Wrong option in NOTES under 5.3 on amd64

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at t-hosting.hu
Sun May 1 03:56:45 PDT 2005

Hello there,

I've just read NOTES, where stand:

# Enable Linux ABI emulation
#XXX#options    COMPAT_LINUX
# Enable 32-bit Linux ABI emulation (requires COMPAT_43 and IA32)  
options         COMPAT_LINUX32

According to that I edited my kernel config file, and tried to execute 
config, but the result was:

root at server# config FREEBSD
FREEBSD: unknown option "COMPAT_LINUX"

COMPAT_LINUX32 works anyway, but COMPAT_LINUX should be removed from 
NOTES. COMPAT_LINUX32 is enough for linux emu.


Gábor Kövesdán

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