RELEASE 6 and Compaq 1850R DUAL PROC

Jeff Norris jeff at
Tue Jul 18 18:30:50 UTC 2006


I  have googled the internet until I am blue in the face.  It is worth trying to get FreeBSD 6.0-Release or 6.1-Release working with a compaq 1850r running the SMP kernel?

The system hangs at the keyboard detection and usb probe.  There is not usb on the motherboard, or its been disabled but BSD probes find it.

I heard I can disable the USB using a hint at the loader prompt, but has anyone has great success with a Compaq 1850r ??  I can go back to FreeBSD 5.x, but for some reason the SMP will only init CPU0  (options SMP in custom kernel).  I have 2 other BSD boxes running a old dual 450 chassis (Generic SBC PIC board) and SMP works perfect.

Thanks for the time.

~ Jeff.

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