XVI- World IFTA Congress, 26-29 March, 2008, Porto, Portugal

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   Dear Colleagues

   The International Family Therapy Association has announced that its    16th World Family Therapy Congress will be held in Porto, Portugal
   Marc   Globaliza
   The World Family Therapy Congress has a rich history of bringing tog   ether the greatest clinicians from around the world and we invite you
   t   This   changes be   post-modernism on    Domesticity. In addition to the    sessions, we encourage potential speake   experiences for participants that will increase    learning and networking. The deadline for abstracts   2007 and all abstracts must be submitted online at [3]www.par   agon-conventions.com/ifta2008.

   We expect Porto to be one of our most successful congresses ever and   have made sure that the locale and venue provide ample opportunities
   f   consider    [ifta=]
   [4]Important dates

   Deadline for submission of Abstracts
   October 31, 2007


   Early registration
   November 30, 2007   [5]Topics

   Congress theme:
   Transformation and Globalizations: Family Therapy in the 2   Century.  

   The sub-themes:
   The Global Family in Flux; Intimacy, Desire, and Domestic   Family Therapy in a Post-Modern World. 


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