kern/71675: [patch] Incorrect GCC version check in /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h break mainline CVS GCC version (will be gcc 4.0.0)

Vladimir Merzliakov wanderer at
Thu Sep 16 09:03:20 PDT 2004

> I think you are having a stale version of sys/sys/cdefs.h.  Would you
> please have an update to 5.2.1-RELEASE or later RELENG_5 or CURRENT
> to see if the problem still persists?  As far as I can tell, the
> line in question was replaced by a macro defined in rev. 1.76 of this
> file so I think it was already fixed in 5.2[.1]-RELEASE and CURRENT.
Sorry for false alarm. I also think about updating FareeBSD in near future.

At this moment in GCC 4.0 (CVS mainline) added patch for fixincludes that 
fix affected line sys/cdefs.h
at old version FreeBSD. And now gcc 4.0 build without problem at current 
version FreeBSD at my host.


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