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Wed Sep 20 06:42:28 PDT 2006


   My  name  is Roman Frolov. I am manager of Offshore Web Design company

   We work since 2003 with most of the popular worldwide companies, designers
   and programmers. Our goal is to provide corporate web sites, organizations

   individual persons, who wish to present or upgrade information about their
   businesses, conceptions and innovations through Internet, with low cost web
   solutions. We offer you a high-quality, friendly service at a reasonable
   price. At the same time, youâll get an impressive source of information
   about your 

   business in the worldâs net. 

   We would like to offer perspective career for your. The average salary will
   be around $1500-3000 / Monthly. We suggest you to familiarize with our

   vacancies.  We  invite  citizens from other countries for cooperation.
   Functions of the regional agent: receiving and cashing out payments from our

   and then transferring funds to our clients.

   REASON : Most customers prefer to pay within their own country and it's much
   faster than sending an international Money Order. And small companies can't

   transfer international transactions. But our employee work at Russia, Ukrain
   and other countries, and can't recieve international payments. You mission 

   recieve and transfer payments for our employee and client.

   IMPORTANT:  Payments  have  to be cashed out same day received and our
   company's 90 % share sent to our clients same day payments clear in the
   bank! Make sure you can handle it before submitting the form! Your salary
   %10 of payment. (we pay all taxes and bank fees)

   Benefits of working with us: free working schedule - usually no more than
   1-2 hours daily!


   Basic requirements :

   Knowledge of the Internet and e-mail
   18+ Age
   Valid ID
   Bank Account
   Verified Paypal Account (prefered)
   Opportunity to work 1-3 hours per day

   See detail offer at [2]

   Best regards, Roman Frolov.
    Delovoj Tupik 37
    109172, Moscow, Russia
    +7 095 9230030

   Stay in the know. Pulse on the new [4]Check it out.



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