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Richard Smith smith at
Tue Aug 22 18:52:27 UTC 2006

Hi Freebsd, I can get you an interview for this job, please respond with
resume to submit  now. 

I will submit your response and resume to the client for an interview, I
need this ASAP! 
Call me to discuss. 
Richard Smith 
516 569 3428 - post your resume here! 

Read below for details..... 

Skills: low-level programming (c, assembly) 

Location: New Hyde Park, NY 
Area code: 516 
Tax term: FULLTIME 
Pay rate: $$ is OPEN 
Length: PERM JOB 

Job description: 
Software engineer to create control system software and GUIs 

Full benefits, 401k, paid vacation. 
Salary is open** 

Skills: Control Systems,  Low-Level Programming (C, Assembly) exp. 

Mostly windows based and also embedded. 

The candidate must have experience in computer programming. 

Recent graduates through seasoned professionals will be considered. 

Programming will involve Design and maintenance of visual interfaces 
in windows environments, Interrupt handling, embedded controllers, 
creation of device drivers, multitasking routines, etc. 

BS or MS or equivalent in computer programming or engineering is 
highly suggested. 

Program in: C and C++, Visual Basic (6) 

*** The most important skill required is high-quality programming, 
consisting of the ability to write clean, efficient code. 

Travel required: none 
Telecommute: no 

Live Long and Prosper my Friends! 

Richard Smith   516 569 3438 
Smith at - post resume here! 

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