kern/51352: panic: malloc(M_WAITOK) in interrupt context

Martin Kammerhofer dada at
Fri Sep 29 06:47:14 PDT 2006

Zitat von "Bruce M. Simpson" <bms at>:

> Is the original panic still present, or is this new behaviour?
> Can you tell us more about what kind of hardware you have?
> APM is the common factor in both conditions you describe so it's  
> important we know how APM is being entered, what kind of BIOS you  
> have, etc.

It's the same hardware (except now larger IDE disks) that produced the  
original panic. An Intel BX440 based motherboard, the Asus P2B-S. The  
is the latest 1013.
ACPI does not work with this board, Linux automatically disables it at boot
with a message like "P2B-S Rev. 0 motherboards have a known PCI  
interrupt routing problem". However APM works fine (except with a  
FreeBSD kernel with
Btw running a kernel without INVARIANTS on this box is no problem for me ;-).


P.S.: Haven't seen the malloc panic with 6.x, but I did only 2 panics...

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