kern/96413: NULL inpcb pointer in tcp_timewait()

Andrew Kolchoogin andrew at
Mon Sep 25 08:13:11 PDT 2006

On 25.09.2006, at 12:12, Bruce M Simpson wrote:

> This may have been fixed by rev on RELENG_6.
> Can you update sources and verify if the problem has been fixed?
     No, it's impossible - the machine in question is fairly heavy  
loaded Internet server resides
on remote Data Centre. I'll upgrade it after 6.2-R, and for now I'll  
try to sumulate similar network activity
using my laptop with fairly recent RELENG_6.

> It would be helpful if you could give more detailed information  
> about what
> you're doing with the system when this happens.
     There is an /usr/ports/net-mgmt/ng_ipacct port had built and  
installed, and me set up a Web server
moderate-to-heavy loaded. All worked fine, and I was happy. :)

     But some time after I have raised number of processes Apache  
initially starts up to 256, and kernel
goes to panic under some network load -- as I'm not monitoring that  
machine 24x7, I can't precisely
say what kind of load crashes the machine.
         Andrew Kolchioogin

     ... Only two things are infinite - the Universe and human  
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