i386/45773: [bge] Softboot causes autoconf failure on Broadcom 5703

Remko Lodder remko at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jun 15 12:07:30 UTC 2007

Synopsis: [bge] Softboot causes autoconf failure on Broadcom 5703

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This still happends, I also had discussed this with Michael
a lot time ago but never gotten round to put that back into
the ticket:

Michael sept 3 2006:
I think it still does this on many occasions, especially if connected to
a 100bt port.
I'll check Tuesday with one connected  to a HP 10/100bt HUB, and a 3com
10/100bt switch.
(I think connected to HUB is biggest problem)

If I do a 'ifconfig bge0 media 100basetx' it seems to help.

if I just did a ifconfig to look at it, it shows no carrier, even if
cable plugged in.

latest drivers are on freebsd 5.5 RELENG_5_5

Sept 5:
> I had been in contact with one of our broadcom
> developers and he mentioned that the RELENG_5
> (including 5.5) driver for bge is "old".
> Is it possible for you to check whether the 6.X
> releases (6-STABLE or 6.1 pref.) have this same
> issue?
I still have boxes at 4.11!
(and I finally figured out how to get them to remotely upgrade to 5.5 in
a headless, hands off situation)

Not ready to go to 6.1 yet, sorry.
(and 5.5 is still production, right? we going to have a 5.6? with new
bge drivers?)

Sept 16:
verified on 5.5 p4, system was dell 420 on a netlink 10/100 switch.
softboot failed to reconnect to network.

all lights on, 'carrier' detected, ifconfig showed 100basetx
full-duplex, but had to power off dell 420 in order to actually get it
to connect to network.

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Return to the pool because of the feedback, perhaps we need davidch


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