bin/71618: [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/timed code

Dan Lukes dan at
Sun Sep 12 23:27:39 PDT 2004

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>>	I'm compiling with -Wall -O3.

> AFAIK -O3 is a bit unsafe in FreeBSD.  I know that some warnings don't
> work correctly in GCC though, so `-O -Wall' shoule be fine most of the

	I didn't run the kernel nor world compiled with O3. I use it only
during this code inspection as O3 allow the compiler to reveal some
suspicious constructs.

> WARNS=1 includes -Wall, so you're fine with just WARNS=1.  Higher levels
> of WARNS enable other sorts of warnings too.  The file in

>     CFLAGS="-Wall -Wno-format-y2k -Wreturn-type -Wcast-qual \
> 	-Wwrite-strings -Wswitch -Wshadow -Wcast-align"

	I miss it. I will check it during next turn ...


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