kern/71792: [vm] [patch] Wrong/missing 'goto' target label in contigmalloc1()

alc at alc at
Fri Nov 23 12:08:24 PST 2007

Synopsis: [vm] [patch] Wrong/missing 'goto' target label in contigmalloc1()

State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
State-Changed-By: alc
State-Changed-When: Fri Nov 23 19:57:04 UTC 2007
I am sure that the use of the same label was intentional and
not accidental.  The reason being that a new page might appear
in the inactive queue while contigmalloc() slept on an active

Also, in the audit trail, there is mention of a fix for an
endless loop in this code that was applied to DragonflyBSD.
FreeBSD has had a similar fix since FreeBSD 5.0.

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