kern/102607: [if_bridge] don't generate random L2 address

Stefan Bethke stb at
Fri Sep 1 16:56:17 UTC 2006

Here's my suggestion for an addition to if_bridge(4):

--- if_bridge.4.orig    Sun Aug 13 20:44:18 2006
+++ if_bridge.4 Fri Sep  1 18:53:19 2006
@@ -107,6 +107,13 @@
.Xr rc.conf 5 .
+interface randomly chooses a link (MAC) address in the range  
reserved for
+locally adminstered addresses when it is created.
+The address can be changed by assigning the desired link address using
+.Xr ifconfig 8 .
The MTU of the first member interface to be added is used as the  
bridge MTU.
All additional members are required to have exactly the same value.
@@ -231,6 +238,16 @@
      addm fxp6 stp fxp6 \e
      addm fxp7 stp fxp7 \e
+The bridge can be used as a regular host interface at the same time as
+bridging between it's member ports. In this example, the bridge  
connects em0
+and em1, and will receive it's IP address through DHCP:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+ifconfig_bridge0="link 12:34:56:78:9a:bc addm em0 addm em0 DHCP"
The bridge can tunnel Ethernet across an IP internet using the EtherIP

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