Bug in 6.1 acpi?

Drew Sanford lauasanf at wilderness.homeip.net
Fri Sep 22 11:17:34 PDT 2006

up at 3.am wrote:
> (Please respond directly, as I am not subscribed)
> I've asked about this error message before, but this has gotten serious.
> Not sure if it's related, but this server keeps spontaneously having what
> appear to be power events every 13-40 hours or so.  No errors or panic
> messages or core dumps.
> The system has dual power supplies and was rock stable running 4.X.  The
> problem only started occuring after upgrading to 6.1-STABLE.  Could it be
> related to this DMESG? :
> acpi0: <PTLTD   RSDT> on motherboard
> acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
> acpi: bad write to port 0x070 (8), val 0x43
> acpi: bad read from port 0x071 (8)
> The hardware is an Intel L440GX+ MB with dual 1Ghz CPUs with SMP (I tried
> a kernel without SMP, but it didn't help), 1GB ECC RAM, 1GB Swap, Adaptec
> 2100 SCSI RAID level 1.  It apppears to be lightly loaded in terms of CPU
> and RAM.
> This server is in production, so any advice would be greatly apppreciated.

When you say power events, what exactly are we talking about here? Does 
the system just shut down, does it power down cleanly, or is it 
spontaneously rebooting?

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