open PR's (mis)filed to gnats-admin and in limbo

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Mon Feb 21 11:00:31 GMT 2005

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o [2005/02/20] pending/77784gnats-admin SME E-solution seminar (2005 NEW)
o [2005/02/20] pending/77808gnats-admin Re[9]: question with their pills
o [2005/02/21] pending/77822gnats-admin 
o [2005/02/21] pending/77824gnats-admin Re[2]: discussion with our meds
o [2005/02/21] pending/77829gnats-admin Re: Missing locking in ports/nvidia-drive
o [2005/02/21] pending/77834gnats-admin Re: Update port: www/lighttpd to 1.3.11
o [2005/02/21] pending/77839gnats-admin Re: [PATCH] multimedia/gstreamer-plugins 

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