kern/83807: [sis] [patch] if_sis: Wake On Lan support for FreeBSD

Stefan Sperling stsp at
Sat Jun 9 13:40:08 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re: kern/83807: [sis] [patch] if_sis: Wake On Lan support for
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 12:38:48 +0200

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 On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 11:08:01AM +0200, Edwin Mons wrote:
 >  Will this feature ever be incorporated in mainstream FreeBSD?  I'm eager=
 >  waiting for it to land in -CURRENT...
 I have no idea.
 I haven't got much feedback on this patch, apart from one
 or two people who sent me a quick thank you note :)
 So I have no idea how many people are actually using the patch.
 I know that:
 	* if_sis and if_vr wake on lan support is very stable for me.
 	  I've been using this code for nearly 2 years now.
 	* if_nve support has afaik never been tested (plus
 	  it's a binary blob driver and will apparently be
 	  replaced with OpenBSD's nfe driver soon.)
 I run a single 6.2 box here that I maintain the patch for.
 I'd be happy to setup a -current box to port the patch to -CURRENT.
 But I need to know whether it's worth doing the work.
 I'd like to get feedback on my patch by someone who is willing
 and able to help me get it into the tree. I need to know what needs
 to be done and/or changed to make the patch ready for mainline.
 There are some small bits in the patch that are incomplete,
 e.g. "secure on password" support. I've been thinking about simply
 dropping this feature because I consider it useless but ymmv.
 I'd also be happy to add WOL support for more chipsets.
 Adding support is relatively easy as long as another open source
 OS (e.g. Linux) supports wake on lan for a chipset and even easier
 if a good datasheet is available (as in case of if_sis).
 If anyone has a card that does wake on lan after shutdown from Linux
 but not after shutdown from FreeBSD with my patch applied let me know.
 You may need to use the ethtool utility to enable WOL on Linux.
 Cc'ing hackers@ in case someone there is interested in helping out.
 >  Kind regards,
 >  Edwin Mons
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