               [PATCH] introduce -A flag for newfs to enable ACLs
f bin/87981    darrenr    [patch] ipmon(8) writes pid file even when not in daem
o kern/87990              [kernel] [patch] SMP Race Condition in kdb_enter/kdb_e
o i386/88020   i386       cannot boot unless: hint.apic.0.disabled="1" is set on
o bin/88056               [patch] feature request: cp(1) could really use Linux'
o bin/88077               w(1): w -n problems with IPv6 addresses and localhost
o kern/88117              [rtld] [patch] support of $ORIGIN in rtld-elf.
o kern/88150   des        [pam] PAM does not search /usr/local/lib for modules
o kern/88182              [ural] [wep] wep is broken in ural(4) hostap mode
o bin/88252               [patch] units(1) table errors/omissions for troy ounce
o ports/88316  obrien     [patch] add extra tarballs to vim and patch 6.4.001
o kern/88320              [nfs] ypxfr(8) talks IPv6 to IPv4-only portmap -> ypin
o kern/88336              [kernel] [patch] setkey(8) -D fails to report all SAs
o usb/88408    usb        [axe] axe0 read PHY failed
o kern/88450   andre      SYN+ACK reports strange size of window
o docs/88477   doc        Possible addition to xl(4) manpage, Diagnostics sectio
o i386/88491   i386       [install] Panic when boot installation CD1 (Acer Trave
o docs/88512   doc        [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no details on lar
a bin/88538               [patch] tcsh(1) ls-F spacing incorrect.
o bin/88599               ifconfig(8): change in default behavior with ifconfig 
o kern/88601   pjd        [geli] geli cause kernel panic under heavy disk usage
o bin/88619    brian      [ppp] ppp chat auth fails ( pppoe )
o misc/88680              !compiling freebsd components
f kern/88714   sos        [acd] cannot record CD-R since 6.0 (regression)
o amd64/88730  amd64      kernel panics during booting from the installation CD
o bin/88780               [PATCH] Baseline ipmon(8) uses LOG_LOCAL0 syslog, not 
o bin/88821    pjd        [PATCH] IPv6 support for ggate
o bin/88826               [sysinstall] sysinstall infinity wait for da0
o conf/88913   rc         [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
p usb/88939    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Fix cheapy Myson USB-IDE adapter
o kern/88962              [panic] Kernel panic with ACPI is enabled
o i386/88965   i386       vidcontrol hangs with 2 modules of RAM
o conf/89061   rc         [patch] IPv6 6to4 auto-configuration enhancement
o kern/89166              [mouse] jumpy mouse movement
o kern/89305              [vr] [patch] D-Link NIC with VIA Rhine II, lost of Net
o docs/89325   doc        [PATCH] Clarification of kbdmap(5), atkbd(4) and kbdco
o bin/89326               [PATCH] Add pattern matching to login.access(5)
o kern/89362              Stale references to freed memory
o bin/89403               fetch(1) doesn't honour authentication credentials whe
o kern/89411   acpi       [acpi] acpiconf bug
o ports/89441  hrs        TeX support in FreeBSD is problematic.
o docs/89492   doc        vfs doc: some VOP_*(9) manual pages are outdated with 
o kern/89522              6.0-RELEASE will not boot on some Compaqs with mouse c
o kern/89553              [bktr] [patch] going from 5.3 -> 6.0 winTV card not pr
s ports/89648  portmgr    OPTIONS and conditional USE_* conflict in bsd.port.pre
o kern/89738              [ndis] [hang] Can't make WL8000PCM wifi card work with
o bin/89762               [patch] top(1) startup is very slow on system with man
o bin/89770    des        [patch] pam_krb5 'authentication token failure' in pas
o bin/89799               [patch] Making natd(8) not require a newline at the en
o kern/89837              [pci] PCI code outputs superfluous "failed to enable/d
o conf/89870   rc         [patch] feature request to make netif verbose rc.conf 
o bin/89959    brooks     dhclient(8): dhcp: ip length 314 disagrees with bytes 
o bin/89988               [patch] bootparamd(8) null host support and whoami fix
o kern/89989              [jail] [patch] Add option -I (ASCII 73) PID  to specif
o kern/89991              [ufs] softupdates with mount -ur causes fs UNREFS
p kern/90063              [procfs] access("/proc/123", F_OK) doesn't work on >= 
s bin/90082    matteo     [syscons] [patch] curses ACS line graphics support for
o bin/90114               [patch] pw(8) takes strings after option -g for GID 0
o bin/90130               [patch] sysctl(8): print temperature in celsius only w
a conf/90163   dougb      [patch] Easily launch non-forking daemons like logsurf
o i386/90243   i386       Laptop fan doesn't turn off (ACPI enabled) (Packard Be
o bin/90266    philip     bsnmpd(1) returns bad data during a snmpwalk of the en
o bin/90311               [patch] add "eject" to mt(1)
s bin/90367               [feature request] libmap.conf needs exclusivity suppor
o kern/90368              [pxe] pxeboot misses ${class} parameter when booting f
o bin/90384               [patch] chroot patch for sftp-server(8)
o ports/90436  portmgr    [patch] Add a way to handle configuration files to bsd
o kern/90521              [udf] [patch] UDF driver might calculate a wrong descr
o bin/90524               reset(1) doesn't fully restore terminal state
o kern/90580              [libc] wordexp(3) fails to check for EINTR
o bin/90680               [patch] make(1) thinks "^.for.o:" is a directive (".fo
o bin/90687               [patch] side effect of -delete option of find(1)
o bin/90690               ps(1) errorneously respects terminal column settings w
o bin/90823               [PATCH] cp(1) should use lchflags()
o i386/90839   i386       [ata] burncd gets error on CDRIOCFIXATE with HL-DT-ST 
o bin/91034               [patch] minor fix to iostat(8) so that columns line up
o bin/91049               [patch] dump(8): make dumps more rsync-friendly
o bin/91101               [patch] /usr/src/usr.bin/whereis/whereis.c
o conf/91106   pjd        date definitions in pl_PL locale are wrong
o bin/91134               [smbfs] [patch] Preserve access and modification time 
o docs/91149   doc        read(2) can return EINVAL for unaligned access to bloc
o docs/91174   ceri       [REQUEST] Handbook: Addition of Oracle 9i installation
o amd64/91195  amd64      FreeBSD 6.0(amd64) and Asus A8R-MVP
o kern/91293   emulation  [svr4] [patch] *Experimental* Update to the SVR4 emula
o bin/91299    yar        [patch] add ftpd(8) SITE SHA256 command
o bin/91316               pax(1): pax -pe does not preserve times on symlinks
o conf/91342              [devfs] Errors in devfs.rules files don't get logged
o kern/91347   rodrigc    [pci] [patch] Add another PCI-e chipset for extended c
o bin/91393               window(1) changes console cursor shape to blink
f bin/91394    brian      ppp(8) sets mtu 1500 for PPPoE link
o kern/91414   emaste     [kernel] [patch] Polling for devices other than NICs
o kern/91476              [fdc] [patch] floppy drive doesn't work in MS Virtual 
a kern/91488   kientzle   [isofs] [patch] cd9660 filesystem cannot handle files 
o docs/91506   doc        ndis(4) man page should be more specific about support
o usb/91546    usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia 6630 mobile phone does not work
o ports/91553  secteam    Make portaudit call programs in /sbin with full path
o i386/91594   i386       FreeBSD > 5.4 w/ACPI fails to detect Intel Pro/1000 MT
o bin/91606               sha1(1): sha1 /dev is suspended
o bin/91608               tar(1) reports (Empty error message) on truncated tarb
o ports/91681  clement    apache-2.0.54_4 building modules fails using integrate
o i386/91719              [pxe] BZ2_bzDecompress returned -3 error on loading bz
o kern/91720              [pxe] pxeboot always tries to do an rpc call to an nfs
f kern/91777   darrenr    [ipfilter] [patch] wrong behaviour with skip rule insi
o usb/91811    usb        Compact Flash in HP Photosmart 2610 return  " Medium n
o ports/91838  danfe      [BUG] graphics/svgalib: tty switching is broken
o kern/91847   ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw with vlanX as the device
o i386/91871   i386       [boot1] [patch] boot1: jump to 0xf000:0xfff0 instead o
o usb/91896    usb        Serial Number of USB Memory Sticks is not passed throu
o kern/91908   darrenr    [ipnat] loading ipl.ko to the kernel compiled with opt
o bin/91980               yppasswdd(1) leaves zombie sh processes
o bin/91993    sam        dhclient(8) option missing, script incompability
o kern/92023              [kernel] 'options DEVICE_POLLING' makes loadavg wrong
o bin/92062    phk        mdconfig(8): mdconfig -l shows 95 entries max.
f ports/92093  lev        russian/apache13-modssl doesn't compile
o kern/92238   sos        [ata] [patch] Spurious "atapci1: failed to enable memo
o kern/92270   glebius    [ppp]: ppp does not work on renamed network interfaces
p usb/92306    imp        [quirk] [patch] Support for iRiver U10 USB media playe
o stand/92360  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing TAB3 in kernel headers
o stand/92362  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing SIGPOLL in kernel headers
o bin/92370               [pppd] ppp server not accessible to IPV4 unless built 
o kern/92381              [drm] i915 drm module unuseable by 6.9.0 for GM8
p usb/92403    imp        [uplcom] [patch] uplcom.c needs new entry for 4.00 rev
o bin/92412               [libexec] [patch] rpc.rstatd reports bogus packets/per
f ports/92434  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ automatic show pkg-message
o i386/92501   i386       [irq] Hang on boot with ACPI enabled on ASUS A6R noteb
o kern/92512   multimedia [sound] distorted mono output with emu10k1
o conf/92523   rc         [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeo
f kern/92527   linimon    [mii] ][patch] no driver for "CICADA VSC 8201 Gigabit 
o conf/92541              [PATCH] [locale] add ca_AD, ca_FR and ca_IT locales
o ports/92604  ale        mysql41-client broken with non-default character set
o docs/92626   doc        jail manpage should mention disabling some periodic sc
o ports/92651  stas       graphics/gmt - WITH_EVERYTHING doesn't fetch
o usb/92852    usb        [mouse] [patch] Vertical scroll not working properly o
o bin/92866    krion      pkg_add(1) should return a different result code if pa
o bin/92867    krion      pkg_add(1) needs an option to disable dependancy downl
o kern/92880              [libc] [patch] almost rewritten inet_network(3) functi
o kern/92926              [headers] [patch] Missing copyright in /usr/include/sy
a amd64/93002  amd64      amd64 (6.0) coredumps at unpredictable times
o ports/93033  tobez      Problem using perlcc
a amd64/93090  amd64      [nve] NIC on GA-K8NF-9 motherboard is recognized, but 
o kern/93093              [libc] xdr_string might call strlen(3) on NULL
o gnu/93127               [PATCH] add __FreeBSD_kernel__ to pre-defines
o bin/93171    roberto    ntpdate returns garbage output on amd64
o kern/93172              [isp] [patch] uintXX_t style(9) updates
o kern/93197              [libc] strptime(3) succeeds on formats it should fail 
o bin/93275               [sysinstall] Failure to install after restarting insta
o ports/93279  skv        devel/cvsmonitor: not useable (/dev/mem: Permission de
f bin/93309               [rpc.quotad] [patch] rpc.rquotad: group quota support 
o bin/93310    des        [libpam] [patch] pam_unix ignores 'passwordtime' from 
o kern/93331              [kernel] [patch] broken asm in kernel
o misc/93341   phk        [nanobsd] [patch] make more flexibitily for NanoBSD cu
o kern/93378              [tcp] Slow data transfer in Postfix and Cyrus IMAP (wo
o kern/93381              reboot(8) works but 'reboot -n' hangs
o usb/93389    usb        [umass] [patch] Digital Camera Pentax S60 don't work
p kern/93393   imp        [ed] [patch] Add Micro Research PCMCIA LAN Adapter MR1
o kern/93414   scottl     [aac] [patch] compilation problem in aac_ioctl header
f kern/93448   glebius    [carp] CARP advskew not propagated to VRRP packets
o bin/93473    des        [patch] Let pam_unix(8) use "passwordtime" from login.
o sparc/93530  pf         [pf] Incorrect checksums when using pf's route-to on s
o ports/93560  roam       [PATCH] dns/djbdns-ipv6: Update IPv6 patches
o kern/93634              [msdosfs] False access to renamed files/directories (c
o misc/93661              [patch] loader(8): prevent *.4th files and friends fro
o ports/93667  x11        x11/xorg-libraries: undefined symbol in libOSMesa.* is
o docs/93683   chinsan    [PATCH] some typos in klist(1)
o kern/93705   standards  [headers] [patch] ENODATA and EGREGIOUS (for glibc com
s ports/93726  itetcu     [NEW PORT] deskutils/kxdocker and plugins: a Mac OSX-l
o kern/93755   remko      [kernel] [patch] 2 copy'n'paste-os in sys/vm/phys_page
o kern/93770              [drm] ati 9600 PRO radeon not recognized by the system
o docs/93785   obrien     The man page for ftpchroot(5)/ftpusers(5) contradicts 
a kern/93790   cperciva   cpufreq missing frequencies
o i386/93793   i386       [kbd] Keyboard stops working after a shutdown -p now (
o conf/93815   rc         [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d
o kern/93825   pf         [pf] pf reply-to doesn't work
o misc/93838              [patch] Add notice to /usr/src/Makefile that make worl
o www/93854    postmaster Cannot proceed to page after the first in mailing list
o bin/93857               [patch] kiconv_cs_preload(8): Utility for loading the 
o kern/93860   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] sectors-per-track limit of MSDOSFS t
o usb/93872    usb        [patch] SCSI quirk required for ELTA 8061 OL USB memor
a ports/93883  aaron      New port: textproc/p5-libxmlenno  The "libxml-enno" co
o kern/93887              [kernel] cpu_spinwait calls missing in subr_smp.c
o i386/93986   multimedia [pcm] Acer TravelMate 4652LMi pcm0 channel dead
o ports/93987  tobez      lang/perl5x: Allow the perl ports to specify an altern
o ports/93993  portmgr Fix libtool shared library versionin
o ports/94024  sat        New port: net-im/py-punjab  HTTP jabber client interfa
f bin/94032    krion      [patch] Enhancement to pkg_add(1) to add -4 flag to fo
o bin/94051               login(1): IP network in login.access ignored unless DN
o bin/94052               [PATCH]: Adds option to script(1) to suppress carriage
o ports/94093  kde        qt/KDE install from ports creates files owned by root 
p usb/94132    imp        [patch] quirk for CENTURY EX35QUAT disk enclosure
s ports/94138  portmgr    [patch] Mk/, Mk/ CPUTYPE cause b
o bin/94140               some "make check-old" missed files
s bin/94159               feature request: ipsecctl ported from openbsd
p bin/94180    ume        portsnap does not handle HTTP_PROXY_AUTH correctly
p bin/94181    ume        portsnap should remove the trailing dot from the serve
s kern/94182              [altq] [feature request] altq support for vlan driver
o sparc/94190  sparc64    hw.physmem tunable does not work on sparc
o kern/94227              'no dump device defined' on random occasions
o kern/94269              [nullfs] procfs shows wrong data if executable is runn
o kern/94273   gnn        [netipsec] [patch] IPIP decapsulation problem in FAST_
p usb/94311    imp        [ugen][PATCH] allow interrupt IN transactions to be af
o ports/94331  x11        x11/xorg: advocating for DRI support for Radeons
o bin/94367               [patch] wall(1): fix `wall: /dev/:0: No such file or d
o kern/94369              [bktr] [patch] Patch to support Leadtek WinFast Tv2000
o kern/94390              [vr] poor network performance after promiscuous mode i
o kern/94413              [kernel] wine fails when increasing kern.maxdsiz
o www/94423    danger     [patch] XML'ified release todo list
o kern/94424              [bge] BGE5721 or BGE5750?
