make search bug...

hannes.hauswedell at hannes.hauswedell at
Mon May 23 17:45:32 GMT 2005

hi everyone!
i am currently writing a kde-frontend for the ports system and i found a bug in ports' make search....i am not sure who is responsible for this kinda stuff so i'll just post it here. i think its best explained in an example:
# cd /usr/ports
# make search path=/usr/ports/arabic/katoob display=name
will return:
 Port:   ar-katoob-0.3.5_6
but if path contains a plus ("+") followed by another character the search will fail, e.g:
# make search path=/usr/ports/audio/timidity++ display=name
works BUT
# make search path=/usr/ports/audio/timidity++-gtk display=name
will return no results... single-quoting or double-quoting the path doesnt help either....

oh btw. i am not subscribed to the list(too many mailinglists...;) ) so if someone want to reply to me plz write to my emailaddress, thanks

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