dlopen/close segfault with pthreaded children

Max Englander zempftman at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 09:30:32 PST 2007

First time poster, please forgive ignorance.

I encountered this problem when writing a pthreaded module for Irssi (non-pthreaded). 

Irssi loads modules with dlopen() and removes them with dlclose(). A segmentation fault occurs when Irssi tries to remove a pthreaded child from the address space. A description of this problem is available here and here. 

Fix: a workaround is to simply build the parent (in my case, Irssi) with pthreads.

I don't know if this is a feature, quirk, or bug, but it was suggested to me to bring it to the lists' attention.

Max Englander

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