p usb/94439    imp        [patch] Add support for JNC MP3 Player
o kern/94480              [libufs] [patch] bread(3) & bwrite(3) can crash under 
o sparc/94483  sparc64    [ath] ath_hal does not work on 6-release/sparc64
o kern/94519              [libc] [patch] Add UF_HIDDEN file flag; map it to Wind
o kern/94528              [linprocfs] linprocfs /proc/memory reports wrong size 
o bin/94546               [PATCH] Make telnet(1) accept 'host:port' on command l
o kern/94578              [panic] Panic by using rtorrent sometimes
a kern/94583   kan        [libm] std::isnan()/std::isinf() are not identical to 
o docs/94625   doc        [patch] growfs man page -- document "panic: not enough
o kern/94632   geom       [geom] Kernel output resets input while GELI asks for 
o gnu/94640               gcc(1): php broken bit operator
o ports/94690  ume        [PATCH] Daemons in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ must do "setss
o gnu/94695    bugmeister send-pr.el is missing from send-pr distribution
o kern/94733              [smbfs] smbfs may cause double unlock
o bin/94810               fsck incorrectly reports 'file system marked clean' wh
o kern/94823              [drm] DRM doesnt't work with i915.ko
o kern/94830              [nfs] [patch] mount_nfs causes a fatal trap 18 if the 
o bin/94845               fortune(6) seems to select 0 a lot
o kern/94849              [ufs] rename on UFS filesystem is not atomic
o ports/94917  dougb      mail/pine4 doesn't quote replies to GMail correctly
o ports/94935  cy         security/aide
p usb/94946    imp        [uhub] [patch] code dynamic status size for status cha
o kern/94978              [pam] pam_opie module option without "no_fake_prompts"
o usb/95037    usb        [umass] USB disk not recognized on hot-plug.
o bin/95079               [patch] apply(1) dies when there are two %1 in command
o bin/95082               [patch] ping(1) won't handle large preload patterns
s ports/95085  portmgr    [PATCH]: Add knob to allow for mutually e
o kern/95086   multimedia [sound] uaudio line in problem with sbdm lx
o ports/95097  ume        [patch] to build security/cyrus-sasl2 with gcc4
o ports/95102  ume        [PATCH] security/cyrus-sasl2 - change authdaemond_path
o kern/95103   jhb        panic after mtx_destroy() on locked spinlock
o docs/95104   jhb        tsleep() man page mentions nonexistent 'mtx' arg
o i386/95106   i386       [install] cannot install freebsd, Nvidia nForce 2 base
o docs/95139   doc        FAQ to move filesystem to new disk fails: incorrect pe
o ports/95153  tobez      perl binary packages should be build with ENABLE_SUIDP
o conf/95162   rc         [patch] Missing feature in rc.subr
o usb/95173    usb        [umass] [patch] cannot mount external usb harddisk VIA
o ports/95179  grog       devel/ptmalloc doesn't include a header
o kern/95222              [iso9660] File sections on ISO9660 level 3 CDs ignored
o kern/95239              [libc] [patch] nftw(3) returns EINVAL for large values
o kern/95267   net        packet drops periodically appear
f kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o ports/95294  jkoshy     netpipe doesn't work on amd64
o kern/95407              [atapicam] atapicam, cd and /etc/rc.d/devfs problem
o ports/95416  pb         multimedia/kino build failure WITH_QUCKTIME
o kern/95532              [gif] if_gif has artificial limitations
o kern/95559              RELENG_6: write(2) fails with EPERM on TCP socket unde
o bin/95698    philip     [patch] moused(8): Software control of sysmouse
o kern/95711              [fdescfs] rm on fdescfs causes panic: lockmgr: locking
p bin/95715               [patch] random(6) busy loop under some conditions
o conf/95754              [patch] Portuguese timedef
o misc/95792              [release] [patch] environment variable EDITOR is set w
o conf/95905   brooks     [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/dhclient doesn't interact well with 
o gnu/95936               egrep(1) misparses multiline parenthetical grouping
o bin/95979               burncd(8) fails to fixate CDs
o i386/95993   i386       Cyrix 5530 unable to map interrupt
o conf/96015              uncommenting the msgs invocation in /etc/profile can f
o stand/96016  standards  [headers] clock_getres et al should be in <time.h>
o bin/96018    brooks     dhclient broadcasts unicast DHCPREQUEST renewals
o kern/96040              [mpt] LSI1030 mpt0: bullet missed in timeout
o kern/96077              [libdisk] memory leak in libdisk(3)'s Disk_Names()
o conf/96094              [gif] startup scripts do not configure gif interfaces 
o bin/96128               [aic7xxx] [patch] Make aicasm WARNS=6 clean
p usb/96133    imp        [scsi] [patch] add scsi quirk for joyfly 128mb flash u
o ports/96147  tegge      [patch] devel/linuxthreads uses pre-install instead of
o kern/96171              [ata] burncd (ATA driver) fails to write in vcd mode
o docs/96207   doc        Comments of a sockaddr_un structure could confuse one
o stand/96236  standards  [PATCH] [POSIX] sed.1 incorrectly describes a function
p kern/96326              [libdisk] [patch] update to id -> partition name trans
f ports/96339  mnag       Three updated files for net-mgmt/ourmon.
o conf/96343   rc         [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 before pf
o kern/96346              [modules] [patch] disable build of modules that are al
o usb/96381    usb        [patch] add a quirk table entry for a flash ram usb st
o i386/96406   i386       System freezes on IBM xSeries 335 with FreeBSD-6.0-REL
o kern/96429              [kernel] [patch] kern_linker.c hardcodes "/boot/kernel
o bin/96528    dougb      Fix mergemaster(8) to be upgrade-friendly
o bin/96540    edwin      [patch] catman(1) does not deal correctly with hard-li
p usb/96546    imp        [usb] [patch] Add support (quirk) for EasyMP3 EM732X U
o conf/96589              Periodic monthly invalid times with 32 character usern
o ports/96642  hrs        Update port: print/acroread7 (fix plist; install deskt
o kern/96644              crash after mount/umount disturbance: fatal trap 12
p usb/96714    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Update uvisor to support the Fossil 
f kern/96743   yongari    [sk] [patch] broken 32-bit register operations
o conf/96746              [nanobsd] [patch] Configuration changes and README for
o ports/96749  clement    Support Berkeley DB in Apache 2
o bin/96854    imp        [patch] devd(8) parses events incorrectly in some case
a ports/96953  clement    apache22 port uses its own directories
o kern/96974   obrien     [patch] to build FreeBSD kernel with binutils 2.16.92
o kern/96999              [procfs] [patch] procfs reports incorrect information 
o kern/97000              [kernel] [patch] bogus "All threads purged from ugen0.
o bin/97002               [patch] crond(8) fails quietly if /usr/sbin/sendmail i
p docs/97059   cokane     pax(1): -b option description could be flawed
p kern/97063   obrien     [nve] [patch] Added DEFINE to if_nve.c/if_nvereg.h to 
o kern/97071              [jail] [patch] add security.jail.jid sysctl
f ports/97081  edwin      gnome-bluecurve-theme crashes gnome wm
o bin/97083               [patch] passwd(1) does not support _PWF_HESIOD
o kern/97153              [patch] When -NO_KERBEROS is set, libcom_err still get
o bin/97164               [libdisk] libdisk's Open_Disk() crashes
o usb/97175    usb        [hang] USB cardreader hangs system
a ports/97183  roam       Update port: net/libnids to 1.21
o kern/97228   sos        [ata] [patch] Support new ATA ICH7 controller
o kern/97265              System hangs at the end of shutdown -h now
s kern/97266              [fdc] System hangs at kernel time after boot: /dev/fd0
o kern/97329              [nfs] [patch] code simplification
o kern/97377              [ntfs] [patch] syntax cleanup for ntfs_ihash.c
o kern/97381              [fdc] [patch] Patch to add zero-sector and spanned-sid
o kern/97383   acpi       Volume buttons on IBM Thinkpad crash system with ACPI
o kern/97401              [xe] Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100, attach returne
o kern/97458              [ath] ath driver hangs up system during reboot
o java/97461   java       Diablo JDK does not report Update level in a format su
o usb/97472    usb        [patch] add support for Olympus C150,D390
o bin/97478               umount -f /card -> hardware-reset is needed
o amd64/97489  amd64      [ata] nForce 410 ATA controller dma time out (ASUS K8N
s bin/97498               [feature request] newfs(8) has no option to clear the 
o kern/97505              [procfs] file entry of procfs points to "unknown"
o ports/97544  sumikawa   patch for net/zebra's ospfd snmp
o kern/97609   multimedia [sound] Load Sound Module - VIA8233 - fails
p conf/97697   matteo     [patch] rc.conf - jail_<j>_exec_afterstart[0..n]
o sparc/97707  sparc64 has bogus timestamp, causing buildworld on s
o kern/97786              [udf] [patch] fs/udf: incorrect timestamps
p kern/98015              [bfe] [patch] bfe(4): double free in error handling pa
s kern/98162              [feature request] AcerHK driver port needed for enabli
o kern/98171   acpi       [acpi] ACPI 1304 / 0501 errors on Acer 5024WLMi Laptop
o bin/98220               [wpa] wpa_supplicant operation does not match document
o usb/98343    usb        [boot] BBB reset failed errors with Creative Muvo MP3 
f docs/98344   linimon    [patch] An update of the article "Choosing the FreeBSD
s ports/98353  shaun      ipsec-tools fails to exchange keys between different a
o i386/98366   i386       [em] Intel PRO/1000 MT Dual PCI-X: simulatenious 1000 
a misc/98383   yar        [feature request] include the mt command in the rescue
o kern/98388              [sata] FreeBSD 6.1 - WDC WD1200JS SATA II disks are se
o ports/98446  jkoshy     [update] textproc/rxp: update to 1.4.4
o kern/98460              [kernel] [patch] fpu_clean_state() cannot be disabled 
o kern/98496   multimedia [snd_ich] some functions don't work in my sound kernel
f bin/98500    matteo     [rpc] rpc.lockd(+statd) bind to any ip
o kern/98504   multimedia [sound] Sound is distorted with SB Live 5.1
o bin/98577               [feature request] dhclient(8): the link check by dhcli
o ports/98590  lioux      [FIX] ports rxvt-devel on amd64 crashes inside rxvt_se
o kern/98597              [netinet6] Bug in FreeBSD 6.1 IPv6 link-local DAD proc
o kern/98618              [libexpat] [patch] src/lib/libexpat is setup for small
o docs/98759   joel       [patch] sbp_targ(4) man page missing reference to devi
o kern/98788              [syscons] [patch] Add sysctl to disallow VT_LOCKSWITCH
o www/98798    www        Our statistics page is out of date
o kern/98804              [ar] VIA V-RAID metadata mis-read (MSI K8MMV with the 
o bin/98805               [new feature] [patch] ddate(1) for BSD
o conf/98815              [locale] [PATCH] Add euro symbol to pt_PT locale using
o kern/98873   des        [libfetch] allow fetch(3) to force using of ipv4 or ip
o bin/98911               getopt(1): getopt.c license issue
o i386/98932   i386       [i386] [patch] Kernel compilation failed on specific P
o ports/98946  dougb      [patch] xscreensaver and PAM support
o docs/98974   doc        Missing tunables in loader(8) manpage
o kern/99017   sos        [ata] [patch] FreeBSD versions above 5.3 panic if atap
o kern/99068              [linux] [patch] Linux emulator crashed by java, when c
o ports/99111  sobomax    asterisk shutdown doesn't kill mpg123
o gnu/99173               [PATCH] replace gnu patch with a bsd-licensed one.
o kern/99183              [gvinum] [patch] Gvinum stylefix
o www/99184    wosch      Viewing HP-UX manpages with
o kern/99186              [gvinum] [patch] Gvinum dumpconfig/setstate/stop imple
o kern/99200              [bluetooth] SMP-Kernel crashes reliably when Bluetooth
o kern/99216              [bfe] [patch] make bfe(4) always detect LINK_DOWN even
o bin/99217               [patch] pam_ssh(8) waits for a wrong ssh-agent PID at 
o kern/99290              [ntfs] mount_ntfs ignorant of cluster sizes
o ports/99302  jdp        [patch] net/cvsup options
o bin/99307               [patch] mount_nfs(8) incompatible with zVM VMNFS 3A0
o conf/99328              [patch] updates for src/share/examples/cvsup
o docs/99356   rwatson    man page of sendmsg(2) does not include EINVAL
s ports/99359  stas       [NEW PORT] x11/e17-module-bling: Compositing module fo
p usb/99419    imp        external usb harddrive slow to accept
o conf/99444   rc         [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily support star
o kern/99485              Disk IO Causes multimedia/mplayer To Drop Frames
p kern/99500   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] netgraph doesn't honor the monitor 
o docs/99506   doc        FreeBSD Handbook addition:  IPv6 Server Settings
f conf/99515   yar        /usr/local/etc/rc.d script files won't load during boo
p stand/99517  standards  Missing SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX signals
p bin/99534    emaste     [patch] dhclient(8) Classless Static Routes support
o usb/99538    usb        [kbd] while using USB keyboard default params of atkbd
o docs/99551   blackend   The Handbook erroneously advises that a wireless card 
o bin/99566               [jail] [patch] fstat(1) according to specified jid
o misc/99627              [PATCH] make update & CVSROOT
o misc/99643   linimon    request to remove src/tools/tools/portsinfo because it
o kern/99645              [drm] Xorg savage driver causes display to hang at unl
o bin/99662               [rpc] quota information leak while rpc.rquotad is used
o kern/99663   sos        [ichsmb] [patch] add ICH6 support
o ports/99678  obrien     editors/vim build fails WITH_TCL
o kern/99692              [patch] A pl_PL.dvorak keymap for syscons.
