bin/98625: ypserv ignores the -n option (it always acts like -n has been specified)

Paul FM paulfm at
Thu Jul 6 16:52:07 UTC 2006

Ok, we have put this patch into production.

No problems to report (so far).

I should note that the patch itself, reduced the cpu load of ypserv - 
recompiling without tcp-wrappers reduced it even more.

It went from 20% cpu (nominal), down to 1.95% cpu (nominal).

And of course, all the clients are faster as well (and so are nis lookups).

PaulFM wrote:
> After looking at it, I see what you REALLY changed.  One left 
> parenthesis was in the wrong place.
> I think that might be a fix and I will test it (it may take a week or so 
> before I answer back).

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