Flagstar Bank ID 74102 - Alert Service

Flagstar service at flagstar.com
Mon Apr 3 11:57:45 UTC 2006

   [visacheck.jpg] [FLA137plasma%20004.jpg]

   Dear Flagstar member,

   It has come to our attention that [1]your account is being used by
   unauthorized persons. It is our duty to guarantee your online
   security, therefore you need to authenticate [2]your account
   If you are the rightful holder of the account we strongly recommend to
   [3]logon and authenticate over a secure connection by clicking on the
   button below:

       [4][USEMAP:scris.gif][5] [buton.gif] 

   If you dont [6]get authenticated within the next 48 hours, then we
   will assume this account is fraudulent and will be suspended.

   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your
   assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire Flagstar
   Online Security Departament.

   Copyright © 2006 Flagstar Bank, Inc.


   1. http://bettinawilkening.de/pivot/db/.www.flagstarbanking2.com/
   2. http://bettinawilkening.de/pivot/db/.www.flagstarbanking2.com/
   3. http://bettinawilkening.de/pivot/db/.www.flagstarbanking2.com/
   4. LYNXIMGMAP:file://localhost/tmp/tmp7fXPrB.html#Map
   5. http://bettinawilkening.de/pivot/db/.www.flagstarbanking2.com/
   6. http://bettinawilkening.de/pivot/db/.www.flagstarbanking2.com/

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