o conf/99721   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy dotfile in s
o bin/99735               /usr/src/Makefile 400MB is not enough anymore
o kern/99758              [pty] [patch] chown/chmod pty slave side in kernel
o kern/99765              drifting time, SuperMicro PDSMi Motherboard, "calcru n
o bin/99800               [libc] [patch] Add support for profiling multiple exec
f kern/99826   scf        [libc] [patch] setenv(3)/unsetenv(3) leak memory
p kern/99870   jhb        INTRCNT_COUNT in {amd64,i386}/include/intr_machdep.h w
o bin/99896    gad        [patch] lpr -r flag has no effect
o stand/99960  standards  [Patch] make(1): Add -p flag
s bin/99973    yar        systat(1): systat -ifstat traffic counter overflow
o stand/100017 standards  [Patch] Add fuser(1) functionality to fstat(1)
o bin/100018              newsyslog(8) does not check size if time_at is used
o i386/100142  i386       [pci] [patch] /dev/smb0 device not available on system
s ports/100150 shaun      mail/mutt-ng: can't bind <End> in muttng-20051110
o kern/100170             [feature request] Support login class in ldap director
o docs/100196  doc        man login.conf does explain not "unlimited"
o i386/100204  i386       FreeBSD reports raid as broken - but it is not
o docs/100242  doc        sysctl(3) description of KERN_PROC is not correct anym
o bin/100320              Update top(1) to 3.6
o misc/100322             [tools] [patch] doesn't dump object nam
o amd64/100326 amd64      [fdc] /dev/fd0 not created after installation FreeBSD 
o ports/100350 clement    www/apache20 profiles not working at system startup/sh
o kern/100410             [bge] bge driver disables access to shared iLo on HP D
o bin/100424              [patch] ssh(1): SSH option BindAddress is ignored by o
o bin/100436              [sysinstall] live CD fixit mount does not find mount_m
o bin/100496              [patch] Fix to get rid of the telnet(1) to cisco probl
o ports/100504 skv        [PATCH] databases/p5-Class-DBI: Reduce dependencies
o kern/100513             [smbus] Inconsistent definition of SMBus addresses in 
o kern/100519  net        [netisr] suggestion to fix suboptimal network polling
o kern/100525             [panic] Panic while running webalizer
o bin/100535              [patch] cal(1) and ncal(1) do not take into account mu
p kern/100579  bms        [ipv6] Multicast data structure corruption in ipv6 sta
o bin/100585              [patch] top(1): top -s0 causes load excessive
o kern/100609             UPDATING suggestions are missing a few mount commands.
o conf/100616             [patch] syslog.conf: lines after exclamation point ign
o bin/100709              [libc] getaddrinfo(3) should return TTL info
o bin/100732              [patch] make dump(8) utility take modulo 10 of request
o usb/100746   usb        [kbd] system does not boot due to USB keyboard problem
o ports/100771 sergei     port submit (ports-mgmt/porttools) cannot parse multip
o ports/100776 sem        Failure to update devel/mico by portupgrade
o conf/100782             [kbd] [patch] Default keymap to support ALT+Left, ALT+
o ports/100785 gnome      devel/nspr does not pass `make test` on 6-stable
s bin/100805   yar        WITHOUT_INET6 is ignored by many src/ components
o amd64/100838 amd64      [powerd] FreeBSD 6.0/6.1 kernel panics when booting wi
o kern/100859  multimedia [snd_ich] snd_ich broken on GIGABYTE 915 system
o bin/100921   edwin      [tftpd] [patch] libexec/tftpd: `-w' non-traditional ac
o bin/100956   remko      [patch] support setting carp device state with ifconfi
o kern/101045             [arcmsr] [patch] Updates to arcmsr(4)
o i386/101062  i386       Freeze on detect Intel 900 VGA on boot with ACPI
o ports/101120 portmgr    [patch] Tell CC and CXX to ports without 
f amd64/101132 amd64      [smp] Incorrect cpu idle and usage statistics in top a
o ports/101161 stas       [PATCH] devel/ocaml-findlib: update to 1.1.2
f ports/101166            bittorrent-curses only works under English locales.
o kern/101226  jfv        [em] Access to IPMI module is lost when the em driver 
o kern/101228  embedded   [nanobsd] [patch] Two more entries for FlashDevice.sub
f ports/101230 obrien     shells/bash: bash parser not generated properly with s
o docs/101271  remko      serial console documentation implies kernel rebuild re
o bin/101316   stefanf    /bin/sh pwd bug after cd into restricted directory
o ports/101340 danfe      x11/nvidia-driver: Vidcontrol Causes Video Corruption 
p i386/101379  i386       [i386] [patch] page fault clobbers error code in trap 
o kern/101417  multimedia [sound] 4-speakers output not possible on Asus A8V-Del
s ports/101450 stas       multimedia/transcode: tcprobe broken for devfs
o docs/101464  doc        sync u_RU.KOI8-R/articles/portbuild/article.html with 
o bin/101590              [lib] [patch] -O2 optimizing out abi-tag note from exe
p usb/101757   imp        [patch] uhid.4: correct structure field names to match
o usb/101761   usb        [patch] usb.h: increase maximal size of report descrip
a ports/101764 sergei     no stable zsh in ports
o bin/101765              ldd is unable to read ELF header?
o usb/101775   usb        [libusbhid] [patch] possible error in report descripto
o kern/101794             [pfsync] Setting plip as syncdev for pfsync causes ker
o kern/101819  sos        [ata] ata driver wrongly determines type RAID on ICH7R
o bin/101921              security.bsd.see_other_uids for further programms?
o kern/102035  net        [plip] plip networking disables parallel port printing
o docs/102148  doc        The description of which Intel chips have EM64T is out
o bin/102160   thomas     EDITOR and PAGER not set correctly in fixit.profile
o bin/102162   edwin      [patch] tftpd(8): Limit port range for tftpd
o bin/102205              login failure: ssh + gssapi + dual stacks + packet los
o kern/102217             [feature request] no driver for HP J2585A DeskDirect 1
o bin/102232   gad        Defects in -O option to ps(1)
o bin/102299              [patch] grep(1) malloc abuse?
o bin/102357              csh/tcsh jobs control
o bin/102394              [patch] ls(1) do not shows inode number symbolic link 
o ports/102414 ume        [PATCH] mail/cyrus-imapd: avoid fopen limit during mbo
f ports/102472 nork       MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE_JP in update
s ports/102499 rik        lftp asc file checksum mismatch
o conf/102502  net        [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgraph node in n
f bin/102523   emax       [bluetooth] [patch] Virtual serial port server code fo
o kern/102540             [netgraph] [patch] supporting vlan(4) by ng_fec(4)
o ports/102544 osa        ltmdm driver (comms/ltmdm) crashes system whene line r
o kern/102549             [bktr] [patch] fix Pixelview PlayTV Pro 2 on bktr
f ports/102603 cperciva   move ports
o bin/102609              [PATCH] Add filtering capability to date(1)
f i386/102617  remko      7 x "smb_maperror: Unmapped error 1:158" at Open Offic
o usb/102678   usb        [kbd] Dell PowerEdge DRAC5 USB Keyboard does not work
o bin/102694   pjd        df(1) can forget to print the unit with -h
o conf/102700  rc         [geli] [patch] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE
o amd64/102716 amd64      ex with no argument in an xterm gets SIGSEGV
o docs/102719  doc        [patch] ng_bpf(4) example leads to unneeded promiscuos
o bin/102747   brian      [ppp] [patch] ppp timer subsystem stops under certain 
o kern/102752  rwatson    malloc(M_WAITOK) of "g_bio", forcing M_NOWAIT with non
o kern/102783             [acpi] hw.acpi has thermal controls backwards when ext
o bin/102793   imp        top(1): display feature of current CPU frequency
o java/102888  glewis     Diablo 1.5.0 throws FileNotFoundException when opening
o conf/102913  rc         [jail] [patch] /etc/rc.d/named killall in jailed OS
o kern/102943             [xfs] kernel crash when unloading the xfs kernel modul
o ports/102946 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit
o ports/102954 obrien     textproc/urlview: switch from netscape to one gecko.
o usb/102976   usb        [panic] Casio Exilim Digital Camera cause panic
o bin/103007              [patch] man(1): support for bzip2 compressed manpages
o kern/103022             [headers] /usr/include/crypto/rijndael.h is wrong
o kern/103035             [ntfs] Directories in NTFS mounted disc images appear 
a kern/103041  linimon    [ipmi] unloading ipmi panics Dell PE 2850, ipmi doesn'
o usb/103046   usb        [ulpt] [patch] ulpt event driven I/O with select(2) an
o bin/103089              [patch] mount_nfs(8): introduce new option
f usb/103167   imp        [ehci] [patch] Transcend JetFlash120 memory stick prob
f i386/103192  i386       no CD/DVD devices found while install Freebsd
o kern/103200             [ral] ral driver for RELENG_6 is out-of-date with resp
o kern/103250             [puc] puc failed to attach sio ports when loaded as mo
o kern/103253  net        inconsistent behaviour in arp reply of a bridge
o amd64/103259 amd64      [ar] Cannot use ataraid on nvidia nForce4+amd64
o usb/103289   usb        USB 2.0 problems on AMD LX-800 CPU and CS-5536 chipset
o kern/103312             [libc] dlsym(NULL,) doesn't work properly
o kern/103328  ipfw       [ipfw] sugestions about ipfw table
o kern/103332  mux        [fxp] fxp driver does not work correctly on Intel 8255
o kern/103365  acpi       [acpi] acpi poweroff doesn't work with geli device att
o usb/103418   usb        [usb] [patch] usbhidctl: add ability to write output a
o kern/103455             "swap_pager: indefinite wait buffer" with page file en
o conf/103486  rc         [rc.d] [jail] [patch] rc.d/jail: mount fstab after dev
o conf/103489  rc         [rc.d] [jail] [patch] named_chroot_autoupdate doesn't 
o www/103522   www        Search interface oddity
o ports/103529 gnome      www/seamonkey: enable SVG and Pango font rendering sup
o kern/103615  scottl     [aac][patch] aac(4) update to the last version availab
o bin/103682              nfsstat(1) should use %u instead of %d to display NFS 
o ports/103685 obrien     editors/vim: The hope can provide the language file in
p usb/103702   imp        [cam] [patch] ChipsBnk: Unsupported USB memory stick
o kern/103715             [bge] Broadcom BCM5708SKFB not recognised by the drive
o kern/103733  anholt     [agp] i915 driver on hp dc7100: device not recognized
o bin/103762              [if_tun] some tun interfaces with a mtu of 1500 while 
o bin/103764              [libradius] [patch] libradius aborts server processing
o kern/103792             Multiple Logins: <ALT><F#>; a 't' appears at prompt
o conf/103794             adding other login class to login.conf in case one is 
o docs/103807  danger     wicontrol(8) manpage contains a broken URL
f kern/103831  remko      [atapicam]: 6.2 BETA1: A kernel with atapicam stops at
o bin/103845              sha256 /dev/acd0  returns immediately
a bin/103873   csjp       login(1) SEGFAULT on unsuccessful login
o bin/103890              w doesn't see sessreg'd entries in utmp
f ports/103896 openoffice OO.o port should add <OO_DIR>/program to LD_LIBRARY_PA
o usb/103917   usb        USB driver reports "Addr 0 should never happen"
o www/103938   brd        cvs-src archive does not rebuild since 12 Mar 2006
o i386/103972  jhb        [boot] boot loader doesn't display right /boot.config 
f conf/103976  dougb      rc.d/named restart failure
a ports/104029 lioux      [PATCH] net-p2p/mldonkey: don't install rc script with
o kern/104079             [fdc] kldunload fdc.ko leads to panic: mutex Giant own
o bin/104092              [patch] iostat(8): missing blanks in iostat output
o kern/104212             [puc] [patch] support for Kuroutoshikou SERIAL4P-LPPCI
o ports/104255 xride      x11/wdm Unable to change window manager after the firs
o kern/104270  sos        [acd] [patch] burncd failure due to acd_get_progress()
o usb/104290   usb        [umass] [patch] quirk: TOSHIBA DVD-RAM drive (libretto
p bin/104330              growfs(8): cannot grow above 500 gb
o usb/104352   usb        [ural] [patch] ural driver doesnt work
p docs/104402  remko      man pf.conf mentions in the TABLES section securelevel
o docs/104403  doc        man security should mention that the usage of the X Wi
o docs/104432  trhodes    No mention of "let" shell builtin in manual pages.
s kern/104484             [sched_ule] A kernel with polling: the system freezes
o docs/104493  doc        [patch] Wrong description in ntp.conf(5) (CURRENT and 
o gnu/104533              [patch] make send-pr(1) read configuration from ~/.sen
o conf/104549  rc         [patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes functi
o bin/104553              [PATCH] Add login group support to login.access(5)
o usb/104645   usb        Rave C-201 MP3 player does not communicate
o kern/104682  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Some minor language consistency fixes a
s bin/104689   matteo     [patch] powerd(8): add support for limiting cpu freque
p bin/104702   des        [patch] Make fetch(1) preserve permissions when overwr
o bin/104731   gad        [patch] missing newline in lpq output
o kern/104738  mlaier     [inet] [patch] Reentrant problem with inet_ntoa in the
o stand/104743 standards  [headers] [patch] Wrong values for _POSIX_ minimal lim
o bin/104746              [PATCH] 'traceroute -e -P TCP' cannot work through a r
o kern/104777             [kernel] [patch] Driver not unset properly after kldun
o ports/104788 perky      Improper installation of python2.4: module bsddb fails
o kern/104799             [ata] Several ata observations ICH8 BIOS
o bin/104809              cron(8): incorrect cron behavior with mday field = "*/
o i386/104826  andre      FreeBSD 6.1 not RFC 768 (UDP) compliant on Compaq/HP D
o ports/104831 edwin      [patch] A bug in net/dhcpdump when decoding FQDN DHCP 
o stand/104841 standards  [libm] [patch] C99 long double square root.
