Quirks not getting included in source

Christian Eyrich ch.ey at gmx.net
Sun Nov 6 15:16:45 PST 2005


maybe there's a reason, maybe there's a good one and maybe it's written
down somewhere but I can't find that place.

But I'm quite upset since I've just learned I spent some hours today for
having a problem, learning how it could be fixed, learn to compile the
kernel and test the quirk that fixes the problem just to finally find
out that there are already reports with quirks for my problem in GNATS.

The following reports all contain the same quirk for the same device
(available on the market with various names, including another one which
my device is labeled with):

To cut a long story short, those PR might not be nicest and most
professional but contain the minimum of necessary information. And still
they're open for months now. I stumbled over a request on the net from
another user who had the same problem but had been stuck for over a
month now. And who knows how may users have given up without going so far?

So what can be done do bring the patch in the repository? I fear filing
another report with the same patch for the problem which still exists in
6.0 final will help.


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