kern/102766: geom panics when devices go away

Matt Jacob mjacob at
Fri Sep 1 22:30:19 UTC 2006

>Number:         102766
>Category:       kern
>Synopsis:       geom panics when devices go away
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Sep 01 22:30:18 GMT 2006
>Originator:     Matt Jacob
>Release:        FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE i386
System: FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #4: Thu Aug 31 22:21:34 PDT 2006 mjacob at colfax.in1.lcl:/home/FreeBSD/p4/newisp/i386/compile/GENERIC

I was starting to play with some failover stuff, and in the process of
doing so, I made some devices go away. The system panic'd in the fgoem stack.

It's hard to imagine a failover environment that would work w/o this
somehow being managed better. Not sure what the right answer here is
except that I don't believe that this should be swallowd at the SIM level.

There are other issues here as well to mull over as well.

isp0: LIP Received
isp0: Port Database Changed
isp0: Firmware State <Config Wait->Ready>
isp0: Our PortID 0x00006e N-Port Handle 66, Connection Topology 'Private Loop'
      WWNN 0x200000e08b18ead8 WWPN 0x210000e08b18ead8
isp0: PortID 0x0000cc N-port Handle 17 pdb_idx 17 role Target arrived at tgt 17
      WWNN 0x20000004cf00648f WWPN 0x22000004cf00648f
isp0: PortID 0x0000cb N-port Handle 18 pdb_idx 18 role Target arrived at tgt 18
      WWNN 0x20000004cf00202d WWPN 0x22000004cf00202d
isp0: PortID 0x0000ca N-port Handle 19 pdb_idx 19 role Target arrived at tgt 19
      WWNN 0x20000004cf0099b8 WWPN 0x22000004cf0099b8
isp0: PortID 0x0000c9 N-port Handle 20 pdb_idx 20 role Target stayed at tgt 20
      WWNN 0x20004250000000f7 WWPN 0x22004250000000f7
isp0: PortID 0x0000c7 N-port Handle 21 pdb_idx 21 role Target stayed at tgt 21
      WWNN 0x20000004cf021702 WWPN 0x22000004cf021702
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): READ(10). CDB: 28 0 2 5c 6 90 0 0 80 0
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): CAM Status: SCSI Status Error
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): SCSI Status: Check Condition
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): UNIT ATTENTION asc:29,1
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): Power on occurred field replaceable unit: 1
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): Retrying Command (per Sense Data)
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): SYNCHRONIZE CACHE. CDB: 35 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): NOT READY asc:4,1
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): Logical unit is in process of becoming ready field replaceable unit: 2
(da2:isp0:0:19:0): removing device entry
panic: detach with active requests
cpuid = 1
KDB: enter: panic
[thread pid 2 tid 100001 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x2b: nop
db> bt
Tracing pid 2 tid 100001 td 0xc1e8fd80
kdb_enter(c09279bb) at kdb_enter+0x2b
panic(c092272b,c21e6340,cba00cac,c258d1f4,c21e6340,...) at panic+0x127
g_detach(c21e6340,c23db180,c21e6340,0,cba00cbc,...) at g_detach+0x82
g_stripe_remove_disk(c21e6400,c2552380,cba00cd4,c066898e,c21e6340,...) at g_stripe_remove_disk+0x98
g_stripe_orphan(c21e6340,c2552380,3e8,0,cba00ce4,...) at g_stripe_orphan+0x31
g_orphan_register(c2552380) at g_orphan_register+0x6e
one_event(cba00d04,c066c12d,258,190,c066c0c0,...) at one_event+0xcf
g_run_events(258,190,c066c0c0,c066c0c0,cba00d24,...) at g_run_events+0x9
g_event_procbody(0,cba00d38) at g_event_procbody+0x6d
fork_exit(c066c0c0,0,cba00d38) at fork_exit+0xac
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
--- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xcba00d6c, ebp = 0 ---




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