open PR's (mis)filed to gnats-admin and in limbo

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Mon May 9 04:00:30 PDT 2005

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o [2005/05/08] pending/80761gnats-admin (i386/80572) Re: ipfw broken with bridge 
o [2005/05/08] pending/80792gnats-admin Re: [PATCH] devel/p5-File-MimeInfo: updat
o [2005/05/09] pending/80806gnats-admin [PATCH] net/unison: update to 2.12.0
o [2005/05/09] pending/80807gnats-admin PayPal Account Security Measuers
o [2005/05/09] pending/80808gnats-admin =?iso-8859-1?Q?V=E0LIUMM_C1=C1LlSS_V=EDAG
o [2005/05/09] pending/80810gnats-admin Re: [PATCH] net/unison: update to 2.12.0
o [2005/05/09] pending/80811gnats-admin Re: [PATCH] net/unison: update to 2.12.0

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