kern/97624: enable SATA RAID on ASUS N4L-VM DH (ICH7M-DH)

Yoichi Nakayama yoichi at
Sun Jul 23 03:55:25 UTC 2006

At Tue, 30 May 2006 22:01:29 +0900,
Yoichi Nakayama wrote:
> Stopped at      generic_bcopy+9x1a:      repe movsl      (%esi),%es:(%edi)
> db> trace
> Tracing pid 0 tid 0 td 0xc0993300
> generic_bcopy(c4ed7380,c097bf20) at generic_bcopy+0x1a
> ata_raid_read_metadata(c4ed7380,c4ed7380,c0c20c84,c066c96c,c4ed7380) at ata_raid_read_metadata+0x18b

I've upgraded FreeBSD to current and it stops at the same position.
It is stopped in "clear out any old info" loop.

In verbose boot, ata_raid_intel_print_meta() nomally shows:
 disk 0 at disk_idx 0x00000000
 disk 1 at disk_idx 0x00000001
But with degraded mode (call "atacontrol detach" for one of the disks
in RAID1 volume and reboot makes the raid volume degraded mode):
 disk 0 at disk_idx 0x00000000
 disk 1 at disk_idx 0x01000001 <== BIOS tells it is "Offline Member"

Should we apply some mask to map->disk_idx[disk]?

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