bin/77031: [patch] comm(1) unable to handle lines greater than LINE_MAX (2048)

fergus fergus at
Sat Feb 5 01:25:03 PST 2005

On 05.02-06:04, Mario Hoerich wrote:
[ ... ]
> Anyway, I managed to dig up both coffee and time and changed my
> code to get rid of at least some malloc()ing. Don't see an easy
> way to merge with your patchset though.

i don't think it will merge but i can't commit.  and it may be
that whomever is going to do that thinks a small commit would
be better than the overhaul i've done.

there is something to be said for code consistency . . .
course there's also something to be said for better code (but
that's an opinion - didn't like the original).

anyway - the point is, that's someone else's decision.
yours is a nice neat fix and there's merit in having it on
record if nothing else.

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