kern/76966: udp/520 reply packets when routed is not running

David Malone dwmalone at
Mon Feb 7 04:09:12 PST 2005

> There is no problem with the netmask, there are several subnets sharing the
> same wire. I lokked into few kernel config files and I didn't found anything
> specific. I think that the cause of what's happening is somewhere in
> natd/libalias, all the machines which respond to [or  forward] udp/520
> packets are running natd. I will make available kernel config files, process
> listings, etc if it is required.

OK - that probably explains how the source address of the packet
was changed. I can suggest two things that might be useful. First,
if you could check with tcpdump -X that the payloads of the packets
look identical. Second, it might be worth posting your natd/libalias


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