misc/21406: [boot] bootinst or booteasy overwrites second drive's partition table

Mario Hoerich lists at MHoerich.de
Mon Feb 7 16:50:01 PST 2005


| the boot manager installed by bootinst.exe will occasionally write
| the partition table of the first hard drive in my system to the
| second hard drive.  This has happened about 10 times over the past
| 2 years with various computers, and I am able to restore the partition table 
| with linux's fdisk.  This happens when, 1) The computer is set to
| | boot from an ide cdrom, which fails because no cdrom is present, 2)
| I try to boot in some way that fails.  The partition tables in
| both drives have the four main entries full.  The first drive
| has 1 type 06, 1 type c, 1 type 83, and 1 type 85 with many logical
| partitions in that.  The second drive has one freebsd partition,
| one solaris, one beos, and one type 85, linux extended with many
| logical drives.  This has happend with 4 different motherboards,
| and several different hard drives.  I don't know if any hardware
| is common. This has happened both when the second drive is a 
| primary slave, and when it is a secondary master.

That PR seems to have no relevance to FreeBSD. Could anyone
with commit privileges close it, please?


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