open PR's (mis)filed to gnats-admin and in limbo

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Mon Aug 22 11:00:37 GMT 2005

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S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2005/08/21] pending/85180gnats-admin Replica for you
o [2005/08/21] pending/85181gnats-admin Account Review Team
o [2005/08/21] pending/85195gnats-admin Víagrra Excellent
o [2005/08/22] pending/85196gnats-admin Replica Watches for Low Prices
o [2005/08/22] pending/85197gnats-admin Exclusive notice
o [2005/08/22] pending/85198gnats-admin Dont ignore this notice
o [2005/08/22] pending/85199gnats-admin Víagrra V with you
o [2005/08/22] pending/85201gnats-admin here you go...
o [2005/08/22] pending/85207gnats-admin =?iso-8859-1?Q?Works_Good_CIA1S_VIAGRR=C5
o [2005/08/22] pending/85208gnats-admin =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCM3Q8MDJxPFIlJiE8JV4lc

10 problems total.

Non-critical problems

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