bin/85367: [patch] [sysinstall] fix package categories in index.c

Mark Linimon linimon at
Sun Aug 28 06:00:41 GMT 2005

>Number:         85367
>Category:       bin
>Synopsis:       [patch] [sysinstall] fix package categories in index.c
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    freebsd-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Aug 28 06:00:39 GMT 2005
>Originator:     Mark Linimon
>Release:        FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE
The list of categories is out-of-date.  In particular, the following are
missing: lisp, pear, tk84, and xfce.

While I was here, I threw out categories that have become stale, as
well as a few that probably have not been used since the epoch.  (It
turns out that empty categories are preened, so they are harmless, but
there is no reason to leave them in.)  There is also some other minor
rewording where it seemed necessary.

IMHO this patch should be considered a candidate for 6.0-RELEASE.
Diff versus the Porter's Handbook, at least, the version I just committed
that added the ones missing from it, too (sigh).
The following was tested on 5.3-RELEASE because that's what I had
available.  I have little doubt it will also work on -CURRENT.

--- index.c.dist	Fri Mar 25 15:38:26 2005
+++ index.c	Sun Aug 28 00:36:07 2005
@@ -79,7 +79,6 @@
     "All", "All available packages in all categories.",
     "accessibility", "Ports to help disabled users.",
     "afterstep", "Ports to support the AfterStep window manager.",
-    "applications", "User application software.",
     "arabic", "Ported software for Arab countries.",
     "archivers", "Utilities for archiving and unarchiving data.",
     "astro", "Applications related to astronomy.",
@@ -94,10 +93,9 @@
     "deskutils", "Various Desktop utilities.",
     "devel", "Software development utilities and libraries.",
     "dns", "Domain Name Service tools.",
-    "documentation", "Document preparation utilities.",
-    "editors", "Common text editors.",
+    "editors", "Editors.",
     "elisp", "Things related to Emacs Lisp.",
-    "emulators", "Utilities for emulating other OS types.",
+    "emulators", "Utilities for emulating other operating systems.",
     "finance", "Monetary, financial and related applications.",
     "french", "Ported software for French countries.",
     "ftp", "FTP client and server utilities.",
@@ -115,59 +113,48 @@
     "kde", "Software for the K Desktop Environment.",
     "korean", "Ported software for the Korean market.",
     "lang", "Computer languages.",
-    "languages", "Computer languages.",
-    "libraries", "Software development libraries.",
-    "linux", "Linux programs that can be run under binary compatibility.",
+    "linux", "Linux programs that can run under binary compatibility.",
+    "lisp", "Software related to the Lisp language.",
     "mail", "Electronic mail packages and utilities.",
     "math", "Mathematical computation software.",
     "mbone", "Applications and utilities for the MBONE.",
     "misc", "Miscellaneous utilities.",
     "multimedia", "Multimedia software.",
     "net", "Networking utilities.",
-    "net-mgmt", "Network Management",
+    "net-mgmt", "Network management tools",
     "news", "USENET News support software.",
-    "numeric", "Mathematical computation software.",
     "offix", "An office automation suite of sorts.",
-    "orphans", "Packages without a home elsewhere.",
     "palm", "Software support for the Palm(tm) series.",
     "parallel", "Applications dealing with parallelism in computing.",
+    "pear", "Software related to the Pear PHP framework.",
     "perl5", "Utilities/modules for the PERL5 language.",
-    "picobsd", "Ports to support PicoBSD.",
-    "pilot", "Software support for the 3Com Palm Pilot(tm) series.",
     "plan9", "Software from the Plan9 operating system.",
     "polish", "Ported software for the Polish market.",
     "portuguese", "Ported software for the Portuguese market.",
     "print", "Utilities for dealing with printing.",
-    "printing", "Utilities for dealing with printing.",
-    "programming", "Software development utilities and libraries.",
     "python", "Software related to the Python language.",
     "ruby", "Software related to the Ruby language.",
     "russian", "Ported software for the Russian market.",
-    "science", "Scientific software.",
     "scheme", "Software related to the Scheme language.",
+    "science", "Scientific software.",
     "security", "System security software.",
     "shells", "Various shells (tcsh, bash, etc).",
     "sysutils", "Various system utilities.",
-    "tcl75", "TCL v7.5 and packages that depend on it.",
-    "tcl76", "TCL v7.6 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tcl80", "TCL v8.0 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tcl81", "TCL v8.1 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tcl82", "TCL v8.2 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tcl83", "TCL v8.3 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tcl84", "TCL v8.4 and packages that depend on it.",
     "textproc", "Text processing/search utilities.",
-    "tk41", "Tk4.1 and packages that depend on it.",
-    "tk42", "Tk4.2 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tk80", "Tk8.0 and packages that depend on it.",
-    "tk81", "Tk8.1 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tk82", "Tk8.2 and packages that depend on it.",
     "tk83", "Tk8.3 and packages that depend on it.",
-    "tkstep80", "tkstep wm and packages that depend on it.",
-    "troff", "TROFF text formatting utilities.",
+    "tk84", "Tk8.4 and packages that depend on it.",
+    "tkstep80", "Ports to support the TkStep window manager.",
     "ukrainian", "Ported software for the Ukrainian market.",
     "vietnamese", "Ported software for the Vietnamese market.",
     "windowmaker", "Ports to support the WindowMaker window manager.",
-    "www", "WEB utilities (browers, HTTP servers, etc).",
+    "www", "Web utilities (browers, HTTP servers, etc).",
     "x11", "X Window System based utilities.",
     "x11-clocks", "X Window System based clocks.",
     "x11-fm", "X Window System based file managers.",
@@ -176,6 +163,7 @@
     "x11-themes", "X Window System themes.",
     "x11-toolkits", "X Window System based development toolkits.",
     "x11-wm", "X Window System window managers.",
+    "xfce", "Software relating to the Xfce Desktop Environment.",
     "zope", "Software related to the Zope platform.",
     NULL, NULL,

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