o bin/104845              [patch] Build error on contrib/file/magic
o kern/104851             [inet6] [patch] On link routes not configured when usi
o kern/104862             [bge] BCM5704 only works at 10Mbit
p kern/104875  sos        [ata] unsupported intel Desktop Board DG965WH
o docs/104879  doc        Howto: Listen to IMA ADPCM .wav files on FreeBSD box
o kern/104882             [iicbb] [patch] pvr250 and pvrxxx drivers need iicbb p
p conf/104884  flz        [patch] Add support EtherChannel configuration to rc.c
o ports/104910 portmgr    portsdb -Uu fails on building lsdb when EMACS_NAME is 
o bin/104921   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treats ipv6 input as ipv4 (a
o www/104925   gabor      Missing space between search input box and search butt
o kern/104938             [nullfs] readlink("/proc/curproc/file") does not work 
o kern/104950             [sata] [feature request] no support for SATA controlle
o ports/104959 eclipse    java/eclipse does not work on 7-CURRENT: Undefined sym
f kern/104966             skype hangs in uninterruptable state on 6.2-PRERELEASE
o bin/105060              [patch] adduser(8) does not support the setting of the
o i386/105063  i386       [sio] US Robotics (3Com) 3CP5609 PCI 16550 Modem works
o usb/105065   usb        [sata] SATA - USB Bridge
o kern/105093             [ext2fs] [patch] ext2fs on read-only media cannot be m
o conf/105100             [locale] [patch] no support for lv (latvian) locale
a ports/105122 shaun      [PATCH] net-im/ejabberd: new UID/GID collides with Sam
o conf/105145  rc         [PATCH] add redial function to rc.d/ppp
o sparc/105157 sparc64    No reply to ping on Sparc64
o i386/105175  i386       [ipmi] ipmi acpi trouble on supermicro server
o ports/105206 scrappy    sysutils/bsdstats attempts to remove /usr/local/etc/pe
o kern/105330  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw (dummynet) does not allow to set q
o www/105333   www        [PATCH] Base selection in events in libcommon.xsl does
o bin/105341              [libpam] [patch] pam_krb5: Add minimum_uid/minimum_gid
o kern/105346  des        [libc] [patch] fcntl(): prevent useless locking with F
f usb/105361   usb        [panic] Kernel panic during unmounting mass storage (C
o kern/105368             [geli] geli passphrase prompt malfunctioning when moun
s ports/105374 portmgr    PR 100555 DESTDIR changes break
f kern/105375  yongari    [sk] 2 x Marvell GBit LAN: device sk0 is attached, but
f kern/105390  geom       [geli] filesystem on a md backed by sparse file with s
o docs/105456  keramida   [patch] overhaul of the security chapter (14)
o kern/105500             SCSI install on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 doesn't 
o ports/105516 obrien     [patch] sysutils/asr-utils needs ASR_COMPAT kernel opt
o kern/105537  acpi       [acpi] problems in acpi on HP Compaq nc6320
o bin/105542              on amd64, ldd(1) produces bogus output for i386 execut
o conf/105568  rc         [patch] Add more flexibility to rc.conf, to choose "_e
o kern/105579  piso       [libalias] dcc resume over natd in 6.x
o ports/105597 skv        [patch] make ports/net-mgmt/ng_ipacct NanoBSD-friendly
o kern/105604             [bktr] [patch] add support for Pixelview PlayTV Pro 2 
a ports/105606 shaun      security/ipsec-tools with option STATS gives compiler 
o docs/105608  doc        fdc(4) debugging description staled
o bin/105614              [patch] setkey(8): Creating NULL encryption ESP SAs wi
o docs/105620  hrs        new article: LDAP Authentication
o bin/105811              Crossbuilding powerpc from amd64 doesn't work.
o bin/105860              top(1) user ID misalignment in mixer username/uid mode
o docs/105997  doc        sys/kern/sys_pipe.c refer to tuning(7), but there is n
o conf/106009  rc         [patch] Fix pppoed startup script to process multiply 
o kern/106028             [pxe] tftp inside pxeboot isn't initialised properly
o usb/106041   usb        FreeBSD does not recognise Mustek BearPaw 2400TA usb s
o bin/106049   edwin      [patch] tftpd(8) - improve -w option to support unique
p usb/106070   imp        devd recognizes ucom, but ttyU is the device actually
o kern/106078  rwatson    shmget regression in -CURRENT?
o misc/106091             [boot] Keyboard disabled at mountroot> prompt
o misc/106107             left-over fsck_snapshot after unfinished background fs
a ports/106114 farrokhi   openospfd-devel problem with point-to-point links
o amd64/106186 amd64      [panic] panic in swap_pager_swap_init (amd64/smp/6.2-p
o kern/106255  trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch]: correct setting of archive flag
o kern/106275             [/dev/random] [crypto] Hifn 7955 on Soekris Engineerin
o ports/106298 scrappy    [PATCH]: remove misleading line /bin/hostname from sys
p docs/106315  danger     man blackhole mentions ONLY ipfw
o kern/106340             [sata] [feature request] Need to control disk write ca
o kern/106355             [headers] macros in stdio.h non-portable (e.g., C++ ::
o kern/106400  pf         [pf] fatal trap 12 at restart of PF with ALTQ if ng0 d
o docs/106416  keramida   man page, xargs option not documented
o i386/106421  i386       FreeBSD 6.1 Installation - Fatal Trap 12
o docs/106425  doc        [PATCH] add a HARDWARE-section to ata(4)
o ports/106429 apache     www/apache* ports install rc.d scripts which don't fol
o kern/106444             [ng] Kernel Panic on Binding to an ip to a virtual atm
p usb/106462   imp        [usbdevs] Motorola U6 PEBL not recognized by system vi
o ports/106463 ume        [patch] Feature request: please add audacious support 
o ports/106483 portmgr    [PATCH]: embed distfile information in +CONTENTS
o i386/106493  ps         [patch] pxeboot(8) uses /pxeroot instead of /
o ports/106533 clsung     [NEW PORT] benchmarks/geekbench: Cross-platform benchm
s ports/106616 portmgr Default file modes set incorrect for non-
o usb/106621   usb        [axe] [patch] DLINK DUB-E100 support broken
o bin/106642   dougb      [patch] Allow excluding certain files from mergemaster
o kern/106645             [uart] [patch] uart device description in 7-CURRENT is
o kern/106646             [nfs] [patch] Pointer incorrectly cast to ulong
o bin/106734              [patch] SSE2 optimization for bzip2/libbz2
o i386/106789  i386       [nfe] or [nve]: Internal NIC of GA-K8N51GMF-RH does no
s ports/106848 portmgr    [PATCH] Mk/ -- Add support to remove locale
o i386/106850  i386       [powerd] powernow0 attach returned 6
o kern/106851             [vge] vge0: MII read timed out (regression)
o usb/106861   usb        [usbdevs] [patch]: usbdevs update: Add product ACER Ze
o bin/106872              [patch] extattr support for find(1)
o kern/106876             [panic] page fault, when cdrom is disconnected while n
o docs/106916  chinsan    Wrong tar command at topic 17.6.8 in Handbook
o kern/106960             [sata] 6.2 can't find SATA secondary drive, but 6.1 ca
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge interface given in rc.conf not taking a
f ports/107135 netchild   ports/sysutils/ezjail improvements
o kern/107154             [pam] pam.d/sshd doesn't start ssh-agent
o bin/107171              [patch] systat(1) doesn't die when it's xterm is kille
o usb/107243   usb        [patch] Apacer USB Flash Drive quirk
o kern/107277             [panic] bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg
o kern/107279             [ath] panic: ath_start: attempted use of a free mbuf!
o kern/107285             [panic] freeze and reboot by mounting CDROM volume twi
o kern/107305  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw fwd doesn't seem to work
s ports/107335 itetcu     port update for devel/sfslite
o ports/107354            net/icmpinfo: icmpinfo -vvv does not recocnize any ICM
o usb/107388   usb        [PATCH] Add utoppy device from NetBSD
o kern/107406             [pccarddevs] 3Com wifi card not recognized
o docs/107432  doc        Handbook's default partitioning schema is out-of-date
f kern/107443             dd(1) fails to copy from disk to disk when bad sectors
a ports/107447 shaun      [patch] devel/sdl12 - Add devel/directfb support
o usb/107496   usb        USB device problem on RELENG_6_2 (SHORT_XFER) (regress
o ports/107505 kde        multimedia/kdemultimedia: kmix - XF86RaiseVolume, XF86
o bin/107515              [patch] ls(1) bug
p usb/107526   imp        [usbdevs] Patch to support the Crystalfontz CFA-635 20
o bin/107529              [libexec] [patch] ldd(1) aborts abruptly if a shared l
o stand/107561 standards  [patch] Missing SUS function tcgetsid()
o docs/107611  doc        man syncookies should mention net.inet.tcp.syncookies_
f ports/107621 stefan     net/proxychains doens't compile on 4 and 5
f ports/107643 kde        net/lanbrowsing lisa don`t start on system boot
s kern/107644  benjsc     [patch] add support for Intel Pro Wireless 3945
o usb/107665   usb        [usb] [patch] uscanner support for epson stylus DX5050
f bin/107676              [patch] file(1): file -p does not work
o usb/107701   usb        [usbd] usbd ignores "detach"
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] add new class geom_xbox360 to slice up 
f ports/107814 joerg      mail/postfix uses wrong order of -I options
o ports/107816 roam       The IPv6 patch breaks the location feature of tinydns 
f kern/107858  gavin      ASRock Conroe-945G-DVI motherboard: non-working sound 
o ports/107908 olgeni     manpath.config not updated after installing erlang por
o usb/107935   usb        [uplcom] [panic] panic while accessing /dev/cuaU0
f ports/107937            jailed net/isc-dhcp3-server wouldn't run with an immut
o kern/107944             Forget to unlock mutex-locks
o kern/108017  acpi       [acpi]: Acer Aspire 5600
o bin/108020              comsat(8) does not verify return values of getpwnam an
o bin/108033              ls(1) coredumps when nss/ldap is misconfigured
o kern/108046  obrien     [nve] [patch] missing deviceid(s) in nve
o usb/108056   usb        [ohci] Mouse gets powered off during device probe when
o docs/108101  doc        /boot/default/loader.conf contains an incorrect commen
o kern/108133             [bktr] [patch] bktr driver doesn't recognize Hauppauge
o docs/108142  doc        [patch] extattr(2) man page incomplete for extattr_lis
s ports/108153 portmgr    ports extraction with package uid/gid and quota proble
o ports/108169 clement    Wrong AP_SAFE_PATH for suEXEC with www/apache20
o bin/108183   dougb      mergemaster(8) doesn't install target if a file become
o bin/108191              sysinstall(8): Disklabel editor help text (by F1 key)
o ports/108241 gnome      Use OPTIONS in editors/abiword-plugins
s ports/108267 gnome      ports/lang/guile: please update
o usb/108344   usb        [panic] kernel with atausb panics when unplugging USB 
f amd64/108345 amd64      6.2-* GENERIC will not boot Intel PD EMT64 w/ ACPI
s ports/108364 gnome      [patch] x11-toolkits/gtk20: plist problem with icons d
o ports/108369 obrien     vim7 overwrites already insatlled vim6
p usb/108427   imp        [patch] quirk: Samsung MP0402H
s kern/108442             UTF-8 support for console
o bin/108462              pkg_info(1) shouldn't have a hard width limit
o kern/108488  acpi       [acpi] ACPI-1304: *** Error: Method execution failed
o usb/108509   usb        [hang] FreeBSD hang at startup after ehci0 detected (C
f ports/108514 portmgr    [PROPOSAL] Automatic registering of UID and GID (bsd.p
p bin/108523   trhodes    [patch] daemon(8): support for dropping privileges
p docs/108536  ceri       sysinstall(8) man page and example needs to be updated
o ports/108538 alexbl     audio/ruby-xmms2-ecore (needed by euphoria) does not b
o ports/108570 girgen     databases/postgresql82-server fails when PREFIX is set
o kern/108581  acpi       [sysctl] sysctl: hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest: Invalid argume
o conf/108589             rtsol(8) fails due to default ipfw rules
o ports/108592 perky      Update port: korean/nabi to 0.17
o kern/108655             messages from kernel are mixed (/dev/klog? syslog?)
o kern/108695  acpi       [acpi]: Fatal trap 9: general protection fault when in
f ports/108699 philip     problem using user libraries with lua-5.0
f ports/108723            kxgenerator never worked for me
o sparc/108732 sparc64    ping(8) reports 14 digit time on sparc64
o sparc/108757 sparc64    [rtc] can't boot if rtc stuffed, no means of recovery
f ports/108788 mm         [patch]  sysutils/fusefs-kmod: Add BASE option
o ports/108795 netchild   ports/icc: Proposed update to icc port for intel compi
p usb/108810   imp        [patch] quirk for I/O Magic USB flash drive "Giga Bank
f kern/108830  remko      [patch] Add support for nForce MCP61 chipset (nve and 
o ports/108847 jdp        [PATCH] net/cvsup-mirror allow for cvsupd_flags
o ports/108856 fenner     [mbone/sdr] make sdr usable again; patch appended
f kern/108891             [ndis] Fatal Kernel Trap 12 ndis ralink wireless drive
o kern/108899             [termcap] [patch] termcap update for screen and linux 
o kern/108961             High CPU use on directories containing files with mult
o docs/108980  doc        list of missing man pages
o kern/109010             [msdosfs] can't mv directory within fat32 file system
o ports/109033 mnag       Update port: mail/py-spf, updated to latest version
f ports/109063 dougb      portmaster doesn't chase category moves
o bin/109102   csjp       sysctl security.mac.bsdextended is not consistent with
o docs/109104  trhodes    man mac_bsdextended is not consistent with systl outpu
o docs/109105  trhodes    security.mac.bsdextended.firstmatch_enabled is not ena
o docs/109115  doc        add Ultra 450 to hardware list for sparc64
o kern/109161  philip     [psm] synaptic touchpad doesn't work
o docs/109201  doc        [request]: manual for callbootd
o ports/109224 se         multimedia/kplayer update to latest version
o docs/109226  doc        [request]: No manual entry for sntp
o ports/109268 clement    www/apache22: apache-worker-2.2.4 threads problem on 6
a ports/109309 naddy      [PATCH] audio/flac: update to 1.1.4
o bin/109334              pkg_add(1) using chroot exits with error if wrong dire
o ports/109359 mnag       Update port: update net/py-zsi to version 2.0
o misc/109367             UTF8 encoded locales and problem collating accents
s ports/109407 farrokhi   [patch] update port net-mgmt/chillispot to 1.1.0
a conf/109409  dougb      [request] Add $rndc_program to specify path to rndc, s
o bin/109413   jhb        [PATCH] top(1) shows at least 50% idle when hyperthrea
o kern/109416  des        [libpam] [patch] pam_group doesn't check login_group m
o i386/109423  i386       [ichsmb] ICH5 smb interface problems
o i386/109470  i386       [wi] Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card Can't Channel Hop
o kern/109477  remko      [vr] [patch] onboard via vt6103 ethernet does not work
o bin/109478              [libc] [patch] adopt reentrant syslog functions from O
o bin/109494              [PATCH] ypserv(8): Add option to bind to specific port
o conf/109498             [patch] Enable cloning of tun/tap through rc.conf clon
o ports/109501 krion      [PATCH] add some configurable vars to mail/exim
o gnu/109510   kan        [patch] gcc(1): mcpu flags break buildworld in Sparc64
o ports/109550 alexbl     lang/python25 does not install /usr/local/bin/python
o conf/109562  rc         [rc.d] [patch] Make rc.d/devfs usable from command-lin
o ports/109580 glewis     [patch] math/gnuplot does not include whe
o docs/109612  remko      Manuals that live in ARCH specific subdirectories are 
o ports/109658 lev        graphics/vips: attempt to unbreak
o kern/109692             [libc] printing -NaN
o ports/109697 demon      net/zebra-server: attempt to unbreak; upgrade to 1.3.4
o ports/109745 kris       NO_PACKAGE handling by ports build system
o i386/109760  i386       [modules] kldunload acpi_video - crash
o kern/109813             [ciss] ciss(4) driver API header is not installed
o bin/109911              mountd(8) does not accept identical host sets on diffe
o ports/109941 skv        [Update Version] textproc/p5-Pod-ProjectDocs to 0.31
o kern/109950             [unionfs] unionfs breaks openldap-server23 with bdb ba
o docs/109972  doc        No manual entry for zless/bzless
o docs/109973  doc        No manual entry for c++filt
o docs/109975  doc        No manual entry for elf2aout
o docs/109977  doc        No manual entry for ksu
o conf/109980  rc         /etc/rc.d/netif restart doesn't destroy cloned_interfa
o docs/109981  doc        No manual entry for post-grohtml
o docs/109983  doc        No manual entry for protoize
o kern/110017             [libexec] [patch] serial port console output garbled
s ports/110030 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade: pkg_which hits segfault for no
o docs/110061  doc        [PATCH] tuning(7) missing reference to vfs.read_max
o docs/110062  doc        [patch] mount_nfs(8) fails to mention a failure condit
o bin/110068              [patch] rewrite of mdmfs(8) in shell
p gnu/110143   kan        cc does not handle "-dumpmachine" correctly
f ports/110144 edwin      New port: math/Matlab7
o bin/110146              [patch] Allow arbitrary gdb options to bypass kgdb(1)
o docs/110183  murray     Handbook does not document vmware, Xen, Parallels, etc
o kern/110190  remko      [pccard] [patch] Add Sierra Wireless PCMCIA drivers
o usb/110197   usb        [umass] Sony PSP umass device does not detach from EHC
o kern/110199  jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue_register doesn't update the kn
o ports/110247 doceng     textproc/docproj depends on www/links1 but works with 
o ports/110281 trasz      [PATCH] science/felt: fix build with xorg7
o ports/110282 sem        Portupgrade documentation mischaracterizes the -b opti
o kern/110284             [if_ethersubr] [patch] Invalid Assumption in SIOCSIFAD
o bin/110287              od(1) fails to determine repeated line just before EOF
o threa/110306 threads    apache 2.0 segmentation violation when calling gethost
f usb/110357   imp        [ums] [patch] Support for USB mouses with W axis and i
o docs/110359  brueffer   mpt man page omission
o docs/110376  doc        [patch] add some more explanations for the iwi/ipw fir
o kern/110388  des        [libfetch] [patch] Missing NO_PROXY support in fetch(3
o kern/110407             [ata] ATA drivers not recognizing Seagate CF Microdriv
o ports/110429 fenner     [PATCH] mbone/imm - Update to TCL/TK 8.4
o ports/110475 clsung     New port: devel/p5-Thread-Cancel 1.05
o ports/110476 clsung     New port: devel/p5-Thread-Suspend 1.09
p usb/110477   imp        [usbdevs] [patch] add Benq 3300U/4300U support to Free
o ports/110533 olgeni     [patch] WITHOUT_NLS support for www/neon and www/sitec
f ports/110545 garga      rcNG script for qmail-smtpd
o amd64/110599 amd64      [geli] geli attach to gmirror device hangs and cannot 
o ports/110651 clement    Use USE_BDB infrastructure to select appropriate db[2-
p usb/110681   imp        [ukbd] [patch] multiple keys will be repeated
o docs/110692  doc        wi(4) man page doesn't say WPA is not supported
f ports/110697 foxfair    New port: ports-mgmt/pkg_deps
p bin/110705   geom       gmirror control utility does not exit with correct exi
o kern/110720  andre      [net] [patch] support for interface descriptions
f ports/110728 python     mail/py-spambayes should load config file from a stand
o ports/110738 kris       [patch] games/tads sgtty.h -> termios.h conversion
o ports/110740 tmclaugh   [NEW PORT] multimedia/banshee: Music Managment for Gno
a ports/110746 shaun      [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portscout: Add WITH_LOCALTIME knob 
o ports/110754 mlaier     sysutils/pfstat: incorrect formatted pfstatd man page
f kern/110788             [ata] Problem with PATA port of Promise PDC20378 on AS
o kern/110797             [puc] [patch] Avlab Technology Inc. PCI IO 4S-850 seri
p ports/110805 mi         lang/tclX: unbreak + various improvements.
