FW: problems booting FreeBSD 6.0 on IBM Blade Center H40

Gestur A. Grjetarsson gestur at ec.is
Tue Dec 6 10:52:17 GMT 2005

I have this new IBM Blade Center, which I would like to run FreeBSD on with boot from SAN, when trying to boot I get problems and can't see any disks from the SAN.
the configuration I have is a 
IBM Blade Center H40
DS400 diskbox with dual controller but only single connection
Qlogic 2312 dual FC controller 
I have problem with the ISP driver: 
I tried to boot from the FreeBSD 6.0-Release cd but it always fails with the error can't load kernel and I can't see the cdrom to boot from after the boot loader has started.
So I downloaded the boot floppies and tried to boot the blade using the floppies but it won't show me any drivers after a long waiting period while the isp driver hangs for awile in the boot process.
I compiled a custom kernel and made new boot kern floppies to boot from, and now I'm stuck with this error in the boot process:
isp0: bad execution throttle of 0- using 16
isp0: bad hard address 125- resetting to zero
after reading all i've gathered on this subject and googl'd on it, I put ispfw_load="YES" line in the loader.conf ,, but without result
Can anyone point me out on how to solve this problem, I really need this to work !?!?
please help!

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