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   Dear eBay member,
   Hi again, i have no laptop from you by now if i don`t get an answer in
   24 hours i will report you to eBay , PayPal and Police.
   - yota89
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   Item Title: 57 Pound Copper Ingot
   Item Number: 290175579491
   Item URL:
   End Date: Nov-17-07 11:29:54 PST
   From User:
   [5]yota89 ([6]170 [iconTealStar_25x25.gif] )
   100.0% Positive Feedback
   Member since Jul-06-00 in United States
   Location : MI, United States
   Activity with yota89 (last 90 days):I have bid on 1 items from yota89
   This message was sent while the listing wa! s active.yota89 is a
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