Supermicro P4SCE Panics

Tom bifrost at
Fri Dec 23 16:18:58 PST 2005

I have a Supermicro P4SCE rev 1.3A motherboard that seems to panic when 
"APIC mode" is enabled in the BIOS. Its a Phoenix Award Bios 6.0PG.

I've swapped out the ram, the chip, the only thing that seems to be the 
problem is the board.

A pretty repeatable way to make it panic is try to build a kernel :)
An OS will install on the box with no problem.

Here's the DMESG output:

--- SNIP ---
Copyright (c) 1992-2005 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
         The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE #0: Fri Dec 23 15:58:37 UTC 2005
mptable_probe: MP Config Table has bad signature: FEAT
Timecounter "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 0
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz (2393.19-MHz 686-class CPU)
   Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0xf41  Stepping = 1

real memory  = 1073676288 (1023 MB)
avail memory = 1045327872 (996 MB)
acpi0: <IntelR AWRDACPI> on motherboard
acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
Timecounter "ACPI-fast" frequency 3579545 Hz quality 1000
acpi_timer0: <24-bit timer at 3.579545MHz> port 0x408-0x40b on acpi0
cpu0: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
acpi_button0: <Power Button> on acpi0
pcib0: <ACPI Host-PCI bridge> port 0xcf8-0xcff on acpi0
pci0: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib0
pcib1: <ACPI PCI-PCI bridge> at device 30.0 on pci0
pci1: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib1
pci1: <simple comms> at device 3.0 (no driver attached)
pci1: <display, VGA> at device 9.0 (no driver attached)
em0: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection, Version - 1.7.35> port 
0xb800-0xb83f mem 0xf2
000000-0xf201ffff irq 11 at device 10.0 on pci1
em0: Ethernet address: 00:30:48:73:1e:32
em1: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection, Version - 1.7.35> port 
0xbc00-0xbc3f mem 0xf2
020000-0xf203ffff irq 10 at device 11.0 on pci1
em1: Ethernet address: 00:30:48:73:1e:33
isab0: <PCI-ISA bridge> at device 31.0 on pci0
isa0: <ISA bus> on isab0
atapci0: <Intel ICH5 UDMA100 controller> port 
-0x1f7 at device 31.1 on pci0
ata0: channel #0 on atapci0
ata1: channel #1 on atapci0
pci0: <serial bus, SMBus> at device 31.3 (no driver attached)
acpi_tz0: <Thermal Zone> on acpi0
sio0: <16550A-compatible COM port> port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on 
sio0: type 16550A
atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> port 0x64,0x60 irq 1 on acpi0
atkbd0: <AT Keyboard> irq 1 on atkbdc0
kbd0 at atkbd0
npx0: <math processor> on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
orm0: <ISA Option ROM> at iomem 0xc0000-0xc7fff on isa0
pmtimer0 on isa0
sc0: <System console> at flags 0x100 on isa0
sc0: VGA <16 virtual consoles, flags=0x300>
sio1: configured irq 3 not in bitmap of probed irqs 0
sio1: port may not be enabled
vga0: <Generic ISA VGA> at port 0x3c0-0x3df iomem 0xa0000-0xbffff on isa0
Timecounter "TSC" frequency 2393193708 Hz quality 800
Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
ipfw2 initialized, divert disabled, rule-based forwarding disabled, 
default to deny, logging disabled
ad0: 78533MB <HDS728080PLAT20/PF2OA21B> [159560/16/63] at ata0-master 
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a

--- SNIP ---

the "mptable_probe: MP Config Table has bad signature: FEAT" entry in 
dmesg seems to have started showing up after I turned off APIC mode...


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