s ports/110826 dinoex     port graphics/tiff: tiff2pdf tints images with wrong c
s conf/110838  pf         tagged parameter on nat not working on FreeBSD 5.2
o amd64/110883 remko      tested AMD 64 motherboard
o bin/110887              [patch] truss(1) missing linux_access syscall descript
o ports/110969 kuriyama   [patch] net-snmp 5.4
o gnu/110971              gdb(1) crashes
s usb/110991   usb        [patch] QUIRK: Super Top IDE DEVICE (depends on usb/11
p usb/110992   imp        [uftdi] [patch] Add Tactrix Openport support in uftdi
o conf/110993             /etc/netstart should start rpcbind
o kern/110995             [loader] [patch] loader wastes space worth symtab size
o docs/110999  doc        carp(4) should document unsupported interface types
o kern/111001             [hang] can't install 6.2-RELEASE-amd64 (SuperMicro PDS
o kern/111023  sos        [ata][request][patch] please expand ata timeouts
o bin/111024              [request][patch] atacontrol(8): support for stand-by t
o ports/111066 secteam    ports-mgmt/portaudit does not skip ports fixed listed 
o kern/111084  sos        [ata] [patch] No support for ahci atapi sata cd/dvd dr
o kern/111085             [libc] [patch] qsort fails on large (> 2GB) arrays
o amd64/111096 amd64      motherboard ASRock AM2NF6G-VSTA not supported
o ports/111120 tobez      [PATCH] lang/perl5.8: Provide @INC modification via op
o docs/111147  doc        hostapd.conf is not documented
o bin/111226              [patch] Incorrect usage of chflags(2) in FreeBSD utili
o www/111228   www        Usability improvements for bug search query page
o docs/111263  doc        Information on $EDITOR variable in section 3.10, "Text
o docs/111265  doc        Clarify how to set common shell variables
p ports/111272 gnome      [PATCH] print/freetype2: update to 2.3.3
o ports/111281 cy         Update security/fwbuilder and security/libfwbuilder fr
o power/111296 ppc        [kernel] [patch] Support IMISS, DLMISS an DSMISS inter
o bin/111297              [patch] adding some regression tests for tr(1)
o ports/111326 shaun      [patch] japanese/lynx: Fix a BROKEN flag and update to
o bin/111343              sh and bash with -e sometimes fail to test errors in f
o ports/111348 ume        gkrellm2 segfault after gettext update
a ports/111356 csjp       net/bpfstat: man bpfstat has no descption for the flag
f ports/111366 edwin      mail/mail-notification doesn't compile (missing declar
f ports/111399            print/ghostscript-gpl: ghostscript-gpl WITH_FT_BRIDGE 
o ports/111403 clsung     ruby-pdflib uses deprecated allocate function.
o docs/111425  doc        Missing chunks of text in historical manpages
f ports/111456            [UPDATE] finance/pfpro updated distinfo
o bin/111493              [PATCH] routed(8) doesn't use multicasts for RIPv2 via
o ports/111501 clsung     [NEW PORT] databases/ruby-oci8
o bin/111508   ceri       [patch] sysinstall(8): Modify sysinstall to load confi
o ports/111536 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade: pkgdb -L sometimes restores wr
o ports/111561 openoffice editors/ build fails with devel/epm in
o kern/111591  acpi       [acpi] returns I/O error (regres
p usb/111710   imp        [patch] [usb] add support for Option GlobeTrotter 3G+
o kern/111713  ipfw       [dummynet] Too few dummynet queue slots
o ports/111720 itetcu     [NEW PORT] www/nagvis - NagVis is a visualization for 
o ports/111732 rushani    scponly 4.6 seems broken
a ports/111749 roam       sysutils/daemontools svscan output to multilog would b
o kern/111767  multimedia [pcm] ATI SB450 High Definition Audio Controller sound
o docs/111781  doc        Developers' Handbook mentions wrong sysctl for debuggi
o www/111791   www        FreeBSD website messes up links
o kern/111843             [msdosfs] Long Names of files are incorrectly created 
o kern/111848             [nfs] removing a file from a diskless nfs mounted root
o ports/111909 perky      [patch] comms/py-serial: install docs and examples
o bin/111978              [patch] make syspath list for mount(8) configurable at
o kern/111990             [pccbb] [patch] system freeze in initialization proces
o amd64/111994 jkoshy     [hwpmc] hwpmc(3) doesn't know about Intel 5120 series 
o misc/112024             [patch] misc fixes to fortunes
o misc/112049             [patch] Fortune typos, around line 57346 of fortunes d
o ports/112073 kuriyama   misc/amanda-server: add new port security/aespipe as a
o conf/112081             [NOTES] [patch] network adapter missing in /sys/conf/N
o kern/112147             [netinet] some ivp6-conditional code is always include
o kern/112160             [pppd] uplink DSL w/pppoe+NAT 'out of buffer space' ki
o bin/112163              [patch] bootparamd(8) is not 64-bit clean
o ports/112178 dougb      Update: x11/xscreensaver  Enable PAM support. With out
o kern/112179             [sis] [patch] sis driver for natsemi DP83815D autonego
o ports/112193 edwin      net-snmp man pages broken
f ports/112202 linimon    security/vscan: patch to fix plist problem
o ports/112205 lwhsu      ports:math pari update 2.3.1->2.3.2
o bin/112213              touch(1)ing a directory and failing yields return code
o ports/112255 stas       [PATCH] x11/ecore: dbus check unnecessary
o docs/112267  doc        GEOM Mirror documentation doesn't tell you to remove /
o kern/112282             [ata] atacontrol(8): changing DMA modes when disk is r
o bin/112288              ftp(1): /usr/src/usr.bin/ftp/config.h is redundant and
o bin/112303              route(8): 'route get' returns wrong exit code if no ma
o ports/112347 obrien     [PATCH] editors/vim re-enable WITH_TCL
o bin/112370              getfacl(1): incorrect display group name by ``getfacl'
o bin/112379              [patch] lockf(1): on closing stdin, stdout, stderr
o bin/112408   mp         tcsh(1): tcsh causes gdb to hang (regression in tcsh)
s ports/112417 multimedia Error compiling vlc-devel-,2 on 6.2-STAB
o power/112435 ppc        [nexus] [patch] Update nexus children to use ofw_bus f
o conf/112441             deprecated lines in /etc/hosts.allow
o ports/112451 skv        [PATCH] devel/p5-Want: update to 0.14
o usb/112461   usb        [ehci] ehci USB 2.0 doesn't work on nforce4
o usb/112463   usb        problem with Samsung USB DVD writer, libscg and FreeBS
o kern/112477  marius     [ofw] [patch] Add support to set the node and type on 
o docs/112481  doc        bug in ppp.linkup example
o ports/112496 stas       [patch] sysutils/devcpu fails to build on machines wit
o ports/112497 portmgr    Mk/ make ldconfig permanent for non-defaul
o kern/112544  acpi       [acpi] [patch] Add High Precision Event Timer Driver f
o kern/112554  silby      [kernel] [patch] unp_gc is overly agressive and remove
o ports/112555 roam       ftp/curl reveals too much info in the User-Agent strin
o bin/112556              [patch]: sysctl(8) needs to fix multi-lineal descripti
o bin/112557              [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o kern/112561  ipfw       [ipfw] ipfw fwd does not work with some TCP packets
o docs/112579  doc        No ipv6 related pf examples in /usr/share/examples/pf
o kern/112589             [ata] [feature request] ATA driver does not detect PAT
o kern/112591             Non-monitored locks are dummy-implemented
f ports/112607 lwhsu      New port: devel/openldev A graphical front-end g++/gcc
o kern/112612  andre      [lo] Traffic via additional lo(4) interface shows up o
f bin/112613              'ls -l' is very slow or doesn't work at all
o kern/112634             [tty] [patch] tty's driver method t_ioctl() never call
o docs/112650  doc        [patch] add flopen(3) to flock(2)'s xrefs
o kern/112654  net        [pcn] Kernel panic upon if_pcn module load on a Netfin
o bin/112673              [patch] pkg_add -S leaks the temp dir
o bin/112674   edwin      There appears to be a bug in /usr/bin/calendar
o docs/112682  doc        Handbook GEOM_GPT explanation does not provide accurat
o docs/112683  doc        Handbook KBD_INSTALL_CDEV explanation is redundant
o docs/112684  doc        Handbook chapter 8.4 explanation of devices should inc
p docs/112691  keramida   [patch] mdconfig(8) man page lacks CD image example
o bin/112694              segfault in pam_lastlog(8) on sshd exit when no pty al
o kern/112702  jfv        [em] em driver doesn't use MSI on MSI capable device
o ports/112745 portmgr Add a package-smart target
o ports/112746 laszlof    [NEW PORT]: www/coldfusion: coldfusion7 Coldfusion 7.0
o bin/112757              sysinstall(8): in the FDISK tool we can't move the cur
o ports/112766 kuriyama   net-mgmt/net-snmp - snmpd rc script $snmpd_conffile do
o kern/112775             [libmd] [patch] libmd(3) bug for some zero-length file
o bin/112794              [patch] allow pam_exec to export PAM_AUTHTOK as a envi
o docs/112804  doc        groff(1) command should be called to explicitly use "p
o ports/112816 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade -f advised when /var/db/pkg not
o ports/112820 kde        x11/kdebase3:  kdm runs 'halt' not 'shutdown -p'
o bin/112827              [PATCH]: chmod-like -f & -v options to chflags(1)
o ports/112833 kuriyama   [PATCH] japanese/trac: update to 0.10.4
o bin/112873              [patch] iostat -x should display an unlimited number o
o ports/112884 cy         security/tripwire: fails to build on FreeBSD 7.0-CURRE
f ports/112887            net/nxserver 1.4.0_1 fails to compile after upgrading 
f ports/112893 x11        games/ppracer - problems with OpenGL and Xorg 7.2 (i81
o ports/112895 x11        [dri] xorg-7.2 dri with radeon 7500
o ports/112896 dougb      x11-wm/windowmaker build broken with NDEBUG option
o bin/112920              [PATCH]: wrong realpath(1) behaviour
o kern/112937  jfv        [em] Panic in em(4) when issuing a SIOCGIFADDR ioctl
o kern/112938             [headers] [patch] utmp.h is too limiting for modern sy
o usb/112944   usb        [patch] Bi-directional access to HP LaserJet 1010 prin
p bin/112955   des        [patch] login(1): add netgroup support back to pam_log
o conf/112997             [patch] Add note about the 'native' mtune option to sh
o ports/112999 steve      editors/nedit broken by either xorg-7.2 or gcc-4.2 imp
f ports/113042 jmelo      [maintainer update] sysutils/syscp Changes for BIND, A
o bin/113049              [PATCH]: make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show usage() i
o usb/113060   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Samsung printer not working in bidir
o bin/113074              [ patch ] ppp(8): include <strings.h> for strcasecmp(3
f ports/113099 tmclaugh   [PATCH] sysutils/libchk may skip $X11BASE now
o i386/113100  i386       [sata] motherboard Asus M2N-MX chipset nForce 439 NCP=
o ia64/113102  ia64       [MCA] Multiple records can have the same sequence numb
o ports/113106 x11        x11/xorg - Xorg 7.2 + Mach64 + dri produces error mess
o i386/113110  i386       [mk] [patch] i686 is not an alias of pentiumpro on GCC
a amd64/113111 amd64      [Makefile] [patch] Potentially wrong instructions will
o www/113112   www        RSS feeds for "Upcomming Events" and "In The Media"
o ports/113132 portmgr    Allow -jx for port builds
p i386/113133  des        Add PDCM bit name to CPU Features2
f ports/113137 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade - pkgdb -F deletes depencencies
o kern/113157             [mac] PortACL Rules causing crash
o i386/113160  i386       [install] mountroot> prompt during first boot for inst
o bin/113175              [patch] add "-n count" option to split(1)
o i386/113177  i386       [pci] [patch] Extended PCI Configuration register (>= 
o kern/113180  pjd        zfs: Setting ZFS nfsshare property does not cause inhe
o docs/113194  doc        [patch] crontab.5: handling of day-in-month plus day-i
o kern/113195  sos        [ata] [patch] add support for ATI IXP SB600 non-RAID S
o ports/113207 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade fails when /var/db/pkg changes
f kern/113218  jkim       [sysvipc] [patch] Overflow in shmget's memory size che
f bin/113230   des        [pam] [patch] const-ify PAM-headers
o ports/113234 portmgr    [patch] portbuild/scripts/buildscript
p bin/113250   edwin      [patch] fix calendar(1) -A and -B options
o kern/113256             [headers] _limits.h for some CPU has wrong definitions
o ports/113264 ale        databases/mysql51-server compilation doesn't allow for
o conf/113265             [patch] Add registered epmd port number to etc/service
o kern/113266             [libgssapi] [patch] Missing handling of mech_type in g
p bin/113275   edwin      [patch] regression tests for calendar(1)
