bin/117603: [patch] dump(8) hangs on SMP - 4way and higher.

Danny Braniss danny at
Mon Nov 5 01:42:34 PST 2007

I didn't get your 2nd. message, but i'm now looking at the pr :-)
what if after
we add
	sigaddset(&mask, SIGUSR2);
the sigsupend() should only return iff a SIGUSR2 was received.
would'nt that solve the ^T et.all issue?

at the moment only one host has this problem, and it's very unsettling, since
I can't reproduce it on another similar host. On the other hand someone else
reported the same issue, and my fix worked for him too.
Anyways, I see no harm in a little cleanup/upgrade :-)
also, my feeling is that the problem might be in the kernel, but I got lost
following the code.

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