5-LATEST reboot when plugin usb memory stick

Huajian.Luo Huajian.Luo at Sun.Com
Mon Aug 1 10:22:12 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I've just cvsup'ed to 5-LATEST of  20050730 and compiled w/ GENERIC
everything works OK, but when I plug in my 128M  USB stick it reported
error message and try again  and again, and after I change to another
slot it reported the same error message but auto reboot the box.

but when I try my 20G external USB disks, It found the device and
everything works great.

In my 5.3 box when I plugin the USB stick, it will panic with message
like "page fault" alike and I ever though it was fixed  in 5.4.

I just want to know is this a known bug  in 5.4 or a new? cause I'm off
my bsd box now, and I can provide more info if needed.



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