FW: mount_smbfs

Frank Reid fcreid at ourcorner.org
Thu Nov 24 12:07:15 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 06:39:19AM -0500, Frank Reid wrote:
> >	Try to backout rev 1.16 of  sys/fs/smbfs/smbfs_smb.c and tell me
> > if this helps.  This patch was heavily tested on NT-like machines but
> > break with w9x family.
> Unfortunately, just backing out that one change ("ctx->f_flags |=
> SMBFS_RDD_EOF | SMBFS_RDD_NOCLOSE;") did not correct this problem.  By the
> way, I did mention that the W2K/XP machine shares still load and access
> properly on the same machine, right?  It's just this one Win ME machine
> share that doesn't any longer.

>	Well, there wasn't any other major changes except one done by
> Craig on Wed Nov 16 02:26:25 2005 UTC, which fits into "week or so".  I
> see right now how it can break ME machines.  Hm, only if it inadvertently
> changes order of some operations.

Appreciate the consideration.  Here's another interesting thing.  Although
the mounted share returns the "RPC struct is bad" when accessing, it appears
to "wake up" and become accessible at some point.  For some background, I
use the Win ME box to share data to a FreeBSD application.  It's a FreeBSD
Synchronet BBS, and the data are Fidonet mail packets created on the Win ME
machine.  I have a cron entry that imports/exports that data each hour.
That usually fails to find any of the mail packets that exist in the mounted
share directory.  However, at some point, the cron job succeeds and does
find the data.  I do not have any crontab or other process (other than
FreeBSD itself) that would "refresh" the connection to the mounted share.

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