aue0 driver doesn't function properly.

Michael Sherman msherman77 at
Thu Dec 1 19:07:06 GMT 2005

Good day.

I have a linksys usb100tx connected to an old Toshiba laptop. I've
installed FreeBSD 6.0 (generic kernel) on it, and the ethernet card
doesn't function properly. I know that a bug report has been submitted
a while ago, therefore I didn't submit one. The workaround isn't the
most elegant one and needs to be applied after every reboot.

Will there anything be done about this driver? I can always fall back
on NetBSD which has no issues with this card (I had it installed
previously on the same laptop prior to installing FreeBSD), but I'd
much rather use FreeBSD as it is my favorite system.

Thanks in advance,

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