kern/71474: route lookup does not skip interfaces marked down

Thomas Quinot thomas at FreeBSD.ORG
Wed Sep 8 05:26:31 PDT 2004

* Ruslan Ermilov, 2004-09-08 :

>  But your test case only applies to P2P interfaces, when both ends
>  of two P2P interfaces share the same IP address.

No, this is not the case. Only the remote ends of the two interfaces
share the same IP address. I described that test case because using gif
interfaces makes it easier to reproduce, but I initially observed this
symptom with one bge and one Intel wireless (ndis) interface.

>  I do not see how this could apply to broadcast interfaces.

As follows. Consider a machine with two Ethernet interfaces I1 and I2.

ifconfig I1 netmask
ifconfig I1 down
ifconfig I2 netmask
route add default

The default route will be set to on I1, not on I2 as


    Thomas.Quinot at Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG

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