p bin/113286   edwin      [patch] make output of calendar(1) properly sorted
o bin/113287   edwin      [patch] calendar(1) regression test updates after bin/
o ports/113295 kde        net-im/kopete: pleawse add 'make config' to choose kop
f ports/113313 glewis     math/gnuplot: Add knob not to depend on teTeX-base
o kern/113338             [tls] GNU gcc __thread as class member
o gnu/113343              [patch] grep(1) outputs NOT-matched lines (with multi-
p kern/113388  ipfw       [ipfw][patch] Addition actions with rules within speci
o docs/113390  doc        [PATCH] geli option for to onetime encryption algorith
o bin/113393   portmgr    pkg_add should have a command line option synonmous wi
o bin/113399              [patch] growfs(8) has signed int overflow in printf
f ports/113423            Update for ports net/freenx to version 0.6.0
o usb/113432   usb        WARNING: attempt to net_add_domain(netgraph) after dom
o ports/113446 python     New port: textproc/py-libtre
o docs/113464  doc        Error regarding IPF and ALTQ in handbook
p ports/113470 gnome      [patch] print/freetype2 does not compile in (some) jai
f ports/113479 perky      science/Gramps 2.2.x needs py-bsddb with db43 on FreeB
o bin/113518              [patch] make(1): Prevent execution when command is a c
o ports/113550 kuriyama   [PATCH] update textproc/expat2 to 2.0.1
o conf/113552             ntpd driftfile default location inconsistently referen
o docs/113570  doc        dumpon(8), sysctl(8) refer to defunct variable "dumpde
f ports/113608 edwin      New port: devel/codeblocks-devel SVN version of Code::
o kern/113639             [netinet] [patch] -CURRENT logs too much TCP informati
o ports/113645 rushani    shells/scponly 4.6.1 port requires /dev/null in chroot
o bin/113669              ftpchroot(5) / ftpusers(5) doesn't do globbing
o misc/113670             [NOTES] wrong advertising of default value for HZ in s
f ports/113674 itetcu     [NEW PORT] comms/tbdcnv: Convert "audio" files between
o ports/113675 alexbl     [PATCH] audio/mt-daapd: Trouble correction of specific
o bin/113682              [sysinstall][patch] sysinstall warn for invalid geomet
f ports/113685 lev        [patch] devel/subversion: install broken
o ports/113689 vd         [NEW PORT] devel/google-perftools: high-performance me
o docs/113695  doc        handbook suggests different lockfile than gbde(8) manp
o bin/113702   krion      [PATCH]: bad output from "pkginfo -g"
o ports/113707 girgen     databases/postgresql81-server - PostgreSQL RC start sc
o ports/113750 pav        update science/kst to 1.4.0
o ports/113751 java       java/linux-sun-jdk15: linux-sun-jdk-,2 - java 
o kern/113785  firewire   [firewire] dropouts when playing DV on firewire
f ports/113792 stas       Update port: www/ocaml-net New version 2.2.7
f ports/113799 portmgr    [PATCH] ease USE_XLIB -> USE_XORG transition
o bin/113803   ipfw       [patch] bin/ipfw.8 - don't get bitten by the fwd rule
o bin/113813              [fix] terminating powerd should restore max CPU freque
o kern/113837  geom       [geom] unable to access 1024 sector size storage
o bin/113838              [patch]: This patch to mount(8) adds support for relat
o kern/113849             [libdisk][patch] Correction of Sanitize_Bios_Geom for 
o bin/113850              sshd(8): unable to debug sshd with strace/truss/gdb
o kern/113852             [smbfs] smbfs does not properly implement DFS referral
a ports/113854 itetcu     net/tightvnc cant find fonts on xorg 7.2
o ports/113858 farrokhi   fix filelist for mail/roundcube
o bin/113860              sh: shell is still running when using `sh -c'
o kern/113874             [netatalk] netatalk broken on big-endian systems
o bin/113879   darrenr    [ipf][patch] ipfstat -D, -S does not accept "any" as h
o bin/113881              [patch] sysctl(8): Wrong memory usage
o kern/113885  geom       [geom] [patch] improved gmirror balance algorithm
o ports/113892 kuriyama   [PATCH] converters/p5-JSON: update to 1.14
s ports/113903 sat        New port:security/gpg-crypter A GTK+ frontend to GPG a
o bin/113912              tunefs(8): silent failure setting glabel on boot parti
o conf/113913             [patch] New file: /etc/periodic/daily/490.status-pkg-c
o conf/113915             [patch] ndis wireless driver fails to associate when i
f ports/113924 dryice     new port www/py-twill
s kern/113950  multimedia [sound] [patch] add per-vchan mixer support
o kern/113956             [carp] [lagg] carp stuck in init when using a lagg int
f conf/113959             Triple launch rc_local
o bin/113979              [patch] sysinstall(8) does not support UFS1 filesystem
o conf/114013  usb        [patch] WITHOUT_USB allow to compil a lot of USB stuff
o ports/114019 multimedia multimedia/transcode coring with sig11 by pthread_test
o kern/114033             [tty] [patch] COMPAT_43TTY: log all deprecated ioctl's
o kern/114057             [devfs] devfs symlink over device doesn't work
p docs/114058  remko      [patch] "TIOSCTTY" typo in tty.4
o bin/114059              [patch] shutdown(8) should fall back to exec reboot/ha
o usb/114068   usb        [umass] [patch] Problems with connection of the umass 
o bin/114081   bz         [patch] ppp(8) should be able to set ethernet address 
o kern/114095  net        [carp] carp+pf delay with high state limit
o ports/114096 steve      Upgrade x11-toolkits/open-motif to OM 2.3
f bin/114097   matteo     [patch] [nfs] NFS Abstraction: mountd(8) binding
o conf/114101             [PATCH]: Add ZFS to periodic locate run
f ports/114106 koitsu     mail/postgrey does not properly shut down via rc.d scr
o kern/114110             [libdisk] [patch] Disk_Names() returns a vector that i
o conf/114119  rc         [jail] [patch] /etc/rc.d/jail improvements for network
o ports/114122 timur      New port: russian/stardict2-dict-eng_RU, Russian dicti
o ports/114126 markus     [UPDATE] deskutils/basket: update to 1.0.2
f ports/114127            net/vnc - installed to bad location
o bin/114129   mux        [patch] csup(1) doesn't support authentication
o docs/114139  doc        mbuf(9) has misleading comments on M_DONTWAIT and M_TR
p usb/114154   imp        [PATCH] umass quirk: Samsung YP-U2 USB MP3/Ogg Player
o kern/114165  acpi       Dell C810 - ACPI problem
o docs/114184  doc        [patch] [ndis]: add info to man 4 ndis
o bin/114195              [patch] make default mail directory for mail.local(8) 
o bin/114200              [patch] 'make NO_INSTALLLIB=1 installworld' fails in u
o kern/114213             optical drive not detected in the 6.x series of FreeBS
f kern/114216  kib        [aio] [panic] [patch] aio when using dt panic: lock "a
o ports/114219 stas       [devel/boehm-gc] enabling redirect port knob causes se
o ports/114229 nork       [patch] [www/linuxpluginwrapper] libmap.conf-FreeBSD6 
o ports/114231 edwin      [patch] multimedia/audacious-plugins - audacious/plugi
o amd64/114270 amd64      [cpufreq] cpufreq doesnt work when compiled in to kern
o kern/114291             [modules] [patch] add dynamic module references
o ports/114305 scrappy    [patch] sysutils/bsdstats - does not get s
o kern/114325             [jail] SIOCGIFADDR ioctl behaves incorrectly inside ja
o ports/114333 sergei     sysutils/cfengine detects wrong version of Berkeley DB
o sparc/114349 sparc64    When executing snmpd it immediately stops with a segme
f ports/114365 edwin      New port: net-mgmt/nagiosgrapher
o docs/114371  doc        [patch][ipv6] rtadvd.con(5) should show how to adverti
o ports/114372 multimedia multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-mpeg2enc does not build
o ports/114384 lme        [PATCH] net-im/tkabber: update to 0.10.0, take maintai
o bin/114392              default definitions for devel/pkg-config ports entry
o ports/114394 markus     net-p2p/ktorrent and ktorrent-devel: dependency on lib
o bin/114398              init(8): /etc/ttys not parsed properly if last line do
o kern/114406             [drm] ATI Radeon Mobility X600 not supported by agp de
o kern/114438             [amr] Anomalous performance with multiple arrays and a
o bin/114465              [patch]: script(1): add really cool -d, -p & -r option
o bin/114468              [patch]: add -d option to umount(8) to detach md(4) de
o ports/114472 anholt     devel/git: bump to, fix SHA1 dependency
p kern/114473  simon      [sata] [patch] Update SATA-IDs for ICH9
p usb/114481   imp        Add additional product id and quirks entry for MetaGee
o ports/114490 sat        graphics/cinepaint update to 0.22
o kern/114492             [kernel] [patch] device_attach() doesn't unset devclas
f ports/114494 edwin      [patch] port net/freenet6 putenv (-current) doesn't wo
o bin/114498              [PATCH] bug in wall(1) makes it skip characters
a ports/114509 girgen     [UPDATE]: java/eclipse-cdt to 4.0
o gnu/114517              [patch] Missing objc/objc-decls.h header
o kern/114532  geom       GEOM_MIRROR shows up in kldstat even if compiled in th
o kern/114546             [drm][panic]Sleeping thread owns a non-sleepable lock
o kern/114567  pf         [pf] LOR pf_ioctl.c + if.c
o ports/114573 multimedia multimedia/vlc-devel doesn't compile when the QT4 opti
o kern/114578  standards  [libc] wide character printing using swprintf(dst, n, 
o kern/114582             [patch] new driver: cmx - Omnikey CardMan 4040 smartca
o ports/114585 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade children have numerous bogus op
o ports/114593 lth        [PATCH] net/smokeping: rc.d script needs command_inter
o kern/114597  scsi       [sym] System hangs at SCSI bus reset with dual HBAs
o ports/114598 fjoe       [patch] misc/mc - UTF-8 support
o kern/114605             [patch] ata: new loader tunable for 80-pin cable check
o ports/114611 edwin      [NEW PORT] net-p2p/freenet05: An anonymous censorship-
o kern/114632             [re] promisc mode on re not applied
o stand/114633 standards  /etc/rc.subr: line 511: omits a quotation mark: "force
o kern/114649             [patch][acpi] panic: recursed on non-recursive mutex
o kern/114654             [vm] [patch] make vm_page_max_wired tunnable at run ti
f ports/114655 tmclaugh   Implement getgroupmembership in net/nss_ldap
o kern/114667             [umass] UMASS device error log problem
o kern/114677             [drm] Xorg will not run with dri glx and drm on ATI Ra
o docs/114715  doc        [patch] incorrect use of FATxx and ``extended file sys
o ports/114719 nork       japanese/kterm (Kanji XTerm) problem in 'window' comma
o kern/114722  acpi       [acpi] [patch] Nearly duplicate p-state entries report
s ports/114774 itetcu     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/tinderbox: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
s ports/114782 obrien     shells/bash - Incorrect cursor behavior during command
f kern/114797  linimon    no support for Nvidia nNforce 6100
o ports/114800 clsung     [NEW PORT] security/p5-Net-SAML: Perl extension for us
f ports/114805 araujo     [maintainer update] science/mbdyn: uppdate to version 
o ports/114813 lioux      [new port] finance/qtstalker-devel
f ports/114825            pam module security/pam_abl not working
s kern/114826             FreeBSD does not boot with Xen/HVM
o ports/114827 x11        Xorg server crashes when starting astro/google-earth
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] dirmask support for NTFS ala MSDOSFS
p usb/114860   usb        if_udav / ShanTou ST268 USB NIC
o docs/114898  doc        [request]: Update handbook section 27.7 to handle Apac
o ports/114900 sobomax    ports: net/asterisk : cannot be finished by a script
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o usb/114916   usb        USB Maxtor drive (L300RO) requires quirk.
o kern/114928             green_saver does not switch DVI monitor power off
o ports/114929 clement    [request] Man pages for sSMTP (mail/ssmtp) config file
f usb/114938   pjd        can't attach eli-devices on external hd
o bin/114951   krion      pkg_version does not reference PORTSDIR in /etc/make.c
o kern/114955             [cd9660] [patch] support for mask,dirmask,uid,gid for 
o kern/114970             Wrong system time (last) when machine is crashed due t
o ports/114979 tobez      [PATCH] math/p5-Math-BigInt: update to 1.87
f ports/114993 keramida   editors/Emacs causes SIGSEGV
o docs/115000  doc        [PATCH] nits and updates to FAQs (part 1)
o kern/115019             [netgraph] ng_ether upper hook packet flow stops on ad
f ports/115020 x11        New port: graphics/osmesa - Mesa's off-screen renderin
a ports/115022 araujo     graphics/mesa-demos: adding OSMesa demos.
