Intel SRCS16

timt at timt at
Mon May 30 14:38:29 PDT 2005

I may have not added the complete details in the last thread: 

Dual AMD Opteron 244 
Tyan S2882 
2GB DDR PC3200 
Intel SRCS16 PCI-X (RAID-5 configured) 
5 x 200GB WD 7.2KRPM SATA

dd results shown: 
dd if=/dev/amrd0s1e of=/dev/null
7082+0 records in
7082+0 records out
3625984 bytes transferred in 3.926469 secs (923472 bytes/sec)

Performance is way better when changing to Raid-0, and performance Raid-5 on
Windows 2000 is much better as well. 


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