FreeBSD 5.x on Compaq Pressario R3000 series

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Wed May 4 00:02:42 PDT 2005


  I have a problem that I can not explain on my laptop computer, a Compaq
Pressario R3000 series. The FreeBSD BOOT-CD doesn't work anymore, the computer
suddendly shutdown :-|.

  The problem is related here ( and my
processor is not an AMD-64 but an AMD Athlon XP-M 3000+ K8-Core based.

  I've already tried to install FreeBSD with the 5.4-RC2 BOOT-CD and the problem
isn't been fixed. Any idea ? I doesn't want to build my own BOOT-CD and patch
some file :-|.

Best regards,

Claes aka Julien M.

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