f ports/115023 gnome      inconsistency in XML catalog location
o misc/115025             [tools] [patch] new flash device for nanobsd's FlashDe
o ports/115051 clsung     [NEW PORT] databases/mysqlbigram: Simple N-Gram (bi-gr
o ports/115052 clsung     [PATCH] devel/cgdb: update to 0.6.4, reset maintainers
o ports/115055 farrokhi   net/openbgpd rfc2385 support
o ports/115059 sobomax    PATCH: update for misc/zaptel to fix meetme drift prob
o docs/115065  doc        [patch] sync ps.1 with p_flag and keywords
o usb/115080   usb        using a Hercules HWGUSB2-54-V2 wifi usb adapter
f ports/115087 edwin      New port: net/callweaver Fork of the popular Open Sour
f ports/115096 edwin      [NEW PORT] emulators/fuse-utils: Utilities from the Fr
o ports/115100 roam       sysutils/daemontools port does not build on NFS-mounte
s ports/115117 itetcu     [UPDATE]: java/eclipseme to 1.7.3
o bin/115129              sysinstall(8) can't find distribution sets after updat
o kern/115133  scottl     [mpt] [mfi] [patch] Patches to make mfi support LSI SA
f ports/115136 timur      net/samba3 -  doesn't work with recycle vfs module and
o bin/115156   delphij    less(1): less -E causes segmentation fault in certain 
o kern/115162  des        [libpam] [patch] Add check for target user's group lis
o kern/115164  des        [libpam] [patch] Add support for the account category 
o bin/115172   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) list show some rules with a wrong form
o bin/115196              [libc] [patch] Implement getgroupmembership(3) for mas
o usb/115197   usb        can not install from USB stick drive
s kern/115202             [feature request] memory error diagnostic
o threa/115211 threads    pthread_atfork misbehaves in initial thread
s ports/115216 alepulver  ADA devel/florist exit_process program doesn't compile
s ports/115217 alepulver  Ada devel/florist socket program doesn't compile due t
o docs/115220  remko      [patch] to Handbook Printer Section to Add CUPS Config
o kern/115226             [ath] ath0: unable to attach hardware; HAL status 13
o kern/115232             Audio CD tracks not displayed properly by atapi driver
f ports/115240 gnome      sysutils/brasero growisofs module fails to find /usr/l
o kern/115242             Incorrect work ntpd
f ports/115246 edwin      [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/neye port
o kern/115253             [kbd] Wireless keyboard not working at boot
o kern/115275             [wi] [panic] wi configure at boot time led to panic "i
o ports/115279 java       [UPDATE] java/java3d to 1.5.1
o docs/115284  doc        [patch] nve(4): bug in nve driver, document it.
o kern/115300  multimedia [snd_hda] snd_hda(4) fails to attach on -CURRENT (regr
f ports/115304            multimedia/gpac-mp4box cannot import files larger than
o ports/115312 glewis     java/Eclipse upgrade to version 3.3 (Europa) requested
o bin/115327   krion      [patch] "pkg_delete -a" causes segmentation fault for 
f ports/115336            port multimedia/avifile on FreeBSD 7.0 not BROKEN with
f ports/115342 python     [PATCH] sysutils/py-bcfg2: FreeBSD fixes and startup s
o bin/115361   pjd        mount gets into a state where it won't set/unset ZFS p
o usb/115400   usb        [ehci] Problem with EHCI on ASUS M2N4-SLI
f ports/115401            Update port: graphics/ipe Version 6.0pre28 of Ipe that
o ports/115408 alexbl     Update devel/py-epsilon 0.4.0 -> 0.5.6
o ports/115409 alexbl     Update databases/py-axiom 0.4.0 -> 0.5.20
o ports/115410 alexbl     Update net-p2p/py-vertex 0.1 -> 0.2.0
o ports/115411 alexbl     Update www/py-nevow 0.8.0 -> 0.9.18
o ports/115412 alexbl     Update net/py-mantissa 0.4.1 -> 0.6.1
o bin/115431              [patch] improvement to split(1)
o docs/115445  doc        [patch] improve timed(8) man page
o bin/115447              [patch] teach make(1) to respect TMPDIR environment va
o kern/115469             [kernel] [patch] ptrace(2) signal delivery broken
o bin/115486              [patch] newsyslog(8) -- provide ability to compress Nt
o bin/115513              [PATCH] Add step down/up options to powerd(8)
o www/115516   remko      ASUS A8V-Deluxe motherboard report for amd64
o ports/115523 perky      lang/Python 2.5.1 doesn't offer HCI socket support thr
o ports/115536 x11        [new port] x11/xorg-base port for a minimal X.Org inst
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] for GEOM Eli to get password from stdin
o ports/115569 mnag       databases/sqlite3 installs tclwrapper in lib/sqlite, r
o ports/115580 pb         multimedia/Kino cannot read or write quicktime mov fil
o amd64/115581 amd64      [patch] -mfancy-math-387 has no effect
o ports/115583 sem        ports-mgmt/portupgrade -rf PKG after shlib version bum
f ports/115597 itetcu     update devel/ice to 3.2.1
o ports/115598 glewis     java/jdk16 fails to build
o kern/115623             [dc] Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 Adapter (CBE2-1
f ports/115627            www/Lynx (-ssl) does not correctly test for OpenSSL
o kern/115640  pf         [net] [pf] pfctl -k dont works
o bin/115641              typo in netstat -s for SCTP protocol stats
o ports/115646 itetcu     [MAINTAINER UPDATE] sysutils/condor: update to 6.8.5
o ports/115654 shaun      [UPDATE] devel/sdl12 to 1.2.12
o ports/115656 shaun      [UPDATE] graphics/sdl_ttf to 2.0.9
o ports/115657 shaun      [UPDATE] net/sdl_net to 1.2.7
o ports/115658 shaun      [UPDATE] audio/sdl_mixer to 1.2.8
o ports/115660 shaun      [UPDATE] graphics/sdl_image to 1.2.6
o ports/115661 nivit      [UPDATE] graphics/linux-sdl_image to 1.2.6
f ports/115667 garga      update mail/qmail    fix a few issues with files/rcNG
o kern/115695             When "device padlock" defined first ssh to machine giv
o ports/115701 acm        devel/ode: does not build
o bin/115715              [openbsm] [patch] please add pipe-buffer switcher (On\
s docs/115716  doc        remove cue from supported hardware list
o docs/115721  remko      misleading manual
f ports/115722 itetcu     New port:x11/tastymenu A K-Menu replacement for KDE 3.
o docs/115732  doc        [patch] Update to NanoBSD article - added a section on
o usb/115737   usb        uplcom doesn't identify my Prolific 2303 any more
o ports/115739 sobomax    fix to misc/zaptel rc.d script to specify modules to l
o ports/115742 sobomax    [repocopy] rename net/ to net/callwear. Upd
o ports/115746 portmgr    new ports category - meta
f conf/115751  matteo     [PATCH] etc/rc.d/mdconfig (RELENG_6)
p kern/115755  ipfw       [ipfw][patch] unify message and add a rule number wher
o ports/115758 kuriyama   net/freeradius: error install FreeRadius, conflicts de
f ports/115759 linimon    [PATCH] x11-themes/cursor-bluecurve-theme: unbreak
o java/115773  java       java.nio channel selectors should use kqueue/kevent in
o docs/115774  doc        [patch] Mailing list users aren't warned about public 
o ports/115782 lev        Unbroken devel/mingw32-binutils
o ports/115800 ale        [patch] databases/php5-pdo_sqlite - knob to use shared
o bin/115814              /etc/rc.d/named restart fails sometimes
o ports/115820 danfe      [patch] audio/soundtouch: unbreak (trivial)
f ports/115823 tmclaugh   [PATCH] graphics/f-spot: update to 0.4.0
o ports/115832 tobez      [PATCH] databases/p5-Jifty-DBI: update to 0.43
o ports/115851 tobez      [PATCH] www/p5-Jifty: update to 0.70824
o ports/115853 koitsu     sysutils/diskcheckd runs constantly rather than at int
f ports/115864 pav        x11-toolkits/gtk12 reduce X dependencies
p ports/115870 pav        [DEPS] graphics/cairo reduce X dependencies
o ports/115871 python     [NEW PORT] japanese/py-mecab - Python bindings for MeC
p ports/115872 pav        [DEPS] x11-toolkits/pango reduce X dependencies
o ports/115888 cy         [patch] optionify sysutils/screen
o ports/115893 acm        ffmpeg-2007.07.12_3 graphics/php5-ffmpeg 0.5.0_2 --> l
o docs/115918  docs       [PATCH]: missing bios_oem_strings(9) documentation
o docs/115921  doc        Booting from pst(4) is not supported
o conf/115923             rc.subr - logger using priorities
o ports/115926 alepulver  graphics/skencil 0.6.17_1 crashes with python25-2.5.1
o ports/115927 lev        [PATCH] devel/subversion add OPTIONS
o kern/115931  dwmalone   [patch] change bpf_filter() mem[] from int32_t to u_in
o usb/115933   usb        RATOC REX-USB60F (usb serial converter) is working
o usb/115935   usb        [patch] kernel counterproductively attaches to Cyber P
o ports/115940 python     Missed one file in lang/python25 if NO_NIS defined
f ports/115954 mm         [patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod fuse_module/Makefile igno
f ports/115956 dinoex     request port update dns/bind9-dlz
o ports/115961 apache     [UPDATE] www/mod_auth_mysql2 1.9.1 -> 1.10
f ports/115964 itetcu     Update port: www/hiawatha
o docs/115990  doc        [patch] Edit to handbook/desktop/chapter.sgml to add K
o ports/115995 gnome      databases/libgda[2,3]: fail to build when firebird2-cl
o kern/116005             [libfetch] libfetch accepts invalid URLs
o kern/116009  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Ignore errors when loading ruleset from
o ports/116016 itetcu     Update port: audio/ecasound to 2.4.6
o ports/116017 itetcu     Update port: biology/lamarc to 2.1
f ports/116037            multimedia/dvd-slideshow has been updated from 0.7.5 t
o docs/116039  blackend   [patch] remove nodev references from French documentat
f ports/116042            net/tsclient have disabled panel applet
o docs/116047  doc        [patch] bsdlabel(8) manpage doesn't mention 'auto' typ
p kern/116051  thompsa    [if_bridge] [patch] add local packet filtering on the 
o usb/116057   usb        [patch] Update quirks for the MetaGeek Wi-Spy
f ports/116058            Update: x11-themes/gtk-qt-engine to version 0.8
o ports/116061 sobomax    start script for net/asterisk now references wrong loc
f ports/116064 python     graphics/py-imaging: chase server redirect
o ports/116066 girgen     [patch] Update databases/postgresql-odbc to newest ver
o docs/116068  doc        [patch] Add "make config" and "make rmconfig" info to 
o ports/116069 kuriyama   net-mgmt/net-snmp: snmp is missing PhysAddress
o kern/116071             [patch] loader.conf update some variables
o stand/116081 standards  make does not work with the directive sinclude
o ports/116082 java       java/linux-sun-jdk16 jconsole is unable to connect to 
o ports/116083 ahze       [PATCH] graphics/py-opengl: update to
o ports/116098 joerg      update devel/libdwarf to version 20070703
o i386/116100  i386       Fatal trap 12 right after reboot (da0s1error = 6)
f ports/116104            [UPDATE] net/frickin update to beta2
f ports/116105            [UPDATE] comms/hylafax to 4.4.1
o docs/116116  doc        mktemp (3) re/move note
f ports/116120            [patch] x11-toolkits/gtkdatabox2: update to
o kern/116125  sos        ata(4) driver: support for ATi IXP600/700 PATA/SATA ad
f ports/116142            devel/cvsweb3 coloured side-by-side stopped working wh
o ports/116144 brooks     sysutils/ganglia-monitor-core crashes frequently
f ports/116161 itetcu     [patch] Add WITH_PULSE option to audio/musicpd
o ports/116168 danfe      audio/libgpod:  broken python bindings
o ports/116176 marcus     [UPDATE] security/pam_ldap 1.8.2 -> 1.8.4
o conf/116177  rc         rc.d/mdconfig2 script fail at -CURRENT
o kern/116181             /dev/io-related io access permissions are not propagat
o bin/116190   sam        [patch] add syslog support for wpa_supplicant
o ports/116197 az         [PATCH] devel/p5-Test-Deep: update to 0.098
o bin/116198              ifconfig(8): ifconfig illegal option -- n  dhclient fa
o kern/116201             [panic] The following letters are given in boot.
o bin/116209              [patch] decimal suffix in split
o ports/116218 marcus     ports-mgmt/portlint - IFF -> IF
o ports/116219 portmgr    [patch] Add @rmtry to
o stand/116221 standards  SUS issue -- FreeBSD has not flag WNOWAIT for wait*() 
f ports/116226            x11-wm/compiz - emerald and compiz-fusion and scim are
o ports/116236 gnome      [patch] Shoot yourself in the foot fix for www/firefox
o conf/116237             [patch] ugly output of the 405.status-ata-raid if fdes
o ports/116244 portmgr    [patch] - Make USE_DISPAY more general
o ports/116248 sergei     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/porttools: add -R to cvs update/dif
o kern/116250             whitespace fix for STCP amd64 GENERIC
o www/116257   shaun      query-pr.cgi is brokebn on ports/114999
f ports/116258 flz        astro/google-earth: help is not showing up
o ports/116263 gnome      x11-toolkits/gtk20: reduce X deps
o ports/116269 anholt     Upgrade devel/git to, including gnat 114472
o ports/116274 alepulver  New port: lang/nbc NBC is a programming language for t
f ports/116280 stefan     ports deskutils/wyrd stops wyrd from compili
o usb/116282   usb        Cannot print on USB HP LJ1018 or LJ1300
o ports/116287 farrokhi   [PATCH] sysutils/ntfsprogs: integrate with devel/libub
o bin/116302              atacontrol(8) reports wrong stripe for intel raid0
f ports/116309 lwhsu      [Maintainer update] update math/gri to 2.12.16
o kern/116310             [patch] prevent junk lines in log on SMP
f ports/116313 lme        Cannot compile sysutils/desktopbsd-tools on AMD64 CURR
o ports/116314 miwi       [NEW PORT]: games/quackle - A scrabble-like game
f ports/116320 lwhsu      ports-mgmt/portcheck - Update to version 1.13
f ports/116323            net-im/jabber-users-agent bugs
f ports/116327            games/prboom fails to compile on amd/i386 FreeBSD7.0-C
f ports/116332 araujo     [NEW PORT] mail/xf-spf
f ports/116333            math/isabelle fails to build with SML/NJ; requires bas
p ports/116338 gnome      gnome: devel/gnome-vfs does not support nullfs for tra
o kern/116347             APM does not suspend USB devices
o gnu/116363              isspace broken for UTF-8 locales
o ports/116367 bms        [PATCH] net/xorp: fix broken startup script
o ports/116386 x11        Update port: x11-drivers/xf86-video-i810 from 1.6.5 to
o ports/116387 x11        [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-dmx will not link correctly i
o ports/116395 gerald     emulators/wine: wordpad crashes in 0.9.45 update
o ports/116399 itetcu     [patch] x11-wm/vtwm  Add NLS option
o ports/116408 joerg      devel/avr-libc is BROKEN: fails when building docs [FI
o ports/116412 x11        x11/xorg - Screen artifacts with radeon X driver
o bin/116413              incorrect getconf(1) handling of unsigned constants gi
f ports/116414 araujo     [PATCH] www/mod_security2: update to 2.1.3
o conf/116416  rc         [patch] per-jail rc.conf(5) style configuration file i
f ports/116422            [patch] devel/kdbg: fix to allow a core file to be ope
o ports/116423 girgen     databases/postgresql82-server (8.2.5) failed to built 
o bin/116425              [patch]ls options for pre-sort of directories first or
o ports/116427 kuriyama   Update of textproc/openfts to 0.39
o ports/116433 araujo     [Update]: print/gv: update to 3.6.3
o kern/116435             drm/i915 reports memory leak
o ports/116437 kuriyama   [PATCH] net-mgmt/net-snmp: count inactive memory as ca
a kern/116439  sam        [wpa_supplicant]: crash building FreeBSD 7.0 with NO_C
o ports/116441 pav        net/boinc-client patch for daemon mode
o ports/116443 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard patch for USB jp106 ke
f ports/116451 itetcu     [patch] audio/asunder: make options available, set dep
o bin/116452   krion      pkg_create uses bogosort?
