Suspected bug on FreeBSD 5.4 RAID problems on Fujitsu RX300 hardware (workaround)

Nathan Butcher xqufa at
Wed May 25 01:50:39 GMT 2005

Some time ago I posted this message on the bug list regarding
installation problems with FreeBSD 5.4 and Fujitsu RX300. I've got a

I'm basically reconfirming the info in the post below, EXCEPT that with
FreeBSD5.4, recompiling the kernel with the SMP option actually works.
(Recompiling it in 5.3 obviously doesn't fix it, according to the post

Apparently this "ATAPI_IDENTIFY timed out" error is caused due to the
GENERIC kernel that comes on the FreeBSD 5.4 RELEASE ISOs. The GENERIC
kernel won't work when there are two CPUs enabled on the motherboard.
Fortunately a FreeBSD5.4 SMP kernel WILL work with this hardware, just
not the GENERIC kernel on the ISO. So this bug is actually related to
SMP and the GENERIC kernel, and NOT any of the drives, RAID or
otherwise, on the system (as I thought it might have been earlier,
according to the kernel errors I saw).

To workaround this and install FreeBSD5.4 on a Fujitsu RX300, one of the
CPUs has to be disabled in the BIOS first. Then you should be able to
install FreeBSD 5.4 from the CD ISO without any problems. After
installation, the kernel has to be recompiled with SMP options. Once the
new kernel has been installed, you can reboot the machine and re-enable
the switched out CPU in the BIOS. Then you should have a fully working
FreeBSD 5.4 with an SMP kernel :)



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