bin/77082: src/usr.sbin/pkg_install - Add 3 new macros to clean pkg-plist

Brooks Davis brooks at
Fri Feb 4 10:32:54 PST 2005

On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 04:58:34PM +0100, Florent Thoumie wrote:
> Here is a new version.
> I've renamed @dirrmie by @dirrmtry, which is more self-explanatory.

It seems like dirrmtry should take an optional message to emit if the
event that the directory can not be delete.  That way the user can be
informed that the directory should be removed if they are really done
using the port.

> @cpin and @rmiu have been replaced by @conf.
> @conf %%EXAMPLESDIR%%/etc/foo.conf etc/foo.conf
> is equivalent to :
> @unexec cmp -s %D/%%EXAMPLESDIR%%/etc/foo.conf %D/etc/foo.conf && rm -f 
> %D/etc/foo.conf
> %%EXAMPLESDIR%%/etc/foo.conf
> @exec [ -f %B/foo.conf ] || cp %B/%f %B/foo.conf


Have you thought about how to solve the boot strapping problems with
pkg_install/pkg_delete?  Our nominal pkg_install maintainer is MIA at
the moment.

-- Brooks

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