bin/110329: gzip(1): gzip -l returns wrong result.

Remko Lodder remko at
Thu Mar 15 17:00:28 UTC 2007

Tsurutani Naoki wrote:
> From: Remko Lodder <remko at>
> Subject: Re: bin/110329: gzip(1): gzip -l returns wrong result.
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:59:38 GMT
>> Please defer to the GNU-gzip people to get this corrected; it is
>> contributed code from GNU and should not be changed within our local
>> source tree.
> Did you see the version number of gzip I used ?
> Only gzip is updated on my system.
> I think this is not the version imported from GNU.  Am I wrong ?


Hmm... hmm! It seems that you might be right, I didn't see the
FreeBSD gzip part actually. I will investigate where this should
go to and hopefully we can resolve this.

My apologies for the misread!


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