Freebsd RELENG6 panics

jnaughto at jnaughto at
Sun Jun 17 17:58:10 UTC 2007

Hi Adam,

> I currently have two servers still sitting in DDB incase someone has more
> questions about things I could check in DDB.  I cannot reproduce it
> without putting the servers into production, waiting for crash, then
> dealing with lots of unhappy users for the rest of the day.

This is the EXACT same problem.  I had setup a test bed with the system
and I couldn't bring it down even if I wanted to.  Yet put it into
production and I'm getting reboots (3 times today alone) at random
times.  While RELENG4 worked like a charm on the exact same hardware
for 2 years and is continuing to as we speak on the twin brother system
that I have.

I ruled out broken hardware issues as I purchased 2 twin systems about
5 years back.  I ran 4.11 on one system without any concerns.  When
I thought I had to migrate to RELENG6 I started the install on the
2nd system.  Once the system was up and running the panics started.  Both
systems hard drives are front loading.  So what I did was to shut both
systems down take the system that was working fine with RELENG4.11 for
the past 2 years, and swap drives.  The system that was crashing all
the time became rock solid again, and the system that was rock solid,
now running RELENG6 starts to exhibit panics....  Both systems exhibit
the same problems but work fully fine under 4.11...


Jason Naughton

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