kern/66876: [fdc] [patch] Cannot extract tar(1) multi-volume archive on floppy drive.

Watanabe Kazuhiro CQG00620 at
Sun Jun 17 10:08:27 UTC 2007


Thanks for your follow-up.  I've totally forgotten the PR.

Today I tried to reproduce the same problem on 6.2-RELEASE-p5 and the
latest 7-current with gtar-1.17_1 (ports/archivers/gtar). But it
doesn't occur.  Creation and extraction of a multi-volume archive on
the floppy media is done with no problem.

And the RELENG_5's floppy driver has fairly changed since 5.3-RELEASE.
It is similar to the recent RELENG_6's one.  So the problem described
in the PR will not remain on the recent RELENG_5 branch.

Thus this PR should be closed.
Watanabe Kazuhiro (CQG00620 at

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