o misc/116453             [picobsd] picobsd build script fails for not exist log
f ports/116454            net/unison: should depend on X11-enabled ocaml when bu
o ports/116455 brooks     ftp/tftp-hpa's syslog timestamp is not localtime.
o amd64/116457 amd64      cant install freebsd on dv9420us
o docs/116459  doc        [Porters' Handbook] Thing to watch out while adding pa
o www/116479   www        cvsweb+enscript formatting bugfix
o docs/116480  doc        sysctl(3) description of kern.file no longer applies s
o ports/116484 kde        [PATCH] OPTIONS'ify x11/kdelibs3
f ports/116485 stefan     games/vultures-eye gets a permission denied after typi
o bin/116487              teach adduser(8) to respect -G flag in the batch mode
f ports/116495            [patch] Adding a banch of semi-official patches to x11
o ports/116507 demon      [PATCH]math/glpk: update to 4.22
o amd64/116514 amd64      freebsd6.2 can't detect GA-M61SME-S2's onboard lan car
o ports/116521 anholt     update devel/git to
o ports/116525 anders     [PATCH] comms/p5-Device-Gsm: update to 1.48
o kern/116537             [fdc] [patch] kldunload fdc.ko locks forever due to mi
o kern/116539             [fdc] fdc(4) marks /dev/fd0 device busy when it should
o ports/116544 demon      [Patch]: devel/memcheck: update to 0.2.4
f ports/116550 mm         devel/tcltls 1.5.0 port enhancements
f ports/116555 lwhsu      [MAINT] devel/autodist: Update to 1.3.2
f ports/116557 lwhsu      [MAINT] textproc/dblatex: Update to 0.2.7
o ports/116558 kuriyama   security/gnupg port requires ldap even when it's not s
p bin/116559   stefanf    make case statement of Bourne shell IEEE 1003.2-confor
f ports/116567            [PATCH] net/vnc: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/116571 skv        databases/firebird2-client fails to compile in a jail
o usb/116574   usb        [patch] Add device ids for ICH8 USB chipsets
o www/116594   shaun      query-pr.cgi on ports/116460
o ports/116601 portmgr    [patch] - fail if dependency failed
o ports/116603 x11        x11/xorg server 7.3 hangs up
o ports/116604 itetcu     [PATCH] net/tightvnc: update to 1.3.9
o ports/116605 x11        x11/xorg: server 7.3 crashes
o bin/116606   sam        [patch] Enable history support in wpa_cli(8)
f ports/116612 rafan      [patch] missing dependency for mail/postgrey
f ports/116621 itetcu     make reverse proxy optional on www/tinyproxy
o ports/116627 clement    [patch] www/apache22: completely shut up rc.d script w
o ports/116628 hrs        [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portbrowser Fix runtime warnings/er
f ports/116630 miwi       New port: games/openastromenace Hardcore 3D space shoo
o ports/116632 miwi       Update port: databases/pecl-memcache
o ports/116637 clement    www/apache22 Port doesn't find/use port-installed Berk
o ports/116641 beech      New port: net/pro-search File search and navigation sy
o bin/116642              syslogd bug
o bin/116643   net        [patch] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket details as in 
o kern/116645  pf         pfctl -k does not work in securelevel 3
f ports/116647 araujo     [PATCH] net/x11vnc: update to 0.9.2
o ports/116652 bsam       [repocopy] devel/py-qt4-qct -> devel/qct
o docs/116658  doc        [patch] Document -P command line argument of hostapd(8
o conf/116659             [patch] Add reload functionality to /etc/rc.d/hostapd
f ports/116663 tmclaugh   Update graphics/f-spot to version 0.4 (+bugfixes)
f ports/116665 araujo     [UPDATE] deskutils/gnochm to 0.9.11
o java/116667  java       linux-sun-javac1.4 hangs on SMP
o threa/116668 threads    can no longer use jdk15 with libthr on -stable SMP
o amd64/116670 amd64      onboard SATA RAID1 controllers
o ports/116673            databases/tora: upgrade to 1.3.22.
f ports/116675            [patch] broken editors/biew on gcc 4.2.1
o ports/116677 stas       [patch] net-mgmt/flow-tools on amd64 is broken
f ports/116682 mi         graphics/ImageMagic build fails with FPX support
o ports/116683 alepulver  [NEW PORT] audio/kirocker: KDE Kicker applet for Amaro
f ports/116684 alepulver  New port: secuity/ike Shrew Soft IKE daemon and Client
o amd64/116689 amd64      [request] support for MSI K9MM-V
f ports/116692 tmclaugh   [PATCH] audio/muine: Fix build in current ports tree
f www/116693   chinsan    amd64 motherboard missing from list (GIGABYTE)
o bin/116694              adduser echoes wrong UID on subsequent additions
o kern/116697             [ PATCH ] ifconfig's name argument has no efect on /de
o ports/116698 marcus     ports-mgmt/portlint - strange PATCH_SITES warning
o bin/116702              [patch]: add ability to run man on a local file (was i
o bin/116706   edwin      [patch] src/usr.bin/makewhatis/makewhatis.c - teach ab
o ports/116707 timur      net/samba3 [patch] unix_convert failure with NT4 clien
o ports/116708 beech      New port: www/phprecipebook: Little web app to manage 
o ports/116713 alepulver  New port: net/unison-devel - development version of ne
o ports/116714 alepulver  [new port] - sysutils/kgtk - daemon to use KDE dialogu
o www/116716   remko      want to be added to the list (
o kern/116720             running reboot commands causes a kernel page fault
o ports/116723 beech      [maintainer update] misc/qbrew update
f ports/116724 hq remove support for Java 1.1 and 1.2 [PATC
o ports/116731 alepulver  [PATCH] graphics/potrace: improve xfig backend
o ports/116735 miwi       New port: net-mgmt/liboping
o ports/116736 miwi       New port: net-mgmt/collectd
o ports/116741 openoffice editors/ build errors related to java
o ports/116742 x11        the CapsLock Led not indicate status CapsLock Key
o ports/116746 alepulver  [REPOCOPY] games/actioncube: project name changes from
o ports/116754 araujo     [maintainer update] Update databases/p5-DBIx-Class-UUI
o ports/116756 araujo     [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/ocsinventory-ng - Open Computer an
o ports/116759 farrokhi   please unmark devel/upnp as broken on amd64
o bin/116766              mtree should probably use getcwd()
o kern/116770             Unfortunate fifo/O_NONBLOCK/kevent interaction
o ports/116773 roam       [PATCH] security/stunnel: new style of startup script 
o ports/116774 itetcu     [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: update to 3.14.2
o amd64/116775 amd64      make distribution failed for sendmail
f ports/116783            databases/db46 can not be built
o www/116785   www        Technology Consulting Listing on FreeBSD web site
o kern/116786  anholt     DRM-Problems (using Wine)
o ports/116792 fjoe       [PATCH] devel/cvsnt: update to + enable RC
f ports/116798 edwin      www/hastymail requires extra php modules
f www/116805   remko      amd64 motherboard: Intel DG965RYCK motherboard compati
o ports/116806 jmelo      [PATCH] sysutils/memtest86: update MASTER_SITES and MA
o ports/116809 des        net-mgmt/nav uptate to version 3.3.0
o ports/116810 tabthorpe  [MAINTAINER UPDATE]: x11/yakuake, update to 2.8
f ports/116814 miwi       [PATCH] multimedia/streamdvd: Fix build with gcc4.2
f ports/116815 miwi       [PATCH] security/kgpg: Fix build with gcc 4.2
o conf/116816  rrs        SCTP dependent on INET6 but config(8) doesn't know.
o ports/116817            New port: devel/libreadline-java a JNI-wrapper around 
o ports/116818 markus     [UPDATE]: graphics/gwenview
f ports/116820 miwi       [PATCH] irc/dircproxy: Fix build with gcc 4.2
f ports/116822 miwi       [PATCH] games/noegnud-nethack: Fix build with gcc 4.2
f ports/116823 miwi       [PATCH] games/noegnud-slashem: Fix build with gcc 4.2
f ports/116824 miwi       [PATCH] games/noegnud-littlehack: Fix build with gcc 4
f ports/116825            [UPDATE]: net/miniupnpd to 1.0rc9
o stand/116826 standards  [PATCH] sh support for POSIX character classes
f ports/116828 miwi       [PATCH] games/noegnud-nethack-deet: fix build with gcc
o ports/116829            New port: net/isc-dhcp31-(client|devel|relay|server)
o ports/116835 gnome      about www/nvu
o ports/116838            update port: devel/jude-community: update to 5.1
f ports/116840 alepulver  [PATCH] graphics/py-imaging: allow building for multip
o ports/116841 java       cannot build java/jdk16 by using java/linux-sun-jdk16
f ports/116842 miwi       update games/ftjava
o ports/116847 jmelo      [PATCH] Add postfix VERP support to mail/mailman
o kern/116848             Diskless Booting - make distribution fails with Error 
o ports/116851 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-mga - Xorg 7.3 mga driver fails
o ports/116855 miwi       Update port: net-im/gajim (0.11.2 release)
o ports/116858 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-client
o ports/116859 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki
o ports/116860 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-client-scep
o ports/116861 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-i18n
o ports/116862 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-client-html-ma
o ports/116863 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-deployment
o ports/116865            New port: french/pluxml-theme-snowxml - a theme for pl
o ports/116867            port upgrade: mail/assp 1.2.6 ->
o ports/116868 miwi       [maintainer update] Update databases/p5-POE-Component-
o ports/116870 miwi       Maintainer update: security/p5-openxpki-client-cli
f ports/116876 miwi       Unbreak net/pynids on AMD64 (requires a patch to net/l
o ports/116883 python     typo s/python/python25/ in UPDATING
o kern/116886             Lock Order Reversal on Current for kbd and zyd
o ports/116891 alepulver  [patch] - remove always false statement
f ports/116893 miwi       [PATCH] emulators/vba: Fix build with gcc 4.2
o kern/116896             Typo in a kassert in GEOM
o ports/116897 girgen     [repocopy] databases/postgresql82-server -> postgresql
o usb/116898   usb        panic: sleeping thread while using USB hard drive
o conf/116900  edwin      [patch] update share/zoneinfo to 2007h
o conf/116901  edwin      [patch] Describe zoneinfo CVS import process
o ports/116906 openoffice [PATCH] editors/ Properly set Java ve
o ports/116907 marcus     ports-mgmt/portlint: doesn't allow USE_JAVA after bsd.
o ports/116910 roam       Update mail/vpopmail from 5.4.17_1  to 5.4.20
o ports/116914 az         Fix mail/svnmailer with lang/python25+
o ports/116925 beech      Update port: ftp/pureadmin to 0.4
o conf/116931             lack of fsck_cd9660 prevents mounting iso images with 
f ports/116933            cannot install emulators/mupen64-sdlinput
o ports/116934 demon      net-mgmt/mrtg won't start in UTF-8 locales
f ports/116936 beech      graphics/blender: upgrade to 2.45 & don't disable the 
f ports/116938 jmelo      [MAINTAINER] audio/xmmsctrl: Update maintainer email, 
f ports/116944 tabthorpe  net/Citrix_ica don't start cause of "Unable to load an
o bin/116945              bsdlabel -e broken on live CD
o misc/116946             holographic shell breaks live CD shell
o ports/116948            [NEW PORT] mail/smfsav: Sendmail Sender Address Valida
o ports/116950 jylefort   graphics/osg outdated
f ports/116951 miwi       [NEW PORT] graphics/gpicview: A Simple and Fast Image 
o conf/116952             calendar.birthday: Pablo Picasso's birthday is October
o ports/116953            [update] lang/sdcc: version 2.7.0
o bin/116955              Possibly redundant file src/usr.sbin/nscd/mp_rs_query.
o ports/116956 hrs        print/acroread7 - Adobe Reader 8
o kern/116960             [patch] locate doesn't index ZFS file systems
o bin/116962              grep -R  * cores right away
o ports/116963 apache     www/mod_auth_cookie_mysql2 update to 0.9a
o ports/116966            Update port: security/sfs
o ports/116968 gnome      [patch] textproc/libxml2 with options
o ports/116971            New port: games/banihstypos - a game to teach you typi
f ports/116974            net-p2p/azureus fails to operate correctly if IPV6 sup
o ports/116978 sat        [NEW PORT] www/xpi-flatbmark: Edit bookmark without op
o bin/116980              [patch] [msdosfs] mount_msdosfs(8) resets some flags f
o ports/116982 anders     [patch] security/pam-mysql build failures
o ports/116984 dinoex     [patch] www/apache13-modssl missing perl5.8 as RUN_DEP
o ports/116990 aaron      [PATCH] archivers/p5-Archive-Extract: update to 0.24
o ports/116991 demon      [PATCH] archivers/p5-Compress-Zlib: update to 2.007
f ports/116992 leeym      [PATCH] devel/p5-SSN-Validate: update to 0.16
o ports/116993 miwi       [new port] net/p5-Net-Trackback - Perl trackback libra
o ports/116996 miwi       [PATCH] net-p2p/apollon: reset maintainership
o kern/117000             [carp] CARP using address-less host NIC (carpdev)
o ports/117001 oliver     cannot build mail/sylpheed2
o ports/117002 miwi       [MAINTAINER] multimedia/openmovieeditor: fix build wit
o ports/117003            [MAINTAINER]  www/abyssws - Some fixes
o ports/117004 gnome      [patch] x11/gnome-desktop does not build on fresh -CUR
o ports/117007 miwi       [PATCH] x11/grabc unbreak
o ports/117008 murray     [patch] textproc/docbook-410: fix weird catalog file
o ports/117009 thierry    [patch] [devel/bouml] Incorrect distinfo
o ports/117011 fjoe       [patch] update port lang/llvm-gcc4 to 2.1

3094 problems total.

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